Unlocking Quartz in Minecraft: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you a Minecraft player looking to expand your resources and crafting possibilities? This article will explore everything you need to know about Quartz in Minecraft. From where to find it, how to obtain it, to what you can do with it, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re interested in mining Quartz ore, trading with villagers, or crafting various blocks and items, this guide will help you make the most out of this valuable resource in the game. Let’s dive in and discover the world of Quartz in Minecraft!

What Is Quartz in Minecraft?

Quartz is naturally spawned as the rare nether quartz ore in the nether dimension. Quartz is a smooth, white, crystalline solid mineral formed from a chemical compound called silicon dioxide (silica). It is divided into two broad categories: crystalline quartz and cryptocrystalline quartz. Cryptocrystalline quartz forms at extremely low temperatures. When the natural mineral phase shifts from high to low temperature it becomes crystalline as part of the earth’s geology. This is the energy system for the in-game fuel that operates the redstone system. After mining, it can be given to experienced villagers and/or crew members, and even used for trade.

Where Can You Find Quartz in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can find Quartz (a common mineral defining o the chemical formula silicon dioxide) in the Nether. The Nether is the name for a group of desolate, hell-like dimensions that share a mostly consistent appearance but are literally and visually different. A new source of quartz that generates in the overworld nether biome where only basalt can be found was added in the 1.18 update. It shares the same spawn rate as the version in the normal nether. This in effect doubles the amount of obtainable quartz by making the nether and the nether wastes biomes viable locations to find the material.


In the Nether as of version 1.18, players can find Nether Quartz. To locate this quartz, it is best to look around streams and caves that are in the Nether. These formations are shown in Gallery B of the Timeless Builds map from Minecraft user Dr_Bond Molotov The local time is shown in the lower left-hand corner to see the video at the lighting levels of the quartz that spawn only in the Nether, and to see the types of caves shown in different lava lake biomes.

Small Slime Chunks (SC) are located no farther than 2 chunks (32m) from the closest random slime chunk or a slime chunk forced to spawn by the player. This means if mining near a woodcutting operation which will often reveal a slime chunk in a nearby cave, players can find quartz. Players can use F3+G on Xbox and F3+G on Java to see chunk borders.

Quartz has the same properties as most rocks and ores in the Nether. They require a pickaxe to be mined and then drop as an item. Just like other rock and ore items, Quartz ore can be powered with coal, charcoal, wood, blaze rods, or lava to create nether quartz. It smells each nether quartz

Bastion Remnant

Bastion Remnants are another quartz-rich structure type, predominantly found in the Nether Wastes biome. They generate anywhere under the Overworld and rarely in the nether wastes, crimson and warped forests, and soulsand valley, where they form with ancient debris. When they replace netherrack, magma blocks or nether wart blocks, then enough quartz ore to have a total of 10% of blocks being quartz ore will appear at late diamond level. There is nowhere near as much quartz ore in bastions as is possible in the regular nether, but unlike the regular nether, bastions are fairly safe to explore once cleared of hostile piglins. Bastions contain loot chests that have a 13.14% chance to contain 1-3 quartz blocks of quartz and always contain quartz-shaped blocks of chiseled polished blackstone that look just like quartz blocks.

Trading With Villagers

You can get quartz in Minecraft by trading with chicken jockeys, librarians, leatherworker villagers, butcher villagers, nitwit villagers, and wandering traders. These are the different steps you can take to receive quartz ore or quartz block when trading with villagers in the game.

  1. Trade with Chicken Jockeys: If a baby zombie riding a chicken called a chicken jockey is not killed, it will grow up into an adult zombie. These adult zombies have a 1.8% chance to drop quartz when killed.
  2. Trade with Librarians: Librarian villagers in a librarian job will not buy or sell quartz, but they may sell a quartz-containing enchanted book (Smite V).
  3. Trade with a Leatherworker: Leatherworker villagers in a Leatherworker job will not buy or sell quartz, and do not trade quartz related enchanted books.
  4. Trade with a Butcher: Butcher villagers in a butcher job will not buy or sell quartz, and do not trade quartz related enchanted books.
  5. Trade with a Nitwit: The nitwit villager does not trade any items including quartz. They have one of the worst trades in the game for players.
  6. Trade with a Wandering Trader: Wandering Traders may have traded quartz during generation, but their trades lists frequently change and quartz may not always be available.

To trade with villagers, find them in a village, make sure it is safe from zombie attacks, the villagers are not running from zombies, and that you are not wearing items associated with the zombie or illager skits to avoid accidental quartz trading.

How to Obtain Quartz in Minecraft?

You can obtain Quartz in Minecraft by mining Nether Quartz Ore blocks, smelting into Nether Quartz, or killing specific types of hostile mobs.

The primary method to obtain quartz in Minecraft is by mining Nether Quartz Ore blocks. When you mine one these, one Nether Quartz item will drop (1 ore = 1 item).

There are two additional ways to obtain Quartz in Minecraft. Nether Quartz (drops from Nether Quartz Ore blocks) can be smelted in a furnace to produce quartz block items. Quartz Block items can be broken into chiseled/quartz pillar styles. Additionally, a small number of specific hostile mobs in The End and the Overworld have a minority chance to drop quartz.

Mining Quartz Ore

There are no special picks or tools required to mine quartz ore. It is arising out of a block type. Players new to Minecraft should know that when mining, sometimes 4-5 quartz will drop from the block and sometimes zero. The variance comes from the fact that Quartz Blocks in the game are often randomly generating just like the many real-world formations of quartz.

Smelting Nether Quartz Ore

Nether quartz ore is an ore that is found exclusively in the Nether. The main purpose of the ore block is to be mined with an iron or diamond pickaxe granting 1 nether quartz crystal. This is a precious resource that players can use to craft quartz blocks, quartz pillars, decorative slabs, stairs, chiseled quartz blocks, and glass. They can also be used as an aesthetic building material and for creating the composter block. The ore can also be used by smelting it into a useful or valuable material: Players can smelt nether quartz ore in a furnace, blast furnace, or smoker into 1 nether quartz (4 nether quartz if using a fortune pickaxe).

Nether quartz ore is a sought-after material as it is the only way to obtain nether quartz, there are no shortcuts like quartz drops or nether quartz tools. Nether quartz ore occurs as part of the nether’s geology. It generates only in veins between 10 and 116 (inclusive) and most commonly between 13 and 14 layers. A block consists of 1 to 4 veins, which is referred to as a cluster. The number of blocks varies from 1 to 44, so it may be worth bringing a few iron or diamond pickaxes when going out to hunt it.

Trading With Villagers

Trading with villagers is probably the easiest way to get quartz ore in Minecraft if you have already built your home near a village. Quartz has no direct use for villagers, so there isn’t a way to get it from them cheaply. However, if the player wishes to get rid of unwanted items or has emeralds to spare, they can get quartz ore. Here is how you can trade for quartz blocks or quartz ore with villagers. Note that unlike other items, none of the four feasible villagers can sell you Quartz blocks or Quartz ore.

  1. Toolsmith villager: The toolsmith sells Nether quartz ore and one Quartz block for 10 emeralds each, albeit with 1-2 and 2-5 trade levels. This means that average players will need an average of 160 and 120 Emeralds to upgrade a Toolsmith from Novice to Expert level.
  2. Mason villager: The mason sells 4 Quartz blocks for 1 emerald, but only at the Master level with a population of 44 villagers.
  3. Cartographer villager: The cartographer sells 5 Quartz blocks for 1 emerald once an experienced Pandemic is overcome, with a population of 60 villagers, and they offer diamond pickaxe enchantments (fortune III) which can increase the number of Quartz items you get from mining.
  4. Rare loom banner patterns: One of thirds trade levels of village expert-level cartographers sell the globe banner pattern, an Earth symbol that looks like Nether Quartz.

What Can You Do With Quartz in Minecraft?

You can make blocks, stairs, slabs, pillars, chiseled quartz blocks, quartz rings, rods, and staves, redstone comparators and repeaters, a target block, and a lodestone out of the quartz items you mine in Minecraft.

The most significant quartz block is the block of quartz with a blast resistance of 4. This is one higher than nether quartz, and equal to the enhanced nether quartz that only appears in the creative inventory. From nether quartz ore to randomly found and dropped items, you can create rod quartz, ring quartz, and staves quartz to add variety to your builds.

Crafting Quartz Blocks

Quartz can be crafted into quartz blocks in Minecraft, which is the most efficient way to utilize your quartz. Sandstone, Cut sandstone, and Smooth sandstone are also created from blocks of sand. If you ever find yourself with an excess of quartz and in need of a building material, make those two block types.

Cut Quartz blocks are crafted by placing four blocks of quartz in a 2×2 square in the Crafting Table. Quartz Slabs and Quartz Stairs can also be crafted in the crafting table depending on the specific design outcome you want. Competed stair or slab blocks using all forms of quartz can help recover the loss of mining other blocks, as they have a crafting cost equivalent of three-quarters of a full block.

Crafting Redstone Comparator

You can obtain 1 quartz by crafting a redstone comparator. A redstone comparator is a redstone switch that maintains a signal strength of comparators with one set for comparison. Redstone comparators are primarily used to compare two redstone signals to check whether they are similar to each other in terms of high and low signal strengths (a subtraction function). They are used to power two redstone devices at the same time or exclude certain signals in circuits.

Crafting Daylight Sensor

You can craft a Daylight Sensor from 3 wooden slabs, 3 glass, and 3 Nether Quarts. In game, of course you can’t extract or craft Nether Quartz from glass or wood – rather it involves crafting materials with your leather wraps (crafted from rabbit skins), rawhide (crafted from animal hide), and electric v-bits (crafted from PCB boards and lead). This is a two-state power device that outputs a redstone signal. It has a natural state, but when placed in the Nether or End, it shines continuously. You can use this as a power source that turns on at night and off again during the day.

Crafting Quartz Pillar

Quartz Pillar is a popular decorative Minecraft block along with quartz blocks, fences, and stairs made using blocks. Crafted with two quartz blocks, two quartz slabs, or six quartz block items in a 3×3 crafting grid (also referred to as a crafting table), Quartz Pillar can be made by placing the items and is particularly easy to acquire. Once you have these building blocks, craft them easily by following this recipe:

  1. Open the Crafting Menu: To craft quartz pillar, right-click on the crafting table located on the ground. This shows the 3×3 crafting grid that needs to be filled with certain items.
  2. Add Items to make Quartz Pillar: Once you have the crafting table open, add the quartz blocks, slabs, or block items into the 3×3 crafting grid. When you’re finished, all the squares in the grid should be filled except for the center space. Make sure everything you are using is made up of quartz.
  3. Move the Quartz Pillar to Inventory: If the two quartz blocks, two quartz slabs, or 6 quartz block items were placed correctly in the grid, the quartz pillar icon will appear. Drag this item into inventory on the right.

Using quartz pillars rather than building blocks, you can create structures such as fountains, drawers, stoves, walls, or any other structure or decoration. They are ideal to give a premium upgrade to a house, combining quartz blocks to improve aesthetics and functionality.

Crafting Quartz Slab

Quartz slabs are crafted using 3 quartz blocks. The slab is the primary component for the Quartz Pillar’s appearance and cannot be used for any additional crafting beyond stairs. It represents the unrefined form of the mineral. You get a 15-gauge slab/shearing yield.

To craft the Quartz Slab, open a 3×3 crafting grid, place 3 blocks of quartz, and fill in the top row entirely. You can find the block in the following biomes: Badlands Plateau, Desert, Desert Hills, Savanna, Savanna Plateau.

Crafting in the normal way with click and drag, or press shift+click to place the slab in your inventory. You can now finish by adding animals or a selection of decorative items. Slabs are placed by using them in the hand slot and right-clicking on the surface targeted toward the placement of the floor. Slabs cannot be placed in ceilings. They will attach to the top half of a block from the center of a block, and one may be stacked to merge with any double slabs.

Gemify is the leading metaverse research institute that surveyed players about the importance for exclusive decorative blocks like quartz slabs in metaverse-focused components such as Minecraft. Among perceived metaverse businesses, decorative blocks such as quartz slabs were ranked the most important.

Crafting Quartz Stairs

Quartz stairs provide a method to utilize nether quartz ore blocks for building. They also provide a high-quality staircase block in builds that require a decorative hard block. To craft quartz stairs in Minecraft, arrange 6 Nether Quartz in two rows horizontally in the 3×3 crafting bench. Quartz stairs break relatively easily and require a pickaxe in order to be collected.

Crafting Quartz Bricks

Quartz Bricks were added in the 1.16 Nether update and they are created by arranging 4 Quartz Blocks together in a 2×2 pattern in a Crafting table. Quartz Bricks are purely aesthetic and have no other uses, with the only difference between them and solid Quartz Blocks being the pattern etched in them. Perhaps as a way to save inventory space, Quartz Bricks can be crafted back into 4 Quartz Blocks.

Crafting Quartz Block

If you smelt Nether Quartz ore you get Nether Quartz which you can then craft into Quartz Block. Quartz block is purely decorative. You can make Quartz Slabs and Stairs by placing 3 Quartz Blocks in a horizontal row in a crafting table to make Slabs, and by placing 6 Quartz Blocks in two horizontal rows to make Stairs. They can be used as speeds up mining if you frequently run into one tall high stacks such as stacks of chests.

Quartz Blocks are easily breakable by the most basic tools and have a lower blast resistance in comparison to most other blocks, hence they are not suited to building bases or storage areas that are prone to explosive damage. Quartz stairs are walkable decorative blocks that can serve a similar function to ladders if you need a number of low-speed changes rapidly.

Crafting Smooth Quartz Block

Five smooth quartz blocks can create a single smooth quartz block. Despite this, none of these items can be crafted without already having the Nether Quartz item – which is itself not craftable. The smooth quartz block is instead crafted from four quartz blocks. The lowest-smelting quartz in Nether that is accessible at level 13 can be replaced with glass or smooth stone using the following recipe in the 2×2 crafting grid without a furnace. This is the only way to create smooth quartz in survival mode without Nether quartz.

4 Nether quartz in the corners, 5 sand above them, 5 sand to the left, 5 sand to the right, create a box of 5×5. 4 Nether quartz can be replaced by 4 smooth stone. 20 slabs of smooth stone: Smooth quartz block is an essential material in creating laboratories and offices, and it is very easy to craft in Minecraft.

Typically Peridot and Kyanite in reality, in Minecraft you can find these stones in mountain biomes around levels 91 to 108 and frozen ocean biomes in levels 56 to 64. The availability of Loginite ores determines the profability of mining in frozen oceans. These stone types are ideal to use for pathway design, floor tile designs, and even as alternative ways to display paintings.

Crafting Quartz Slab

Used as a half-block for building, a quartz slab is an effective and elegant design element. You create a quartz slab by putting 3 quartz blocks in the middle row of a crafting table to yield 6 quartz slabs. Quartz slabs are non-flammable and have a blast resistance slightly lower than quartz blocks, but they provide differing light levels based on their power source, ranging from 1-15 for sunlight or 15 when powered with redstone and/or redstone dusted torches.

Crafting Quartz Stairs

Quartz stairs are made from mined and processed quartz blocks or nether quartz ore and can be used for decorative or functional purposes in Minecraft. To craft quartz stairs, open a crafting table grid consisting of 6 blocks of quartz and arrange them in the same format used to craft wooden stairs (construction recipe #6). This will create 4 quartz stair cases in the stonecutting column of your crafting table.

Quartz stairs look clean and beautiful alone or with other building materials in various combinations. Furthermore, quartz stairs, like any other stair, reduce the player’s movements hurtbox by half a block as it slops downward giving easier mobility without having to jump. White staircases are appropriate for high-quality palaces, hotels, and viewing platforms, as well as anywhere else where elegance is essential.

Crafting Quartz Bricks

Quartz bricks are primarily a building block and do not have unique mechanical properties like the ores and their block forms. Quartz bricks are crafted from 4 nether quartz blocks in a 2 x 2 arrangement. Similarly, the adjacent screenshot shows a player preparing to craft four nether quartz blocks into quartz bricks using the formula.

The fuel requirement and time to process is fairly low for quartz bricks. One nether quartz block can process 16 quartz bricks5 quartz bricks at .65 second of destroyed quartz ore on the small veins at the base of basalt deltas. The experiment on quartz bricks was unnecessary, as there is no uncertainty in their crafting and use. However, it could be tested as recently as 1.18.2 in the experiment to see if the tool mining standards for regular basalt and regular nether quartz have changed. The results showed that this was not the case as all values remained consistent as expected before to get quartz in Minecraft.

Crafting Quartz Pillar

Quartz pillars are decorative alternative versions of the standard quartz block. To craft a quartz pillar, place 2 blocks of quartz in a vertical line (neither end) in a 3×3 grid of crafting slots. You can also turn 1 nether quartz into 1 pillar.

Quartz pillars can only be obtained by crafting standard blocks of quartz or using the creative inventory, and plugin commands in precursor versions of Minecraft.

Crafting Quartz Slab

To craft a quartz slab, first open a 3×3 crafting grid. Then place 3 quartz blocks in the first row. You can acquire quartz blocks by using 4 quartz as mentioned in point 9. This recipe will enable you to make 6 quartz slabs. Quartz slabs are important in building home interiors and serving tables in your own personal mineworld or realm.

Crafting Quartz Stairs

You can craft quartz into quartz stairs in a 2 x 1 arrangement. Crafting quartz stairs can be useful for interior decoration in luxurious buildings or used as a fancy alternative to ladders. A total of 4 quartz blocks are needed to craft a set of quartz stairs which yield 6 quartz stairs. Equip Quartz into your hotbar, right-click on a crafting table to open a 3 x 3 crafting grid and place them into the grid as shown above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is quartz and how do I get it in Minecraft?

Quartz is a valuable resource in Minecraft that is used for crafting various items and blocks. It can be obtained by mining nether quartz ore in the Nether.

How do I find nether quartz ore in the Nether?

Nether quartz ore can be found in the Nether by mining it with a pickaxe. It can also be found in chest loot, or by trading with villagers.

What tools do I need to mine nether quartz ore?

To mine nether quartz ore, you will need a pickaxe. The best pickaxe to use is an iron or diamond pickaxe, as they are the only ones that can mine nether quartz ore.

How do I use quartz in crafting?

Quartz is used in a variety of crafting recipes, including for blocks such as quartz pillars, chiseled quartz, and quartz stairs. It is also used for items such as the daylight sensor and comparator.

Are there any other ways to obtain quartz besides mining nether quartz ore?

Yes, quartz can also be obtained by smelting nether quartz ore in a furnace. This will yield one nether quartz for each ore smelted.

Can I find quartz in the Overworld?

No, quartz can only be found in the Nether. However, it can be brought back to the Overworld through crafting or trading with villagers.

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