Unlock the Fun: How to Get Symbols in Minecraft?

Are you looking to add a creative touch to your Minecraft world?

Symbols can be a fun way to personalize your builds and express yourself in-game.

In this article, we will explore what symbols are in Minecraft, how to obtain them, the most common symbols used by players, and how to incorporate them into your builds.

We will also discuss any potential risks of using symbols and provide some helpful tips for using them effectively.

Let’s dive in and discover the world of symbols in Minecraft!

What are Symbols in Minecraft?

Symbols in Minecraft refer to Unicode symbol characters that can be added as text NSS (Name Set in Stone) or translation of languages (e.g. names) at anvils, using book and quills, in maps, or for item frames. They can also be used in command line /title, /tellraw, or /give for showing messages in games, giving messages, or assigning items.

How to Get Symbols in Minecraft?

These are the three major ways to get symbols in Minecraft:

  1. Copying and pasting unicode characters into Minecraft’s chat window. To do this, press Control+V or Command+V on a Mac in the chat box to paste any unicode character you have copied.
  2. Typing special character codes in the chat window. For example on a Windows PC you can type Alt+NUMPAD to get special characters. But this method is more applicable for alphabetic and other phonetic characters, as very few symbol characters have their own specific alphanumeric key shortcut.
  3. Using an inventory editor like JMC2OBJ (Java only) which lets you change the craft item’s namespace name directly to change what is displayed to the player. This will allow you to change both the icon in the inventory and the name it appears as when placed in the world, but it has no effect on the way the name is pronounced when put into a crafting grid or other location with the use of bookshelves.

Using the Chat Function

To get symbols in Minecraft using the chat function, press T to open the text chat interface, type u followed by the unicode for the symbol to get (uni-code), select that code’s numerical translation in your Minecraft version’s popup unicode viewer, type a space, and press Enter. For example, to get a rupee symbol (), enter u20b9 followed by a space after a bit.

Using the /tellraw Command

To get symbols in Minecraft using the /tellraw command write this code in the command line.

  1. /tellraw @p { text: ‘{“text”“}’}

The symbol_name is from the minecraft_symbol_list.json file in HyperSymbols’ official repository. Following the above format, you can put the following code in the chat window to see a message with the name

  1. /tellraw @p { text: ‘{“text”Block of Iron”}’}

The symbol below will be copied to the clipboard and shown in the chat window.

Iron Block

View the Advanced Guide to Tellraw in Minecraft on the MonsterTech channel.

Using Unicode Characters

Minecraft allows the Unicode Standard to be used as a method to get symbols. Unicode is an information technology standard that defines international encoding for representation of text in almost all of the world’s known languages. Unicode consists of thousands of symbols and emojis that where some of them can be used in the game. Here is a selection of the Unicode Standard as featured on BF5man’s Minecraft wiki along with their prices. Some of the most expensive coins are depicted on the top row.

  • Snowflake (❄): 6 coins
  • ☦: 7 coins
  • Swastika (卍): 8 coins
  • ∇: 25 coins

What are the Most Common Symbols in Minecraft?

The most common symbols in Minecraft are Ampersand (&), Forward Slash (/), Colon (:), and Semicolon (;). These are not officially part of the Unicode character set. When attempting to input them in-game using the Unicode standard (obtained by holding down ALT, then typing the decimal Unicode Character Sequence (UCS) value), undesirable results frequently appear. To get Minecraft symbols on Windows, for example, the Block button ampersand can be obtained with Alt 0152 or 182 Shift J. However, in the Minecraft chat feature, the ampersand will appear as a Red Plus or Minus symbol instead. There simply is no way to add these to a chat line.

Heart Symbol

The heart symbol in Minecraft is obtained using an elytra item that is equipped and equipping an elytra is done in default mode. Elytra is obtained from the ender dragon after it is defeated and depending when the game was updated, different versions are obtained in different ways.

In Minecraft versions between 15w41 and 1.9, no elytra item is dropped, and the player must instead wear the item and hold a bow to make the animation of someone flying freeze using F5 followed by F5 again while in bow mode. Also, if the F5 command is pressed while the player is in the air and under the Light Void condition, the player will be frozen in mid-air. An anonymous user pointed out there are many ways to put the grey heart on the heads in Minecraft but the official way of a minecraft heart is with elytr.

Music Notes

There are two music notes symbols in minecraft – double quaver purple whole note and both are copied using the following unicode symbol: ♫. The music note is called double quaver, or beamed quavers, it is the natural symbol for musicians representing the duration of a musical note equal to half a quaver.] [It is not clear why it was used as the symbol for the Minecraft jukebox feature but it may be a musical play on the symbol of a music note on a white screen which usually implies it will play music if the correct inserts are made.

The ♬ unicode✓ code is U+266C and was added to Unicode version 1.1 back in 1993. The symbol is very common and can be found in many fonts. The music note symbol is placed in text to refer to the musical note that can be hit for instructions when the music or educational musical notes are displayed. Unlike the music chart, the music notice sign in the text is not responsive.


In Minecraft, arrows are ammunition capable of being fired from a bow or a crossbow. Arrows are an item that can be gathered by the player, bought from merchants in cities or villages and, they can be crafted. Crafting arrows involves combining a single flint, stick, and feather in the crafting table interface of the inventory menu. This yields four pieces of arrow ammunition.

Enchanted arrows are craftable and provide special features. Specifically applicable towards symbols in the game during the initial enchantment process. Features like the Potion of Slow Falling, which when thrown on the ground creates a special symbol in the physics of the game akin to a yellowish star-shaped warp that slows the movement of players to half their original running speed. Players receive two hearts of damage when the effect ends and will take fall damage as if the effect was never active. This is the only enchanted arrow that makes a symbol, but the rest are enchantable by adding a different potion or other component to the brewing stand to make it appear.

Arrows in Minecraft are used as ammunition for hostile Pillagers and Hoglin Beasts to fire from their crossbows at the player. Whether or not they aim accurately is based on the difficulty level of the game.


Stars are one of Minecraft’s aesthetic items and do not serve any in-game purpose other than granting you an advancement. Two stars are available in survival Minecraft, the All-Seeing Eye of Ender achievement and the Wax on, Wax off of Buzzy Bees.

All-Seeing Eye of Ender: When an Ender Pearl is thrown, walked on water using Frost Walker boots, or after an assist on an Ender Dragon Glass bottle, players receive The End?.

Wax on Wax off: When a player uses a honey bottle, they provide the Buzzy Bees and Spare the Horses advancements.

Currency Symbols

In Minecraft, currency is typically implemented using commodity money systems, with the medium of exchange being emeralds, diamonds, or sometimes other materials such as gold. In the context of currency, expanded header explanations are not required. Commodity money in Minecraft refers to currency that has its own intrinsic function and value beyond being used for transactions, such as trading with other entities. The currency used to trade with villagers in villages, and one of the two most easily farmable items in Minecraft (along with experience) is the emerald. The symbol for the euro is the most visually similar of all standard international currency symbols to the Minecraft emerald. The euro is commodity money, as while it is no longer used as currency at the personal level in Minecraft, it does play a practical role as experience points to enchant weapons or tools and as a trading commodity with villagers.

How to Use Symbols in Minecraft Builds?

This is how you use symbols in Minecraft builds:

  1. Create walls with the symbols that tell a story. For instance, a series of family crests.
  2. Create mazes where the symbols interact and are parts of clues. A glyph on a wall could point the direction to proceed.
  3. Create secret codes/messages using blocks placed at certain points photographed and posted on your server explaining the relationships of these blocks to certain letters.
  4. Create a map where the user’s movements between symbols affect the game.

Creating Custom Signs

    Creating custom signs in Minecraft is done by applying dye to each letter, line, and symbol on the sign. There are 16 different colored dyes available in the game. You can use a Res:String to make small custom signs with black lettering as the dyes are not necessary.

    The steps to creating custom signs in Minecraft are as follows:

      i. Collect fuel and items to make pickaxe and shears. You will need wood and a furnace.

      ii. Locate and collect lettering in the form of sugar cane. Grow enough to make a bookshelf and create books. This will make an enchanting table and enchanter you can use to make the Res:String.

      iii. Locate base materials for your sign. Wood is best as it has 1 or 2 layers based on plank or log type.

      iv. If your new sign has attachments like flowers, fungi or saplings, ensure their type and location.

      v. Place selected Wood in the crafting square with a pickaxe or shears to receive the required sign.

      vi. Place dye in the crafting square and the sign in the smelting inventory. You will have to play with dye amounts and smelting time to achieve your sign’s chosen color.

      vii. Enter the game and use the selected color and base information to prepare the enchanter.


Fully colored signs are achieved when a dye is mixed in varying amounts with a certain color of wood or metal of the sign. Short, custom signs in black can be created without dye. Use an item frame and just place it where you wish to put the sign. Place an anvil above and with the input ball where the item frame is. It will create a sign entitled as the anvil name or any input name if none such exists.

Decorating Structures

Another use for Minecraft symbols is in decorating structures as a way to add personality to the game environment. This could be an emerald block from a nearby village or face carving into stone walls to act as some gargoyle-esque watchers for the central castle courtyard.

Post-apocalyptic worlds allowing players to use the Biohazard symbol can alert adventurers to dangerous sectors. Schoolteachers can place & and + symbols in their build worlds for STEM education, while cheerleading coaches are able to build out complicated formations for their students to then try out in real life. The myriad applications really are limited only by the imagination.

Making Map Art

Map art is a trend and form of Minecraft art that is typically made by fixing item frames containing drawings, patterns, and symbols to large walls around a server, where they are seen like pixels on a screen when viewed from the air – with the smaller the pixel size, the larger and more complex the overall picture can be.

The fine detail needed for small pixels can be achieved with wool, crossbow bolts, firework stars, paper, paintings, concrete, concrete powder, or snow blocks. Maps typically have pixel blocks that are 1 pixel x 1 pixel blocks of 16 object pixels by default, creating an image that is 128 pixels wide, 128 pixels tall, and 1 pixel thick. Outdoors is tougher, as there is no overhang for the blocks to cover. Tools such as MC Map can be used to generate flower-powered murals and monoliths.

Microblocks or modding can be used to make a frame from 1 microblock where the item stands up in its frame. Standing up items when making a map increases the cost by requiring an additional item to display in the frame. For instance, maps cost a compass to make in addition to paper, and iron is needed to make a compass.

Are There Any Risks of Using Symbols in Minecraft?

There are possible risks in using symbols in Minecraft if commands are used illegally or in violation of the platform’s user agreement. Illegal use of cheats or modification in versions under Manwin platform forced Microsoft and XBox to sue the original Player 1 developer Indie developer from Brazil. Hacked and modified versions are demonized by Mojang and Microsoft. Users operating these hacked versions are advised to avoid distributing commands using symbols.

What Are Some Tips for Using Symbols in Minecraft?

Some tips for using symbols in Minecraft include taking full advantage of bookshelves and blackboards, using them in chat and for creating themed buildings, possibly adjusting language settings for username features, utilizing guidebooks from the web and Minecraft Education Edition symbols, and/or establishing ‘cutting-edge coffee bars’ to impress your friends in the game.

You can impress your friends by building cutting-edge coffee bars impossible in the real world. The coffee (hot beverage) cup in Furnishings is a block with unique physics, meaning it can be placed only on top of a full-block space. This looks excellent placed on the slab and plates of stone and on ladder-back chairs. In addition, the lamp is put outside the bottom of the glass and lava is put inside the chamber so that it may be heated by the light.

Use Symbols in Moderation

The game performance of Minecraft is most stable when you use a moderate number of characters. Try adding blocks and items from ShareAEC to reduce symbol use. Useful symbols and punctuation include currency symbols, mathematical operators, punctuation, technical symbols, plus-minus, arrows, encoded characters like the degree and up and downticks, and mathematical units like the meter square as shown in the encircled and non-encircled Latin supplements. Too many or extremely complex characters overwhelm the game’s ability to generate the symbols, simply filling the chat window with “unknown character” squares. Minecraft cannot fill them in as quickly as a normal display line, and it takes a significant amount of time to clear.

Be Aware of Server Rules

If you are playing basic Vanilla Minecraft, you need to join a server in order to be able to get symbols in Minecraft. Before starting to find symbols in the game, players need to be aware of the server’s rules, some of which may ban the copying of other people’s symbols or placing sexually explicit symbols.

Make sure to read the server’s rules to make sure that you are not going to get kicked off the server before trying to get symbols in the game. In basic Vanilla Minecraft, external mods such as Optifine or Symbol Helper for education are not allowed. The server you are on may allow players to obtain non-allowed modifications, so make sure to communicate with the administrators or other players on the server to find out what is and is not allowed. Servers for the Java and Bedrock editions of the game differ greatly, so make sure to speak to your particular edition.

Use Symbols to Enhance Gameplay

Plus needing real-world tech and operating systems to input text and symbols, you will have actual gameplay need to use symbols to communicate with other players in Minecraft. The following are the in-play symbols that can be used to link you to base functions.

  1. Enderchest: The Enderchest allows for 27 slots of hidden storage.
  2. Anvils: Anvils are used to combine items, enchant with enchanted books, change item names, and repair durability of tools.
  3. Brewing Stand: Brewing Stands are used for brewing potions.
  4. Enchanting Table: Enchanting Tables are used to enchant items.
  5. Crafting Table: Crafting Tables are used to craft items.
  6. Barrel: Barrels are used for additional storage.
  7. Chest: Chests are used for additional storage.

When a player types command functions into chat, they will need the proper symbol for that technology in order to access the correct functionality. The easiest way to interact with these in-game functions is to use a symbol placement key as a reference for input commands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Symbols in Minecraft?

What are symbols in Minecraft and how do I get them?
Symbols in Minecraft refer to special characters that can be used in the game, such as hearts, stars, and arrows. These symbols can be obtained through various methods.

How to Get Symbols in Minecraft?

Can I use symbols in my Minecraft username?
No, unfortunately the use of symbols in Minecraft usernames is not allowed. However, you can use symbols in signs, banners, and other in-game items.

How to Get Symbols in Minecraft?

How do I type symbols in Minecraft?
Symbol characters can be accessed through the in-game chat by using the “Alt” key and a combination of numbers on the numpad. For example, holding “Alt” and pressing “3” on the numpad will create a heart symbol.

How to Get Symbols in Minecraft?

Are there any mods or plugins that allow me to add symbols to Minecraft?
Yes, there are several mods and plugins available that allow players to add symbols to their game, such as “Unicode Font Extension” and “ChatSymbols”.

How to Get Symbols in Minecraft?

Can I use symbols in my world name or server name?
Yes, symbols can be used in world and server names. Simply use the “Alt” key and number combination to input the desired symbol.

How to Get Symbols in Minecraft?

Are there any restrictions on using symbols in Minecraft?
Yes, some symbols may not be allowed in Minecraft due to their potential for inappropriate or offensive use. It is important to use symbols responsibly in the game.

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