Crafting Paper in Minecraft: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking to craft paper in Minecraft but not sure where to start?

We will walk you through the step-by-step process of making paper in the game, from finding and harvesting sugarcane to crafting the raw material into paper.

Explore the various uses of paper in Minecraft, tips and tricks for efficient paper-making, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Let’s dive in and become a paper-making pro in Minecraft!

Materials Required to Make Paper in Minecraft

The following materials are required to make paper in Minecraft in the BASIC crafting method:

  1. 1 Sugar Cane is converted into 3 sheets of paper, which can then be converted into 1 book.
  2. An Inventory Crafting Grid or a Crafting Table as crafting interface.

If you are using the PAPER crafting recipe, only paper and crafting interfaces are needed. If you are using the BOOK crafting recipe, 3 paper sheets and a crafting interface are needed.

To access the crafting interface on PC or Console editions, go to the 3×3 crafting grid in your inventory or 2×2 grid (for Paper only) displayed in your inventory (PC edition) or by pressing X (for Paper only) to display a 2×2 crafting grid (Console editions). When playing in Creative Mode, press the E key on PC or open your inventory (hamburger button) on console editions.

You don’t need all that much sugar cane. Three plants on the side of a stream or in the middle of a farm will easily provide enough paper for any early-game project (up to a hundred bookshelves for a level 30 enchanting room) and make a nice decorative landscape. You can get sugar cane by breaking grass blocks in the wild, wandering trader, bastions remnant, and fishing. Paper gives players the achievement called Time to farm.

The uses of paper in Minecraft include:

  1. Making Books and Bookshelves
  2. Creating Firework Rockets
  3. Creating Maps

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Paper in Minecraft

To make paper in Minecraft, break down sugarcane into its plant form and pick it up off the ground. Sugarcane is abundant near water sources. If you do not find it in the wild, follow these steps. Find a water source, two blocks high to contain the grind when breaking it, and plant the sugarcane there. To remove it after it grows to its full length of three, simply break the middle block.

Step 1: Find Sugarcane

To make paper in Minecraft, begin by collecting sugarcane. Sugarcane in Minecraft is a grassy plant that grows up to three blocks tall. It is commonly found growing near sources of water, is visually distinctive, and cannot be grown on farmland. It can be collected using any tool or even by hand, and SirhcEz suggests waiting until the plant is mature to ensure the maximum number of blocks are harvested.

Step 2: Harvest the Sugarcane

Finding sugarcane is not particularly rare and may spawn throughout a Minecraft world. Search for sugarcane along beaches, rivers, and even in caves or other subterranean settings where there is access to water. Make sure to use a non-silktouch enchanted tool to collect the cane, ignoring the extra turning it into paper for a time. It is located under the “Brewing” category and requires a 3×3 inventory configuration of sugarcane to proceed.

Step 3: Craft the Sugarcane into Paper

A crafting table is used to convert sugarcane into paper. To make a crafting table, select the crafting table from your inventory. The crafting table will allow you to craft items that require higher amounts of storage space than is possible in the player inventory.

  1. Open your crafting table.
  2. Place your sugarcane in one of the 3×3 crafting grids in the crafting interface.
  3. Place the sugarcane anywhere inside the 3×3 crafting grid.
  4. Take the newly created paper from the second box in the bottom row of the crafting interface.
  5. Move the newly created paper to your inventory.

A single stack of sugarcane will yield three papers. No additional materials, such as clay or water, are required. To convert sugar cane into paper, stand in front of a 3×3 crafting grid and drop the sugar cane in any grid. The system will produce one paper per sugar cane. Once three papers have been made, they must be moved into the inventory for storage.

Uses of Paper in Minecraft

Paper is a primary ingredient for most books, used to create fireworks, a part for a needed item for a cartography table, and is necessary for a map. When a personal banner is killed in attack mode, very strong fireworks and cannons are created to execute that are highly significant to making gunpowder and colored firework stars with paper. The firework rocket can then be filled with the paper.

Crafting Recipes

In Minecraft, paper is a commonly used item. To make paper you first need to make wooden planks and sugar cane. Then use the paper-making recipe. 3 sugar cane are stabbed into 3 squares of a 3×3 crafting grid. This makes exactly one paper. Go to the crafting table and drag the paper from the crafting grid to your inventory. If using paper to make several maps or a book, create them now or just keep your newly made paper in the chest or just with you.

Trading with Villagers

Before the 1.16 Nether Update, traders could purchase paper from Librarians, Clerics, Cartographers, and Farmers for anywhere between 24 to 36 emeralds at Expert level. After the update, players could only buy 3 bookshelves for 8 emeralds each, then disassemble them to get 9 books which turn into 6 paper when destroyed, making it a more expensive way to acquire paper.

Tips and Tricks for Making Paper in Minecraft

Trick numbers are called out and explained are creative ways to make paper in Minecraft. An example of a common trick to reduce the work of making paper is to raid nearby villages. There you can find all forms of paper-making resources. A more challenging trick to make paper is to level out the terrain to have enough agricultural ground for sugar cane or multileveled paper farms. The usefulness of paper as it saves inventory space in large builds can be expanded with the trick of placing an item frame against the paper. You can use the item frame for organization and quickly switch between items by right-clicking the item in the frame.

Use Bonemeal on Sugarcane for Faster Growth

Players can manually grow sugarcane faster and in some cases almost instantaneously with the help of bonemeal. Bonemeal is generated by dropping bones from skeletons into the crafting interface and can then be clicked onto sugarcane to advance its growth.

Step 1: Acquire a skeleton drop bonemeal. This may take some time as the drop rates for bones are fairly low, ranging from 0 to 2 bones per skeleton. Bonemeal is also found in villager outposts in quantities of one to five. The best way of acquiring bonemeal also depends on player skill. Higher-skilled players may be able to generate a large number of bones through mob farming (a process where mobs or creatures are killed on a repeated basis designed to produce drops for the farmer). Less-skilled players will simply need to wait until they encounter skeletons and obtain the bonemeal from them.

Step 2: Click the boemeal on the sugarcane to accelerate its growth.

Build a Sugarcane Farm for Constant Supply

To have a nearly free, constant paper supply in Minecraft, you must build a sugarcane farm. Sugarcane blocks become merely a type of mob which you can harvest and replant to obtain the necessary paper for their economic value (1 sugarcane block = 80 units of paper). Paper does not have the broadest range of uses, but the elf in the Build Tips chat log recommends a sugarcane farm generating 5000 units of paper to cover all conceivable uses in all your Minecraft worlds such as fireworks, item frames, books, cartography tables, and compasses.

The simplest form of sugarcane farms relies on letting it grow. A minimum of 1 block of water per row is needed in order to keep crops hydrated. sugarcane crops can grow on dirt, grass, coarse dirt, or sand. You can also allow some of the sugarcane crops to grow from regular dirt to sandy soil. The edge row can be the fastest growing increment. They can be perfectly squared off. Or every other row can be offset an entire square, recycling the sunward edge for the most exposed growth if desired. Additionally, you will need to place torches up to every 8th block if you prefer your farm not to be infested with monsters.

Frequently Asked Questions about Making Paper in Minecraft

The answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) in Minecraft show that paper is used in a variety of recipes in the game. They include

  • Sugar canes dropping up to 3 pieces of paper when broken that can be picked up on the ground.
  • Paper (10 for 4 emeralds) can be purchased from librarian villagers who are willing to trade.
  • As a fuel, 6 pieces of paper burn one item in a furnace.

How Many Sugarcane Do I Need to Make Paper?

You need at least three sugarcane to make paper in Minecraft. Up to three paper is created at one time.

To get that into an estimate of blocks, three sugarcane items yield three pieces of paper. Since each piece of paper takes three sugarcane items, a total of nine sugarcane blocks are consumed when crafting paper.

Sugarcane crop growth stages can be found below in the How to Make Paper in Minecraft section of this article.

Can I Use Other Materials to Make Paper in Minecraft?

Yes, you can sometimes use cactus to make paper in Minecraft. Cacti rarely occur in unexplored wilds, growing in only hot, dry, and infertile habitats many of which are naturally occurring locations such as deserts, canyons, and mesas. Cacti are an unlikely source of paper due to being both difficult to find in nature and slow to farm in the game. Nevertheless, players could theoretically choose to use the few cacti that are encountered to produce innovative Robinson Crusoe Paper.

Cacti are items that players can collect in Minecraft. The small piece of cactus, a cactus green piece added by default and when harvested a Cactus block, can be placed in a furnace with any fuel source to make a versitle material known as Cyan dye. This dye can be used for many crafting recipes that normally only require water to use which typically include hiding, dyeing and coloring.

Paper is used in Minecraft to create decorative books, add enchantments to various items, create enchanting tables, and even as a base for fireworks. Firework stars, rockets, and paper balls, which embellish tin cans, rockets, parachutes, glitter, sparks, and twinkle in Minecraft, can be crafted from paper. Cacti can be crafted into cyan fireworks and they have a little green color explosion. Also, the concept that some items and objects in the game have an alternate source other than trees and sugarcane can make some Minecraft player’s experiences hyperreal.

Can I Make Paper in Minecraft without Sugarcane?

You cannot make paper in Minecraft without sugarcane in Survival Mode, but there are multiple mods, plugins, or setups of the components that could allow for it. Sugarcane itself is the only method of obtaining paper, and there are no alternatives. Minecraft’s game code does not provide another way to create paper.

In terms of usage, cartography tables require paper to create, and they in turn are necessary to make copies of maps. The only other known use of paper is that lightning has a chance of striking when it is raining or if it accidentally comes in contact with it. Paper can be found in dungeon chests, end city chests, and woodland mansion chests.

Any other claims of additional usages are incorrect and often refer to papyrus or thin paper blocks from mods. These blocks then function as papercraft, writeable recipes, or other decorative or functional items themselves, which are entirely separate from paper’s uses in Minecraft.


In Minecraft, paper is made from three sections of sugar cane in a crafting table or the 2 x 2 inventory crafting section. You may also find it in villages in bookshelves that have a 20% chance to generate in cartographer houses in stacks of 1-8 and strongholds where 44.7% of strongholds libraries have a paper in item frame with a 34.3% chance there is a chance to have a book in a bookshelf having 1-3 books.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do I need to make paper in Minecraft?

To make paper in Minecraft, you will need sugar cane. You can find sugar cane growing near water in most biomes, or you can also craft it by combining 9 sugar in a crafting table.

How do I make a paper from sugar cane in Minecraft?

First, you need to gather at least three pieces of sugar cane and place them in a row in the crafting table. This will create three pieces of paper. You can also use the same technique to create multiple sheets of paper at once.

Can I use any type of sugar cane to make paper in Minecraft?

Yes, all types of sugar cane in Minecraft can be used to make paper. This includes regular sugar cane, tall sugar cane, and bamboo.

What can I use paper for in Minecraft?

Paper can be used to create a variety of items in Minecraft, such as maps, books, and fireworks. It can also be used as a fuel source in furnaces.

How many pieces of paper can I get from one sugar cane?

One sugar cane will yield three pieces of paper when crafted. However, if you have a fortune-enchanted tool, you may be able to get more paper from one sugar cane.

Are there any alternative methods for obtaining paper in Minecraft?

Yes, you can also trade with Librarian villagers to obtain paper. They will usually have paper as one of their trade items. You can also sometimes find paper in chests in various structures in the game.

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