Learn How to Lay Down in Minecraft Without a Bed – Pro Tips

Minecraft, the popular sandbox game, offers players the opportunity to explore, create, and survive in a blocky world full of possibilities. One crucial aspect of gameplay is laying down to rest and recover health.

In this article, we will delve into the different ways players can lay down in Minecraft, including using a bed, commands, trapdoors, and boats. We will also explore the benefits and risks of laying down without a bed, providing valuable insights for both new and experienced players.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an open-world adventure role-playing game developed by Mojang Studios, a Swedish video game developer studio. Players have an expansive open world that allows them to collect and harvest resources, acquire experience, perform crafting, build structures, breed animals, and defeat enemies to save their world. The original version of Minecraft that lets you lay down in beds without using cheats was released as a public alpha for personal computers in 2009.

Minecraft has become one of the most successful video games of all time, with over 140 million copies sold across all platforms by 2022 and monthly user totals that exceed 160 million. It is played as an e-sport in competitive tournaments and has been officially released in schools as an educational tool. Minecraft has been heralded as the best-selling and third-most popular video game in history, behind only Tetris and GTA V.

What is the Purpose of Laying Down in Minecraft?

The purpose of laying down in Minecraft is to simulate resting and gain similar benefits to sleeping in a bed, with maximum health and hunger restored. Creepers pose the most danger to a player in the game as they explode when near players causing major damage to a player’s health and armor. It is important for players exploring the game to be fully rested so that the player’s health and armor are restored fully to protect against sudden attacks by these and other hostile mobs.

While lying down in a bed offers two main advantages, not being able to lie down in Minecraft when there is no bed nearby is limiting in two main ways including inability to set a new spawnpoint during night or when traveling across the Minecraft world in dangerous situations, and vulnerability to sudden creeper attacks with no means of healing partially lost health.

Health in Minecraft regenerates slowly over time in the scenario that a player does not have a food meter displayed at the top of the game’s user interface, meaning that partial or low health cannot be healed quickly in such situations.

What are the Different Ways to Lay Down in Minecraft?

The various ways to lay down in Minecraft depending on your equipment include the following:

  1. Without any equipment, according to your needs or moves
  2. By using a bed if you have one
  3. By building a cot if you have wool and wood in your inventory
  4. By using a door if you don’t have a bed and can find wood to build one
  5. By using a
  6. Using a two-block space, in the case where building a more complete structure isn’t possible.
  7. Each of the various beds, cots, and boxes within the game can have additional functions and benefits besides simply providing a sleep mechanism and temporary spawn point.

Doors can be useful as a temporary shelter, particularly in aquatic environments. They require less wood to make then a bed but can be broken by aggressive mobs. The other items are less popular but could be useful in specific settings such as creative mode or pre-configured worlds.

Using a Bed

Beds are the only method in Vanilla Minecraft to bypass the Long-Line-of-Sight Sleep System though they are not the only way for the player to enter sleep mode. When a player uses a bed at night, they lie down on the bed. The sleeping screen shows the player lying down with a three-dimensional item frame displaying the item used to make the bed. The player takes on a horizontal position whenever they sleep in a bed. But if a bed is not available, sleeping in another manner is not possible. To craft a bed, the player needs clumps of three wool blocks and three wood blocks each of which are of the same type such as oak, birch, jungle, acacia, spruce or dark oak. These three wool and three wood blocks need to be arranged in a single crafting grid as shown. Arranging various forms of wood in this manner creates beds of different colors. According to the official rules, if a name tag is added when crafting a bed, it changes the color of the blanket on the bed. The aesthetic effect of the bed is entirely up to the player. To craft a bed type in the chat box, /give @p playername minecraft:white_bed 1. This will give you a white bed. The item ID for a bed is 355. To further understand the process, one can go to the Fandom Minecraft Community’s Crafting section.

Using a Command

In Minecraft, you can lay down without a bed by issuing a command that changes your character to either a hanging or sittingn mode. This can be accomplished by the following command which changes the player’s target and eliminates gravity. This toggle will apply hanging mode where hitting an obstacle still produces some sideways movement as if sliding, or a sitting mode as standing and slightly leaning backwards, varying with the player’s movements.

/execute as @a run tp @s ~ ~.^07 ~ ^

To add these commands into actions you regularly perform, you can create custom trigger buttons or keyboard commands within the game. How you set this up can vary based on the device you are using so follow the following steps based on your platform.

  1. On PC Windows type in the following command /bind [F3] build to F3
  2. On Mobile shoot an arrow in Slumberland background and spam the sit, stand, lie button.
  3. On Switch Bedrock/Windows assign customizable controller behavior in the Minecraft game settings by making the required behavior easily triggerable from that interface.

These methods for laying down in Minecraft without a bed can be used to adapt to gaming and landscaping preference for sunbathing, chilling, or other general periods of rest and healing for your avatar.

Using a Trapdoor

To lay down in Minecraft using a trapdoor, select the trapdoor and place it on the floor. Because the trapdoor has no hitbox, players have to manually mimic laying down by utilizing the locomotive sitting down animation. To do this, hold down the `crouch` key and the character will lower. The resting animation on a trapdoor resembles a character laying down. To leave this state, simply stand up again.

Using a Boat

In the game, a player can place a boat on snow or ice to avoid taking damage from monsters when sleeping on ground blocks. Sometimes, the boat performs its function too well as it does not break after being hit by mobs. If a player leaves the game and rejoins, the mob is attacking a player who resets as if the boat was not there.

Boats are not designed as a mobile sleeping facility since in an update a bed added to a boat drops as items, and sleeping on them is difficult. On technical level boats assume they are on water and try to correct their height but are prevented from doing so.

Using a boat as a means to sleep is very likely a bug in the game. Though some users may view this added safety as beneficial.

How to Lay Down in Minecraft Without a Bed?

To lay down in Minecraft without a bed, the user can mine the ground or tree and make a space to hold the shift key for 30 seconds. Java Minecraft users wanting to lay down but not sleep need a solid block to place under them, such as a sand block, or can slip through a gap near their path of travel or make a barricade to hold the shift key against. Once the key is pressed, users can move away from their computer to attend to other tasks while their in-game character lies down.

To make their in-game character stay lying down without sleeping, they need to create a barricade in the game (not in real life). This entails surrounding their character with blocks or other items to create a confined space. Once done, their in-game character can hang out undisturbed while they (the player) are away. Mac or Java users do not have a water lay-down option other than sleeping, as environment shifting does not drop their character into a water bath like in Minecraft Bedrock. Windows, ps4, and Nintendo Switch Console players, as well as mobile players and Nintendo Switch Lite players, can lie down in a cart on a track built for laying with water blocking.

Using a Command

The only way to lie down in Minecraft whole without a bed is by using a command script in the chat that triggers sleep animation for player characters. This will effectively make you appear lying down. To do this you can paste in the command /function custom_sleeping found here into the chat. Invaders may come to harm your peaceful poses, so it is wisest to do this only when accompanied by trusted companions in a secure environment.

Using a Trapdoor

A trapdoor is an item that resembles a wooden door without a knob. It can be placed on either the top or bottom of blocks. Trapdoors can either be a decorative element to build cabinets or blockades inside buildings, or can be connected to a redstone slot to become a drawbridge or animal pen door.

Unfortunately, this exploration has not turned up any way to utilize them for the purpose of allowing players to lay down. Having the confines of four blocks in width to work with as noted by the hole building trick of lying down in a one-block hallway will allow a stairs-less method to approach the lying down angle. Unfortunately, trapdoors will eclipse the lying down player so that it won’t be possible for the player to see the surrounding area.

The trapdoor laying down hypothesis was tested. Conclusion? There is no way to lay down with a trapdoor. Trapdoors can make great blinds on windows or mirage traps to cover up lava flowing from the ceiling. But create a lying-down bed? There is better luck elsewhere than with the trapdoor.

Using a Boat

A player can position an oak boat in the same way a bed is placed in order to lie down in Minecraft. Boats are crafting items in Minecraft that players can use to take to the water and cross, and are normally built in a crafting grid because they use materials like sticks. A boat is 1.5×0.375 blocks, and requires only a 2 deep and 2 wide water source to fit in. Press the W key on a keyboard while in the dock to push the boat into the water while climbing in. Once the boat is floating, you can simply climb into it by right-clicking on the switch without having to move it. If larger docks are available, utilize them by pressing the switch button (often, but not always the right mouse button) while pointing the object to initiate movement once the boat is placed in the water.

What are the Benefits of Laying Down in Minecraft?

The benefits of laying down in Minecraft are that it converts the player to sleepy time to skip past the night or storm time for a few ticks. Laying in bed extends the time to go back to the player’s previous spawn or the bed set home. The sleep option heals from minor damage and from poison because the daytime state can last from 3-4 minutes (3-4 ticks for players) to anywhere up to 100 minutes if there is a thunderstorm and you have a bed nearby. During that time all current states are active, so healing from damaging states are being benefited from the increased sleep time. However, the amount of time needed could have been spent harvesting various resources or trying other activities instead of just sleeping.

Regaining Health

In Minecraft, you lay down 3 ways – by sleeping in a bed to skip the night, by being struck by lightning, or by using a command to give the lay down status indefinitely. Laying down for the purpose of regaining health is only possible by laying in beds. No other function allows you to sleep and regenerate health.

Minecraft provides several other means that players can take to regain lost health, such as eating most types of food, using a potion, or activating a beacon. These systems allow health to be regained to a varying degree but none of them simulate rest.

Mike Bourbeau, a writer for Howtogeek.com, expressed the benefits of bed sleeping versus healing mechanics by saying The other options do not pass the time, as they say you must do this dangerous task, such as fighting monsters or mining for diamonds.

When laying down with the intention of regaining health, it is important for players to remember that they are vulnerable. Resting is used in Minecraft to evade mobs such as zombies or dangerous cave systems. Sleeping allows players to ensure that they will not face these threats and combat with low health.

If you lay down without a bed, you cannot rest or lay down to regain health. Lay down without a bed simply gives a visual status of laying down in a peaceful, peaceful way according to player preference and nothing more.

Avoiding Mobs

You can lay down in Minecraft without a bed by waiting in a safety-proofed room. Simple walls or natural formations can keep hostile mobs with line-of-sight away from you. Mobs that spawn but are not already nearby will not begin to move unless a player character, including you, comes within the new mob’s line-of-sight.

You can use this property of the game to lie down and wait another two Minecraft days for a bed to become available.

Saving Time

These techniques are mainly for speedrunning where crafters are trying to get through the game as fast as possible. The goal in speedrunning is to try and make it to the end of a Minecraft game as quickly as possible, using whatever techniques are available to aid in their speed. This process is watched by eager fans and is often undertaken in competitive environments.

One of the innovative strategies that has evolved for speedrunning is rocketless flying using the eagle rock-glitch. A speedrunning attempt by Yumi last year managed to make it from 0 to the end of Minecraft in just over an hour. For those of us not competing in speedrun categories safe, efficient travel and time management in Minecraft can be appreciated for its ability to minimize resource use and time.

What are the Risks of Laying Down in Minecraft Without a Bed?

The risks of laying down in Minecraft without a bed applied in older versions include dying. In newer versions, the main risks of logging out without a bed include getting lost. If a player tries to fast travel by laying down near a bed to reset their spawn point, then the risk is that they may make their journey even longer by ending up in an even further location. Additionally, if a player is near a bed while logging out and their respawn point is set there, then the new respawn point is eliminated if they destroy the bed before dying. Storing items in a chest and leaving it beside the spawn point is a clever way to tackle the problem of not having a respawn point.

Being Vulnerable to Attacks

You should lay down in a dark and safe location to refill your hearts without a bed. Just like with F3 and B in the prior step, tags will let you know the ID of the block you are on. In a hostile environment, such as the dark, do not lie down because F3 and B will reveal that you are standing on unnecessary shallow stairs, which turning into walls or corners will offer you protection.

Limited Options for Resting

There are limited options for resting in Minecraft without a bed. Many islands and structures have large storage crates, any of which you can stand inside in the game with one point of hunger remaining for five minutes until reaching a weakened state and having your health restored. Another option since the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update is to sleep on the ground under the stars. If you have full hunger (ten points of haunches) and step away without moving, you can drop down to one portion and then if you crouch down, your character can enter the resting pose while 2 HP per minute are restored. This way you can wait through the darkness without respawning.

Potential Glitches

There may potentially be other ways to lay down in Minecraft, but these may be unintentional glitches within the game, and no other practical applications of them exist in the more recent versions.

A potential glitch to lay down in Minecraft was introduced in snapshot 14w17a. Bats are turned into entities with isSleeping parameter, so putting the game to survival mode and then forcibly saving and exiting while a bat was sleeping using the setting/gamerule command when sleeping without a bed in a previous snapshot created a situation where a player then laid down on the ground as could be seen in photo form after exiting the game. This is not confirmed to be possible in current versions, nor is there any practical utility to achieving this. Below are three possible glitches for other forms of resting in Minecraft.

In Minecraft Version 1.14.3, if a player was actively using a bed to sleep when killed in the nether, upon resuming in their spawn area they would find themselves in a crouched stance of appearing to sleep without the bed similar to a sleeping horse. This does not result in true rest but is an unusual example of rest as a sleeping behavior. Sleeping horses may give sugarcane while the game interacts with their object as if they are sleeping.

Another glitch is how gravestones interact with the resting game mechanic in Java Version 1.16.2. In earlier versions dying and using the respawn button at a randomly chosen new world spawn caused a block of wool to appear in the player’s inventory, which when placed and interacted with functioned as a bed. In the later version this can result in using the grave before respawning, which creates a situation where the player appears to lay down at an animal spawner block as their grave sits in the air above them, and they can then lay on the ground as their gravestone remains in the air after rejoining the world. This is a form of rest giving access to the item menu that allows the player to potentially sleep.


To lay down in Minecraft without a bed, you can use sugar cane. Sugar cane is easy to find and grows quickly. Dump sugar cane into water enclosed with a roof above the surface and then soak up the water with a sponge to form the sugar cane into a solid block and let the player drown. This method is extremely dangerous and not recommended as Minecraft is meant to be a fun and nonviolent game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I lay down in Minecraft without a bed?

You can lay down in Minecraft by using the /lay command, which can be activated by pressing the “T” key.

Can I lay down without using a bed?

Yes, you can use the /lay command to lay down without a bed in Minecraft.

What if I don’t have access to the /lay command in Minecraft?

If you’re playing on a multiplayer server, make sure the command is enabled by the server owner. If you’re playing in single player, make sure you have cheats enabled.

Is there a difference between laying down in a bed and using the /lay command?

Yes, using a bed will set your spawn point, while the /lay command simply allows you to lay down for a short period of time.

Can I lay down in Minecraft on any surface?

No, the /lay command only works on flat surfaces, such as blocks or the ground. It will not work on slabs, stairs, or other uneven surfaces.

Is there a limit to how long I can lay down using the /lay command?

Yes, the /lay command has a cooldown of 5 seconds, so you can only lay down for a short period of time before having to wait to use it again.

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