Create a Bed in Minecraft without Wool: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you tired of trying to find wool in Minecraft to make a bed? Look no further!

In this article, we will show you how to make a bed without wool using simple materials like wood planks, string, and dye.

We will guide you through the process of gathering the materials, crafting them into a bed, and even provide some alternative methods for creating colorful beds.

Stay tuned for tips and tricks to make your Minecraft bed-making experience a breeze!

Key Takeaways:

  • Save time and resources by using alternative materials like wood planks, string, and dye to craft a bed in Minecraft without wool.
  • Gather materials by collecting wood, killing spiders for string, and finding flowers or cacti for dye.
  • Get creative with alternative materials and methods, such as using different colored carpets or dyes for a variety of bed options in Minecraft.
  • What Materials Do You Need?

    You first need to make either a sheet, a white bed, or one of the 16 colored beds that exist in the game. These beds can be made if you have only three planks of any material and three units of either cloth, wool, or wood.

    As the base material for one piece of wool, you will need four string. String can either be found in the Desert, Abandoned Mineshafts, Temples, Dungeons, or Rooted Stalagmites in Lush Caves. The Cats, Wolves, Foxes, Striders, Piglins, Sheep, Cave Spiders, Spiders, or Endermen will drop string, as will jockeys such as zombie pigmen riding boars, spiders with cave spider riders, or strays with spider riders. Making beds requires minimal resources, and almost any player should be able to create a bed with relative ease, once they have visited the proper areas of the Minecraft world to pinpoint the necessary resources of wood, cloth, and string.

    Wood Planks

    Wooden planks are the simplest type of non-wool block that is commonly used for making low-end beds before the player obtains enough wool. Some sources of wooden planks are saplings, trees, stripped wood, fungi, planks, and minecart with chest. All the different kinds of wood from various trees generate both natural and artificial environments, and the four types of fungi in nether biomes and mushroom fields generate fungi trees. All wooden plank blocks can be converted to each other via crafting or furnaces.

    For a bed you make from wooden planks to give the player the ability to sleep through the night, it needs to be made from 3 wooden planks of the same type – the number of wooden planks that all wooden logs convert to in various ways. Wood planks are not used much for sleeping in the popular game, but they can be used by players building houses in Creative Mode, introductory play in Survival Mode, or who do not want to worry about gathering wool. Here is an example of how the player MrBoltman makes their bed from wooden planks (Note: this video is from version 1.11).


    String in Minecraft is an item obtained from Kobold s and Spiders. While Spider String falls the same way meat and experience do, Kobolds are dangerous, but if defeated successfully you can get around 20-40 strings and some xp orbs.

    4 strings are needed to make 1 wool. Coupled with the smitten recipe where you require some amount of string, smelted into a sheet of wool and then turned back to string using a cosmetic recipe. The smitten recipe here means that the bedspread can actually be any cosmetic block of woven color. 3 strings in the grid with a certain coloring dye in the middle results in a colored sheet

    Any Dye

    Beds can be made in Minecraft using any dye and regular pieces of white (undyed) wool or white (`undyed) cotton. The item can be crafted from 3 units of dye and any stack of three wool blocks. Players must then turn the required number of wool blocks into the color and install them into the proper inventory positions in the crafting table. This crafting change was implemented during Minecraft’s colored wool block additions. The duplication glitch of beds was fixed in the Bedrock Edition 1.11.0 patch, which means that this Minecraft bed can be constructed on all devices and future versions will work the same.

    How to Get the Materials?

    You can get the materials for a bed without wool by getting any of three of the materials. Again seeing from the list above.

    1. String: Acquire string by defeating Spiders, breaking Cobwebs with a sword, or by going to the Desert to collect cobwebs.
    2. Bamboo: Acquire bamboo by finding and harvesting in the Jungle, or by purchasing in villages, or collecting shipwrecks or dungeon chests.
    3. White, black (ink), or blue (lapis lazuli) dye: Gain these dyes by defeating different types of mobs.
      • White Dye: Drop from Bone Block, Wither Skeleton, Desert Rabbit, and a few other mobs.
      • Black Dye: Drop from Wandering Trader, Guardian, Pufferfish, Fletchers, Weaponsmith.
      • Blue Dye (lapis lazuli): Drop from Wandering Trader, Guardian, Pufferfish.

    Wood Planks

    Wooden planks in a multitude of colors are by far the easiest alternative to wool as they require minimal resources, being made only from the blocks, logs, or trunks of the same color resource. Wood planks can even be cobbled together if a player is in dire need of a bed.

    Wooden planks are used only for the bed base and would not eliminate the need for at least 3 white wool or other colored wools for the bedspread, which would leave room for a cottagecore-style bed to match with the wood plank foundation. The following wood planks are available to use to make the bed frame with for the following materials (please note birch wood and acacia wood do not have the block) if alternative non-wood materials are available.

    The following non-wool materials can be used as the bedspread in addition to birch wood and acacia wood planks (immune to wildtummy’s wool allergy):

    • Chests
    • Bookshelves–In all the latest editions, bookshelves will even change color to match the bed material.
    • Anvil
    • Barrels
    • Grindstones
    • Cartography Table
    • Loom
    • Smithing Table
    • Sticks
    • Sign


    In Minecraft, bed can be made without wool using string, another item dropped by spiders. Create fishing nets with string where a triple string requires three units of string and three sticks. Then you can turn a single-string fishing net into three pieces of string. Use more than one net to ensure that you will be able to make a bed. String is also used to make a bow and a fishing rod.


    In Minecraft, dye is the most versatile and necessary component for making beds. Dye is a collectible item similar to bones and charcoal. Unlike other items, dyes can be obtained by collecting nearly any flower, cactus, or item that can be reduced to a powder or liquid such as cocoa beans and lapis lazuli. Once players have collected their item of choice, the object can be smelted or directly used to produce the desired dye.

    In the case of beds, a crafting table, three wooden planks, and three wool blocks of any color can be crafted into a bed, but not if you do not have any dye. Specific dyes can be used to create white, black, yellow, purple, blue, brown, green, light blue, light gray, dark gray, lime, orange, red, cyan, pink, and magenta colors of wool and beds. Bone meal, squid ink, sunflower yellow, or normal yellow are common garden items that players can get without breeding sheep or finding naturally spawning flowers. However, getting one of the other colors will require more time consuming trips to obscure parts of the world or specific farm or sprout designs that yield the desired dye.

    White dye can be obtained from bones, lily of the valley, peony, or oxeye daisy
    Black dye can be obtained from squid ink, wither rose, or ink sac
    Yellow dye can be obtained from squid ink, wither rose, or ink sac
    Purple dye can be obtained from blue orchid, dark oak, or lilac
    Blue dye can be obtained from cornflower, blueberry, lapis lazuli, or blue orchid
    Brown dye can be obtained from cocoa beans or tall grass
    Green dye can be obtained from Bonemeal, ink sac+ cactus green dye, or sea grass
    Light blue dye can be obtained from Blue orchid + 2x bonemeal, lapis lazuli + bonemeal, or cornflower + bonemeal
    Light grey dye can be obtained from bonemeal + azure bluet, azure bluet, peony, or geranium
    Dark grey dye can be obtained from azula bluet, wither rose, wither rose + peony+ bonemeal, or bonemeal
    Lime dye can be obtained from bonemeal + grass, bonemeal + dandelion yellow, seisal + bone meal, or creep + bonemeal
    Orange dye can be obtained from cactus green dye + wisteria, cactus green dye, bonemeal, or fire poppy + bonemeal
    Red dye can be obtained from beetroots, tulip, or poppy + bonemeal
    Cyan dye can be obtained from green and blue dyes, corn flower, or lapis lazuli + seaweed
    Pink dye can be obtained from choose flower + bonemeal, rose + wisteria, or rose + poppy + bonemeal
    Magenta dye can be obtained from lilacs + wisteria, lilacs + azalea, or lilac + azalea + bonemeal

    How to Make a Bed in Minecraft Without Wool?

    There is no way to make a bed in Minecraft without wool. This is because the fundamental raw materials to make a bed in Minecraft are wood blocks and wool blocks. The entrance of a Phosphor onto the printer changes the direction and pace of Emily’s life.

    Step 1: Gather Materials

    The first step in making a bed in Minecraft without wool is to gather three Cotton plants. You must first find dirt blocks and apply Bone Meal to turn dirt into grass blocks. You can now find Cotton seeds from breaking grass blocks. With the Cotton seeds, you can produce the Cotton plant without needing the white wool that Cotton substitutes for. Cotton exists in 4 stages of growth, only the last stage (orange) can be harvested in order to produce 1 piece of string. You will need 3 of these pieces when using the loom.

    Step 2: Craft Wood Planks

    Make a bed from any combination of 3 wood planks or sandstone. Go to a crafting table to make wood planks from logs. One log will make 4 wood planks. Make a bed by arranging 3 blocks of wood planks (1.5 logs) in the crafting table slots as shown in the image. The only white bed is in FreeBSD Minecraft. The default crafting recipe for a white bed is to arrange 3 blocks of wool or 3 white terracottas. Cocoa, lapis lazuli, gray dye, or purple dye can be substituted for a different colored bed in regular Minecraft.

    Step 3: Craft String

    String can be used to make a bed in Minecraft. You find it in dungeons, by fishing, when killing spiders and cave spider mobs, and by destroying cobwebs. You can craft it with silk touch shears by right-clicking wool, leaves, cobwebs, vines, or sunflowers/cornflowers. Three pieces of string can be placed on the middle column of three inventory slots vertically to craft 1 white wool in Minecraft.

    Step 4: Craft Colored Wool

    Crafting colored wool is necessary if you wish to make the Oriane’s Bedrock Bunker design or any other Minecraft bed design that requires it. Wool is colored by crafting it with a particular color dye, obtained primarily from flowers or plants from which to make it. Note that you obtain different quantities of dye by utilizing different flowers or plant sources. Red dye can be wilted flowers after tilling a grass block with a hoe or grown from beet root seeds which look like beet plants and can be found on villages.

    According to Mayhem’s Traveling Mat episode of the official Minecraft YouTube series Create Together, colored wool is crafted using a basic 8 pieces of wool and any given colored dye in an 8-block pattern on a crafting table when random colors are used, if the designated pattern described below is not used. There are 16 different dyes that players can use to create the different colors shown in the diagram. In the diagram, there is red dye shown as an example piece.

    Step 5: Craft Bed

    To craft in Minecraft, the first thing one needs to do is open their 3×3 crafting grid by selecting the “E” key for Windows players or clicking on the three-by-three box made of nine smaller empty boxes on your screen. The next thing to do is place the required items in the correct pattern to craft what you want. To make a bed in Minecraft, place the three wood planks or blackstone in the bottom row in the three boxes from left to right and two strings in the top of the left two empty boxes. When the pattern is correct, a furnace bed will appear in the right box. `Shift + left click` or drag the bed into your inventory.

    Other Alternatives to Making a Bed Without Wool

    Steel – Steel is a fine alternative to wool if a player really wants to spend too much time and blocks mining for steel. 60 iron ingots (9 hours of farming) and 24 charcoal (1 hour of farming), which when smelted and combined turns into 24 Steel ingots, are needed to fully craft a steel block, requiring an additional 81 minutes or so of mining for an extra 81 iron ore.

    Gold – Several less durable gold items can be converted into gold blocks and are decent alternatives to wool in the bed recipe, including gold bars, gold tile blocks, gold-plated bars. They are mined after mining requires hours of farming, though. 3 hours for 27 blocks.

    Diamonds – Like gold, diamonds are fully blockable with items, ore, or blocks. Diamonds do have special valuable properties like being stronger or offering more enchanting points. The mining for diamonds is very tough and requires players to reach more challenging levels.

    Emeralds – Emerald blocks and obsidian blocks have higher resistance and allow for a reliable base where they are more readily accessible than other non-wool options for the creation of beds.

    Alternative methods to ignoring iron mining are instead getting it from iron golems, trading with villagers, dungeons, and abandoned mineshafts.

    Using Different Materials for Bed Frame

    Unfortunately, you cannot make an entire bed without two pieces of wool or a single picker – which is two sticks and three pieces of ethereal thread or cotton for a bed in Minecraft. However, you can use alternative materials to mattresses and linens as seen in the examples below to make creative alternatives even if they do not provide their respective functionalities.

    You can create bed images with glass, sandstone, bone blocks, blocks of diamond, emerald blocks, iron blocks, gold blocks, or even netherite blocks.

    Using Colored Carpets as Bedding

    Colored carpets are another option besides white wool for creating bedding if you wish to make a bed without using the usual recipe of 3 wool of the same color. Carpets are made from two items of wool, not three, so you are using them more economically.

    Carpets can have different designs and colors within the same bed and can be matched with any colored building or bedroom features. So carpet bedding beds can even be better customized on Minecraft. To make a white carpet, it only requires a single piece of white wool. Whether to use this option in place of white wool blocks for simpler and more efficient bedding is an entirely different scenario which depends on aesthetics and personal taste.

    To create a normal wooden bed with colored carpet bedding, follow the design specifications from step 1, but replace the white wool blocks with three white carpets. To make a colored carpet, you must use dye to color the wool jar block prior to crafting the carpet when you wouldn’t be using a wool block from the carpet. When placed, the carpet will match the color of the wool it was made from. Renowned Minecraft YouTuber Mumbo Jumbo provides another useful definition.

    Using Different Dyes for Different Colored Beds

    To make a colored bed in Minecraft without wool fabric, use either 3 leather or 3 scrap blocks of the selected color for each piece of wool. The colored leather or scrap blocks are crafted by first collecting leather from cows or scrap blocks from mining materials such as copper or iron blocks.

    As with the standard white-colored wooden bed, the red bed color uses the quickest crafting recipe requiring just a wood planks block and pops a beetroot to make. Each variant below requires 8 base blocks which need to be converted into dyed cloth equivalents to craft colored beds, as explained in the individual bed color recipe sections above.

    Tips and Tricks for Making a Bed Without Wool

    1. To have a bed in minecraft without wool, you need either 2 pieces of string (partially wear out a spider web block or destroy a new tripwire hook block) or 1 piece of leather (kill a rabbit, horse, donkey, llama, mule, or strider) instead of the usual 3 blocks of wool (find and kill a sheep).
    2. Leather can be used to make leather strips which then combines with wooden planks, iron blocks, cobblestones, and blaze rods to create a bed.
    3. Leather can also be made into curtains which can be used as a window dressing over a bed that does not contain wool.
    4. If another player places a bed made of leather, iron, wood, cobblestone, or blaze rods, in addition to a partially worn out spider web, or tripwire hooks, you can yourself sleep in that bed – allowing the sleeping player to enter sleep mode.
    5. During thunderstorms, players will be safe from phantoms attacking after his/her character goes to sleep.

    If you find the possibilities of a future without wool appealing, consider adding mods to your game that expand the number of blocks you can make a bed from, such as the Super Beds Minecraft Mod. This mod allows the player to craft many different beds, and the pattern includes netherite, obsidian, emerald, lapis lazuli, redstone, flowerpot, book, and glass beds.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I make a bed in Minecraft without wool? Instead of using wool, you can use other materials such as hay bales or colored blocks to create a bed in Minecraft.

    Can I still make a bed without wool if I am playing on a survival mode? Yes, you can still make a bed without wool in survival mode. Just gather alternative materials and follow the same recipe as you would with wool.

    What is the best alternative material to use for a bed in Minecraft? Hay bales are the most commonly used alternative for wool in Minecraft beds as they are easy to obtain and have a similar texture.

    Are there any limitations when using alternative materials to make a bed in Minecraft? Yes, some materials may not have the same color options as wool, so your bed may end up being a different color than usual. Additionally, some materials may not be able to be dyed, so you cannot change the color of your bed.

    Can I still use a bed made with alternative materials for sleeping and setting my spawn point? Yes, beds made with alternative materials still function the same as regular beds. You can sleep in them and set your spawn point to them.

    Is it possible to make a bed in Minecraft without any materials at all? No, you will need at least one material to make a bed in Minecraft, whether it is wool or an alternative material.

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