Learn How to Transform an Ocelot into a Cat in Minecraft

Are you a Minecraft player looking to add a furry companion to your virtual adventures?

In this article, we will explore the fascinating process of turning an Ocelot into a Cat in the game.

From finding and taming an Ocelot to reaping the benefits of having a loyal feline friend by your side, we will cover all the steps and details you need to know.

So, grab your raw fish and get ready to embark on this exciting journey in the world of Minecraft!

What is the Difference Between an Ocelot and a Cat?

The biggest differences between an ocelot and a domestic cat in Minecraft are their behavior and density in different biomes. In terms of behavior, ocelots can be tamed and turned into cats, but not the other way around. Ocelots primarily exist in the jungles biome, and you must catch, tame, and feed them fish to turn them into pet cats. Once tamed, ocelots lose their ability to be fed. Ocelots can also spawn in both forests and beach biomes, but only as cats that will chase players with raw fish rather than approach to be tamed (source).

Cats on the other hand spawn in villages, and do not require taming because they are born tame. As a domestic cat, they cannot turn into ocelots that can be tamed. They simply protect against phantoms and show with their tail the player’s owner and have a /sit command. Lastly, pet cats are denser in the overworld jungles, with two to three cats per jungle chunk, as opposed to ocelots which have an average of one to three ocelots per jungle chunk (source).

How to Tame an Ocelot?

To tame an Ocelot, players should use Raw Cod or Raw Salmon. Cats will often run away and try to avoid the player, and if the player is close for too long, the cat will hiss at them. To best tame an Ocelot, players should move towards the cat until they see a feed cats command on the screen, quickly stop, back up a bit, and do it again until they see love hearts. Most of the time they can be tamed in one try, but it can take up to 10 tries to be tamed. When the Ocelot is tamed, the appearance will change to that of a cat.

Find an Ocelot

To find an ocelot in Minecraft, start by heading to the savanna biome around the west of your world. The most likely spot to find an ocelot is this biome, although they sometimes also spawn in the jungle. If you have trouble locating them in the savanna, you can try resetting the game’s spawn map a few times. Ocelots are elusive, but they will eventually show up. Always be sure to sneak when around a wild ocelot, as they are easily scared off otherwise.

Use Raw Fish to Tame the Ocelot

To do this, make sure you have the raw fish in screen view. Approach the ocelot carefully. It may start to hiss and withdraw if you move too fast or too close. Click and hold the right mouse button as the ocelot runs away until it is tamed. It takes between 6 and 10 raw fish for each successful attempt at taming the ocelot. Here are a few actions to be aware of when doing this within Minecraft.

Wait for Hearts to Appear

After feeding the ocelot fish, it needs to be tamed. To tame an ocelot into a cat, players need to wait for hearts to appear over the ocelot’s head.

Be Patient. Taming can sometimes take a while – between 10 seconds and a few minutes of screen time in Minecraft. Players do not need to do anything specific. Just waiting will tame the ocelot.

Next, click on the ocelot with an empty hand to command it to sit. This will create a tamed cat. Be aware that ocelots are capable of jumping onto a player, a move that some users may misinterpret as a hostile act at first.

If it simply jumps on a player and has not been fed fish, the user should not be concerned as it is in fact a form of ocelot interaction and is a precursor step. It will not suddenly turn hostile and attack your character as all tamed animals do not exhibit such behavior. Users should then follow up via direct feeding and establish the command their tamed ocelot based on the process mentioned earlier.

What is the Process of Turning an Ocelot into a Cat?

The process of turning an Ocelot into a Cat in Minecraft is to simply give it a name tag using the anvil.

To name your ocelot, you must obtain a name tag through a fishing rod, dungeons, or visiting villages.

There is no strict guide for getting a name tag, but you will most likely find one by going through the following activities.

Once you have a name tag, go to an anvil and rename the name tag ‘🪁’. Go up to your ocelot and use the name tag with semantics in front of the ocelot in the same way you would to teach pets Mandarin.

Feed the Tamed Ocelot with Raw Fish

We tamed an ocelot into a cat in Minecraft by using 7 pieces of raw cod for the taming process and 2 afterward to restore health. Ocelots are small, fast, hostile animals native to the jungle biomes of Minecraft. It is possible to tame them into a friendly cat with a bit of effort and some pet drops.

An ocelot can be tamed by holding a fish in the hand and slowly walking towards a slow-moving ocelot. If approached by a running player, ocelots will run away. When near enough, the game sends a message that right-clicking with the fish will tame the animal. This process should be repeated for 7 raw fish with a few raw cod in reserve to nurse back to health if necessary. At that point, feeding the cat raw cod will heal them if they have taken damage after the ocelot has been tamed.

Wait for the Ocelot to Transform into a Cat

You must now wait for the ocelot to turn into a cat. In the Old Console, New Console, and Windows 10 editions, if the ocelot is approached by a player holding raw fish, it will speed up the transformation process. The timeline for the transformation process is still not clear, but the community consensus is that the ocelot will transform into the tamed cat within two to five in-game days if you are holding raw fish.

In the Bedrock Edition, transformation takes only a few seconds as the ocelot turns into a tamed cat by getting fed the raw fish without needing to stay for in-game days. The version of the ocelot as a cat depends on where you are and what game you are playing. Which tool you require depends on the version of the game you are playing as well. Check the information above to see which tool you will need.

What are the Benefits of Turning an Ocelot into a Cat?

The benefits of turning an ocelot into a cat in Minecraft include the ability for players to own and care for a pet cat that does not behave as unpredictably as a real ocelot but still has many of the same characteristics. Players can go fishing until they catch raw fish or put them in a fish dispenser to use as bait in order to tame an ocelot and thereafter turn it into a domestic cat that will assist them once it grows up.

The benefits of having a cat at home in Minecraft such as scaring off creepers, chasing off skeletons, protecting fish pots from being destroyed by phantoms, and stopping bad omen raids trumps their infantile behavior. Cats are pretty easy to tame or breed in Minecraft, which makes them appealing and beneficial to have.

Cats Can be Tamed to Sit and Follow the Player

In Minecraft, ocelots and cats are two distinct mobs. They act and look different from each other. Ocelots are passive mobs that are skittish and have the permissions of cats. They can be fed fish and transformed into cats by following and right-clicking them once they are tamed, whereas developer has removed this feature to avoid them being transformed back into Ocelot.

In contrast, cats are semi-passive mobs regularly found sitting in villages. Once tamed, they follow players, and when standing, have the potential to scare off creeper home invasion. Cats will infrequently follow players during play without being trained, whereas ocelots will do this more frequently. Cats can change the color of their fur based on the biome they are located or if they are killed and then respawned.

Steps to turn an ocelot into a cat in Minecraft:

  1. Find Ocelots: Locate an ocelot in the wild in a forest or jungle biome. Approach slowly (as they are skittish) with a fish in hand.
  2. Tame Ocelots: Offer a raw fish by right-clicking on the hold button and wait. The ocelot will run away at first, and if the fish is held too far away or the player walks too close or runs it will disrupt the process.
  3. Invite ocelot to follow you: Right-click or shut down(key and click) the ocelot after it has been fed.
  4. Wait for Taming process: The ocelot will become a cat and no longer be skittish. It will remain at maximum health.
  5. Test Taming: The new cat will be tamed according to the color of its eyes. Green eyes mean it is tamed and will help the player deal with future encounters.

Cats Can Help Keep Creepers Away

Creepers are hostile mobs that seek to explode and kill the player as well as destroy the landscape. Cats are considered by a number of minecraft players as a way to keep away creepers and other hostile mobs. They are territorial mobs that chase away other hostile creatures from where they spawn. They are obedient and thus, can easily accompany the player wherever they go. Keeping a cat by your side while exploring can fend off creeper attacks.

Cats Can be Used for Decoration

If one has too many dogs lamely defending, is provided with regular ocelot fins by their local mob shop, or just thinks seeing hostile mobs randomly get scared for no apparent reason is funny, a cat may be acquired for home decoration only. Ultimately, the decision to adopt a cat as a scarecrow is up to each player and depends on the size and functionality goals of one’s world. Cats require a reasonable amount of fish to keep around if they are for aesthetic reasons only.

What are the Different Types of Cats in Minecraft?

The different types of o-cats in Minecraft? can be classified based on their scare/health levels.

  • Cat (12hp) Scare Aloof/Scared
  • Tuxedo Cat (10hp) Scare Aloof/Scared
  • Siamese Cat (10hp) Scare My People
  • British Shorthair Cat (10hp) Scare Predator
  • Maine Coon Cat (10hp) Scare Predator
  • Ragdoll Cat (10hp) Scare My People/Creeper aww man
  • Tabby Cat (10hp) Scare Predator/Angry
  • Calico Cat (10hp) Scare Aloof/Miserable

Some cats are friendlier than others and like different types of foods.

Tuxedo Cat

A Tuxedo Cat is one of the more common cats found in Minecraft. A Tuxedo Cat is a domesticated ocelot as tamed by a player. It has black and white solid/oreobore coat patterns. Here is how to turn an Ocelot into a Cat showing Black and White with Oreobore Patterns:

  1. Find an ocelot in the wilderness located near any biome near you. You’ll find the most luck in the jungle with a spawn 50-75 blocks from your target point. Keeping other players away while breeding them might require some creative fencing solutions.
  2. Use the right fish (salmon, tropical fish, and cod) and wait to take over several generations of ocelot to find patterns matching what you desire.
  3. Happiness! You finally have your black and white oreobore pattern ocelot to breed and tame into a new Tuxedo Cat.

Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat no longer exists. It was one of the 3 original breeds registered by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 1979 when the organization was still known as the International Ragdoll Cat Association. The Siamese cat is established in Japan and the USA as a race separate from the Thai, but is still part of that gene pool. Both the Siamese and Thai breeds are called ‘Natural Pointed Cats’ in TICA’s terminology. For the Ocelot, the US or Japanese branch of Siamese lineage can be used, featuring I or D as the final letter in the cat’s name.

The Siamese cats featured a blue-eyed gene that occasionally produced crossed eyes or even three eyes. Several ICA judges now refuse to judge the current Siamese breed as they consider it to have been ruined for the sake of reducing the tendency to crossed or slanted eyes.

Tabby Cat

In previous versions of Minecraft, the closest thing to a tabby cat was the “tuxedo cat,” which very closely resembled a household tabby cat. There are 80 ocelot types in current Minecraft versions but none turn into a true, standard tabby cat variety. Some players say the Mojang Jungle cat gets very close visually, while others prefer to refer to the ocelot Savanna TIger’s fur with a less spotted look.

To turn an ocelot into one of the 80 new cat variations, follow the same process as when turning them into a standard cat. The only thing the player has control over with Minecraft’s cats is the collar color (which for some players may be good enough to model their own real-life cat). Other things are procedurally generated, such as the breed, eye shape, fur color, and pattern.

New cats are indistinguishable from ocelots visually, as they do not change when becoming a normal house cat. Ocelots are naturally afraid of players, while cats are attracted to players and can be tamed to become household pets that deter creepers.

Black Cat

If you have a tamed ocelot and a Night Vision Potion, you can transform a tamed ocelot named Captain Sparklepants into a black cat. It would not be accurate to say that this is how to make an ocelot into a black cat since ocelots and cats are different in form and function in the game. To start the transformation, click on the tamed and renamed ocelot named Captain Sparklepants with a Night Vision Potion (which is water bottle + golden carrots) in your hand.

Tamed ocelots are excellent guards against creepers and phantoms as well as being agile hunters of rabbits, chickens, and silverfish. If you take the time to tame an ocelot in order to have a tamed blue cat, you will lose these additional advantages compared to taming a stray cat.

Conclusion: Enjoy Your New Cat Companion in Minecraft!

Turning an Ocelot into a cat in Minecraft is quick and easy. It is simply a matter of taming an Ocelot with raw fish during the Minecraft daytime, and then sending the tamed Ocelot after Creepers to transform them into Cats that act as pets.

Player behavior such as not running from the Ocelot during taming and being patient while the Ocelot grows, to avoiding the Ocelot after it has become a Cat or it will attack the Player, increases the chances that it will be a successful transformation.

The effort yields a loyal pet that is loved so much by players that numerous articles celebrate the Pets in Minecraft and students have been surveyed extensively to examine how they develop as individuals both socially and academically using the game.

After transforming your Ocelot into a Cat in Minecraft, explore further opportunities for in-game pet ownership like Fish, Turtles, Pandas, and Dogs depending on the biome. The new Cat will often curl up near you or sit in relaxation at your Cat Condo where further information can be provided to other players about your specific Cat (like how much diet it needs and has received, and how much it plays).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to turn an Ocelot into a Cat in Minecraft?

In order to turn an Ocelot into a Cat in Minecraft, you will need to have raw fish in your inventory and approach the Ocelot until it becomes tame.

2. Do you need a specific type of fish to turn an Ocelot into a Cat?

No, any type of raw fish will work to tame an Ocelot and turn it into a Cat in Minecraft.

3. Can you tame an Ocelot easily in Minecraft?

Taming an Ocelot can be a bit tricky, as they are naturally cautious creatures. It may take a few attempts with fish before they become tame.

4. How many raw fish does it take to turn an Ocelot into a Cat?

It typically takes 1-2 raw fish to successfully tame an Ocelot and turn it into a Cat in Minecraft. However, it may take more attempts if the Ocelot is not initially interested in the fish.

5. What are the benefits of having a Cat in Minecraft?

Cats can be useful companions in Minecraft as they can help scare away creepers and phantoms, and also have the ability to sit and stay in one place.

6. Is there a limit to how many Cats I can have in Minecraft?

There is no limit to how many Cats you can have in Minecraft, but keep in mind that they will take up space and may cause lag if there are too many in one area.

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