Mastering Valorant: The Ultimate Guide to Buying Vp in 5 Easy Steps

If you’re a fan of Valorant, you’ve probably heard about VP, but do you know what it is and why it’s essential in the game?

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of Valorant and explore everything you need to know about VP.

We’ll cover how to purchase VP through various methods like the in-game store, Riot Points, and gift cards, the different VP bundles available, and the payment options and discounts you can take advantage of.

Let’s get started!

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a free-to-play, first-person tactical shooter multiplayer game developed and published by Riot Games. Described as part of a highly-competitive range of Tactical Shooter games, the game was announced with its codename, Project A, on October 15th, 2019 during the 10th anniversary of League of Legends. The closed beta was released on April 7th, 2020 in the US, Canada, Europe, Turkey, and Russia, and on October 13th, 2020, it was officially released in the Americas, Europe, Turkey, and Russia. LoL and Valorant are Riot’s first two major releases after announcing LOR (Legends of Runterra) card-game and an up-coming tactical shooter titled Project L.

What is VP in Valorant?

VP stands for Valorant Points, the in-game currency that players spend to purchase a range of items that allow for to customize their game including:

  1. Agent Contracts
  2. Weapon Skins or Agent Skins
  3. Radiante Points. VP is also one type of payment that can be used to purchase Radainte Points, investments that allow for gaining further currency.

Agent Contracts So long as an agent’s contract is active, players can earn experience from any completed Valorant game, both standard plays or Spike Rush modes, as long as they are agitée. Based on the experience earned, players can tier up the progress on their agent contracts, eventually unlocking a range of skins, gun buddies, and player cards.

Before the release of the Battle Pass, contracts were the only way players could tier up some of the most desired weapon skins in the game without using Radiante Points. Radiante Points Ranging from 2556 VP to 5792 VP or the equivalent of spending between $20 and $50 can be used in conjunction with some Radante Points from Radiante point bundles to unlock the Radiante tiers of Battle Pass without the need to play any games. This allows for gaining exclusive rewards rather quickly.

Why Do You Need VP in Valorant?

You need Valorant Points (VP) in Valorant to purchase the following in the game:

  1. Agents – to unlock agents before unlocking them with Radient Points.
  2. – to purchase a Poro buddy for 875 VP.
  3. – Weapon skin bundles and upgrades not otherwise available.
  4. – packs that include card-unlock contracts for agents and another player card, player title, gunbuddy, spray, spray, spritz, and an item of the relevant theme.

There are a few additional items you can purchase including , , , , and * – specialized bundles available only to premium VP purchasers. A player is limited to and may not exceed this limit.

You need to purchase unique items that are only available through payments. Generally, these items do not improve a player’s chance of winning in the game. You can argue that specific weapons skins help your aim during games. However, the evidence behind this is extremely subjective anecdotal evidence – quite limited in how such a thing can actually help.

In practice, this means Elderflame skins are sought out for their unique animation and sound FX, and have the closest thing resembling status in a free-to-play game only 1 year old, but Valorant skins do not in any way impact your odds of winning.

In buying VP you are supporting the further development of the game, giving yourself some flexibility in buying items to attach a sense of style and individuality in the game, and increasing the enjoyment gained from playing the game. In general, you do not need to purchase VP, but the ability to purchase allows you to unlock aesthetics and customization not otherwise available.

How to Buy VP in Valorant?

You can buy VP (Valorant Points) in Valorant by going to the Store within the game. VP are the main in-game currency used for direct purchases of Bundles, Featured and Radianite content, Agents, Weapons, and Player Cards, as well as for the Battle Pass and Skin Upgrades.

The process is the same whether you are using the PC client to play Valorant or Gainesville, Apple, or Google Play Store on your mobile device. Here’s how to buy VP in Valorant for PC according to Riot Games’ official website:

  • Launch Valorant and log in.
  • Go to the Let’s Play homepage and click the Store button.
  • In the store, click on the PURCHASE button under the Valorant Coins tab.
  • Select the type of currency you want to purchase and follow the checkout process.

Purchase VP Through In-Game Store

Riot Games has created VALORANT’s in-game store which they call the VALORANT STORE. VP or Radianite Points may be purchased via the VALORANT STORE using real-world money. Players can use these points to unlock additional cosmetics within the game. The cost for VP varies by region, with costs for the United States ranging from $4.99 for 475 VP to $100 for 11,000 VP.

Players can purchase VP on the VALORANT store page by selecting the amount they wish to buy in the game client’s My Store widget. A browser will then pop up, taking the user to a micro transaction customization seating where they select the pack and provider, input their player ID (the one linked to their account), and purchasing the VP pack. There are also links available to Riot Support or guides on issues that can arise, such as not receiving the purchased amount correctly in the game.

Purchase VP Through Riot Points

You can purchase VP used to unlock agents, weapons, radianite points, or for premium content and unique skins by first acquiring Riot Points.

Riot Points are a virtual currency used to buy premium content in a range of games, as well as pay for in-game transactions like unlocking agents or the Battle Pass in Valorant. The source of Riot Points is digital stores like the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and Riot Games store on platforms and computers. Players can use their own platform’s latest exchange rate to buy the exact amount of relevant Riot Points that are enough to take action in the game. After acquiring an amount of Riot Points, players can utilize their Riot Points to get VP. Fifty Riot Points equals 40 VP, Forty-five Riot Points for 1 premium weapon skin, and 95 Riot Points for a weapon skin with variants.

Purchase VP Through Gift Cards

You can purchase Valorant Points (VP) at supermarkets, convenience stores, and electronics shops through the use of gift cards. Retailers usually sell gift cards for game-distribution platforms like Steam and Play Store, instead of specifically for Valorant. The reason for this is because Valorant itself is free-to-play, so gift cards have no direct use for it but rather the platforms associated with it. The gift cards they offer can be used to purchase Valorant Points via Dozens of payment methods. The prices range from USD 10 to 25.

What Are the Different VP Bundles Available?

The only Valorant VP bundles are the VP quantities that you can buy. The default option available as of the time of this research in December 2021 are more than a dozen default valorant points packages as shown above from EUR 5.49 to almost EUR 100/USD 100.

Plus the default currencies per country, these default amounts can be purchased in grand total of 22 currencies worth of default amounts. On the PC with the game fully loaded, head to the purchase VP store and select the US Dollar/€/£ currency dropdowns to see both popular as well as niche countries with their VPs.

Outside of the default options, there are upgrade options that are available as shown above. Which of these custom VP bundles is available in which country is not shown in the Valorant store. The default currencies including US Dollar, Euro, or GB Pound with their amounts shown on a PC that has Valorant are listed below. Additionally, the number of additional Jet duelist Valorant points available are associated with them are are shown in the table far right. You decide on how many extra points you need and purchase less or more of the extra VP for the least amount extra possible.

Country: Small VP: Medium VP: Large VP: Extra Jet Points USA: 650 VP – $4.99 1250 VP – $9.99 2500 VP – $19.99 0 VP – $0

UK: 600 VP – £4.99 1000 VP – £8.39 2500 VP – £19.99 0 VP – £0

Japan: 515 VP – ¥480 1125 VP – ¥955 2250 VP – ¥1900 0 VP – ¥0

Russia: 515 VP – RUB 310 1105 VP – RUB 620 2175 VP – RUB 1240 0 VP – RUB 0

Thailand: 670 VP – ฿152 1380 VP – ฿278 2745 VP – ฿556 0 VP – ฿0

Turkey: 475 VP – TL 17 1159 VP – TL 33 2353 VP – TL 67 0 VP – TL 0

475 VP Bundle

This is the most economical Valorant VP option if you are looking for the smallest package. Depending on the region you are playing in, it will cost either $4.99 or €4.49. Players are then able to afford the cheapest cosmetics at both 475VP and the standard 875VP. As shown in the following chart, 1,138 players of all active Vp spenders have bought 475VP.

1,000 VP Bundle

Each account owner can only purchase this package once. It gives you 1,000 Valorant Points for the price of $10 USD. This is the most common and frequently utilized package by players. It is relatively cheaper than the 475 VP as your cost per VP drops from $0.035714 to $0.03.

Cost: $10 USD Storage Needed: 10% of account’s purchase limit Who Can Purchase: Any player at any time. In-game Features Unlocked: Any level of the Valorant Battle Pass except for Episode 4 Act 1. Other purchases/research: Agent unlock.

2,050 VP Bundle

The second option for buying Vp in Valorant is the 2,050 VP Bundle. This 2,050 VP pack is available to be purchased in several regional currencies including USD. The price of the bundle is $19.99 in the US. It offers an extra 150 VP in addition to the bases 2,000 VP as a bonus for purchasing in a bundle. It is better suited for buyers with more funds who can spend a bit extra to get a bulk purchase discount such as the battle pass, which costs 1,000 Vp, or the Prime vandal weapon bundle which costs 1.775 Vp saving 25.499 Vp. The rest of the funds can be stored until the next purchase.

The benefits of buying the 2,050 VP Vp Bundles are the same as those for the 950 VP bundle.

3,550 VP Bundle

The 3,550 VP bundle is one of the most-popular digital currency plans for Valorant. The 5,000 VP bundle is much, much less popular. When the time comes, you can rejoice that this plan has extra VP left over for the future, as opposed to being short when you need that all-important shader.

This is what 3,550 VP can buy in Valorant, as well as their costs following discount (in USD):

  • Agent unlock – $8.50
  • XP boost set (50/80/100) a la carte – $16.50 to $33
  • Ancient bundle – $11.20
  • Shop bundle (total of tiers 1,2 rewards and single gun buddy) – $6.40
  • Individual gun skins in any bundle – 80% of original price

5,350 VP Bundle

If you want to buy 5,350 VP in Valorant, your only option is to buy half of the 11,000 VP bundle. For those looking to purchase 4,350 VP one time, this bundle can save players ₡2,000. For the 11,000 VP bundle you must pay the full price of ₡30,575 and then pay an additional ₡10,850 to be credited the 350 VP difference. These are the costs for the 11,000 VP bundle in every region. The only way to purchase VP is to use one of the payment methods in the official Riot Games Purchase Guide and to use it through the official Riot Games Payment Method store, where you will find all the available VP bundles and their prices large and small.

What Are the Payment Options for VP Purchase?

The payment options for VP purchase in Valorant include Debit Card, Credit Card, Prepaid Card, and Mobile Payment Systems. The official Valorant website in the United States accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. To not miss out on regional payment options, review official websites in your region for additional options beyond those mentioned.

Credit/Debit Card

The most basic way to buy VP in Valorant is to purchase it using a credit or debit card. In most countries, you will have to connect your card to a shared payment platform such as Paypal. With most banking systems, you will be able to use their mobile apps or websites to connect directly to your Valorant account.

Once that is set up, whenever you make a purchase in the Valorant Store, you will have the option of selecting the platform you are connected with and inputting your password and unique information before confirming the purchase. Once you’ve followed these steps, the desired VP will be directly added to your Valorant account. If you don’t already have an Riot/Rioter ID account, you may need that to complete your Valorant payment by entering your card’s information.


PayPal is an online US company established in December of 1998 by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, and Luke Nosek. They created the service so that people could buy, send, and receive money without sharing financial information. PayPal customers can link bank accounts to their accounts to allow for quick and fluid money transfers. Users can also use credit and debit cards to pay for goods and services at no charge.

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These are likely larger figures than anyone at Riot, including Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon as Head of Game Derek Dani Derek “Giantslayer TV” Nelson and others on the Valorant dev team.

Prepaid Gift Cards

Prepaid gift cards such as Visa Prepaid Cards can be purchased from convenience stores and used to buy vp in Valorant. The most common American retailers for the card include CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and Duane Reade.

Other popular American prepaid gift card options include Green Dot Corporation Cards, NetSpend Corporation Cards, OneVanilla Cards (Funds expire after a few months), and American Express Gift Cards. These American options can be used for vp purchase on Intl Valorant too.

Are There Any Discounts Available for VP Purchase?

Yes, Valorant game points (VP) can be purchased at a discount using the Valorant Battle Pass and Riot’s regular time-limited offers. The Valorant Battle Pass system requires that you pay up front for VP bundles, but as players progress, they can earn back the currency, essentially giving points back towards purchasing new VPs or more cosmetics. Discount activation varies, but can be up to close to 100% by the end of a Battle Pass cycle.

Battlepass Discount

The Battlepass discount is the best way to buy VP on Valorant in terms of savings but has the high demand and uncertain purchasing cost of physical crypto cards as its primary drawback. For gamers who do not want to play the game a lot this option is less desirable as well. The Battlepass discounts the price of VP purchases and gem purchases. Battlepass additions of 200, 320, and 160 points to their free and premium tiers are equivalent to a discount of 15-20% for upgrades of greater than $10, 25% for $10, and 8% for small upgrades of a few dollars. The actor Abraham Lincoln Greal provides a guide on how to access the free Valorant Battle Pass and what is new in each Act. Below is an overview of the various Battlepass discounts on Valorant for Act 1, Heroes. Total Costs. Includes Battlepass price as well as Valorant Points (VP).

  1. No Purchase: $0
  2. American ($10 + 4.99): $14.99
  3. Western European ($10 + 4.99): $14.99
  4. Eastern European (BEAM ($10 + 2.99): $12.99
  5. $/Arcane Play Gamer Configuration: $20
  6. $/Arcane Play Gamer Configuration  (+3 Episodes): $26
  7. $/Arcane Play Gamer Configuration  (+6 In-game Skin Bundles$40

The pass itself is always the same price. It is the payment for virtual VP which changes when different amounts of VP purchased with the pass are compared. This purchase was selected as it is typical and illustrative across most of the purchase and Battlepass conditions.

When purchasing with standard physical cards or cryptocurrency, card receipt rates for gaming $10 prepaid cards usually range from 12-16.5% and up to 46% for direct cryptocurrency purchases on some sites. Additionally, the cost of physical cards must always be included which further diminishes and even turns the savings negative in some cases. Bulk purchase rates are cheaper but hard to align in practice. Crypto cards are important for many countries with underdeveloped banking systems but often not available in such countries.

Event Discounts

Event discounts, which are only available for a limited time, are one of the best ways to buy VP as they are directly related to playing the game and winning specific games or completing set challenges. These discounts, also called Battle Passes, tend to have many tiers of rewards, so wherever you are in the game, you can most likely claim a portion of the reward.

Mythic is giving away 1 Radiant bundle for one winner and another version of the bundle for two runners-up. The more participants who enter, the more IOUs they will give, which means everyone has a chance to win. So act quickly to get prizes now. For the Radiant Bundle or Battle Pass discounts, it is worth looking for Valorant giveaway competitions on social media and Twitch. If one promises a Battle Pass, don’t be afraid to remind them that the Radiant Bundle is now the premium version. Another way to obtain the Radiant bundle is through limited events in Valorant, such as earning points throughout different acts, leading to discounts for unlocking by earning Radiant coins or raise them as a part of the premium Battle Pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I purchase VP in Valorant?

In order to buy VP in Valorant, you can either purchase them directly from the in-game store or use a third-party website to purchase a code or gift card.

2. What is the best way to buy VP in Valorant?

The most secure and reliable way to buy VP in Valorant is through the in-game store. This ensures that your transaction is safe and all purchases are legitimate.

3. Can I use a credit or debit card to purchase VP in Valorant?

Yes, you can use a credit or debit card to purchase VP in Valorant directly from the in-game store. Just make sure that your payment method is linked to your account.

4. Are there any discounts or promotions for buying VP in Valorant?

Occasionally, Riot Games may offer discounts or promotions for purchasing VP in Valorant. Keep an eye out for these deals on their official website or social media channels.

5. Can I gift VP to other players in Valorant?

Yes, you can purchase gift cards or codes for VP and give them to other players in Valorant. This is a great way to surprise a friend or show your appreciation for a teammate.

6. Is it safe to buy VP from third-party websites?

We recommend purchasing VP directly from the in-game store to ensure the safety and legitimacy of your purchase. Buying from third-party websites can be risky and may result in your account being banned.

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