Learn How to Create an Account in Valorant with These Easy Steps!

Valorant has taken the gaming world by storm, offering thrilling gameplay and intense competition.

Before you can dive into the action, you’ll need to create an account.

This step-by-step guide walks you through the process of creating an account in Valorant, including the requirements, benefits, and different types of accounts available.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, this article will help you get started and make sure you’re set up for success.

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a free-to-play hero shooter video game developed and published by Riot Games, the company most famous for *League of Legends. Valorant was first announced with its project title Project A when it was unveiled with a short gameplay trailer on YouTube on October 16, 2019, although it was leaked a day before the official announcment.

It is built on the DirectX 11 engine and is similar to games from the CS:GO genre with a touch of close-quarters combat and abilities from games like Overwatch.

How to Create an Account in Valorant?

You download Valorant from the main website and be directed to the Riot Game’s launcher. There you will first want to log into your Riot Games account. If you do not yet have an account, click on the login button and a Create Account function will be present. Click on Create Account, fill out the form and submit. Then you will receive an e-mail in which you can use to validate your account to log in with and play the game.

Step-by-Step Guide

A Step-by-Step guide to creating an account in Valorant includes the following steps:

  1. Get a Riot account. For this, open the official Valorant website and then hit the download button. This will take you to the Riot Games website where you can create an account.
  2. Complete account creation. After filling in the necessary data on the page entitled “Create a Riot Account” click the Create Account button. You will then need to access your email to verify your account with a code.
  3. Download Riot Games Launcher and Log In. Either after the account is verified or after a canceled sign-up attempt, tap on the LOL download button again to be taken to the Riot Games Launcher download page.
  4. Install the Riot games client. Then either search for Valorant because it is compatible with your operating system immediately after login, or select it in the library. Click install.
  5. Complete the agent installation. After the client is finished installing and run, the remaining Riot Vanguard control device and Valorant files must be downloaded, and then the game must be started, allowing to access the game.
  6. Create a player identity. Follow the tutorial from Valorist.

What Are the Requirements to Create an Account in Valorant?

The basic requirement to create an account in Valorant is a valid username combined with an existing Riot Games account for logging into the game. The Riot Games account requires no special characteristics and can be associated with a different email and password than any other Riot Account.

What Are the Benefits of Creating an Account in Valorant?

The benefits of creating an account in Valorant include having a Riot Games account for managing all of your game accounts on a wide range of devices, participating in the social aspects of the game with friends, earning and paying with Valorant points, gaining access to official Valorant account streams, and better security and customer support on your Riot Games account.

Access to Ranked Matches

Ranked matches are considered one of the best features in the game and players are able to participate in it once they create an account in Valorant. Making a ranked account ensures that players in the game have a similar skill level as everyone else on the team. This allows for a friendly competitive battle against similarly skilled players.

These are the countries and regions where you can check your Valorant account for ranked performance data at the present moment: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United States, and Vietnam.

Ability to Purchase In-Game Items

Another reason to create an account in Valorant is to spend money on the game. You will need an Riot account for real money transactions. The game includes the use of points purchased with real money that can be spent in the game for content such as agent characters, weapon skins, any number of other surprises for teammates, maybe even new maps in the future. This spending of real money is only possible with an account.

Track Progress and Stats

There is no in-game method to track one’s progress and stats as a mere Valorant player. Progress on the number of contracts completed and the number of characters (agents) owned can be seen in the agent selection, when hovering over heads. In the future, this information will be available on the Valorant mobile app. VJI disclosed in Ask VALORANT (2019).

Member progress is only visible to VALORANT staff and Riot Games as seen by one’s Valorant account name, tag, and tagline on geosites. Battleriff.com, but no other player-generated progress can be seen even if one registers for the site. Rather than focusing on the lack of available methods to see one’s rank within the game, it must be noted that players can easily track their own stats through the integration of their game account into Tracker Network, Blitz.gg, or Valorantstats.pro.

The more matches and game time players have, the more stats insights they can get, and those stats can be sorted top-down.

What Are the Different Types of Accounts in Valorant?

There are four different types of accounts in Valorant.

  1. Unverified account: Only Korea has unverified accounts because it is the only region that uses a real-name identification login system. Other regions only need an email address to be used as a basic account.
  2. Riot account: This is the standard account in all regions outside of Korea. All users must create a Riot account via their official website to play the game.
  3. P-Cafe account: This is the Korean-specific account. It is created directly on the Korean Riot website.
  4. Vanguard account: This specialized account is for you to log in and play the game with all its security details. Each player gets multiple Vanguard accounts (there is no limit) and can create a new account with each new Valorant match if they so choose.

Riot Account

A Riot Account is an all-access pass to games published by the creators of League of Legends. If you already have a Riot Account created for League of Legends, all you have to do is log in to your Riot Account and you are good to go with the same user credentials for Valorant. If you do not have a Riot Account yet, create one through the official Riot Games Valorant Website. You can do this before you download the Valorant application.

Twitch Account

Twitch is a free streaming platform for gamers, and players can use their Twitch account to earn Valorant drops. To set up a Twitch account, do the following. From the main screen of the Valorant game, tap `More Info`. Players need to watch Twitch streams of Valorant and earn Valorant drops. During certain time periods, Valorant offers their rewards. Players can check to see when the next opportunity to receive Twitch Drops in Valorant will begin by logging in to their account and going to the Twitch Drops website.

After clicking on the Claim button, you will see a screen with an error message and stating that you do not have any drops. You should now be able to get a drop by simply rewatching the same stream or picking a different one. Although Twitch drops can get frustrating at times, drops are normally added within minutes of them being earned. Keep watching depending on how many hours of Valorant streams you have watched and eventually the error message should change to a pop-up giveaway channel, demonstrating that you have qualified for the drop.

Google Account

A Google Account is a user account on the Google network that enables access to Google applications such as Gmail, Google Docs, and YouTube, among others. Google accounts can also be utilized as log-ins for non-Google applications, providing single sign-on convenience for users. Creating a Google account is a simple process that requires personal information including name, birthdate, mobile number, and email address, along with setting up a username and password.

To create a Google Account in Valorant, navigate to the Valorant home page or Riot Games site and select Sign-Up or log in, then click Create Account. This will take you to the Google registration page where you note personal information such as DOB, Gender, Mobile number, Email address, etc. You will then be required to create a Username and Password, which must be noted and used each time you log in to the account. Google will then send a verification message to the users’ chosen email in order to confirm your account creation. Once the verification process has been successfully processed, users will be able to log in to Valorant using their Google accounts.

How to Link Different Accounts to Valorant?

To link different accounts to Valorant, sign in to the Riot Games account that you want as your primary account with Riot ID. Once you are signed in, you can sign in with different Riot IDs that are associated with different Riot Games accounts. After the initial login, you can switch between accounts without needing to input any further information on your selected account.

Once you have signed in to your primary account, you can sign out and switch to one of the linked accounts by either scrolling to the bottom of the landing page after signing in, or by proceeding through Riot’s webpage and logging in with an email and password linked to the desired account. Multiple accounts can be linked to the same Riot ID and a specific Riot ID can be set to primary or secondary status.

From Riot’s linked accounts screen on their management site, you can see the different login combinations that your account has as well as see plans to connect accounts that have not been added by Riot yet.

Linking Riot Account

If you already have a Riot account from playing League of Legends or some other prior title that required you to establish an account, you simply have to access your Riot account settings and link any other accounts to it. To do this, you must know your existing account ID – this will usually be an email address.

  1. Go to the Riot Account page at https://account.riotgames.com and login with your existing account ID.
  2. Select the game where you want to link the account. Additionally, you may want to adjust your privacy settings. To do this, select the General tab on the top menu of the Account Home page. Under the Privacy header make adjustments as you see fit. With changing privacy settings, it is always a good idea to look at current game-specific settings as you make changes to ensure you do not inadvertently expose information you would prefer to keep private.
  3. Insert your new account credentials on the right side of the page. Be sure when you do this that it is not confusing or otherwise could be the cause of mistaken identity. Assuming you’re not trying to play both slots, you want to be clear that it says “create new account” for the game in the block on the right side of the page.

Linking Twitch Account

Linking or registering a Twitch account is what earns an account automatically when you meet Twitch’s watching requirements during a Drop Rewards event. This varies from 2 to 6, and now even Play2Earn competition hours, but you should always take a peak at the official PlayValorant site before such an event to check the policy.

Typical eligibility rules require that your Riot account be the same on which you are playing Valorant. You can create a Riot account with the same credentials you have for any other game account – it does not need to be a fresh or brand new Riot account. A Riot account number will be provided to you, and you will be able to tag in a comment to a Play2Earn competition to highlight your entry in your chat history. As of the summer of 2021, Riot updated the way players could earn awards from these Drops so stay current by checking the Game’s Twitch Blog regularly for updates. Award eligibility and game settings may change often and if you’re reading this sentence sometime later, consult further information to ascertain the current policy. Note: Not everyone has their PlayValorant accounts in the same location as an existing Riot game account, so verify this scenario if that applies to you.

Linking Google Account

Your Gmail account is automatically used by Riot Games to register you in the Valorant game. When starting your game, you will have the option to sign in with the existing linked Gmail account. Just click to connect, and you will have then created your new Valorant account with your Gmail details. Simple. Or if you have not linked your Gmail account yet, you will be given a Sign Up option which allows you to connect with your Gmail account. A new Google Account will be automatically generated for you that will allow you to play Valorant.

What to Do if You Encounter Issues While Creating an Account in Valorant?

If you encounter issues such as the game client being unable to connect to the game server, Riot Games recommends checking that your system’s date and time formats are correct. According to Riot Survey regarding account creation problems, the major issues people faced in creating a Valorant account were getting error messages or internet connectivity issues.

If you are stuck on the loading screen while making a Valorant account, try switching servers. For this, you must have a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

If none of these work, try restarting your system. If the problem persists, Riot recommends reaching out to the support team on their website. Users have reported that Riot’s support team is quite helpful and responds quickly to queries and helps to solve their problems.

Additionally, quickly conducting a Google search will often yield results to fix a problem that many other users are also experiencing. This can save you time and stress.

If you are having issues creating an account at all, make sure you check that there are no internet connectivity issues (e.g. the game server is down). Also, screenshot or document the point where you have trouble and reach out to Valorant’s support team. If necessary, they can walk you through the exact steps to solve the problem you are experiencing while creating an account.

Contact Customer Support

Contact customer support if you are in a country that has Valorant support. The easiest ways to contact support without being signed in include going to the contact us page and using the social media contact options. If within a country that has local support, Valorant staff can disable/improve their verification system for you to bypass the phone number verification. Contact Truegymnast on Coinbase Trading-as-a-Service if you are in another country, do not wish to spend time with customer support, and prefer to take the black-market approach. Black-market accounts will cost you more money over time due to the risk of the account being reclaimed and Valorant charges you a sunk cost to replace the shared phone number for such accounts.

Recently Valorant changed its account creation set-up so that all account holders are required to enter their phone number for verification to prevent smurf accounts after running an experiment earlier this year. Because of this, all accounts need a mobile phone number for verification to play, including in regions where a local agent is not available. Accounts activated from before March 2022 without this requirement may still work. But the simplest solution to obtain an account is through the correct phone number and address via the verify IGN article.

Check System Requirements

Ahead of creating an account, check the system requirements of Valorant. Valorant’s minimum system requirements on Windows are that the operating system is in Windows 7 or later, the CPU is Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, video memory is 1 GB dedicated GPU with support for Direct X 11, the RAM is 4 GB, and the storage is 4 GB.

VALEORANT’S minimum system requirements on macOS are that the operating system is in Mac OS X 10.11, the CPU is Core 2 Duo or equivalent, video memory is 1 GB dedicated GPU with support for Open GL 3.2, the RAM is 4 GB, and the storage is 4 GB.

If you have not yet met the requirements, take the necessary steps to do so, such as updating your operating system, graphics drivers, or even purchasing a new PC.

Upwards of 95% of PCs among Steam‘s millions of users are able to meet these minimal system requirements, so there is a strong likelihood you could even on a pre-used machine.

Valorant’s optimal system requirements are higher and require a CPU with Intel i3-4150 of better performance and a comparable amount of video card memory, and the best graphics are achieved on a monitor with a benchmark of 144 FPS at a resolution of 1920×1080.

Verify Email Address

Verify email address. The final verification step occurs when after signing in and resetting your password. Users have two choices to reset their password. They may press the Password Reset Email button and will have to wait for an email to arrive from [email protected]. In that email is the final password reset link required to proceed with setting up an account. The other option if you cannot find the email is to press the Reset Now button. You need to have already set up the account on your mobile number to be able to receive an account set-up code via text message. Input that code and you will be connected with Riot Games. After around five minutes you will receive a text from Riot Games giving you password reset instructions. This is a lot more time-consuming and tedious and encourages users to double-check their email inbox to make sure an email didn’t accidentally filter to a spam folder.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create an account in Valorant?

To create an account in Valorant, go to the official website and click on the “Create Account” button. Then, fill in your personal information such as email address and password. Make sure to use a valid email address as you will need it for account verification.

2. Can I link my existing Riot Games account to Valorant?

Yes, if you already have a Riot Games account, you can use it to log in to Valorant. Simply click on the “Sign in with Riot Games” option and enter your existing login credentials.

3. Do I need to make a purchase to create a Valorant account?

No, creating a Valorant account is completely free. You do not need to make any purchases to create an account and start playing the game.

4. What are the minimum age requirements for creating a Valorant account?

You must be at least 16 years old to create a Valorant account. If you are under 16, you will need parental consent to create an account.

5. Can I change my account information after creating it?

Yes, you can change your account information at any time. Simply log in to your account and go to the “Account” section to make changes to your personal information.

6. How many accounts can I have in Valorant?

You are only allowed to have one account per person in Valorant. Creating multiple accounts is against the game’s terms of service and can result in a ban.

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