Unlock the Power of Minecraft: How to Get a Command Block

If you’re a Minecraft player looking to take your gameplay to the next level, understanding the ins and outs of command blocks is essential.

Learn what a command block is, how to obtain one in the game, and the various ways you can use it to enhance your Minecraft experience.

From creating custom commands to automating tasks and building redstone contraptions, command blocks offer endless possibilities for creativity and innovation in the world of Minecraft.

Let’s dive in and discover the power of command blocks together!

What Is a Command Block in Minecraft?

A Command Block is a large, rectangular block that provides users with a way to run console commands in single-player mode or on private multiplayer servers in Minecraft. Players can select the settings choice from the main menu and select Open to LAN. This grants them access to the LAN world settings. By specifying Allow Cheats: On they can use command blocks on the LAN.

These blocks are not traditionally available for survival multiplayer and certainly not on a server unless a special exception to the vanilla settings is granted. Command Blocks also hold their own additional data captured within the world file, which functions similar to Structure Blocks.

In Creative mode, Command Blocks, as well as Structure Blocks, can be used for building particularly complex machinery. They provide an interface for changing their own settings and activating a command when they receive a redstone signal. Command Blocks are self-powering, yet they can accept and transmit power along to other Command Blocks or redstone activated machinery without the aid of another means of signal transmission. In Creative mode, use them in conjunction with a Redstone Repeater, Redstone Torch, Buttons, or a Lever.

How to Get a Command Block in Minecraft?

Based on the info from the official Minecraft help, command blocks are obtained by opening the in-game chat interface plus `/`. This will give you a command-line prompt where you type the command to give yourself the block. The official way to obtain a Command Block in Minecraft is not easy to earn. The commands are only available in Creative or Unrestricted (Cheats) modes or if the player has administrative access on a multiplayer server. If the game was started with cheats disabled, you cannot change to this Game Mode in settings or the Pause settings if the game was started with them enabled initially. To give yourself a command block or enable cheats by changing your setting on Quit your world, click Open to LAN.

Command blocks are used to execute code that you would not be able to run otherwise, so they are an object that must be given rather than easily obtained. This is a way to preserve the power of command blocks and prevent them from becoming overly used by players who have not earned them. This is an item not obtainable in survival game settings. To allow yourself access to them, give yourself permission by opening the command line with `tt` or by accessing cheat mode. You can enter the command `/give @p command_block` to get one immediately.

Obtaining a Command Block through Cheats

Command blocks have the most varied uses of any item in Minecraft, from mapmaking to server management. For modding or in a game with no cheats, commands blocks are crafted and used like almost any other item in Minecraft. In a standard single-player mode game, command blocks are obtained through in-game cheats. Cheats must be enabled in the world settings if they haven’t already been in order to get a command block item in survival mode. The command is then used as detailed above.

Finding a Command Block in Creative Mode

If cheats are allowed in the creative mode of Minecraft, typing /give @p command_block in the chat window will provide you with a Command Block. This assumes the player is in possession of op privileges or permissions. Once given, it will have want any players set this to the Inventory.isUnlimited/si tag to 1b. This means that an unlimited amount of these can be added in a player’s inventory without anything needing to be rebuilt. Anything set at 0b removed after multiple uses again.

There is a button in the creative inventory, accessed by typing in the letter E, to facilitate the finding of a command block in Minecraft Creative Mode. You can access it by typing Command Block into the search bar in the inventory when it is opened. Click at the bottom right on the icon of the command block, and this will insert the item in your hotbar for immediate use similar to the op privileges method slash give above.

If the smooth lighting feature is enabled in Minecraft, typing command block into the search bar will highlight the command block in the inventory menu, aiding the search.

Crafting a Command Block

The third way to get a command block in Minecraft is by making it. To create one you must first have 9 cement available. The command block blueprint will then appear in the 2×2 crafting grid. The command block looks like stone bricks but has a dark background making it the black version of stone bricks.

What Are the Uses of a Command Block in Minecraft?

The uses of a command block in Minecraft are for storing, executing, and transmitting console commands. These are internal cheat codes used for various gameplay experiences dependent on one’s personal preference and technical expertise. The commands give, stop, and /fill are the three most basic Minecraft console commands and show the potential of what can be accomplished using a command block.

Command blocks can be chained together to execute multiple commands simultaneously or in sequence. Cheats will need to be turned ON in the Options menu to use command blocks, but you can use them in a survival game once they are activated. They are entered in the Slash Commands box, which helps avoid cheats missteps if not typed in properly. However, command blocks are easier, especially when you are dealing with a complex chain of cheats, because you can copy them from a list and paste them into the GUI rather than trying to manually input them into the Play field.

Creating Custom Commands

In Minecraft Java edition 1.8 and above, you can enable the option for custom commands to run with the following steps:

  1. Load your game with cheats enabled
  2. Type in the command /gamerule commandBlockOutput true into the chat bar and press Enter.
  3. You should then have the ability to use commands in chat via T.

If you want to disable the option for custom commands again, you can type into chat.

Automating Tasks

Command blocks automate a number of tasks in Minecraft that would otherwise need to be done manually. An exemplary case of this would be user input. Ordinarily, in-game activities require manual user input, such as plant growth stages, placing blocks, transporting items, etc. By creating Command Block Command Block Chains, in which the user input from one command block is used to input a value for another command block to store and call later, you can have activities occur within the game without manually requiring user input. While this is an advanced concept, understanding the terminology and the linked technical definitions will give you this ability.

The YouTube channel GameFAQ has an easy-to-follow example of a command block that plants seeds and grows them automatically. This is done by utilizing the ability of a command block to check block states and automatically update them as time progresses. This was made in an older version where command blocks simply read the snow and grass layers at the time and then simply updated them. Modern command blocks will require the use of changing block entity data to track snowball layer count at the exact moment the snowball is thrown and only update the grass layer when the real world time data matches what the command block has stored.

Automating tasks helps cut down on mundane or difficult-to-implement activities that a player fleetingly benefits from by managing only once. The below header, programming things you want to do easily, further explains a more advanced technique to implement such actions in the game using Command Blocks.

Building Redstone Contraptions

  • 4. Items cannot be placed directly on a command block.
  • 10. Using commands does not require command blocks.

It is important to note that items cannot be directly placed directly on a command block to change the data value of the item. Data values can only be added to pre-existing items types such as diamond/sword/ etc. using the /give @p {CustomModelData:1} command in very recent versions of Minecraft.

To fine-tune your commands to get to that ideal command block end goal, it may be necessary to get started by using commands directly in chat or pre-written command blocks without a physical block present. In the long run, particularly in elevators and other complex redstone machines, some form of redstone contraption may be necessary to get a command block to do exactly what you want it to do. Automating the process with other command blocks is an advanced step that is essential in very large redstone and command block machines, but can also be very useful for adding automaticity to smaller and single block projects. Command blocks in large creations enable a single redstone input to output hundreds of different commands.

How to Use a Command Block in Minecraft?

You can use a command block in Minecraft by pasting a command in the command block’s command interface in order to execute unique and complex commands. After using the command block, it will look for proximity, then ‘activate’ to run the command. When it receives false signals (like inactivity or no commands given for a while), it will deactivate. To use a command block in Minecraft versions 1.8 and above, type /give @p minecraft:command_block in the chat to give a player a command block. Place the command block anywhere in the game (it doesn’t have to be placed in creative mode) and right-click on the command block to enter a command in the command graph. The player can use Ctrl + V to pass a command. Next, click on the ‘Done’ button and enter the command block again. To use a command block, use one of the Minecraft command generator websites or create the command yourself. Below is an example of a command that mines a specific area: /fill air 0 replace stone, or /fill -128 0 -128 128 128 128 minecraft:lava 0 replace minecraft:air

Under the heading Using a Command Block in Minecraft in technology and gaming magazines including PCGamer and ExplorationUpdate, information is provided on the potential and impact of the command block in Minecraft to the gameplay and architecture of Minecraft worlds.

Placing the Command Block in the World

On Minecraft, Command Blocks can only be obtained by using the /give command. Using the /give command, one can put a Command Block on their HotBar and place it in the world. If you are an admin on a single-player game, the following process will work for you.

If you are on a multi-player game which is hosted via a service provider, this process may or may not work. Here are brief instructions for putting up a Command Block in the world of Minecraft.

  1. Type /give [user] command_block into the console. For example, /give @p command_block.
  2. Select Command Block from your hotbar.
  3. Click to place your Command Block wherever you want it.

Entering Commands into the Command Block

When the creation is placed in the world, users must walk up to the command block and right-click. They will see their command block window. This can also be accessed by typing /command block in the normal chat window. To input a command to run, users must paste this into the space provided.

When they hit done, the block should be ready to function. Once the command block gives the proper message, users can walk away from the creation for it to function at whatever time interval the command was set.

Activating the Command Block

To activate a command block in Minecraft, open the placed command block by clicking on or walking into it. Separate the auto and conditional dropdown options for power and then choose one. The settings must equal the rest of the power options selected in the chain. Select the always active button first to check everything is set up correctly, and if it is, select the needs redstone option. Add redstone dust and wire as outlined above to power it up.

What Are Some Important Commands to Know for Command Blocks?

Command Blocks allow you to run several powerful Minecraft commands simultaneously thanks to their ability to execute any regular chat command. This means one command block can run an entire program of special commands with unique effects, like changing mob attributes or weather. A Command Block can also send a Redstone signal after the next chat command prompt (true), a given number of Redstone ticks afterwards, or only by an in-game Redstone current. So effective use of them in game often involves at least a few unique commands particular to them.

Some important functional commands to know for command blocks include /help [CommandName] which pulls up other commands and syntax for a certain command name. The /list command will provide the player with a full list of players currently connected to the server. The /time rule is a useful command for creating various command block adventures that play with the time of day in-game and ambiance, while adding natural challenges to the game. The /time set 0 command allows you to set the time to day, solving the challenge, while the /time set 14000 command allows you to set the game to midnight making the game much harder.

/give Command

In Minecraft, you can give yourself a command block as an in-game item to manipulate the game world via chat or administrative scripts using the /give command. This requires operator privileges like being a server owner or having started a survival world in creative mode. Once you have operator status, you can get the command block item with the command /give YourPlayerName command_block where YourPlayerName is your in-game name.

The /give command is applicable across all Minecraft editions – Java, Bedrock, Education, and others. It has the following nomenclature /give player item amount. So in this case, /give YourPlayerName command_block 1. This command gives a single command block to the player specified with YourPlayerName. The amount code is totally optional, so to keep the code even simpler you can say /give YourPlayerName command_block to do the same thing.

/setblock Command

You can give yourself a command block in Minecraft using the /setblock command. A command block is a special metal cube that executes command line controls when activated by redstone. You add a command block in Minecraft so you can control structures, teleport between dimensions, alter weather, or even change personal conditions like health and game mode.

The block where you want to summon your command block must be empty for it to work. Write the following code in your chat window and substitute x, y, z with the coordinates where you want the command block to sit.

/setblock x y z minecraft:command_block

For example, if your desired coordinates for the command block are 10 70 -50, the command would look like this:

/setblock 10 70 -50 minecraft:command_block

Upon pressing the Enter key, your command block will appear right on top of the coordinates you set. This method does not create a clickable command block but puts an invisible one. The command block can be walked through and interacted with using magnets but will not be visible.

/tp Command

The /tp (teleport) is a Java Edition-only command in Minecraft that is used to teleport a player to another player, coordinates, or a point on the map. To use an admin command block with the /tp command, right click it to open the matter and then type /tp followed by either the player’s name or screen name to teleport the player to them, x, y, z coordinates to teleport to, or a single name to teleport one player to another. When ready click the Done button in the lower right corner of the command block. If working correctly, the mantra message Successfully teleported [player] should be shown. Only those with operator status or are able to use cheats may use command blocks, which are found only in Creative mode and not obtainable in survival mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get a command block in Minecraft?

In order to obtain a command block in Minecraft, you need to use the command “/give @p command_block”. This will give you one command block in your inventory.

2. Can I get a command block without cheats?

Yes, you can still obtain a command block without using cheats. You can find command blocks in naturally generated structures such as igloos, woodland mansions, and underwater ruins.

3. What can I use a command block for in Minecraft?

Command blocks can be used to automate tasks and commands in Minecraft. This can include creating custom maps, controlling redstone circuits, and even creating mini-games within the game.

4. How do I use a command block?

To use a command block, place it down in the game world and then right-click on it to open the command block interface. From there, you can input commands and activate the block to execute them.

5. Are there any limitations to using command blocks?

While command blocks can be very powerful, there are some limitations to keep in mind. For example, they are only available in Creative mode or with cheats enabled, and they can only be activated by players with operator permissions.

6. Can I customize the appearance of a command block?

Yes, you can change the appearance of a command block by right-clicking on it and selecting “Custom Name” or “Custom Name and Icon”. This will allow you to give the command block a unique name and choose from a selection of icons to represent it in the game world.

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