Unlock the Magic: Learn How to Enchant in Minecraft with Books

Are you curious about the mysterious world of enchantments in Minecraft? Wondering how to obtain and use enchanted books to enhance your gameplay experience? Look no further!

In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of enchantments in Minecraft, including how they work, how to obtain enchanted books, and the best enchantments to look out for.

Get ready to level up your enchanting skills and become a master in the art of enchanting in Minecraft!

What are Enchantments?

Enchantments in Minecraft are bonus attributes applied to items in the game to give them various special abilities. There are 138 unique enchantments in Minecraft, with each impairing and enchantable tool and piece of armor having various randomly assigned enchantments attached to them.

These enchantments are assessed after crafting the item at an enchanting table or anvil with an enchantment book to decide upon which enchantment will be applied to the item. Enchantment books are essential for adding and repairing enchantments on items, as well as combining and upgrading enchantments on items. Enchanting tables are used to enchant items at lower levels, while anvil and enchantment books are needed for high-end enchanting purposes with the book dropped about 2-4 enchantments at random.

How Do Enchantments Work?

In Minecraft, an enchantment is the appearance of a magical effect when applied to an item using experience points to augment the item’s normal qualities. This changes the effective stats of the item, such as how much damage a sword does, or how much durability an arm piece has. These special properties can be enhanced or degraded when multiple enchantments are applied to the same at the same time.

When enchanting in the game, a spell is selected containing the enchant to be added, the player’s experience level is checked to ensure they have enough material with which to add an enchantment, and then the games’ random number generator algorithm rolls to see if the enchantment is added and in what quantity. Additionally, the game applies a `lure cap of 6` to the enchantability of an item. The desired enchant level is given a max cap for that item, and then returns the enchant level to the highest multiple of 6 when selected. Multiple books can be enchanted and combined to create more powerful or unique items.

The enchantment system in Minecraft is designed to allow players to have a one-of-a-kind experience where no two items are the same. The appealing magic-like effect on weapons and armor has made the enchantment system one of the most popular among players who love the randomness and traditional slot machine feel it bestows when seeking their ideal weapon or tool.

How to Obtain Enchanted Books?

There are two main ways to obtain enchanted books in Minecraft. The most common way is looting either an end fortress, shipwreck, nether fortress, dungeon, underwater ruin, village, mineshaft, stronghold, or desert temple as they are common hidden loot. The second way is by trading with villagers who are librarians, cartographers, fletchers, leatherworkers, butchers, fishermen, or shepherds as they sell enchanted books. Villagers who are librarians sell successfully enchanting, and have an inventory level of only enchanted books. Villagers who have careers in any other trade sell enchanted books from time to time, but those never have the best levels of enchantments, so having a librarian near a trading hall is advantageous.

Trading with Villagers

Tenacity, Loyalty, and Channeling are only Enchantments that cannot be created as custom Enchantments. This means to acquire items with these Enchantments, the best course of action is to trade with Villagers and see their goods stock. When trading with Villagers who are not librarians, most trades must be topped up to reach the necessary minimum number to unlock a new trade. Different Villager types will have different unlock conditions. Once Channeling, Tenacity, or Loyalty have been unlocked they can be traded as regular items.


Fishing is a method for enchanting in Minecraft, where with a fishing rod, players can fish up items as listed in the game’s code. One of items that can be fished up is the Book of Enchanting. The enchantment you receive on the book is random and guaranteed but may not be a high level value. The standard fishing percentage is a 2% chance of getting a Book of Enchantment and a 85% chance that the book is enchanted. If you get an unenchanted Book of Enchanting from fishing, it is awarded with 0 levels of experience, but zero levels of achievement.

Loot Chests

Loot chests in Minecraft – including various wooden, Bastion Remnant, End city, Jungle temple, Nether fortress, Ocean ruins, Stronghold library, and Woodland mansion chests – are hidden around the generated world. They require items to be opened and the player is then rewarded with chot. When found in the wild, they can be broken and picked up and placed somewhere else.

Because books cannot be enchanted from the get-go, loot chests are the most common place to find books that already have enchantments. This includes using the looting and treasure enchantments on non-enchanted books. Here are the books enchantments players may find on looted or traded books:

  • Channeling (not found before 1.17)
  • Curse of Building
  • Curse of Vanishing
  • Flame
  • Infinity
  • Loyalty
  • Multi-Shot
  • Piercing
  • Power
  • Punch
  • Quick Charge
  • Respiration
  • Riptide
  • Silk Touch
  • Smite
  • Thorns

Thorns (not found before 1.17)
Aspect of the end enchantments: Shattering, Exhalation, Disaster, Range, Despair, Vital Siphon, Homing.


You can effectively use books in Minecraft to craft bookshelves to enchant items. Crafting is organized in three-by-three grids in the player’s inventory accessed by pressing the E key.

The first step in crafting a bookshelf which can store books used for enchanting is to acquire the required materials. To craft a bookshelf, you will need three books and six wood planks. These wood planks can be any wood as well as a mishmash of different types of woods (oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark oak, crimson stem, and warped stem) so long as you have enough blocks of each type in your inventory. Crafting a few trap doors, fences, fence gates, stairs, beds, hatches, boats, bowls, chests, buttons, pressure plates, and activated rails (as well as doors if you’re ready to upgrade to the Nether) are possible uses for any leftover wooden planks. Once you have collected the required material, open your crafting screen and place three planks in the bottom area of the three-by-three crafting grid and two more in the top row. Position three books straight across the middle row of the grid. If you selected the correct materials, a bookshelf will appear on the right side of the screen. Obtain the bookshelf by dragging it into your inventory.

How to Use Enchanted Books?

Enchanted books can be used directly on equipment in an anvil to apply the enchantment on the book to the equipment. They are used if you want to keep a high enchantment stored but want to apply it later to new equipment. Because of the cost of enchanted books and an anvil, you may wish to save enchanted books for some of the high enchantments such as Mending, Unbreaking, or Silk Touch. Enchanted books can be combined in an anvil to produce stronger enchantments. But whilst this is fun, it is expensive in terms of experience so be sure to save your merging for tools which are more likely to last such as diamond items. Once applied to equipment, an enchanted book is not created or destroyed in the process, so conserve what you can to save resources.

Applying Enchantments to Items

Enchantments can be used to add properties to items that add or alter their behavior in Minecraft. This includes making them stronger, more efficient, or adding unique abilities. To apply enchantments to items, the player must complete three steps that include constructing an enchanting table, obtaining experience (XP) points, and selecting the desired item and effect. These steps make Minecraft’s enchantment mechanics more engaging.

Combining Enchanted Books

In Minecraft enchantment mechanics, there is only one way to combine enchanted books with an Anvil, which is the most flexible and ensures that the result of combination results in the maximum number of conflicting enchants that the target item’s limit allows.

Steps for combining Enchanted Books with an Anvil, and any item that can receive enchantments include:

3 Leather, Rabbit Hide, Iron Ingots, or Gold Ingots are required to make a book or signed book. The item(s) you want to apply a new enchantment to. At least one Enchanted Book that you want to combine with another book or equipment to pass along the enchantment.

Play at least a little of Minecraft to gather the requisite items and start experimentation with the enchantment mechanics.

Repairing Items with Enchanted Books

In Minecraft, players cannot repair items with enchanted books. They can only repair items using the method of the combining two enchanted items in either an anvil or on a crafting grid. The only way to remove an enchantment from a book is to place it on an item using an anvil without renaming it. As the procedure for transferring an enchantment and getting a repaired item are the same, it is not possible to repair an item directly with an enchanted book or vice versa.

What are the Best Enchantments in Minecraft?

The best enchantments in Minecraft are Unbreaking III, Mending, Sharpness V, Fortune III, Efficiency V, Protection IV, and Power V. Unbreaking III is the most valuable survival tool enchantment. Mending is the most valuable because it prevents gear from ever breaking. Sharpness V is the most valuable weapon enchantment, Fortune III is the most valuable for pickaxes to increase ore drops, and Efficiency V is the best for pickaxes and axes to boost collection time.

Protection IV is the best armor enchantment to help reduce damage from all attack types. Power V is the best enchantment for the bow since it maximizes its energy and increases the amount of damage. Silk Touch is also very valuable if you need to collect otherwise non-craftable resources. Always use these enchantments at maximum levels for greater effects.


Protection enchantment grants armor and projectile damage reduction and is guaranteed to appear on normal armor enchanting rolls or when cast with 2 Nuggets of Gold at an anvil. It has a max of IV and higher levels are more likely to drop armor and projectile damage to 1.

Enchant it on any kind of equipment that goes on your body but prioritize harder to create enchanted items such as Enchanted Diamond Leggings. An enchantment requiring expensive materials guarantees they will not lose durability fast.

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Sharpness is an enchantment open for use on axes, swords, and tridents within the game of Minecraft. It raises the total damage given by half a heart per level. The maximum attainable level per item is 5. It is available to all enchantment levels at an equivalent rate of 2.2.


Efficiency is an enchantment in Minecraft that allows tools to mine faster. When added to a hoe, the efficiency makes planting and removing the plants faster. It is one of the common enchantments and is randomly found with a level of 1 to 5. Efficiency can only be put on tools and they tend to mine progressively faster according to their level. Efficiency can be added to pickaxes, axe, shovel, and hoes with anvil or enchanted book.


The unbreaking enchantment helps your items to take less damage. Applied to weapon durability will help it to stay longer and have more uses before it gets destroyed and removed outright from your inventory. This enchantment is used in a similar manner as all weapons and tools in Minecraft except hoes.

For boots, applied at level I (you have a 50% reduction in taken durability when running), level II (a 67% reduction in taken durability when running), and level III (at level 75% reduction in taken durability when running). These levels can be increased in a similar manner as Sharpness to level V by using a grindstone on the Unbreaking and new book combination and re-enchanting it.


Mending in Minecraft is an enchantment that can be found but is only available as a treasure enchantment, meaning it cannot be crafted. It is the most sought after and useful enchantment in the books category. A mending enchanted item will gain experience from the player whenever that item is used, hence restoring a fraction of the item’s durability.

Mending on a piece of gear has to be targeted to keep it from being underpowered. There will be sufficiency, protection, fire property, channeling, frost walker, binding, and care. If an item with mending faces the enchantment table, there is a small chance an item will receive an extra enchantment. This is often helpful, although less so with mending than with many other enchantments.

The mechanics of Minecraft, in addition to an enchanting table itself, do the reading out in full. The other books to compare will be displayed on another rack, track, cartographer, cleric, mending, and timer.

Tips and Tricks for Enchanting in Minecraft

Minecraft enchanting to read Minecraft books is a difficult and exact science. Here are some helpful books that may help you better understand the Minecraft enchanting system. There is MOJANG’S OFFICIAL BOOK ON ENCHANTMENTS (2017). Additionally, the Minecraft wiki has numerous references on enchanting, such as this primary piece that discusses . While you aren’t able to actually eat this book (as it is only an in-game item), there are three physical books about Minecraft enchanting written by Joshua Abbott, Daniel Dave Haskin, and Jerry Hargrove who offer various useful advice.

Use Lapis Lazuli for Better Enchantments

Lapis lazuli is used to assist you in getting superior enchantments in Minecraft. Every material you enchant spends up to 3 lapis lazuli per item in addition to experience points. When you have enough levels of experience to enchant and at least 1 piece of lapis lazuli in your hotkey, you can start. Any mid-range material can be upgraded using just 1 piece of lapis lazuli. You will go up to 3 lapis lazuli for greater quality things such as diamonds, and receive more reliable enchantments as a result.

Build an Enchantment Table near a Bookshelf

A bookshelf in Minecraft is selected from a player’s inventory that accepts a bookshelf. Any bookshelf may be obtained. Enchanted bookshelves near enchantment tables are used in the enchantment process. According to the Minecraft wiki, an enchanting table takes 15 bookshelves to provide access to the maximum enchantment level of 30. A bookshelf surrounded by 6 enchanting tables has a transformation level of 8. After that, the size of the bookshelf doesn’t matter.

Use an Anvil to Combine Enchantments

Crafting, as of Minecraft Java Edition, 1.18, allows you to take an already enchanted item and combine it with another item to transfer a pre-existing enchantment from the former to the latter. This is useful to combine several lower enchantments into the same item.

Minecraft’s Java Edition (1.12 and later) and Bedrock (1.11 and later) also allow you to use an Anvil to apply a book enchantment to an item. Place the item in the left slot and the enchanted book in the right slot, then place the resulting item with additional enchantments in the inventory bar.

Conclusion: Mastering the Art of Enchanting in Minecraft

Mastering the art of enchanting in Minecraft comes down to practice, collecting the right materials to obtain experience points, balance, and a bit of good luck. Always make sure to increase experience by smelting, harvesting, or breeding animals, mining, or getting some experience points for killing mobs, and save the experience for enchanting. A good place to start enchanting is with a book in the enchanting table as it is the most efficient way to get your desired enchantments.

Take advantage of the grindstone as a way to salvage enchants you don’t want. Find and/or build an enchantment table and take advantage of stations like the anvil, grindstone, armor stand, and the bookshelf. Make sure to activate all the bookshelf slots for your enchanting table, brew potions, and get lucky with the AFK fishing farm for enchanted books or actual items.

Remember that some items have an enchantability factor that can increase chances of getting a better enchant when using experience points and lapis to enchant a tool, armor, or book in the enchantment table.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of enchanting in Minecraft with books?

Enchanting with books allows players to add specific enchantments to their items, granting them unique abilities and making them more powerful.

How can I obtain enchanted books in Minecraft?

Enchanted books can be found in loot chests, traded with villagers, or obtained by fishing.

What materials are needed to enchant with books?

To enchant with books, you will need an enchanting table, lapis lazuli, and the book of your choice.

How can I tell what enchantment a book has in Minecraft?

Hovering over the book in your inventory will display the enchantment and its level. You can also see the enchantment by placing the book in an enchanting table.

Is there a limit to how many enchantments can be added to an item using books?

Yes, items can only have a maximum of six enchantments. However, some enchantments may conflict with each other and cannot be combined.

Can enchanted books be combined to create stronger enchantments?

Yes, by placing two or more enchanted books with the same enchantment on an anvil, you can create a higher level of that enchantment.

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