Mastering Minecraft: How to Switch to 3rd Person on Mac

Are you a Minecraft player looking to change up your gameplay experience?

In this article, we will dive into the world of 3rd person view in Minecraft, specifically focusing on how to switch to this perspective on a Mac.

We will walk you through the steps to make the transition, discuss the controls for 3rd person view, explore the benefits of using this perspective, and even show you how to switch back to 1st person view.

So, if you’re ready to take your Minecraft experience to the next level, keep reading!

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game designed and developed by Markus Persson in 2009. The third-person functionality was added to the game on the 1.0 release in “3rd-Person Thursday”, a tradition that the company of say began doing on every Thursday. Players can choose their perspective via the FOV slider or the Camera Perspective Settings. Minecraft is available on multiple desktop and mobile operating systems as well as gaming consoles.

What is 3rd Person View in Minecraft?

3rd person view in Minecraft is a mode where the player is displayed as part of the playing mechanism, but not as the primary viewpoint. The player has the ability to switch rapidly among four possible viewing angles, three of which are some form of 3rd person perspective, ranging from a wider-angle view that not only encompasses more of the gameplay, but also more of the player’s surroundings (akin to a movie establishing shot) to closer views, focusing more tightly on the player.

How to Change to 3rd Person View in Minecraft on Mac?

You change to third person view in Minecraft on Mac by using the F5 key or by using the Fn + F5 key combination. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  1. Open Minecraft and go to a world or create a new one.
  2. Load a world you want to explore in third person.
  3. Pick up and press the F5 key on the top row of your Mac’s keyboard, or Fn + F5 if your Mac requires the function (Fn) key to operate the F keys.

A third press will put the screen into an over-the-shoulder third-person view. The same number of key presses (two) will return the view to first-person. The F5 key will continue the pattern of alternating from first to third person as it is pressed. When a character is in a third-person view, the camera can be moved in all directions, and depth and zoom in Minecraft third person can be expanded or withdrawn using an appropriate mouse scroll button.

If you prefer not to use the keyboard to navigate between first-person and third-person views, you can press the keystroke then navigate using the mouse, it will stay in the mode.

Step 1: Open Minecraft

Using the Finder, navigate to the Application folder where Minecraft is installed. Double-click it to initiate the program. Click Multiplayer to connect to a server, skip the login screen, or opt for a text discussion mode to shift from 1st person to 3rd person. Your Minecraft UI will have many tabs for various features depending on the game type and server, explore these to view combinations of 1st and 3rd person perspectives.

Step 2: Open the Options Menu

After you’ve Open Minecraft and have been able to launch a single-player world, you’ll need to open up the Options Menu to toggle the Third Person View. To open the Options Menu in Minecraft, you can either push the Esc key on your keyboard, which will open the Main Menu, then click the Options button at the bottom of the screen, or use your Inventory key (default E) which will open your inventory and will show an Options/Multiplayer buttons at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 3: Select the Controls Tab

After entering the Options, drop down the Resource Packs tab and select Controls which is the third option down. By default, F5 is bound to third person view which allows players to toggle between first and third person perspective with a single tap. If the F5 function lock is on with certain Mac keyboards, they may need to use CTRL + F5 to go into third person view in Minecraft on Mac instead. Make sure you remember what the key bind you assign is, as it’s not clear in the Minecraft controls tab.

Step 4: Change the Camera Perspective

Once you are online and you have changed the game mode to survival or adventure mode, you can change your camera position to view your minecraft third person perspective. A quick way to check if the process has worked before visually inspecting in first person mode is toggling view to check the way your parallax’s perspective adjusts. If it moves as your finger or right analog stick does, it has successfully entered third person sight.

When the camera perspective is switched with F5 you have a choice of 3rd person view, 3rd person view that follows independently or orbits your characters perspective, and 1st person perspective. The default setting is third person view following the character’s perspective.

What Are the Controls for 3rd Person View in Minecraft on Mac?

The controls for 3rd person on Mac Minecraft are the same as for Windows Minecraft. Simply use the function F5 key to toggle through the various viewpoints to see them from the front, from the back, from the side, or a high bird’s-eye view.

You can use the Gamerule command to make it so you cannot switch views and are bound to the view you are in:

  1. Press `t` to open the chat window
  2. Type the /gamerule and hit return
  3. Type `persisntentliberview` and hit return
  4. type `false` or `true` and hit return

The effect will occur immediately. Here is what it looks like when it is set to `True` and to `false`.

How to Move the Camera in 3rd Person View

In the default settings of Minecraft on a Mac, the camera in 3rd person view can be moved by using the mouse to look in the direction of the movement. View the scene from the side, and you can see the character moving where you want it to go. Using the up, down, left, right arrows and the W, A, S, D keys, the user can navigate while the 3rd person view stays on the desired side. Adjust your view to the opposite front or side view to return to the first person and maintain sight while moving. Following are additional features for Minecraft on PC that can help with movement in 3rd person while playing on the Mac.

  • Press F5 twice on a Mac to shift between third-person viewpoints.
  • Press Fn + F5 to toggle between third-person viewpoint modes.
  • Press Fn + down arrow on your keyboard to focus the mouse on your main character but not change the direction of moving left or right.
  • Hold Alt/Option and move the mouse left and right (like holding RMB while moving the mouse in the direction you want) to get a better 3rd person view of your moving player.

How to Zoom In and Out in 3rd Person View

In the third person view mode on Minecraft, pressing + on your keyboard (or scrolling up on your mousepad while holding down Control) will give you a closer perspective of your avatar. To zoom back out, press on your keyboard or scroll down on your mousepad while holding Control. These controls can be altered from the default values by going into the controls menu, finding the section for commands associated with a player, and searching for the zooming field of view function.

This can be moved to any key you desire. Kyle, an active content creator on YouTube included the above detail on how to zoom in and out of his third person view in the How to Tell if Someone Works for Microsoft security video as part of the technology series Sans Tech.

How to Change the Angle of the Camera in 3rd Person View

The angle of the camera in 3 rd person view can change automatically because it is set on an auto-center in Minecraft. To disable the auto-center option, press Fn+ F3 + N + B on a Mac at the same time and release. In the Mac Minecraft game, holding the right mouse button shows the player in 3 rd person view from behind. It will always track what is in front of the player but the other direction and angle of the perspective can be set on a Mac by relaxing and rotating the right fingerpad/finger roll on the touchpad.

The camera will return to its previous angle if it is stopped. The player may also adjust vision by bringing the mouse closer to the character. This provides a close-up view of the face of the character, which can be relatively difficult to maneuver. Thus portions of the command bar can block the perspective of the player in 3 rd person view from behind.

What Are the Benefits of Using 3rd Person View in Minecraft?

The benefits of using 3rd person view in Minecraft include being able to view a larger area for better spotting of prevents falling damage, and it can show you carriers that might obstruct your mining and provide a good vantage point in combat use, and it can be used to look over the shoulder of the character from behind in periods of real life luxuriant boredom.

How to Switch Back to 1st Person View in Minecraft on Mac?

Press the Fn + 1 + Tab key combination to switch back to 1st person in Minecraft on Mac. 1st person perspective simply means that you see the world through the player’s eyes. The term 1st person refers to the player. Pressing the Fn + 1 + Tab key combination will change the perspective of the game so the player in at the center of the screen and sees in all directions. In the Fn + 1 + Tab command, Tab refers to the Shift key.

Can You Change to 3rd Person View in Minecraft on Other Devices?

Along with the method outlined above to change to 3rd person view in Minecraft on Mac and PC devices using the F5 key (fn + F5 on Mac for full keyboard layouts), you can also use the following approaches on others:

  1. Windows 10: Change your keyboard settings so the F5 key operates without holding the fn key.
  2. PlayStation (PS4): Press the Touch pad button on the controller.
  3. Xbox (X360 and X1): Press the START button (inner key in the array)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go into 3rd person mode in Minecraft on Mac?

To go into 3rd person mode in Minecraft on Mac, press and hold the F5 key on your keyboard.

Can I change the keybind for 3rd person mode in Minecraft on Mac?

Yes, you can change the keybind for 3rd person mode in Minecraft on Mac by going to the controls menu in the game settings and selecting a different key.

Is there a way to quickly switch between 1st and 3rd person mode in Minecraft on Mac?

Yes, you can quickly switch between 1st and 3rd person mode in Minecraft on Mac by pressing the F5 key twice.

How do I change the camera angle in 3rd person mode in Minecraft on Mac?

To change the camera angle in 3rd person mode in Minecraft on Mac, use the mouse or trackpad to move your character’s head.

What should I do if I am unable to go into 3rd person mode in Minecraft on Mac?

If you are unable to go into 3rd person mode in Minecraft on Mac, try restarting the game or resetting your keybinds to default settings.

Can I use the 3rd person mode in Minecraft on Mac while playing with friends?

Yes, you can use the 3rd person mode in Minecraft on Mac while playing with friends in multiplayer mode. However, keep in mind that your friends will see your character from their own perspectives, not the 3rd person view.

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