Mastering Minecraft: Learn How to Transform Into a Cat in Just a Few Steps

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to roam the blocky world of Minecraft as a feline friend?

In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of cats in Minecraft – from why someone would want to turn into a cat, to how to actually do it.

We will also delve into the unique abilities of these furry creatures, as well as the potential risks and drawbacks of taking on this form.

So, grab your cat spawn egg and let’s embark on this purr-fect adventure together!

What is a Cat in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a Cat is a cute, passive, tamable, nighttime sleep-shortening mob, whose spawn is influenced by whether the player is within 16 blocks of a village (20 beds). The technical name for the mob is Ocelot, which is a type of wild cat, but when tamed using Rat or Raw Cod will transform into a house cat with either a Tuxedo, Siamese, or Ginger skin depending on breeding type. Mojang’s official cat description includes information that cats can scare off Phantoms, which are flying hostile mobs that appear at night, and can sometimes bring players Raw Chicken, Phantom Membrane, or Rabbit’s Foot.

Cats were added in the Java Edition of minecraft in version 1.2.1 on March 6, 2012, and in the Bedrock version in 0.9.0 on December 11, 2014. In their feral form as Ocelots, they can jump 4 blocks high, chase rabbits, break (not actually get paper) sugar cane, and are all over Jungle biomes.

Why Would Someone Want to Turn Into a Cat in Minecraft?

Someone would want to turn into a cat in Minecraft to have fun and play with a different perspective, obtain unique abilities, obtain rare items, and practice speedrunning techniques. When you turn into a cat, your character will automatically assume cat-like behavior retrospectively and perform all behaviors typical of cats.

Sneezing, coughing, yawning, and rapid breathing with mouth open are actions for advanced sneaky cats to run away from people. The game has cats fail to break falls and take half damage when shifting into a cat’s form. There are interesting discoveries and skills that users can only use if they transform into a cat for a shortcut through the game. The cat form might be a good way to shake up the way you play the game.


Role-playing the play-like genre from which we get the term RPG refers to controlling a character during gameplay and interacting with the game world in a way that is like acting. Role-playing in Minecraft usually involves using mods, building things, or even just interacting with the world around you in a way that you feel your game character would choose to interact.

Player Role-Playing Servers such as those run by the Pixelmon mod community enable creating a character and then role-playing it in the game.

Role-playing allows you to turn into a cat in Minecraft by simply deciding that you currently feel inspired to act like a cat character. Since no specific Minecraft game options or modded dynamics are necessary for role-playing, the only limitation to role-playing is your own imagination.

Unique Abilities

The cat mod in Minecraft adds a Level 1 and Level 3 Cat Orb which can be used to bond with a tamed ocelot and grant special abilities to the cat. When a cat is bonded with as Catlock, it grants the cat the ability of Shapeshift Immunity, meaning it cannot shapeshift into other mobs, and making the owner untrackable. Cats without the bond get a Spacious Back carrying option.

How to Turn Into a Cat in Minecraft?

You can turn into a cat in Minecraft by using a Name Tag. There is no official MC | Cat Transformation command, and players without operator status will likely not have permission to use mobs to transform into a cat. In an online game, admins may have the privilege to run commands that add a cat role to a particular player, but this is not recommended due to the heavy administrative influence on the environment for potentially unauthorized command use.

Alternatively, the Pet Cat mod by strahan077 could be used. This mod allows you to customize your pet into any kind of friendly creature. That means you can use it to turn into your own pet cat, or any other type of pet you choose to have.

Obtain a Cat Spawn Egg

Cat spawn eggs are creatively-used items that spawn a cat of the chosen breed when right-clicked on the ground or any solid block with an upper surface to spawn a cat. They are mode-exclusive items and cannot be obtained without such selection. Cat spawn eggs were first added to Minecraft Java Edition with the release of 1.12, and were officially introduced to Minecraft Bedrock Edition in the game’s 1.16 update.

Use a Command

To become a cat by using a command in Minecraft built into the game, do the following:

  1. Open the chat box by pressing T.
  2. Type /summon minecraft:cat X Y Z {NBT} into the chat box. Instead of X Y Z, substitute the cat’s coordinates.
  3. For {NBT}, put in NBT tag information of your choosing or nothing at all. NBT tags are values that give specific attributes to mobs in Minecraft. NBT tags for the cat include definition to change the type of the cat, taming with item to specify the item that will tame cat, custom name to name the cat or color of their collar.
  4. Press Enter and a feline will be spawned at the location mentioned. Example /summon minecraft:cat 100 75 100 {Type:tuxedo}.

Use a Mod

To turn into a cat and interact with them in Minecraft, you can use a mod. A Mod (shortened from Modification) is a software package that changes a base Minecraft game, offering a different playing experience tailored to the mod’s designers and users. This ability to re-imagine Minecraft continuously has distinguished it in the game industry. Over 50,000 mods have been developed, according to Minecraft Interactive’s online database.

A number of mods introduce different breeds of cats to Minecraft. Some representatives are the Mocreature Mods, Quark Mod, and SimplePets. There is a huge diversity in what mods provide in terms of interacting with cats. The Mocreature Mod, for example, adds a whole bunch of animals to the game in addition to different breeds of cats. The Quark Mod adds additional, individual enhancements to Minecraft. With the SimplePets Mod, behviors of cats are programmed into the game depending on player input to the pet. The MOCREATURE MOD, also known as Mo’ Creatures, has been one of the most popular creature-themed mods for Minecraft for many years. It has over 60 unique creatures users can interact with, and even includes breeding and baby versions of the animals. The mod is not regularly updated, but can still be downloaded and works with Minecraft up to version 1.12.

What Are the Abilities of a Cat in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the abilities of a cat are:

  • Scare creepers away
  • Acquire items
  • Steal items from cauldon, chest, and barrel

The main ability of cats in Minecraft are to say hiss (not to play), and then to run between 7 and 15 meters directly away from a Creeper if the Creeper is within a 16 block horizontal radius. Whether there is a wall, a cliff, another Creeper (or the same one), or lava blocking the escape route is beyond the control of the designers. Hold whatever tool might startle, your cat (or sneeze, or broken/joint-popping knuckle) within hissing range, within that radius.

The next time it hisses, the cat will flee. If the radius is not exceeded, the Cat will not hiss, but still flee. All adult cats have done is keep themselves nearby, need to be told to keep them nearby. However, if there is not one already nearby and yet within a 7 to 15 meter radius, they will spontaneously hiss around sunset and dawn in order to beckon a cat into their range.

Night Vision

In Minecraft Earth, the Butterbar variant of the strider can be ridden right on the surface of water. You can get temporary night vision by using the night vision potion on Minecraft Earth. The night vision potion (or invisibility potion if the cat can choose who she changes in front of) gives the cat time to prepare for a safe escape or to guide the player in the dark.

Faster Movement Speed

In the cat for a day mod by TamCOQ of Minecraft, movement speed is multiplied while players are in cat form ease of exploration and hunting. This feature is not included in the Metamorph Mod.

In the MetaMorph mod of Minecraft, movement speed is increased one-half (1.5x) while Scratch of nature ability is used. It has a cooldown of 100 ticks (70 ticks with crystal phylactery). As cat ability, there is a total energy cost of 30. Thus, a player may turn into a cat to purposefully increase their movement speed in open environments when they do not want to take measures to boost their base movement seed such as wearing different armor or elixirs. A higher speed cat will more easily be damaged during battle due to a lower health stat, however, the explosion will be less serious because they are lighter.

Elven / Fairy, Tigran / Leomon, and Hell Lizard / Dragon Toad Compounds are advantageous. Fairies have light armor and neutral scratch and bite power, which still aid in exploration and hunting as well as comabt. Leomons scratch and strength powers are strong and fast, preferred in enclosed areas and cave exploration. Dragon toads have high point values per ability, are beneficial in enclosed spaces and cave exploration.

Ability to Jump Higher

A far less notable ability for the Litten and meowzie is the ability to jump higher. Jumping distance from one water source to another was as follows:

  • Steve: 5 blocks
  • Litten: 6 blocks
  • Meowzie: 4 blocks

This is a 20% increase in jumping distance compared to a Minecraft igrowling cats wiki.

Littens require a 1-block jump up to the water connector compared to 7-blocks for meowzies which likely makes it easier for him to jump further. In real life, both cats and ocelots can jump five times their own height in a single jump.

There is not a clear in-game reference to this ability and real-world comparison is difficult. However, players can control their jump height in Minecraft with settings: by sneaking, falling, or consuming certain potions that give the jumping ability.

Are There Any Risks or Drawbacks to Turning Into a Cat in Minecraft?

There are no documented risks to turning into a cat in Minecraft. However, some players might consider that there is a risk associated with cats because in the game creepers are scared away by cats and will actively avoid them. This aversion is because creepers are coded to avoid cats, and there is no need to consider a fictional hostility aversion as a serious game or health risk. There are no drawbacks which arise from turning into a cat in Minecraft. Players can both benefit as a creature in the game, as well as enjoy moments of fun.

Vulnerability to Water

Vulnerability to water is the first requirement for players who want to turn into a cat. Cats are real-world creatures with a low affinity for water and do not enjoy a damp environment. The same is true for MW-Cats in Minecraft. To use the MTQFixer command, users must first activate it, then spend from $1,000 to $5000 ML-Rands in-game currency. After that, you have the ability to transform into a cat. The most notable change is your vulnerability to water. After becoming a cat, if a cat in Minecraft comes into contact with water, it will cause them to shake off the water, hindering their advancement for the next few seconds.

No Armor or Weapon Use

A second one of the rules to turning into a cat in Minecraft is that you can’t use armor or your hands for attacking. You can use tools but if a person gets too close to you, you can scratch them or pick up something as a last resort to do damage but only something that DOESN’T give you a significant advantage.

You Expand states that when it comes to confrontations, the biggest thing that cats have going for them is their mobility, so you should be try to remain very evasive. If you take significant damage during and end-game fight you are not enduring as a cat. And, obviously, make sure any behaviour regarding the use of your hands transpires in a way that both people and animals nearby understand that your activity is urgent and that you are just defending yourself like any other cat in the wild would.


In Minecraft, to turn into a cat, you first need to find different types of cats depending on your geographical location such as Siamese Cats, Tuxedo Cats, etc. Once found, killing them will make them drop the adorable Cat Mob Drops that are used to tame the cat and then when they get killed, transform you into an exact clone of them automatically without any items. Unfortunately, no special abilities of the cats are transferred over.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Turn Into a Cat in Minecraft?

What items do I need to turn into a cat in Minecraft?

To turn into a cat in Minecraft, you will need four raw fish and a potion of weakness.

How to Turn Into a Cat in Minecraft?

How do I find raw fish in Minecraft?

Raw fish can be found by fishing in any body of water, or by killing certain types of fish in the ocean.

How to Turn Into a Cat in Minecraft?

How do I make a potion of weakness in Minecraft?

To make a potion of weakness, you will need a water bottle, nether wart, and a fermented spider eye. You can find these ingredients in the Nether or by trading with a witch.

How to Turn Into a Cat in Minecraft?

How long does it take to turn into a cat in Minecraft?

It takes approximately 3-5 minutes to turn into a cat in Minecraft, as it involves feeding a stray cat four raw fish and waiting for it to become tamed.

How to Turn Into a Cat in Minecraft?

Can I turn into a cat in Minecraft in creative mode?

No, you cannot turn into a cat in creative mode. This feature is only available in survival mode.

How to Turn Into a Cat in Minecraft?

Is there a limit to how many times I can turn into a cat in Minecraft?

No, there is no limit to how many times you can turn into a cat in Minecraft. However, you will need to find and tame a new stray cat each time you want to transform.

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