Master the Game: Learn How to Hide Your Level in Valorant

Valorant, a popular first-person shooter game, has levels that indicate a player’s skill and experience.

We will explore the reasons behind why someone would want to hide their level in Valorant, as well as how to effectively do so in the game.

Discussing methods like playing in unrated games or creating a new account, we will cover the various options available to players.

While hiding your level can have risks like losing progress or getting banned, we will also look at alternatives such as playing in a party or improving your skills to rank up.

Join us as we delve into the best strategies for navigating the world of Valorant.

What Is Valorant?

Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter game by Riot Games that is best described as a mixture of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch. Valorant is set in a near-future on a planet that has survived a largescale event called Radiant. It is characterized by a cancerous growth called Radianite.

The Radianite has altered life on this planet in many ways and given Radianite powers that formed distinct castes. Valorant agents are characters selected by the players before each match and use Radianite-infused powers and weapons to play the game. Player agents belong to one of two factions, either the secretive agents of the Valorant Protocol which are the good guys, or the members of the evil corporation group Blacksite.

What Are Levels in Valorant?

In Valorant, levels are an asymmetric representation of the time a person has spent in the game. Radiant is the highest level in the game. People who have played and been good at Valorant for a sufficient length of time are supposed to be Radiant, as the game becomes more difficult with experience. This is a typical hierarchical scheme where new and unproven players are in the lower levels. Intermediate players are in the middle levels. Established veterans and star players are in the higher levels.

Why Would Someone Want to Hide Their Level in Valorant?

Someone would want to hide their level in Valorant to avoid receiving as much negative feedback from toxic or cocky teammates, to reduce the likelihood of discarding other players in their ranking by playing against lower-level opponents, or because they are a professional esports player not wanting to disclose their level to the world.

Valorant is a highly skilled game, and those who are among the lowest ranks could be playing at Platinum or Diamond ranked skill level in a different game. So there is some incorrect minimizing of the skills or competitive history when other players view someone who is in a lower rank than they think they should be.

Some people really don’t care, and that’s okay too. If you are new to the game or just don’t care about tracking your time played on your account, it might be best to leave the level in plain sight to help inform your friends as they try to track their progress against you. Often getting to a particular level equates to knowing how much time was put in.

How to Hide Your Level in Valorant?

You can hide Competitive Rank (but not Agent Level) in Valorant when your rank is not in the act rank selection by selecting hidden act rank. To hide Agent Level, there is no means to keep that data from teammates according to Riot. Agent level is shown under your ign, so the only way to hide it would be to play in private matches with only trusted friends.

Play in Unrated Games

Unrated Games in Valorant act as a sort of safe haven for not being concerned with how well you’re playing and how it affects your level. This is the game’s free play mode, where players can practice different heroes, practice at new maps, and challenge themselves. Since this is not a competitive mode, it does not affect your level or the hidden MMR score in any way. You can play these games as you like with as little or as much effort desired.

Play in Custom Games

For those who would rather not sacrifice level gains, playing matches in custom with a friends-only setting is a more flexible alternative. The earning of personal records and Battle Pass points remains intact while the cosmetic costs of the game are saved. To create your custom game, click on the Play button in the upper-left part of the Valorant application and then select Custom Game from the list of available game types. Tiefling Authority gives you detailed steps on how to set up a Custom Game.

Play in a New Account

If the above solutions do not meet your needs, the only remaining way to hide your Level in Valorant is to create a new account. When you create a new account on Riot Game’s website to play Valorant, you can reuse your email address.

Levels 0 and negative unranked levels in Valorant do not represent a truly hidden player rank as the Core rank is used to play games and the initial rank is still based on the same performance and hidden MMR metrics. Valorant players using a new account can try to skip the new player games by closing Valorant and leaving it closed for 2/3 days after they realize they are put in these easier games.

What Are the Risks of Hiding Your Level in Valorant?

You are not likely to see any adverse effects from hiding your level in Valorant, but there _might be_ some unintended consequences:

Unwarranted Harassment. While not common, some people may see low account levels in Rose Agent Hideout as something to ridicule.

Toxic Chat. The irony of some players hiding their levels is so they can eliminate any criticism of being too high a rank. These same players may then use the anonymity of a hidden account to dish out harsh judgment.

Losing Progress and Rewards

Losing progress and rewards is not a way to hide one’s level in Valorant, but a fear of negative repercussions of being on the low end of skill matching by individuals looking to hide their testicular acumen. A designated screw-around account makes progression and rewards meaningless, while someone on the low end of SBMM may not even enjoy such progression or rewards thanks to the competitive gaming system enforcing a 50 % win rate by making lobbies of increasingly difficult competition as the player improves.

Getting Reported and Banned

Getting reported and banned is considered the absolute worst way to hide your rank because when you get charged by Riot’s Vanguard team, they will see that your gameplay is at an unwarranted high level. The team then reduces your hidden MMR to an appropriate level, which is often lower than you will like.

Simi Krusch and Lukas Stadler in their Master’s Thesis titled Gamification of in-game Competitive Matchmaking Rank Systems in Multiplayer Online Games through the Business Information Systems at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover gave evidence that platinum players did sue their skill calibration value. Several users on the Becker College Valorant Forum have complained about this in regards to the title hidden MMR. Most skill calibration changes are just small shifts in your hidden MMR (5-10 points) and moving between different levels and are quite normal, so if you try other strategies to try and hide your level it will help keep the effect from these MMR adjustments smaller.

What Are the Alternatives to Hiding Your Level in Valorant?

Alternatives to hiding your level in Valorant include playing with a constant stack of other players whose competitive info you can check on the tracker websites for their account information. This way, the opponents always know who they are playing with and can look up their stats to get a better impression before beginning the match.

If one wants to keep their competitive info hidden for whatever reason, play the various custom game modes that gamers on Reddit have created and only allow participants who are okay with not using the tracker websites to play.

Playing in a Party

Playing in a party can help you hide your level in Valorant if you are the lowest ranked player. However, if you are AFK it is easy for others to gauge an estimate of your Valorant level, regardless of whether you are in a party or not, as was shown in this image that displays a Gold 1 player around loosely noted amount of games played counting days he did not play.

Playing in Different Regions

To hide level in Valorant, you can always play in a different region where players are likely to be around the same level or better than your own. Common solutions for hiding MMR are to either use a VPN in a foreign country with better players or to physically visit friends in those regions. Both of these options are effective but utilize the same fractional grind approach to concealing skill progress. Several VPNs include Mullvad, NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN.

Improving Your Skills and Ranking Up

Improving skills and ranking up are the most important aspects of playing VALORANT. Here are some quick suggestions to help you be more effective.

  1. Improve your aim. Find online tools to benchmark your mouse accuracy like Aimlab.
  2. Learn and play as all agents. At least try them all, and understand key triggers and ultimates.
  3. Share and then repeat shared information immediately. Write out immediately after sharing. This helps you to recall, clarify and construct a mental positional structure to reinforce the callout information.
  4. Do not tunnel vision on your crosshair. Watch the ammo in the opponent’s weapon. After every round, ask your teammates if they know of another location with shooting lanes to relocate.

Remember the advice on this page regarding hiding Rating and MMR should not be exercised over a long period of time.


As evidenced by a complete lack of developer comments or official game documentation, hiding a level in Valorant was likely never intended to be possible. Possible reasons to hide a player’s level may revolve around wanting to avoid the scrutiny that one has not actively engaged in the game. Such as when people only play the game during free summer weekends when school and work go away. ALT+F4 in Valorant is the only way to guarantee your experience will occur without anyone else seeing your level.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I hide my level in Valorant?

To hide your level in Valorant, you can enable the “Hide Competitive Content” option in your settings. This will hide your level, rank, and other competitive information from other players.

2. Can I hide my level in Valorant without affecting my gameplay?

Yes, the “Hide Competitive Content” option only hides your level and other competitive information from other players. It does not affect your gameplay in any way.

3. Will hiding my level in Valorant prevent me from ranking up?

No, hiding your level will not affect your ability to rank up in Valorant. It simply hides your level from other players, but your rank progress will still be tracked and updated.

4. How can I hide my level in Valorant from specific players?

Currently, there is no way to hide your level from specific players in Valorant. The “Hide Competitive Content” option will hide your level from all players in the game.

5. Why would I want to hide my level in Valorant?

Some players may choose to hide their level in Valorant to maintain their privacy or to avoid being targeted by other players based on their level. It is a personal preference and not necessary for gameplay.

6. Is it against the rules to hide my level in Valorant?

No, hiding your level in Valorant is not against the game’s rules. It is a built-in feature that allows players to control their privacy and the information they share with others.

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