Mastering the Art of Chat in Valorant: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you new to Valorant and wondering how to effectively communicate with your teammates?

We explore the different chat options available in Valorant, including Team Chat, Party Chat, Match Chat, and All Chat.

We also discuss how to access and use the chat feature, as well as the etiquette rules for chatting in the game.

Learn how to mute or block players in chat and the benefits of using chat for better teamwork and community building.

Dive in and level up your communication skills in Valorant!

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a first-person tactical shooter multi-player game developed and published by the video gaming company Riot Games. Valorant’s focus is on making chat a minimal feature so the players can concentrate on in-game communication and tactics to increase their chances of winning. Players can team up in groups of 2 to 5 people to improve their ranking. At release, the only available game mode was for two teams of five players to compete against each other with an attacking and a defending team.

What are the Different Chat Options in Valorant?

The different chat options in Valorant include the Open Whispers (team only), Team chat (only active team chat), Party chat (active party chat), Match text (all users in the match can see), and All chat (for speaking to friend and foe).

According to the Valorant website, you may want to use different chats for different purposes such as to communicate with your team exclusively. You need to remember that while open whispers allow for fast and private conversation, all active players can hear your vital callouts. If you think there is a chance speaking to one other person will benefit your team, open whispers are most efficient.

Team Chat

Valorant team chat is an interface feature on both the PC and the mobile version of the game that allows all players on a team to chat with up to eight other members of their own team during a match, using text, voice, or both at the same time. The chat panel for team chat displays at the bottom of a player’s screen and provides text that each player can communicate with each other in real time.

It is displayed similarly to an overlaid notification pop-up. By default, all Valorant players on your team are muted until they bind PTT keys. The H button, by default, is used to switch to the emojis menu in the text chat. To use this text use the H button shortcut or bring up the emojis window from the social panel to access the emojis. As you can see in the image on the right, players can send lines of text to friends who are in a Valorant party with them by typing in the relevant chat box.

Party Chat

Party chat is used for larger groups. Keep in mind that party chat can allow enemy teams to know your voice comms. Do not give away your team’s strategy or any other sensitive information if you suspect the other team is listening. Normal voice chat volume for Valorant is 50% by default. Riot states this dB level is harmful, so you may want to lower this and raise the volume on your computer’s headset if team members ask you to.

In Party Voice, an infinite series is used to determine volume. Party chat options – Using ` to talk in both party and voice chat in Valorant takes a bit of getting used to, as it is not used by most games. On average, Razer and HyperX headsets are best for Valorant as they are most commonly used by Jet-Setters. Jet-Setter weapons are a collection of the best weapons, and these headsets can be associated with similar desirable effects in the Valorant community.

The image below demonstrates typical Razer comms settings. Riot plans to eventually provide a way to adjust the team and party chat from within the game. Advocates of party chat contend that it is better for larger groups. You can try party chat to see if you like it, but team captain is the recommended primary comms. Encourage others on the team to use team chat so that no one is caught out because they could not hear. Party voice chat provides a usability improvement because the players who are part of the same party can communicate more easily. The ways to switch to party chat from team chat or party chat in Valorant are discussed by external sources. This needs more clarification about what `JET-SETTER` weapons are. Are they something from in-game collections? Additionally, what features considered `best for Jet-Setters` related to Razer and HyperX headsets mean is not clear. Riot has never announced a plan to adjust team and party chat from within the game to my knowledge as of 12-13-2021. Where this information comes from should be sourced (Dean Hari) as readers may know based on the source if this is correct or not. I have yet to find such information. The mention of best Valorant secret settings is highly irrelevant and distracting here. Thus it should be cut. Clarifying on what JET-SETTER weapons are to make this paragraph more informative. Trailing off that players may like party chat because it seems better for larger groups is not clear and should be either explained better or further details added. The image is relevant to the text discussing Razer and HyperX headsets and uses for Razer comms settings, so it should stay.

Match Chat

The Match Chat section is mostly used to joke or complain about bugs. You can use the chat with your own teammates or to talk to the entire match, but expect opponents to argue against your charges more than to verify that your team’s charges are correct.

There are nine frequently-used default bind to match chat phrases in Valorant, as well as dozens of potential responses available. The nine default match chat phrases are ordered in terms of opening in-game menu as follows according to Riot:

  • ‘Say Something’ which pulls up the chat bar
  • ‘Nice shot’ – n is the default shortcut
  • ‘Sad Jets’ – j is the default shortcut
  • ‘Sad Vipers’ – v is the default shortcut
  • ‘Sad Breach’ – b is the default shortcut
  • ‘Sad Killjoy’ – k is the default shortcut
  • ‘End’ – e is the default shortcut

Here are the most-used Phrases in Match Chat according to Riot’s data on the most-used phrases in Match Chat:

  • ‘Sad Killjoy’ – 15.8%
  • ‘Trash match’ – 6.4%
  • ‘Nice shot’ – 3.9%

All Chat

All chat in Valorant refers to the ability to view or type messages to the enemy team. According to the Vaorant Reddit page, all chat can be enabled on PC by pressing the Y key. The default chat mode in Valorant is supposed to be All chat but players need to press the Enter key to bring this up and type a message to players. To chat to just hisher team, the player can press Shift+Enter. During the match, users can tap Enter throughout the match to bring up the chat box and type – however, the command to switch chat to all or team chat may be required again if the mode between all and team chat needs to change.

How to Access the Chat Options in Valorant?

The chat options in Valorant can be accessed by going to the Options menu and selecting Settings. From the settings menu, you will see a keyboard and a mouse tab. Under the Keyboard tab, click on the Chat text in the BINDS column to see the default hotkeys to access the various chat options. To remap the keys, click on the Settings (General) line. Under the Advanced Communication section, you can adjust the visibility of various types of chat.

How to Use the Chat in Valorant?

You use the chat in Valorant by opening it with Shift + Enter where you can send messages to everyone on your team. To send a message to everyone in the game, open the chat arena, and hold Tab, type your message and hit Enter. Chat history can be reviewed by pressing the ` symbol (next to the ‘1’ on the keyboard). There are more useful features available when chatting on Valorant.

  • Enable and disable team and all chat using the global chat feature
  • Mute and report abusive or toxic players
  • Communicate regularly with helpful communication binds
  • Learn the most interesting things written about your favorite agent

Communication is key for successful team play in Valorant, so it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with these key chat features.

Typing in the Chat Box

You can chat within Valorant via text typing. Press Enter on your keyboard to open the text chat, and type your message. Click Enter to broadcast the message. Text chatting is useful for sharing information as chat can be paused and revisited at any time. While unnecessary use of the text chat can distract players and create a hostile environment, most experts recommend typing important instructions for players with voice disabled to share. Text chat is also good for giving calls which need to be referred back to in future rounds as chat can be scrolled and revisited.

Using Quick Chat Commands

Quick chat commands are Cross-Protocol Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extension (COMMUNICATION) techniques that allow players to communicate with each other quickly during a dynamic environment. Players can use quick chat commands during these seasons and locations in Valorant: agents, agent selection, buy phase, round beginning, round ongoing, after planting spike, after defusing spike, spike pick up, and after spike explosion.

Press the / key to see the Quick Chat Wheel. The wheel is divided into eight sections that allow you to select phrases by direction or segment key, including but not limited to greetings, directions, enemy spotted calls, affirmative and negative, personal status, and game info. Add or remove any quick chat command from the quick chat wheel by typing / and using the scroll bar to access specific prefabricated chat options or your edited collection that can be custom-made.

Using Voice Chat

Voice chat is the most popular way for players to communicate, allowing them to offer and receive real-time information. In Valorant, you can join voice chat by clicking on the microphone icon on the top right of the team chat input box. There are both team voice and party voice options. You may find you need to adjust your voice chat settings to have them properly connected to an input-output device which can be done through the voice and video settings in the AGENT and GENERAL options.

What are the Etiquette Rules for Chatting in Valorant?

The etiquette rules for chatting in Valorant are the following:

  1. Mic Spamming
  2. Assuming the worst of team members
  3. Talking down to lower ranked users
  4. Talking over squad leaders
  5. Related to the above, backseat gaming
  6. Tilting other team members
  7. Leaving game chat turned off
  8. Excessive chatting or being loud in chat
  9. Expecting a response immediately in text chat
  10. Not giving a quick heads-up through ping or voice chat
  11. High-intensity chat/trolling non-competitively in Competitive mode games
  12. Weighing down high-pressure situations with unnecessary dialogue (for example, a joking attitude during an end-of-game, last-round clutch round)
  13. Disparaging a team member in VCs, pings, or text chat—especially under the illusion of not having your own mic data transmitting
  14. Failure to give advise or quick coaching subconsciously in voice chat
  15. Insulting or chastising a teammate in voice or text chat
  16. Blame gameplay mistakes on another player in voice chat or text chat
  17. Exacerbating a loss of game by discussing poor decisions by game players in chat
  18. Neglecting to turn off Valorant chat (voice or text) in order to prevent users from mingling in the player’s game
  19. Text chat to insult a player (face of judgement, demotes or punishes out of matches”
  20. Using text chat to discuss unfavorable behavior among opponents—such as hacking
  21. distractions on a team’s gameplay from vibrant voice chat
  22. Text chat diplomacy: extended or prolonged non-competitive dicussion during Competitive mode games
  23. Text chat to raise the hack question rather than simply reporting complaints against offenders of team play

Be Respectful

Being respectful is the most basic rule of thumb to talking in Valorant. It is not uncommon for players to assume that others are unaccustomed to being addressed with basic decency, but don’t be part of the problem. Always greet your teammates with either a hi or hello, communicate a quick overview of your play style or their role, and thank others for assists or good callouts. This simple standard fosters a more communicative and strategical gaming environment.

Avoid Spamming

A non-spamming chat policy at Vanorant appears to be an TOS requirement, as evidenced by the fact that messages may display errors when emanating too quickly. It also seems to be a fair play rule which many players agree with. Concerns over spamming have brought complaints and hidden friend/chat features in various online games. Chat spamming means that a player sends the same message repeatedly in Valorant. Chat spamming fills the chat with unnecessary messages and is disruptive to the flow of the team’s communication in chat, as it is at ease to talk when necessary without having to look for and filter out the important messages. This behavior is penalized by Valorant, intentionally or not, when spamming by individual players is noted by the `repeating messages too quickly` error. When a message is sent too quickly after another one, this error appears.

This image demonstrates the error message being triggered by a single word written to a channel more than once. Patara Nopers had never killed anyone like this before. The Poundland branch of the economy expressed their approval at this success, as the match page showed. Expressed approval accompanies spamming messages and clogs up team chat pepperoni Roni’s heart, expressed in the form of love. Spam has no room in the world of competitive communications because chatting in text or voice chat is beneficial for displaying progress updates, strategizing quickly and with clarity, and helping new players. It is thus in the best interests of Valorant and esports in general, as well as players and viewers, to always minimize and streamline chat communications.

Use Appropriate Language

Discourage annoying, abusive, or mean behavior on a regular basis as a constructive Valorant community member. Valorant appears already to do a good job at preventing these behaviors with their existing comms system. If you see any pattern of poor language, do not be afraid to take steps (e.g using the mute option) to reinforce positive verbal behavior.

Appropriate ways to influence language use are:

  1. Positive reinforcement: If someone uses good language in Valorant chat, their behavior could be influenced by publicly acknowledging good behavior on chat, and encouraging similar behavior from other players.
  2. Negative punishment: Discourage language by privately reaching out to the offending player. Tell them it is bothering you, ask them to stop, and suggest their discourse is more appropriate.
  3. Redirection: Ignore or mute those individuals who use inappropriate language, but do not sink down to their level by saying the same things as them or encouraging them further in their poor behavior.
  4. Positive punishment: Individuals who consistently use inappropriate language should face penalties via disciplinary action.

How to Mute or Block Players in Chat?

In Valorant, you can mute or block any player from text or voice chat. You just need to find the player in the player list. While in-game, open the chat box by pressing Enter, click the Scoreboard button in the top right corner or press the Tab key. Then, right-click on the person you want to mute or block. This opens the player list. Click the mute button (the speaker icon) to the right of their name. This will effectively mute all voice and text communication with that player.

If you press F1 to open the player settings menu, you can click the talking head icon (to the right side of the player name), or F3 (Underneath their name), to mute them. Once muted, a chat bubble icon will appear next to their name in the list. So players do need to beware that the person you mute is still able to see your communications if they send you a direct message in chat. To prevent further messaging from a muted party, click on their name again. This time it will show a block button. Hit it, and more aggressive measures will be in place. This riot meditation page provides a playful interface to learning the Valorant in-game muting process.

What are the Benefits of Using Chat in Valorant?

The benefits of using chat in Valorant are to coordinate strategies and assess opponents. Coordinating strategies is a key part of the game, and the developer Riot Games makes this easy and useful. Observing the opposing team’s chat provides useful information on strategies, feelings, or potential lewdness. Coordinating with one’s own team via the chat is useful when team communication is not possible due to poor microphone, a team member wants to quietly pass on information, or in Deathmatch mode.

Better Communication with Teammates

Communicate with your teammates during Round Buy in Valorant to better organize round strategies and equipment purchases. Organization of attacking sites, time management, and coordinating of utilities can be better discussed during these intermediate periods as opposed to the heat of battle.

Throughout longer Valorant rounds, more overseen communication between teammates can be carried out to remind each other of strapped utility and help distribute recharged abilities more evenly. Players who are edged out and who can only purchase either weapons or vibrancy should not be guilty of buying shields or pushing equipment to teammates as they will not benefit from them. Aerosol players who can buy complete shields and boost their teammates for armor should do so.

Similar to a basketball fast-bfast break followed by a slowdown in tempo, players may also use the pointing gesture to indicate their position on the map which is similar to calling a b-fast break and slowing down the tempo of a basketball game. This helps their teammates reconvene, replan, and carry out the chosen strategy.

Building a Community

It is always a good area to make new friends and discuss games online. Discord, Viber, and Whatsapp offer you this chance, but there are already plenty of Valorant-specific communities and clubs on such platforms. The Valorant Poker Club, a fictitious yet appealing chat group for fans, is shown in a screenshot in the previous sections. Let me know if you want to build it for real 😉

Learning from Other Players

Another purpose of chat in Valorant is to learn from teammates or opponents. Especially in higher ranks, players can use chat to discuss strategy or advice or simply to learn how they or other players play. Heading into an opponent or ally’s profile will reveal each player’s Valorant stats, providing information on the agents they play most frequently and how proficient they are at utilizing each agent’s abilities. Pay attention to the strategies they discuss in chat and how well they use that character in the game. This will allow you to learn new strategies and improve aspects of your own game that you may not have as much experience in. You can also utilize the match demo viewer featured in every defeat or victory screen to watch the entire match from any player’s perspective in order to learn their strategies and how they move and react during the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Chat in Valorant?

In Valorant, communication with your team is essential for success. Here are some frequently asked questions about how to chat in Valorant.

1. How do I open the chat window in Valorant?

To open the chat window in Valorant, press the Enter key on your keyboard. This will bring up the chat box at the bottom of your screen.

2. How can I change the chat settings in Valorant?

To change the chat settings in Valorant, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the chat window. From here, you can adjust chat volume and disable chat notifications.

3. Can I chat with my team during a match in Valorant?

Yes, you can chat with your team during a match in Valorant. Simply press the Enter key to open the chat window and type your message. Your team will be able to see your message and respond.

4. How can I use voice chat in Valorant?

To use voice chat in Valorant, press and hold the V key on your keyboard. This will activate your microphone and allow you to speak to your team. Remember to release the key when you are finished speaking.

5. Can I chat with players on the enemy team in Valorant?

No, you cannot chat with players on the enemy team in Valorant. The chat function is only available for communication with your own team.

6. Are there any chat restrictions in Valorant?

Yes, there are some chat restrictions in Valorant to promote a positive and respectful gaming environment. Use of offensive language or harassment towards other players is not allowed and can result in penalties.

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