How to Put Items on Your Head in Minecraft? Master the Art of Wearing Items on Your Head in Minecraft

Are you an avid Minecraft player looking to spice up your gameplay?

One fun way to customize your character is by putting items on your head. From helmets to mob heads to pumpkins, the options are endless.

Learn how to do this in the game, the benefits and limitations of doing so, and some tips and tricks to enhance your Minecraft experience.

Grab your pickaxe and let’s dive in!

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game that gives players completely free rein over their own gameplay. Players can use the game’s block-style pixel graphics to build their own 3D environment, moving and changing blocks at will to suit their needs. The result is an incredibly versatile game that can be used for anything from educational simulations to creating enormous art worlds or setting up all-pig parliaments. Minecraft can be played as an individual game or as a multiplayer game, with no specific goals except those which players choose to set for themselves. This may be anything from surviving in a hostile environment to building an architectural base, or creating a functioning computer within the game.

How to Play Minecraft?

Play Minecraft by first purchasing the Minecraft software and thereafter following these steps:

  1. Create a new world and provide it with a name.
  2. Create or edit the world as explained in this guidance until it has the desired settings. Add a game tag if desired to facilitate locating it later through the Game Tag feature.
  3. Establish a base and gather resources by chopping wood, digging up soil to obtain seeds, eggs for chickens if there are some wandering, etc.
  4. Craft necessary items, including a weapons toolkit, armor, bed, and lots of torches.
  5. Build a farm with fencing, grow crops and/or herd animals to provide regular food.
  6. Build accommodations where closed doors will provide sanctuary from marauding monsters.
  7. Build a transportation network of roads, bridges, and tunnels allowing for easy movement around the settlement, agricultural land, mining centers, and livestock compounds. Make transport safe by incorporating nicely lit roads lit.
  8. Install nether portals for faster transport.
  9. Change to Creative mode to fly to appreciate the layout of the installation from air view.

Then, enjoy the world and keep playing. Play with others safely using multiplayer options.

What Items Can You Put on Your Head in Minecraft?

The following items can be put on your head in Minecraft:

  1. Heads – of players or mobs. They are purely cosmetic items.
  2. Pumpkin – affects the player’s field of view, makes endermen passive.
  3. Turtle Shell – reduces drowning time, can be enchanted.
  4. Dragon’s Head and Dragon Egg – decorative mob heads.
  5. Leather, iron, gold, chain, diamond, netherite helmets – provide protection.
  6. Dyed Leather Helmet, Carved Pumpkin, Helmet or Pumpkin with Curse of Binding Potions – for decoration.


Helmets are probably the most common item in Minecraft the player can put on their head. They are a defensive item, and once equipped can be seen on a player’s armor layer. They protect the head slot from damage, though certain head-based mobs such as Endermen and Zoglins are unaffected by the wearing of helmets, and it is possible to kill certain mobs without the intended consequence of equipping a hogging effect.

In Java Edition and Said Edition, helmets for players and equipment and mobs of varied values (leather, iron, diamond, gold, turtle shell) may be produced. At 1 or less bar of durability (A hat icon with 1 or less segments shaded red), the helmet will show signs of damage, and at zero will break, never being able to be repaired.

Mob Heads

In Minecraft, players can put mob heads on their head by killing a unique mob that does not spawn naturally, such as Wither Skeletons, Phantoms, or any of various boss mobs. Boss mobs include the Wither and the Ender Dragon. When destroyed, these mobs have a 2.5% chance of dropping a head, which can be worn on the player’s head to display the unique skin that represents the mob. Placing a mob head by equipping then right-clicking it only gives it back to the player.


Pumpkins are decorative blocks and armor slots in Minecraft with different effects. Pumpkins have multiple uses: they can be eaten, crafted into pumpkin seeds, or used in potion brewing. Wearing a pumpkin blocks your vision, and they act the same way as the other wearable items in that if you wear a carved pumpkin and attract an enderman too close to you, they will not become aggressive toward you.

The carved pumpkin can be placed in the helmet armor slot and gives +1 armor toughness and +1 knockback resistance when used as part of a pumpkin crop farm. In such a case, it can function as part of waterlogged or unwaterlogged farmland with stem-type crops directly above.

Dragon Head

The Dragon Head is an item in Minecraft that is obtained as a 1/2 drop after finishing off the Ender Dragon. The head can be worn on the player’s head as a helmet, providing armor and letting the player breath the equivalent of respiration II Protective II.

To place the Dragon Head on your head, it must be worn in the helmet slot. This is done the same way most heads are placed using the Use (right-click) button. Depending on your platform (mobile, PC, etc), the key may be different.

The Dragon Head is not craftable, so the only way to put one on your head is to defeat the Ender Dragon and hope that it drops one for you to claim.

How to Put Items on Your Head in Minecraft?

You can put items on your head using a pumpkin or other items that fit the appropriate characteristics required for the player’s head slot according to the Minecraft edition. In Java and Bedrock editions, place a non-armor helmet item in the helmet equipment slot or right-click by using the selected item from your inventory bar. In specific cases, a pumpkin texture should fill the space in the player’s visible screen (eye area) and helmet-equipped player attributes will still function.

In Minecraft Legacy versions for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, the player’s head slot cannot be casually left empty or have any items in it from the player’s inventory bar. There must be an empty head slot for certain headwear items, and a unique headgear slot should be used. However, some blocks and multiple items can sit on entities’ opposite parts in the Player’s Minecraft version, such as the Ender Chest in Java and Bedrock Edition (Pumpkin in the visual area).

Finding the Item

To place an item on your head in Minecraft, you must follow certain steps. First, find the item you want in your inventory. It must be a block-shaped item (diamonds, weapons, and tools will not work) and must be something that can be collected via breaking a block or firing an explosive (TNT, creepers, beds, etc.).

According to the Minecraft team, the only items that can be equipped are non-equipment items used as armor, such as blocks from the ground and projectiles. How to do headbutt in Minecraft? Find or create an item to place it on your head by selecting its slot from the ancestral armor set or a dispenser, a dropper, or an allowed /replaceitem command (for example, /replaceitem entity @s head slot.armor.head minecraft:iron_block).

Placing the Item on Your Head

Items can be placed on your head in Minecraft by pressing F while highlighting the item in your inventory. While the controls may vary depending on the player’s custom settings, F3 is the default keyboard shortcut to change the place for item placement. Pressing F3 will open the Item Placement menu, allowing the player to select Helmet (Relative), or Helmet (Absolute) where either moves the hat’s placement vertically by 1/16, when the item is on the helmet slot.

After selecting the hat placement location, press the F2 key to take a screenshot. The screenshot will then be stored in a folder under .minecraftscreenshots in the minecraft directory on user’s computer, named 2021-07-29_17.57.07.png the specific time and date it was taken.

Remember, to put the hat or item on your head slot in the Inventory, your ingot has been created. Your hat has been crafted and highest durability of other hats for the hat item has been wear before putting it on your head slot via F button.

What Are the Benefits of Putting Items on Your Head in Minecraft?

The main benefits of putting items on your head in Minecraft are to increase the maximum armor rating from 20% to 80% and to add the special functions unique to each helmet. Wearing hard hats when figuring out minecraft designs might be a good idea too, though protective headwear is not configured in Minecraft.

Helmets, crafted with the usual materials, can increase the chance of survival by reducing damage from enemy attacks, as well as protecting from fall shocks and electric damage. You can even put enchanted helmets to start a battle. Helmets can be bows and arrows crafted with the leather, gold, chainmail, iron, or diamond items.

Pumpkins picked from the wild are necessary to make helmets instead of normal materials. Pumpkin helmets do not give attack or defense values, but they serve as helmets and provide a special look. Putting an item, such as a pumpkin, on your head also protects villagers from enderman teleports.


Protection is an main reason for putting items on your head in Minecraft. Some items can function like armor and eliminate potential head damage. This will be apparent by observing the hearts at the top of the screen. Watch the player’s health in order to determine whether the head slot is producing a defense. If a player’s head is harmed, the armor’s energy is decreased as well. A full helmet, such as an iron helmet, will produce two points of protection. The difference may be seen in the harm received in the following video, where our pig tests damaging a player carrying a helmet versus no helmet. Even though there is no head armor level in the game’s display, its equipment slot would be worn, allowing other types of armor that protect the head to be worn (enchantments from pumpkin heads protect from endermen’s attacks).


Disguising with actyls in Minecraft is very easy. Just wear the item you selected on your head slot like you would wear a helmet. Disguises in Minecraft can be useful for realism, providing a legal or psychological advantage in player versus player (PvP) scenarios, or turning heads for laughs in shared servers or multiplayer mini-games. Additionally, for users of the Pixelmon mod, putting a pixelmon in this slot will allow them to follow you.


After lighting, aesthetics is the primary reason for putting items on your head in Minecraft. For example, pumpkin heads and colored leather caps can be equipped for fun with the sun. Wearing creative, aesthetically pleasing wearable blocks for building or home display include Creeper heads, Dragon heads, and shulker boxes. Players who like simple viewing can walk around while bareheaded, enjoying the auto-generated texture skins of the items they find in biomes such as the desert.

Firing firework rockets from the head offers a unique aesthetic display. Putting dyed helmets or other beacon radiation-transparent blocks provides an improved paint viewing experience. For example, explorers viewing a mesa can wear dyed leather or chainmail caps so that their vision is not colored by the overexposure to red-orange blocks, while still being protected from flying sand/gravel or flame in the same way as a diamond cap.

Are There Any Risks or Limitations to Putting Items on Your Head in Minecraft?

There are no risks or limitations to putting items on your head in Minecraft unless there is a bug in the game. The game developers at Mojang Studios originally made a F3 shortcut to release and clear the slot that is on the head. At any rate, as of now, you can remove an item from your head by selecting an empty Hotbar slot, hovering over the item on your head in your inventory, and then pressing the Swap Item control (default is middle mouse button/⌘ on Mac).

In Java Edition of Minecraft, an item can be placed on the player’s head using the following `/replaceitem entity @s armor.head (optional data value) (optional max count) (optional NBT tag)` where the item is only necessary to specify the type of item. On all other versions of Minecraft while the item is equipped in your hand, face the direction you want the item to face and right-click. Players may notice items such as shields disappearing from their inventory without getting equipped on the helmet slot as expected. If the pick and try method does not seem to be working after testing several times, this possibly might be the result of an in-game bug.

Limited Visibility

If you put a carved pumpkin or jack o’lantern on your head by wearing it and you are mob, you will see limited visibility out of your headpiece. It is easier to see through a regular pumpkin head than a carved one with more etchings. According to the Minecraft Wiki, carved pumpkins have no visibility under water. The head-up display is only disabled if a carved pumpkin is worn. Your head view blocks quite substantially when using pumpkin headgear, and some players like using it in conjunction with a night vision potion to brighten the world without impeding their view.

As seen below in the pictures, a smooth-sided carved pumpkins, o’lanterns can block over 80 to over 93% of your view when on land and only 6% of your view remains easy to see underwater.

Limited Protection

Some items that go on your head do not provide armor. These items provide limited protection from fire, fences, arrows, and snowballs.

You can put a pumpkin or jack o’lantern on your head. These reduce visibility and do not provide any armor points or armor toughness but they protect from the blaze/ghast fireball.

You can put a bee nest or beehive on your head. These do not provide armor or weapon, but if you get your head stuck in it, a bee will pop out and try to sting any entity nearby.

You can apply Shear Metallic Iron Caulk to your head. This provides 15 armor points, but is quite unique.

Limited Availability of Items

  • Value of Usable Hat Items. In survival mode, getting all items on the head can help players move faster, protect against attacks, allow players to see in the dark, see helpful tooltips, etc.
  • Ability to Get Heads from Mobs. Keeping mob heads is not possible in Java Edition but is an option in Bedrock Edition. Killing mobs will give players a 2% chance of dropping their heads, which can be worn and add aesthetic value to the appearance of players even if they provide no unique features.
  • Quest Based, Craftable Items. Helmets used as hats to proud showcased kill in PvP or to have wither effect can be achieved with a quest-based structure which has the cost of leather, and a chance drop of other leather forms when different mobs are killed as seen in the Minecraft Comes Alive mod. They could also be dipped in the skulls of different mobs.
  • Limited Availability of Unique Hats in Minecraft. Only zombie, wither skeleton, skeleton, and creeper heads can be kept. About 20 helmets are instantly defeated by being dipped in wither to receive Withering Damage.

How to Remove Items from Your Head in Minecraft?

You remove items from your head in Minecraft the same way that you equip them in the first place – by selecting the item in the inventory and click+dragging it to the outer armor slot on the right of the inventory.

If you have multiple armor types on and want to remove only the one from your head, then click and drag that part into the main inventory window on the right side of the screen.

If you want to remove every armor type at once, click and drag the corresponding entries into the main inventory window rather than on the right side of the screen. Alternatively, you can press the F key while looking at the item you wish to unequip or drop it.

Tips and Tricks for Putting Items on Your Head in Minecraft

Some tips and tricks for putting items on your head in Minecraft include whether the item fits, whether the player likes the look, and whether the player desires the status of the enchanted item’s additional powers after wearing it.

Items that are typically equipped in the helmet slot include elytra and pumpkin, the latter primarily used for traveling in dangerous territory in the overworld. Enchanted books worn on the head provide additional powers, if that is not an attractive point for survival players then it is better to leave it in the inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put items on your head in Minecraft?

To put items on your head in Minecraft, you can either use a command or manually equip the item by placing it in the “Helmet” slot in your inventory.

Can you put any item on your head in Minecraft?

Yes, you can put any item on your head in Minecraft as long as it is not a block or a tool. This means you can wear hats, helmets, and other decorative items.

How do you use the /replaceitem command to put items on your head?

First, make sure you have the correct syntax: /replaceitem entity [player] [slot] [item]. Then, replace [player] with your username and [slot] with “armor.head.” Lastly, type in the item name in place of [item].

What is the maximum number of items you can have on your head in Minecraft?

You can only have one item on your head at a time in Minecraft. If you try to put another item on your head, it will replace the current item.

How do you remove an item from your head in Minecraft?

To remove an item from your head, simply right-click on it in your inventory or press the “Q” key while hovering over the item. This will drop it onto the ground.

Are there any special effects or benefits to wearing items on your head in Minecraft?

Wearing certain items on your head in Minecraft can give you special effects or benefits, such as increased protection from helmets or night vision from wearing a pumpkin. Experiment with different items to see their effects.

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