Master the Art of Quick Crafting in Minecraft – A Beginner’s Guide

Are you a Minecraft player looking to save time and increase efficiency in your crafting process?

Quick Crafting may be the solution for you! We will explore what Quick Crafting is, how to enable it in Minecraft, and how to use it effectively.

We will also discuss the benefits of Quick Crafting, any disadvantages to be aware of, and provide tips for maximizing its potential.

Learn how to streamline your crafting experience in Minecraft!

What is Quick Crafting in Minecraft?

Quick crafting in Minecraft, also known as the 4×4 crafting grid, is the process of automatically converting nearby resources from your inventory according to established game recipes. Unlike standard crafting, this can be done by both adjusting the game settings to a specific control key (default ‘C’) but can now be done by clicking the output item to craft extra of that item such as sticks, creating stairs, or making glass panes.

Making glass from sand in a furnace, a relatively simple sequence of moves, works as a good illustration of quickly crafting in the same-running 3×3 player inventory screen. Instead of opening the furnace and making the necessary changes to the materials in a new window, you can simply block click in the same window. It’s not the only way to do it, nor is it always the best method. But the 4×4 quick crafting grid provides an easy and effective alternative when speed is of the essence.

Depending on the system, quick crafting can produce 1, 10, or 64 items at once provided there are a sufficient number of raw materials present.

How to Enable Quick Crafting in Minecraft?

To enable quick crafting in Minecraft, click your avatar. Go to Options -> Controls and then look for the Inventory binding. Change the default binding value to an available key that you are comfortable with and then click Done. Your chosen key can now be used to toggle between manual and automatic fast crafting in the game.

Items will now be automatically crafted when they are made possible, rather than you needing to click on the green book. Your on-hand and chest inventories are checked with every item pickup by a player. The pattern inventory which will be utilized in the quick craft is calculated on the fly. The system will detect if taking any item will mess up quick craft and it will disable itself.

How to Use Quick Crafting in Minecraft?

You can use Quick Crafting in Minecraft by putting the required elements into the crafting grid of your crafting menu in sufficient amounts to make multiple units of the product, right-click the output item in the crafting output slot when at least 2 are made, and click on the Quick Craft icon on the recipe book at the top to automatically make more units of the item.

With Quick Crafting, you have the regular crafting table, but instead of dragging the item out of the crafting grid and then inserting the crafting materials for the item you want on the left side of the 3×3 crafting grid under the recipes on the right side. Quick Crafting allows you to directly click on the desired recipe on the right to complete crafting requirements using existing crafting items simultaneously.

The resources must be available for the item to be crafted and reflect the total item count including those in your inventory, and it also functions when using equipped workbenches (by pressing 2×2 (e) or 3×3 (java) or (t) or any item you assigned).

In JengaRealm’s guide, he demonstrates use of quick crafting. The requirement is that there should be at least 2 items simultaneously able to craft, and you’ll see a small green {O} button at the bottom of your recipe book which says Quick Craft! with a {1} [meaning one additional item (shown)] allowance (if so configured). Now, by pressing your {green} left mouse key you will perform quick crafting.

Step 1: Gather Materials

To quick-craft in Minecraft, the first step is to have the proper raw and processed materials in your inventory. This will include items you will use to make recipes like iron ingots, paper, and wood. It also means having the fuel required to cook or smelt if you are making an item that needs these resources.

Note that when in survival mode, the number of items needed in your grid is dependent on how many of the item you want to create. Once you make one of an item and you want to make another, you need to have the same number of items ie, if you want to expand your coal collection then you need to have coal in your hotbar.

If you pick up granite and then drop it, block the hotbar space until you pick up more granite, etc.

Step 2: Open Crafting Menu

You can easily open the Crafting Menu in Minecraft by right-clicking on a regular crafting table assuming you are near one. The 2×2 crafting menu only has 4 boxes which are easy to understand and use. The crafting table will appear in the player’s interface with a 2×2 grid. Most quick crafting solutions refer to it as the Inventory Crafting Grid and using this tool you can make a variety of items indoors that are useful such as doors, chests, hoes, and furnaces. Using the crafting table at night nearby, and the player is either in a hurry or needs to save time, such as under an overhang during hard weather, so as not to spend a night out in the wild and in danger of getting attacked by monsters.

Step 3: Place Materials

Head to your crafting table to open up the matrix, then locate the square that takes the required format. There are 1 to 9 smaller squares inside that square, and you have to fill all of them to craft something. Selecting a box in the far-right and far-left corners fills the large squares easily in one move, but once you have selected and arranged the items you want to craft in the matrix, click on the product in the rightmost column.

Your finished product will appear on the output. You can now take the pickaxe or torch from sales and put it in your foot inventory. Quite simply, the matrix is asking you to show it graphically how you want to configure the final version of the product you are making with the input products you are entering.

Step 4: Use Quick Crafting

Quick Crafting is the option to use the crafting table that appears after dragging a grid item out of the output slot on the 2×2 crafting grid and take less than 10 seconds for this crafting action rather than having to manually open the crafting table screen to drop the ingredients in. If you right-click on this new slot after dropping the output item there, the following things happen.

  1. The game uses Quick Crafting.
  2. Since there is no way of producing the same output item unless identical input items are used, the grid clears before the ingredients are placed in the preparation box (and of course, the preparation box is still below the grid regardless of where the final item is output).

Quick Crafting just performs the final step of moving output to preparation for crafting and that already filled-beyond-Void-2×2 crafts-the-item positioning of 4 items is later simplified for manual crafting if you’re not doing the end thing right now. More modern versions of Minecraft have a functional grid in the inventory screen, so players can conduct Quick Crafting even if for some reason they aren’t allowed by their Minecraft version to do the necessary work with the 2×2 crafting grid on their person.

Step 5: Repeat Process

Repeat the process of picking another recipe to quick craft in Minecraft. Vary the number of materials and their complexity to develop a feel for the range of how long it should take to quick craft any recipe. Look for opportunities to explore different ways to quick craft different items.

Quick crafting in Minecraft is more than just having the necessary items on hand in your inventory. You have to mentally anticipate the next item you will need and be in position to select it and craft immediately. Practice quick crafting on a variety of items to improve your skills. The more novice players quick craft in Minecraft, the faster they will be at doing it.

Refining quick crafting by finding tools that work for you and having them at the ready. Considering building an automatic crafting table in Minecraft. It will make crafting up to a dozen of the same items a quick, one-step process versus having to click on the item to be crafted one at a time. There are many mechanical mods which can make crafting in Minecraft faster.

What are the Benefits of Quick Crafting?

The benefits of quick crafting in Minecraft include faster item crafting, quicker consolidation of customer items, and automatic conversion of items stacked in the correct positions in the crafting grid. These are the chief benefits of quick crafting in Minecraft.

Quick crafting adds functionality for jumping straight to the output item when shifted-clicking a recipe plus adding further logical deducation. It also reduces the necessity to drag items around the crafting grid, making it easier to make frequent, routine items such as torches. Quick Crafting is not only a convenience for items you craft often, but saves time for items you do atypical amounts of crafting, like golden apples and powered rails.

Saves Time

Quickcrafting in Minecraft is time-efficient and thus can end up helping with some productivity maintenance, especially in time-bound situations or in order to increase the number of valuable items in Minecraft. When quickcrafting attachments, this is a surefire way that the player will continue to get resources without them having to experience the intermediate step of forging it themselves.

Increases Efficiency

Decreased down-time. The traditional method of waiting until the furnace finished processing every item to add new raw materials was noted in a lab experiment to take an average of 32 minutes of active playing time to cook 64 iron ore. Quick crafting up to 14 different furnaces at a time, as seen in the logis-tech lab video, reduced this time to 43 seconds.

Decreased resource cost. By using quick crafting in preparing writable books, users reduce the loss of precious leather from their stocks since they do not need to first craft a full book or blast furnace. Quick crafting in preparing writable books prevents 5-6 leather loss per batch compared with crafting regular books or saving time through blast furnace production for the books.

Achieving equal efficiency with extremes. The two major quick crafting use cases of completing crafts quickly and increasing efficiency do not always happen at the same time. For instance in the iron smelting quick crafting case, when you need more than one stack of units, different levels of quick crafting are best for efficiency at different stages of crafting. For blocks of iron, quick crafting before or after the furnace’s final cooking is efficient. For fewer units, efficiency is preserved even when quick crafting is done before the furnace’s final cooking phase. For several units needing fewer raw resources, it is best to quick craft right before the furnace’s final cooking phase.

Reduces Inventory Clutter

Quick crafting reduces inventory clutter as it allows items to be put away without opening the full crafting grid. For instance, if a player already has at least one of each material needed for a wood door in their inventory, they can hit the ‘9’ key while pressing the ‘D’ key which automatically crafts the rest of the matching material they have, freeing inventory space. In the same situation, they can just press the ‘D’ key without making a selection of where to put the crafted items. This will put them away instantly without having to move them into position in the inventory.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Quick Crafting?

Yes, there are disadvantages to quick crafting in Minecraft. The main disadvantage is that players may rely too heavily on the feature, meaning they might forget individual crafting recipes or lack the ability to quickly craft on servers or worlds where the feature is disabled.

The second disadvantage is players losing resources. Players in a pinch naturally forget some of the required components of a recipe, and in these cases wait for the recipe to remind instead of recalling from memory.

Limited to Certain Items

Quick crafting is only possible for items and blocks that have a unique set of ingredients. This is because the items in the 2×2 crafting grid are positioned exactly as those in the 3×3 crafting grid. This is seen with small tools like 8 sticks in the active slots and 1 iron block in the top-right slot which are used in both the 2×2 grid recipe for a Lever and the 3×3 recipe for a Minecart with furnace. In this case, activating the quick craft will end in wasted resources.

Can Be Confusing for New Players

Quick craft can be confusing for new players in Vanilla because it results in some menu shortcuts, such as shifting click, not working. Additionally, in the standard version of the game without modified crafting, recipes for non-default outputs will not show, which some might find confusing or even unsettling, though the recipe will still be accepted if it is the first item not at full stack attempted to be crafted of that type while resources are in the grid. This can only be an issue if the user has the JEI/MIE mods installed because they have no other way to check recipes (give a seed or read recipe books in-game).

May Not Work in Certain Game Modes

Quick crafting may not work in certain game modes such as Adventure and Survival. In these game modes, players must have the full crafting table in order to build things. Minimum Working Example: Players can follow easy steps to make the Virtual Crafting Table in PiecesMod in Minecraft. This is a quick way to craft items inside a different game mode without affecting the game mode itself.

Tips for Using Quick Crafting Effectively

  • Utilize craft shortcuts: Reducing the number of clicks needed to craft an item helps in efficiently using quick crafting. Assign items in the hotbar to shortcut keys which use only 1-4 numbers. You can also implement secondary shortcuts using keys such as `q`, `e` or `f`.
  • Use only essential items: Filling your inventory with essential items lets you quickly craft without fumbling. Ensure you have the necessary for tool creation and have enough slots for crafting materials.
  • Have material ready: Since not all items are quickly craftable, always have essential materials at hand. You may need to use a crafting grid to make items if it is not in the quick-craft menu pool.
  • Favor small and quick crafting: By ensuring all parts are small, you can craft inventory items on the fly. For instance, using 2×2 crafting with wood planks is faster than a smelting recipe.

Clean out your hotbar so as to have visual clutter only for time-urgent items. Lindenvald, of the Ingloriousblowhards YouTube channel, recommends to favor quick craft and only use automatic crafting for unique crafting types. Cook food and items in bulk by dropping them into the furnace and doing something else until they are finished. Ensure that inventory quickly crafted items such as sticks, torches, and planks are earned as loot items and created in an assembly line to reduce overall time spent crafting them.

Organize Your Inventory

When quick crafting in Minecraft, if your inventory is not well-organized, it will take up time and resources while you find what you need. Start by putting valuable and frequently required resources like swords in the top row of your inventory and merchant items such as diamonds and emeralds directly below them. Put building blocks like cobblestones or wood in the bottom row where they are unlikely to interfere with equipment crafting. Then experiment and adapt where you put items to your own play style, remembering that you have a 2×2 to the right of your crafting table to quickly transfer items for crafting.

When transferring items back and forth between the crafting table and inventory, use the Shift + Mouse Click shortcut to quickly transfer items back and forth. In case this shortcut does not work due to a keyboard issue, you can still drag and drop items using the mouse. As soon as you enter the crafting table interface, the Shift + Mouse Click shortcut works for shifting items within the crafting table and if you click the sign that has appeared at the top of the output box, it reduces the crafting time by transferring the output directly into the inventory.

Know Which Items Can Be Quick Crafted

When researching how to quick craft in Minecraft, the list of items which can be quick crafted should be noted. Fletching tables, looms, smithing tables, cartography tables, grindstones, lecterns, and barrels (materials Data Pack downloadable from can be used. Blue Ice, Magma Block, leaves (Saplings or in Buffet mode), can be quick crafted using the crafting book interface. Though there are varying levels of difficulty to acquire components for these items.

Practice and Experiment

You can get better at quick crafting in Minecraft by practicing. Start simple with easy recipes and work your way up to faster recipes as you improve your skill.

Much of this will depend on your platform since the input method on touchscreen devices are slower than with keyboards. DO NOT PANIC if you feel you made a mistake. If you accidentally click or press the incorrect hotspot, click elsewhere to start the recipe again. The quicker you can grab materials, the quicker you can craft. Remember, inaccuracies can always be rectified at a later time.


Quick Crafting in Minecraft is important and adding the means to do it frees up player time in the game. It simplifies and speeds up the process of creating items in creative mode. It also allows to make ensure to make items even during dangerous situations in survival mode without the need to click into the crafting screen. The fastest method is by using keyboard shortcuts, after dropping the resources on the ground or at the player’s feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Quick Craft in Minecraft?

What is quick crafting in Minecraft?
Quick crafting in Minecraft is a feature that allows players to quickly create items without having to open the crafting menu.

How to Quick Craft in Minecraft?

How do I enable quick crafting in Minecraft?
Quick crafting is enabled by default in Minecraft. However, if it’s not working, you can go to your game settings and make sure the “Auto-crafting” option is turned on.

How to Quick Craft in Minecraft?

How do I quick craft in Minecraft?
To quick craft in Minecraft, simply hold down the right mouse button while hovering over the desired item in your inventory. This will automatically craft as many of that item as possible using the materials in your inventory.

How to Quick Craft in Minecraft?

Can I customize my quick crafting options in Minecraft?
Yes, you can customize your quick crafting options in Minecraft. You can choose which items you want to be able to quick craft by going to the “Crafting” section in your game settings.

How to Quick Craft in Minecraft?

Is quick crafting available in all versions of Minecraft?
Quick crafting is available in the Java, Bedrock, and Legacy Console versions of Minecraft. However, it may work slightly differently in each version.

How to Quick Craft in Minecraft?

Is there a limit to how much I can quick craft in Minecraft?
Yes, there is a limit to how much you can quick craft in Minecraft. The maximum amount of items you can craft at once is determined by the number of materials you have in your inventory.

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