Unlocking Honeycomb: Tips for Obtaining Honeycomb in Minecraft

Are you a Minecraft player looking to expand your crafting options and attract some buzzing friends to your world? Honeycomb might just be the perfect addition to your inventory!

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about honeycomb in Minecraft. From finding honeycomb to using it in various recipes, farming techniques, attracting bees, and harvesting honeycomb, we’ve got you covered.

So, grab your pickaxe and let’s dive into the sweet world of Minecraft honeycomb!

What is Honeycomb in Minecraft?

Honeycomb in Minecraft is an item that players can collect from beehives once the player has emptied them of honey or honey blocks. Each destroyed or harvested beehive yields up to three honeycombs. Honeycomb is used in-game as a crafting material and fuel when combined with other items.

It radiates a flame particle effect in-game when dropped or held and, like honey, can be used to stop a zombie wandering near your campsite by making the bees angry. Hold honeycomb in your hand and the nearby bees to attack aggressive mobs, thanks to an angry undertone prompted by the drop of honeycomb.

How to Find Honeycomb?

To find minecraft honeycomb, find your nearest beehive (as shown in the image below). Bees will make about 8 pieces of honeycomb when they fill the hive with honey, so that is when you can collect the honeycomb produced. To harvest honeycomb, simply use shears on the beehive or bee nest and the honeycomb will drop with 3 levels of honey inside.

If you want to find minecraft honeycomb quickly, you can head to nearby villages. Villages will periodically contain houses with a beehive floating above them. You can also quickly add beehives to a village. Simply catch a bee with a glass jar. Then lead the bee to a house and use the jar again to release the bee and a beehive will appear if you go to sleep and come back.

If you are having difficulty locating beehives through exploration or in villages, typing the seed and location of the world into dedicated websites will tell you where the closest beehives are. The Chunkbase website is the best, once it is updated for version 1.19, and Chunk.tools has good resources as well.

Locate a Beehive

In Minecraft, Beehives are most common in flower forests and sunflower plains, but can generate under normal conditions in any biome. New beehives will be created in forest, plains, sunflower plains, and flower forest biomes if there is a large number of flowers. They can be found in villages as well, particularly in the larger houses with green terracotta roofs. They can be mined with any tool, but using a silky touch tool will ensure that all bees and honey stay protected.

Use Silk Touch Enchantment

Honeycomb requires at least one item from a bee’s nest to be sheared. The nest will then yield one to three honeycombs, depending on its level of honey storage. If a player does not want to destroy wild nests, they should use the use of Silk Touch tools on a diamond, netherite, or gold pickaxe to carefully remove wild nests, then bring them back to a storage area and place them in a structure where they can be safely harvested periodically. It will also allow for faster and easier removal than breaking blocks by hand, making multiple trips with lead easy.

Ensure the nest at a surplus of three before breaking any off; at both levels one and two, the nest should only be harvested once it at least has at least one multiple of three available. Silk Touch is an enchantment that allows a block itself to be collected rather than the drop item that it would normally break into is obtained. Silk Touch is available on Axes, Pickaxes, and Shovels, but the more efficient tool for collecting hives is a Pickaxe. The simplest way to apply Silk Touch to a diamond pickaxe in Survival mode is to enchant it at an enchanting table or take it to an Anvil and use an enchanted book that has been acquired from trading, looting, or fishing, by selecting the correct enchantment level and applying it.

The tables on Single-player Mode require a Diamond Pickaxe, Netherite Pickaxe, Golden Pickaxe, or an Iron Pickaxe at enchanted and the correct level, which is shown when the player hovering over the enchantment to be used. They require Lapis Lazuli in order to choose an enchantment that is more powerful and good luck of various levels including food, book, or spyglass to increase the possibility of choosing the 1 or 2 (SILK TOUCH) enchantment when using 3 Lapis Lazuli to get the correct levels.

Trade with a Beekeeper Villager

If a player cannot connect with bees, another option to get honeycomb in Minecraft is to find a beekeeping villager in a village. As in real life, beekeepers have interest in bees, and their trade stalks and generate from/appropriate to bee-related items such as Beehives, Honey Bottles, and Honeycombs. Honeycomb may not be as easily tradeable as most other items, with 3 versions of the game found where they are either not tradeable at all, highly expensive (3-5 emeralds), or as part of an expansively flexible tech tree often unlockable for 4 or 5 paper pieces.

How to Use Honeycomb in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can use honeycomb as beeswax storage for crafting candles and as a breeding item for Pandas. This is achieved via the below honeycomb crafting and use options.

  1. Honeycomb Bee Nest crafting option is used to craft candles and Luminosity derivations. As of Java Edition 1.17, all 16 candles emit light from levels 4 to 12. Light blue (“water”) is the default color.
  2. Honeycomb Beehive crafting option is made into honeycomb block which can be used for honeycomb cubes or building.
  3. Pandas can be bred with honeycomb. This is a feature that does not help you with the survival aspect of the game but adds a level of fun and charm.

Crafting Honeycomb Blocks

Honeycomb blocks are purely decorative and are not considered useful in regular Minecraft gameplay. They are crafted from 4 honeycombs and have a similar visual effect to cactus blocks. Cordless VII recommends against crafting honeycomb blocks for decorative purposes since they are much more difficult to get than other decorative blocks and are considered costly due to not having any other uses. They can be uncrafted back into honeycombs.

Crafting Honeycomb Candles

You can get Honeycomb for the first time in the Minecraft 1.15 Buzzy Bees Update to craft Honeycomb Candles. These can serve as an environmentally friendly, long-lasting light and decoration. To make Honeycomb, use either three Honey Bottles on a crafting table or smelt Honey Blocks in a Furnace. Once you have a Honeycomb, use it with String in a Crafting table to produce Honeycomb Candle items interesting point online slots with free spins online gambling 125.

Crafting Honeycomb Banners

Banners are custom blocks added in an earlier Minecraft snapshot (200806), originally planned as backdrops for maps in the 2D mode of Minecraft. They have since grown to be highly versatile items that can be dyed in various colors and built with different patterns. Banners are purely decorative and cannot be used in item crafting.

Players can use one honeycomb to craft a honeycomb banner, which when combining 6 sticks and 6 wool with the honeycomb, the product will create a banner showing honeycombs in the design. The ingredients for crafting a banner can be placed in any of the 3×3 top slots of a 3×3 crafting table or the 2×2 grid shown in the player’s inventory. After the crafting recipe is created, the shield will appear in the result box, and it can then be migrated to the inventory. Beyond displaying items and customizing a game landscape, banners do not have many gameplay applications.

How to Farm Honeycomb in Minecraft?

You can farm honeycomb in Minecraft by growing honeycomb flowers and encouraging bees from hives or nests to pollinate and produce honeycombs nearby so that they produce honeycombs when pollinating flowers as opposed to possessing them. To harvest and begin the honeycomb farming process, smoke a beehive or nest, and use some shears to harvest honeycomb.

Beehives and nests that contain a bee will house around 3-5 bees. Full nests will contain around 3 bees that are specifically protecting the nest if players try to shear it. Bee nests that players try to shear that contain 3 bees will have a 5 seconds to leave them alone. If ignored they will leave automatically and leave 1 block of honeycomb. Normally around 3 bees would need to leave the nest for additional honeycombs to spawn.

Transforming an existing bee nest into a honeycomb farm is relatively easy. First, determine if the nest has bees inside. If it does, bring those bees to another nest with 3-4 flowers. Once the bees begin creating a link between the new hut and increasing their presence there, destroy the old nest and transfer some of the bees to this new one by using a campfire, which they will try and escape from if it is placed nearby.

Place a hopper or other item underneath the beehive or bee nest to collect the honeycombs after pollination.

Build a Bee Farm

Beekeeping is the most financially lucrative option but it also the most time-intensive. The space required and must-do list of bee mechanics is tasks you must do to get honeycomb and is greater than the other methods.

Approaches to building a bee farm for honeycomb:

  1. How to Get Bees in Minecraft (3 different ways)
    • How to Lead Bees in Minecraft
    • How to Use a Beehive to Lead Bees in Minecraft
    • How to Breed Bees with Flowers in Minecraft
  2. How to Feed Bees in Minecraft
  3. Best Biomes for Bees in Minecraft
    • Sunflower Plains
    • Flower Forest
    • Plains
  4. Why are Bees not producing honey in Minecraft?

Have a Redstone Bee Farm? (Timestamp 2:41)

Use Dispensers to Collect Honeycombs

Dispensers can be used to collect honeycombs if you are an experienced player or you have difficulty finding bees in Minecraft. A dispenser is a block that can be loaded with up to nine stacks of items, including empty bottles, and can use these items at the direction of a powered redstone circuit. To craft a dispenser one will need 7 cobblestone blocks, 1 bow, and 1 redstone dust. Dispensers are created randomly in bastion remnants loot chests at a 25.1% frequency according to the official Minecraft wiki.

To get your dispenser to work after crafting it, place it one block away from the beehive, and use a redstone torch and a stone button. Hit the button with the empty bottle in the dispenser, and the dispenser will collect the honey. Depending on the difficulty setting (easy, normal, or hard), the bees may attack you for robbing their honey, so put on some armor if you anticipate needing to defend against them. After a few minutes, you can use the bottles to store the honey. The bees come into existence via campfire-smoked bees, which can then fertilize crops and pollinate biome. The campfire-smoked bees are turned into source blocks and the sharing of pollen happens during the process (which is off by default).

Use Shears on Bees to Collect Honeycombs

Bees naturally spawn in the Flower Forest and Sunflower Plains biomes. You can collect honeycombs, honey bottles, and honey blocks from bees and their nests once they have completed five pollination cycles in the wild. Bees will only stay in a nest for one to two in-game days before replenishing their pollen supply, so it is impossible to know exactly when a bee will give off combs. Bees enter a nest during the night and during rain, eventually flying out accompanied by as many as ten other bees. Saturated with pollen, some disengage from the group to start pollinating and generating honeycombs. Use silk touch shears to gather honeycomb from a bee’s hive after you notice it collecting pollen and returning.

What are the Uses of Honeycomb in Minecraft?

The uses of honeycomb in Minecraft include creating waxed copper blocks, candles, and candles on stands. Much like regular blocks of metal, waxing a copper block adds a way to preserve a certain shade of oxidation. Using honeycomb with copper blocks pairs a yellowish hint of colour with the copper to make the copper bloppier and slightly darker.

The end product is waxed copper blocks. Candles are a hatchable block that emits light, as well as a type of solid block that naturally generates in villages. If lit next to a solid block, it despawns. To light or dottle, the central block or head of a non-solid, transparent overhead block must be unchanged.

Crafting Honey Blocks

Honey blocks are made by placing 4 honey bottles in a 2×2 grid in a player’s personal crafting area. One honey block yields 80 honeycomb when placed in the world and is mined with any tool or hand. It is relatively difficult and time-consuming to make honeycomb this way, but once accomplished yields an abundance to suit the player’s desire. Desire for honeycomb usually centers on creating beekeeping statuary or needing a large decorative amount for a build.

While honey blocks can be used for slavery as an unbreakable barrier for contained mobs, Dispensers can still push and pull honey blocks as with other blocks, and Pistons are able to break them. This means that one piston minecart can easily clear a honey block full Mob farm from any spawned enemy.

Note: Honey blocks are able to break the players fall, absorbing 80% of fall damage up to a half-chunk. They are even more effective than cobwebs at breaking a fall. Even without breaking the block by mining it, an effective means of liquid (Slime, magma, etc) transport due to rising bubbles.

Making Honey Bottles

In Minecraft, honey bottles are crafted using either the crafting grid or a stonecutter from 3 honeycombs. They can then be used to make a honey block which is a storage block similar to iron blocks and coal blocks.

A honey bottle restores 6 hunger points and 2.4 saturation points when consumed. It was added to Minecraft in update 1.15 bee update in order to give players a stackable non-spoiled food source that simultaneously helps bees.

Taming and Breeding Bees

You tame bees by using wheat, flowers, or leaves on them. Bees will get a health bar and some particles surrounding them, and when this wears off the bee will be under the effect of contributor and able to be tamed and breed. Bees move particularly fast and will travel between 10 or more kilometers a day (or 6 miles), so every 70 seconds on average bees will have been able to share their pollination with a bigger world. They will aim to pollinate different plants of the same kind they’ve already done. Bees enjoying a blossoming tree or plants that have been side by side will transfer these plants to additional ones, assuring pollination.

Crafting Beehives

In the 1.15 and 1.16 updates to Minecraft, it is possible to collect honeycomb without disturbing bees by introducing crafting recipes that create basic beehives containing honeycomb. Such applications of honeycomb can be crafted into candles, beeswax blocks, bee nests, and most commonly back into beehives. As always, collecting honeycomb requires shears when it is safely contained in a beehive or bee nest. Collection can be done by breaking the establishment with any tool that destroys structures, with the only caveat of not using silk touch as this cannot collect honeycombs yet.

An average of 3 honeycombs are rewarded when a beehive or bee nest is broken, meaning players are well on their way to their beehives containing new honey and bees. It is important to remember that up to 3 bees will leave following the breakage of a beehive or beehive nest, making it essential to have nests nearby.

Crafted beehives can only be used once, though are far simpler to break with just about any tool. For the simple beehive, simply arrange 6 wooden planks in Honeycomb Recipe to create the structure.

Trading with Wandering Traders

Wandering traders are named Villagers that wander around worlds. They often have llamas with six slots of inventory. Hide can be found in their inventory slot and players may purchase honeycombs, bees, sunflowers, and other things.

Wandering traders will randomly choose a home base village somewhere in a 48 block horizontal radius and a 5 block vertical radius from its spawn point. It chooses this village during world construction. If the trader is in unloaded chunks, and the three villagers in the village with the closest center point to the wandering trader’s last known location are being taken by zombies.

However, if during world construction the game finds a suitable place for the wandering trader to live within the specified ranges, it will simply spawn the wandering trader’s home village rather than finding the village near the spawn point. When players are near the wandering trader’s three villages, in terms of the number of blocks between the player and the villager’s last known location of its wandering trader, villagers and wandering traders are spawned.

Wandering traders do not despawn, even if there are no villagers spawned. If all wandering traders in a world are dead, new wandering traders will spawn randomly in the world every 20 minutes after the end of the last spawn event. Wandering traders can only spawn in unloaded chunks, depending on where they were last ambushed. If the trader has been attacked in a village, it cannot spawn an invading wandering trader.

How to Attract Bees in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, bees are attracted by a honey level of 5 or more, a flower source, and a nest or hive. In the real world, bees are drawn by the nectar inside blossoms that they use to create honey. In Minecraft, flowers are used as an equivalent and help players attract bees to nests or hives. Each time bees consume a flower, both the bees’ love level and a special nectar value are increased by 1. After reaching a certain point, the honey nectar will have been generated and bees will be drawn to nests in response. Bees will eventually leave their hive if provided with a beehive.

In Minecraft, bees will likely not instantly be attracted to the player’s specialized beehives due to their need to determine a honey level of 5 or more and find a spot for themselves.

The best way to attract bees in Minecraft because of this functionality is to discover newly created beehives and then lure bees there with the assistance of flowers. This correlates with the real world, as a colorful, nectar-rich flower is the most surefire and natural way to draw bees. This is a slow process in the game, so it’s useful to attract and develop diamond or iron golems to protect the bees from hostilities. In addition, using a lead to tether him to the hive will prevent a bee from wandering too far from the hive.

Plant Flowers

To get honeycomb in Minecraft, a player can plant flowers, which honey bees will then pollinate. There are five-block flowers, including roses, cornflowers, and lilies of the valley. While the following one-block flowers can be used for decoration, bees will not pollinate them because they lack the necessary pollen: azures, allium, blue orchid, dandelion, orchid, poppy, sunflower, white tulip, orange tulip, pink tulip, red tulip, white tulip, paeonia, brown mushroom, crocus, daisy, ginger, and ice stalk.

The best flowers to encourage bees to generate honeycomb are tulips. The more tulips, the more bees, and the quicker you’ll get honey. And remember to use shears on a full bee nest or bee hive when it has 5 honey levels to get honeycombs.

Use Campfires or Smokers

The easiest and safest way to make honeycomb is by placing beehives beneath smokers or campfiresb> in which haybales are placed. Be careful not to mix smoking blocks with flammable blocks when starting the campfire near the beehive.

Temperature blocks do not affect the growth of plants in Minecraft, but campfires and smokers can affect the growth of flowers and other plants when placed near them.

Use Honey Bottles

Another way to obtain honeycomb is to collect it from a Beehive or Bee Nest that is fully saturated. To tell if they are fully saturated, the entire block model should show closed cells of honey inside the beehive or beehive. While they are fully saturated, they should oozing honey from them (represented by dripping honey particles down from the honeycomb block model). To harvest Honeycombs from a Beehive, right-click on it while holding a Glass Bottle. You need to ensure the bees in it do not have a Honey Level greater than 5. Because when honeybees have a Honey Level higher than 5, smoking the beehive does not hurt them and the beehive does not break when attacked.

When riding the player’s shoulders, bees inside the beehive will not harm the player when honey Level reaches 5. Bees can immediately have a Honey Level of 5 when they pollinate five flowers. Should there be more than 5 bees inside the beehive, they have to be transferred to another hive to prevent them from making the beehive inseparable.

Keep Bees Happy

Bees take 1.25 minutes (5 minecraft days) to fully grow. They have 5 growth stages, and they have a special caged stage that can only be brought out if they are right-clicked by a player with a flower. Keep the bees happy so that they grow up and are at a good stage to collect honeycomb but not aggressive to avoid getting attacked.

Bees in Minecraft have needs which, if satisfied, will make them happy. Sunlight levels of 11 or more instead of a light level of 9 or less are one aspect of their comfort. Also make sure there’s no full block above the flowers they’re currently on or they start facing honey production. Bees recognize nests which originated from these hives. They get aggressive when they don’t recognize bee nests and attack players. Feed them with flowers that will help them assault others nearby like ropagan and knotweed. You can also keep them in there for a long time and let them gather honeycomb easily if you contain bees in a Beehive.

If the beehive is too small and doesn’t contain the required 3 bees, bees cannot perform a variety of social actions like using the nest, making honey, and counting towards that social action, and they cannot go back to the nest they originated from. Future nests will not be able to count as points for the player who containing them. At a minimum of 8800 specific in-game ticks (20 minutes), Bees sleeping in their Nest or beehive for the first time. Progress to using the nest may continue over a maximum 1.2 MC days or timeout. Bee pollinating activity within the active nest login session (20 minute time span) may reset the 20 minute time requirement from conversion.

How to Harvest Honeycomb in Minecraft?

To harvest Honeycomb in Minecraft, you need to mine beehives or honeycombs. Beehives are soft (destroyed in 5 hits) transparent blocks, while honeycombs are hard (destroyed in 3 hits) blocks with the appearance of a honey-filled honeycomb. The honeycomb is where bees deposit wax and raise their larvae and is the raw material for building beehives.

Honeycombs will drop from a beehive or honeycomb when destroyed unless they are destroyed with fire. Fire will only light if the `gamerule` `mobGriefing` is true. Honeycombs are initially found in the world generating inside `bee nests`. Bee nests generate in Minecraft in flowering biomes such as sunflowers, plains, and sunflower plains.

Use Shears on a Beehive

First, harvest a beehive with three honeycomb units in it. This can be done with anything, but it is recommended to use a pickaxe. Put the campfire under the beehive and wait. Bonemeal the beehive and a bee nest will come out with three units of honeycomb. There is an 5% chance of bees spawning when breaking a honeycomb item in one’s inventory.

Use a Dispenser

Another way to get honeycomb in Minecraft is to use a Dispenser. A Dispenser is a redstone device that can store and dispense items. It is a honeycomb farming mechanism that can be built if you only have a bottle of honey, honey blocks, or working beehives.

Place the honey block against one side of the Dispenser, such as the back wall, so it is squeezed to fill the space. A button or redstone signal can then be attached which allows the Dispenser to break the Honeycomb block. The Honeycomb can then be collected and the Honey Block above can be used for further honeycombs.

Note that as of the latest game version of 1.18.0, an automatic Dispenser is the only way to obtain Honeycomb from a honey block.

Use a Silk Touch Enchantment on a Beehive

Silk Touch is an enchantment that allows mining with a pickaxe preserve the block mined instead of dropping it. The Silk Touch enchantment can be applied to pickaxes, including netherite pickaxes. Beehives are made of beeswax blocks, so when mined by a pickaxe with the silk excavation function it produces itself.

Though there is justification to believe Mojang has prevented this method as a removal option, Reddit and other forums show that raising the beehive block with silk touch still allows players to place bee’s nests and harvest honey until they have the block. Restraint is being deducted due to the many disabilities within the forums and frequently changing game mechanics at Minecraft.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game that allows players to explore, build, and survive in a blocky world. One of the many things you can do in Minecraft is collect honeycomb, a useful item for making honey blocks and crafting other items. Here are some frequently asked questions about how to get honeycomb in Minecraft.

1. What is honeycomb and why do I need it in Minecraft?

Honeycomb is a yellow, hexagonal block that can be collected from beehives in Minecraft. It is primarily used to make honey blocks, which can be used for building, crafting, and as a source of food. Additionally, honeycomb can be used to create honeycomb blocks, beehives, and honey bottles.

2. How do I find beehives in Minecraft?

Beehives can be found in the game’s Overworld, typically in flower biomes or near trees. They can also be found in abandoned villages or can be given as a gift from wandering traders. Look for bees flying around and buzzing near the beehive to help guide your search.

3. How do I collect honeycomb from a beehive?

To collect honeycomb from a beehive, you will first need to craft or find a tool called a “shears.” Once you have shears, simply right-click on the beehive to collect the honeycomb. Be sure to have an open inventory slot to store the honeycomb.

4. Can I breed bees in Minecraft to get more honeycomb?

Yes, you can breed bees in Minecraft by using flowers to lure them into a beehive. Placing two bees with one or more flowers near a beehive will result in them producing a baby bee, which will grow into an adult bee. As the bees work to produce honey, you will have the opportunity to collect more honeycomb.

5. Are there any other ways to obtain honeycomb in Minecraft?

Apart from collecting it from beehives, you can also find honeycomb in loot chests in various structures and biomes. You can also trade with villagers for honeycomb, or use the /give command in creative mode to obtain it instantly.

6. Are there any special properties of honeycomb in Minecraft?

In addition to its crafting uses, honeycomb also has a few unique properties in Minecraft. When placed in the game world, it can slow down the movement of mobs and players, similar to cobwebs. Additionally, honeycomb can be used to create honey bottles, which can be consumed for a regeneration effect.

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