Mastering Minecraft: How to Transform into an Enderman

Curious about how to transform into an Enderman in Minecraft? This article will guide you through the process of finding an Enderman, obtaining the necessary items, and ultimately turning into this mysterious creature. From locating an Ender Pearl to defeating the Ender Dragon, we will explore the steps required to take on the abilities and risks of being an Enderman.

Discover the benefits, risks, and how to revert back to a player in the world of Minecraft.

What is an Enderman in Minecraft?

An Enderman is a three-block-tall, black, humanoid-like mobe that lives in the dim, dark underworld of Minecraft. It was only in 2011, that the Enderman was initially announced during Minecon 2011, which is the annual Minecraft community convention.

Endermen are viewed as some of the game’s oldest mobs, but this is false. The physics of the game is altered by their capacity to move blocks, making the game more of a puzzle. Enderman mimics, teleports, and can spawn blocks on rare occasions. The Enderman was a man in a tie, a very easy-to-identify figure – but very disturbing when seen from the other side. This is a reference to the Swedish film Kopps, in which a man in a tie frequently appears out of nowhere, in part of the game’s backstory.

How to Find an Enderman in Minecraft?

Endermen are commonly found in the Four Ender Court, which contains The End Portal Room. In survival gameplay, the player must first obtain a map for a stronghold. Strongholds are almost guaranteed spawns in every world, but players will need a locator map to find them.

Players can begin the search by entering the coordinates of the seed. More experienced players will find greater challenge by flicking through preset maps randomly and seeing what they discover while trying to spot a spot to spawn. Enderman can be found on specific settings, primarily any difficulty level over Easy (2), which is classified as normal and hard difficulty.

How to force Enderman to spawn? Enderman can be forced to spawn if the player finds a not-crowded location on a cool night during a rainstorm. Picture an area where you will hate standing in the rain, and there you have an opportunity of finding a few Enderman.

What are the Requirements to Turn into an Enderman?

The only requirements to turn into an Enderman in Minecraft are to officially be a player (>5 years old), to have the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft with addon capabilities, and to find and install one of the add-ons that lets you become an Enderman.

The easiest and most popular Enderman add-ons for the Bedrock Edition are More Player Models (MPM). Instructions for turning into an Enderman after downloading it and using it are shown above.

Another Enderman add-on for the Bedrock Edition is called United Endermen Addon. A player will need to download, install, and then select this add-on in the behavior pack section in Minecraft. Note that after an add-on has been selected, Endermen may or may not immediately show up in the new game. If they do not, then attempt to exit without saving and then restart the game.

Obtain an Ender Pearl

In Minecraft, the first step to turning into an Enderman is to acquire an Ender Pearl. Seek out Endermen during the day in Hell (The Nether). Find them beneath the ceiling of Nether Wastes, Soul Sand Valleys, Basalt Deltas, Crimson Forests, or Warped Forests, and in the Fortress. It is advisable to wear an Enderman Head while confronting them, as it will prevent them from becoming aggressive.

Find a Stronghold

Find a fortress which is referred to in the game as a stronghold. Fortresses are large and complex underground passageways made of stone bricks. They are home to a variety of new mobs that cannot be found in the game world. Wanderers can explore the millions of empty passageways or the forked passageways, then try to find the portal to the End which is in a unique room with an End Portal Frame when it locates a stronghold.

According to the Wiki entry for strongholds, they are strong constructions pursuable for obtaining the End Portal with twelve one-block-diameter eyes of ender that players need to cast on the middle portal frame blocks on the ground to be replaced. Even though you may lodge there as long as it may take, defeating the Ender Dragon, along with several Enderman, is the only way to turn you into one. The steps to becoming an Enderman are provided in the same entry as a stronghold location.

Find the End Portal

For turn into an Enderman in Minecraft, you must first have the ability to teleport, which comes from using an Ender Pearl (78.5% chance of drop from Enderman). Once you have at least 1 Ender Pearl in your inventory, you will still need to locate the End Portal to get to the End, where you can follow the process outlined in point 2 above. The process to turn into an Enderman is similar to turning into an Ender Dragon if you have an Ender Pearl, but the dramatic visual of an Enderman exists in its own right and with its own advantages and interesting quirks.

Locating the End Portal (also known as the Stronghold) is not an easy task. With the correct equipment and preparation, it is only about 20-30% likely that you will not find the Stronghold in 10-15 minutes of real-time online play. If you don’t already know where an End Portal is located, you will first need to find a Stronghold. Casting Eye of Enders (an ender pearl and blaze powder) will help you find the Stronghold by leading you to where the End Portal is underground in the Stronghold. An End Portal will always have 12 blocks so you know you have found one when you find it.

How to Turn into an Enderman in Minecraft?

To turn into an Enderman in Minecraft, you need to build a machine called Ender IO. Ender IO is a magic block in the Feed The Beast modpack. You add item cards to it to tell the block how to work. Engineers at the Mindraft tech company created the Ender IO that converts anything fed into it into energy. To turn into an Enderman in Minecraft you need a custom setup. You should modify the charging system such that when you stand on the charging system, it charges you and reverses the functional block that erases people’s memory. Remember, this whole thing is a mod, and it allows you to turn into an Enderman.

While some haunted theories going around, many believe that Minecraft may be a game that leads kids, and even adults, to a global conspiracy. This is one of the further out theories that say that all global events are influenced by a group of Endermen in a parallel world. Those in the Minecosmos program are thrown into the world of monitoring Endermen in different worlds after they have been altered in their own, inducing memory faltering. It had all gone well, until a user on the TechJeblog released a glitch that allows individuals who achieve a similar setup to enter the Endercosmos.

Enter the End Portal

To enter the End Portal, first find a Stronghold by throwing an Ender Pearl into the air and following it in the direction it moves. Strongholds are underground and can be identified by a stone brick staircase. Once found, clear all debris, slide off any fallen lava, and locate and repair the portal. The End Portal consists of twelve square frames replacing the inside wall blocks toward the area where the Stronghold is blocked off. Eye of Enders must be placed atop each block to activate the portal, which is typically empty when first found.

Defeat the Ender Dragon

There is no way to turn into an Enderman posthumously in Minecraft, but upon defeating the Ender Dragon, players may obtain an item capable of transforming them. After the exit portal is created, a large number of experience points await the player in the form of an experience orb. Collect it and persist with the game. Building XP points is ideal to keep leveling up, yet Earning Strike is not available, so find some friendly Piggies to swing your Diamond Sword at, if you wish.

Collect the Dragon Egg

To collect the Dragon Egg after a successful battle against the ender dragon, place a torch beneath the dragon egg or use its natural light source to break it. The dragon egg usually teleports after breaking and has to be searched for throughout the area below the exit portal. If done right, the egg should be safely transported back to the over-realm and kept on hand for interaction whenever a player wants an enderman transformation.

The dragon egg is needed to recreate the fight against the ender dragon. The egg will respawn the dragon and open a new end portal to summon the dragon and end when it is destroyed. This is the only way to reset the battle to claim the elytra, and exit the end so these operations are of paramount importance. Find the ender dragon and collect the Dragon Egg within five minutes or it will disappear and the only way to reset the Dragon fight is with the spawn egg from creative mode

What are the Benefits of Turning into an Enderman?

There are few benefits to turning into an Enderman on Minecraft. The most notable one is the ability to access the end dimension and fight the Ender Dragon. There is also an ability to randomly pick up and place blocks on the ground at the player’s location. However, beyond that, there is not much extraneous benefit to turning into an Enderman, other than to experience gameplay as a different character.

Ability to Teleport

In Minecraft, the main abilities of endermen include the following:

  • Teleportation
  • Water Immunity
  • Aggressive towards players that make eye contact
  • Attacks from long distances
  • Griefing behavior

The fastest moving mob in the game (not counting flying mobs) is the Enderman, which uses its teleportation powers to evade danger and close gaps with opponents to get into attack range. The distance they can travel in one teleportation instance is about 32 blocks straight line distance (or a straight diagonal line path distance shorter than 32 blocks like that he could follow so that the hypotenuse gets less than 32 blocks), but they can do it indefinitely with no cooldown. Enderman teleport between landed locations, meaning an enderman needs to stand still in order to teleport.

If you want to turn into an enderman on Minecraft, acquiring the ability to teleport will be difficult but possible by using the ender pearl. By right clicking with the ender pearl in the hand, the player will take damage. The player will then be teleported to a new location (usually above the original location) similar to an enderman. Concentric flourishing lines will appear at the destination slowly fading away while the player is withering away from the ender pearl’s corresponding damage. The ability to teleport does not mean that incoming damage will be avoided as it is for the enderman. If the player’s destination is in the air with the ender pearl, s/he will not take damage. An ender pearl can be obtained by killing an enderman, trading with a wandering trader for ender pearls, or from looting a chest.

Immunity to Water

Enderman try to avoid contact with water and other liquids. In Minecraft, tamed wolves and foxes chase Endermen away by barking, jump-snarling, and howling. Enderman becomes provoked if they are attacked which threateningly open their mouths. A provoked Endeman hisses at players and deals 5 life points or 2.5 hearts worth of damage if successful. They attack by teleporting to within 16-20 blocks near the player before relentlessly closing the distance between them. During their attack pattern they repetitively teleport and deal damage with punches and shoves.

Increased Attack Damage

The increased attack damage level of Enderman mobs allows them to kill poorly-armored players quickly. The base attack damage for a Minecraft Enderman is 7 damage points per hit on the Java Edition of the game and 5 on Bedrock. This can be increased by 2.5 (35% more damage) with Challenges Plus or 3 (43% more) with Enhancing Zealot Armor on the Java Edition.

The highest Enderman attack damage in Minecraft, given that the player’s Endermanichal Focus on the sword is active and all hits of the starter sword and armor attacks are criticals, is 22 (11 hearts) on the Java Edition and 15 (7.5 hearts) on the Bedrock Edition. Endermen teleport whenever they take damage, making it more difficult for players to deal with them. Players should be careful to avoid looking them in the eye. Note that Enderman spawn rate is proportional to the number of air blocks in the spawning area. Want me to show you how to increase the spawn rate in Minecraft? Check this out.

What are the Risks of Turning into an Enderman?

The risk of turning into an Enderman in the game of Minecraft is most notably getting attacked by other mobs in the game, since the mechanics of the game make Endermen hostile to players and Iron Golems.

There are also some issues with movement. As an Enderman in the game of Minecraft, you are taller than a player and cannot fit under blocks. If there are blocks over your head, moving is cumbersome as you teleport constantly to avoid suffocation. In certain scenarios, such as fighting in tight, enclosed spaces, this can be a nuisance as the player finds it difficult to move around.

There are other problems as well. Endermen in Minecraft are on a cycle, which means they are peaceful during the day and become aggressive at night. Players will be compelled to hide indoors or face death at the hands of stronger mobs that will attack them. Along with Beyond the Veil, which one can get when struck by lightning, the warped effect of Warped Core will apply an extra fifty percent damage taken on attacks.

The warping also creates a camera shake effect that can be annoying, reduces field of vision, and makes aiming difficult. Moreover, there is no turning back from being an Enderman using commands or game rules besides death.

Hostile Mobs will Attack

After you transform into an Enderman, various hostile mobs such as Skeletons, Zombies, Chickens, Wolves, and Slimes will start to attack you. A gathering of slimes is sufficient if you would like to get rid of the exposure and finally turn back into what you were previously. Slimes are the only ones and the only ones that will not attack the transformed player, seeking to kill any entity in their route. Find and battle slimes in order to go back to normal.

The most deadly mobs that threaten Endermen are Blazes, Creepers, and Ghasts due to their potential for causing destruction and burning these creatures to death.

Embrace all part of the challenge while performing the Enderman! Knowing you are not entirely invincible and forming a game plan around situations with other mobs involved can be helpful in the long run.

Sunlight will Cause Damage

If the Enderman model from Minecraft were to be applied to the real world, the mob’s ultimate vulnerability would be sunlight. It takes fewer than 50 seconds for the mob to catch fire and burn up from direct sunlight.

This does not impair vision in the real world for humans turning into an Enderman, but even if someone could physiologically adapt to the changes that accompany sunlight at that degree of intensity, they would not be accustomed to body temperatures that cause serious discomfort so rapidly.

Thus if a real-life Enderman wanted not to burn up from sunlight, avoiding is best once fully transformed! And they would find it advisable caution whether protecting themselves against outward sunlight sources whether hanging out in a densely treed forest. In reality, during sunny warm days it would be better for them if they turned back into humans somewhere dark and rested until evening.

How to Turn Back into a Player in Minecraft?

To turn back into a player in Minecraft from an Enderman, press F5 on your keyboard to view yourself in third person. Press F1 to take away your player’s arm, which will also remove the white Enderman head display making your player totally humanoid again.

Endermen are not a separate species, so you don’t actually have to turn them into players. You can change your own player model back to the regular Steve or Alex by selecting it in Minecraft skins if you prefer, but this will not affect the Enderman head display added to your character while you were in the Enderman form.

If you leave and rejoin the game, you will also become a regular Minecraft player again without the Enderman head display.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I turn into an Enderman in Minecraft?

Yes, you can turn into an Enderman in Minecraft by using certain mods or commands. However, this feature is not available in the base game.

What mod do I need to use to turn into an Enderman?

One of the most popular mods for turning into an Enderman is the “Morph” mod. It allows players to transform into various creatures, including Endermen.

How do I use the “Morph” mod to turn into an Enderman?

First, download and install the “Morph” mod for your version of Minecraft. Then, use the command “/morph set Enderman” to turn into an Enderman. You can also set a hotkey for quick transformation.

Is there a way to turn into an Enderman without using mods?

Yes, there is a command in Minecraft called “/summon Enderman” that will spawn an Enderman at your current location. However, this will not allow you to actually become an Enderman.

Are there any benefits to turning into an Enderman?

Yes, Endermen have unique abilities such as teleporting and being immune to water. However, be aware that turning into an Enderman may also make you a target for hostile mobs.

Can I turn back into my original form after becoming an Enderman?

Yes, you can use the “/morph set ” command to change back into your original form. You can also use the “Morph” mod to switch between different forms.

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