The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Cat Name in Minecraft

Ever wondered why naming a cat in Minecraft is so important? From taming your furry feline friend to finding the perfect name tag, there are several steps to consider.

In this article, we will explore the significance of naming your cat in Minecraft, popular names for these virtual pets, tips for choosing the right name, and creative ways to make your cat’s name truly unique.

So, if you’re a Minecraft enthusiast looking to add a personalized touch to your gameplay, keep reading to learn more!

What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that allows players to mine, fight, explore, create, and build. Users can interact with blocks, items, and entities within blocky three-dimensional environments. There are distinctive Minecraft mobs – friendly, neutral, and hostile characters – that users engage with that have specific behaviors unique to their species.

Mobs in Minecraft, interacting with the environment and with other mobs, create opportunities and challenges that keep the game interesting and moving forward.

Why Is Naming a Cat Important in Minecraft?

Naming a cat in Minecraft is important for two main reasons:

  1. Control and ownership. Cats can be renamed to make them easier to control when using commands. Naming a cat makes it easier to keep track of where they spawn, what features or abilities they have, and to differentiate between newly spawned cats in a group. Consistency in naming is helpful because when summoned by their name, the cat can be manipulated with additional commands.
  2. Cute and fun. It’s fun! Cats are often treasured as both companions and assets in the game, and a well-selected name can increase one’s fondness for their pet. The emotional attachment created by naming a Minecraft pet is especially motivating for children who play the game.

How To Name a Cat in Minecraft?

You name a cat in Minecraft by selecting the name tag in your hotbar and right-clicking on the cat. If it is a stray cat, it will become a tame tuxedo, siamese, or ginger cat. If it is a tame cat not due to a spawn egg or wandering around a village, a player may spend time selecting the name they wish to give them. A cat will follow a player if they are holding fish, whereas if a player wants to stop and start the game again, it is important to make sure no other cats are within the vicinity. The behavior can also be altered by holding fish who want to sit and spread the tidings of love among their peers.

A cat’s official Minecraft name cannot be given manually. On consoles and some mobile devices, a player may have to use a name tag to trade with wandering traders to obtain a new cat. Tamed cats when dispatched from the game can inexplicably come back less tame than before. It is also tricky to make tamed cats stand up again if they have been given the sit order.

Cats in Minecraft have unique behavior. They will startle when there are certain noises and come and sit on the player’s bed next to their feet.Cats cannot be asked to stand up or to sit down. A tamed cat can be right-clicked on the PC or use interact on the Bedrock Edition.

Taming a Cat in Minecraft

Cats can be tamed in Minecraft to bring them within the player’s territory where the player can name them using a Name Tag item. Ocelots that players find in Jungle biomes can be tamed into Cats using various raw fish as bait (not mere fishing in a pond, rather actively fishing by moving around in oneself which is how a player will get loot by killing mobs and finding the treasure map). Players just equipped with any armor or slabs in their hand can avoid Ocelots. Once a cat is tamed, it can follow the player around and be given a name.

Finding a Name Tag

A dead cat mine produce a name tag which players can use to give a cat a name in Minecraft. The chances of them killing one are quite slim, as ocelots and trader cats are naturally very abrasive and do not engage with direct combat with players. Killing a natural domestic cat does not produce name tags.

A name tag may be found in the game as a random item in generated structures and can be obtained through trading with librarians and cartographers. It is a rare item, with a lower drop rate than enchanted ores and elytra. Name tags have a 1 out of 12 chance of being pulled from the water while fishing (6.6%). Players can use anvils to rename it with a newly thought cat’s name… or leave them as those few still useful placeholder legendary, lucky, or funny items in Minecraft.

Using the Anvil to Name a Cat

An Anvil is a GUI block used to reforge items, enchant items, and name items. In Minecraft, the Anvil block can be used to name a cat. However, to name a cat in Minecraft with an Anvil, you need an item with the appropriate number of experience levels. Since Anvils need to use experience levels for their services, naming your Minecraft cat with an Anvil is very straightforward as long as you know how to level up your in-game experience.

Here is how to name a cat in Minecraft with an Anvil simply by right-clicking the Anvil block with the item you want and filling out the GUI according to your experience level total. Add the item you want to name to the left of the Anvil’s inventory in the first slot. In the second slot, input the name you want to give the item. The cost of renaming the item in the second slot appears in the third slot. You can adjust the name in the second slot as long as you have not pressed the Finalize button. If you change your mind and want to remove the item from the Anvil without renaming it, simply click cancel. You will not get the experience points back.

What Are Some Popular Names for Cats in Minecraft?

Some of the popular names for cats in Minecraft are once-off names such as Luna, Oreo, Leo, Sunny, Chester, and Shadow. However, they are often not beginner names. According to experts at the World Cat Congress, it is best to ignore the cat altogether when first bringing it home, let the cat approach you, and find out what its behavioral patterns are.

Minecraft players often create long-standing bonds with their cats, have many online friends who have played with various cats, and sometimes lose their beloved companion animals of many years to glitches that cause them to disappear, sometimes permanently. Many online cat name suggestion lists are partly influenced by real friends that no longer exist, so the name situations must accommodate the individuality of each gaming community. Players should engage in finding what is best for them over time.


Whiskers is a basic starter pet name for a digital cat and is symbolic of one of the prominent features of real-life cats. Whiskers are the long, thick, and well-innervated hairs around a cat’s noses and mouths. They are ultra-sensitive touch receptors and can grow back if broken, so if your cat’s whiskers look a little patchy, this can be a consequence of these hairs breaking and falling out as the cat moves through tight spaces, speaking geneticist Dr. Leslie A. Lyons from the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri, Columbia, in a 2007 study.

To make a Whisker pet different from the rest, you could combine Whisker’s elemental phonetics with another pet profile name. Whisker the Wizard, Nydia Whisker, and Wes Whisker are good examples.


Mittens is a feminine name for cats that harkens to the association of a mitten being similar in shape. The name conveys connotations of warmth, softness, cuteness, and coziness during the winter. It may appeal to owners in cold climates or just those who want to give special attention to their furry friend. The feet on a mitten and cat paws are similar which makes this a particularly apt choice.


Shadow is the name of Nick Furry’s black cat from the Captain Marvel Marvel Comics prequel novel. In the book, Carol Danvers gives him the name for a good reason given that he’s often causing chaos in the shadows. You can name a cat pet in Minecraft Shadow after Nick Furry’s bold and curious pet. It appears in The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Digital Art by Les Pardew as well as a Sim. Prozenif YouTube video on the Qumers 2021 PvP Resource Pack.


Luna is the Latin word for the Moon. Our moon was the first celestial body outside of the earth to be visited. Catster reports that one creature from earth, a pet named Luna, was the first cat to go to the moon. She was adopted by one of the Apollo 11 astronauts on their two weeks trip to the moon in 1969. Despite these allusions to larger-than-life achievments, Luna remains a very common name for female cats.

In Google search results it is the most common out of Top 10 Best Female Cat Names with the highest search volume. Article results show Luna is also popular for the names of humans, dogs, and even cars thanks to its sonorous lu- beginning, -na ending, and elegant feminine sound. One of the 18 next moons to be discovered in pobs (a Pluto character fighting a robot) novel colonized in 2254 is referred to as Pandora-Luna.


Simba is the protagonist of the Disney movie The Lion King, which is why many people adore the critter and name their own cats after it. If you are aiming for that ruler-of-the-jungle feel with your cat’s name, you are welcome. Simba is of Swahili and Arabic origin and means lion. Although it has not been common in the US over the past 130 years, it rose to greater prominence when the famous Disney film was released in 1994, as shown in the Ngram.

What Are Some Tips for Naming a Cat in Minecraft?

  • Use existing cat names from popular culture: Name your cat in Minecraft based on a character from TV or film.
  • Use group or clan names: Names based on groups such as wolf packs or even big cat colonies could be an option. Extra creativity could make use of fictional groups of famous feline groupings or even cats in popular culture’s history like the Jellicle Cats in Cats the musical or even the ThunderCats.

Consider Your Cat’s Appearance

If you have a Siamese cat, consider the names Luna or Sophie. If your cat is a black shorthair, you might name it Midnight. If your cat has three legs like the Black Death cat, an appropriate name would be Lucky. Name it Carrot if it is fat and orange like the feline YouTuber, Crouton. If your pet has a US background, give the name typical of an American domestic cat, like Whiskers or Mittens.

Think About Your Own Interests

If you have a favorite sports team, put that into your inspiration search. If you admire a certain actor, consider names of the characters he played. Maybe a historical figure from the 19th century particularly inspired you. The Black Cat might remind you of Franz Kafka’s story. Perhaps you could not decide on a digital name for Minecraft. Why not choose a diamond/cat wallpaper of your most favorite Minecraft skin and exchange the pictured cat’s name with your own? Ursula and Lupin are still very popular fictional book and game character names for cats. Remember they can be used free of charge if you create your own skin.

Use a Name Generator for Inspiration

If you are having a lot of trouble thinking of a cat name in Minecraft there are numerous online name generators that can either create one for you or give you ideas. You could use a generic name generator and add the word cat as a keyword. But a pet-specific generator that allows you to input the attributes of your pet is recommended as that could produce names that match the characteristics of your Minecraft cat such as their color, size, or demeanor.

Keep It Simple and Easy to Remember

Another consideration when choosing a cat name is how simple it is to say and remember. Cats are similar to other pets in capriciousness, so an easy-to-remember name and command is crucial to attract your cat’s attention whenever you desire. The name Winston was chosen for a simple and easy name by My Dog’s Name but Wilson lazily came out on top because people are more similar to their pets than they realise.

Similarly, Bean and Luna from your cats respond to their names? a trio of sibling kittens gave them the familiarity they never really acquired. Easy-to-remember and easy-to-say names are a necessity rather than a luxury when selecting cat names in Minecraft.

What Are Some Creative Ways to Name a Cat in Minecraft?

There are many creative ways to name a cat in Minecraft according to different themes such as celebrities, royalty, YouTube influencers, musicians, and international names.

Celebrity Cat Names

Minecraft cat name Rihanna was in the top 20 fan votes for cat names in our survey, but sadly did not make the top 10.

Royalty Pet Names

Many of the names of the cryptocurrencies in the new Dig & Fight mode such as Altcoin, Coinye, Monero, Doge, and so on have regal naming roots.

YouTube Influencers

Many former famous Minecraft YouTubers make for good Minecraft cat name inspirations, even if they lost their following or moved off of the site. Fan surveys often suggest the name of CaptainSparklez as a great cat name.


Famous musicians such as the venerable artist Cher make excellent pet naming inspirations. Surprisingly, a fancat of famous musician Elton John made a vote on the top list of the Ideal Cat Names survey.

International Names

Famous names from other languages can offer an international flair to your cat name in Minecraft. Aniko is a girl’s name of Hungarian and Hebrew origin meaning “favor or grace and Sateeva is a name blended from Sana’a, the capital city of Yemen, and the Ukrainian varenyky.

Sporting Cat Names

Famous sporting figures can also be a good pet naming source. They are likely to be easy to remember and help strike up conversations based on their fame. According to data from the American Pet Products Association, American cat owners named a combined 88,720 cats during the global pandemic in 2020 after sports figures (74,990).

Use a Play on Words

When you use a play on words to determine how to name your Minecraft feline, this means you use a phrase or group of connected phrases with a humorous or amusing meaning that each contain the word cat. A cat lovers’ vocabulary is a treasure trove of negative emotions that they may tap into where cats are cast as representers of a wide range of vices from pride, conceit, and shamelessness to laziness. Here are four of those on Twitter.

Incorporate a Reference to Pop Culture

Pop culture references are always a fun way to name your cat, Loft 2022. The reference can be to anything from history, books, movies, music to landmarks, famous personalities, and events.

In one of the most famous public service announcements from the 1980s, Smokey the Bear was reimagined as Smokey the cat with addendums. This was used as an appeal to kids to let them stay inside when it was too hot or too cold outside, and soon Smokey the cat became a mascot for the National Urban League. Known for his signature outfit, this would be a cute choice if your cat has unique or stand-out coloration. He was even mentioned in the lyrics of Michael Jackson’s hit The Girl is Mine.

Many cats in anime such as from My Neighbour Totoro and Sailor Moon are iconic. Literary cats such as Huckleberry or Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer have gained notoriety as well. With feline relations, the whole world was introduced to the meaning of gravitas and Frederick the Great as cat fans in a Vox video noticed the suspicious similarities between real-life Hitler and the YouTube cat sensation.

If you can’t come up with your own unique cat name, a list of popular culture cat thinkers comes from the community site, Jersey Blogger who has recently gotten into the trend of breed-specific Strong Little Animals business, or Bustle Magazines article sharing no less than 50 names.I’d choose a name like Lala to reflect your cat’s special personality.

Choose a Name Based on Your Cat’s Personality

Choosing a name for your Minecraft cat based on its personality is also a nice option. If your cat frequently runs and jumps, swift or ninja-like names such as Blaze or Shadow would be appropriate. On the other hand, if you have a fat lazy housecat on Minecraft, Lazy Boy or The Paul Bunyan of Cats could be equally fitting.

If your cat tends to act picky around you, names that reflect royalty, such as Prince, or others that evoke image or personality as such as Czar, would be appropriate.

Another option is to think of your favorite or memorable movie, book, or legend character and choose a name for your pet which closely resembles it in personality. If your cat likes to explore a mysterious world in the same way as the character Alice did in Alice in Wonderland, you can call it Alice.

If your cat attempts too many things and regularly succeeds in them, superman or Clark could be wonderful name options. Or you could use your cat’s looks to help determine a name. If they look like a movie star, Brad or Rita could be a good moniker

Combine Two Names to Make a Unique One

Combining two or more names to make a unique one can be a creative way to come up with cat names. This method is known as portmanteau, the blending of sounds from different names. This technique is often used for celebrity power couple names such as Brangelina, Kimye, and Bennifer.

In the case of naming a cat, one can combine two names with characteristics they like from each. For example, a pet owner could combine the names Fluffy and Sammy to get Sluffy. Their cat may be similar to both Sammy and Fluffy.

Another example of combining names would be getting Gerry from Gary and Merry. You can experiment and mix names with features you like. For example, adding a needle to Chantelle and making it Chanadelle to make things a bit funnier. By trying different combinations one can come up with the best fun cat name, turning them into something that is completely unique and different.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Name a Cat in Minecraft?

Naming a cat in Minecraft is a fun and creative way to personalize your furry companion. Here are some frequently asked questions about how to name a cat in Minecraft.

What is the purpose of naming a cat in Minecraft?

Naming a cat in Minecraft serves as a way to differentiate between multiple cats and add a personal touch to your pet. It also adds a sense of ownership and attachment to your virtual feline friend.

How do I name a cat in Minecraft?

To name a cat in Minecraft, you must first obtain a name tag. These can be found in chests or by fishing. Once you have a name tag, simply right-click on the cat and the name tag will appear in the cat’s name slot. Type in your desired name and press enter.

Can I change my cat’s name in Minecraft?

Yes, you can change your cat’s name at any time by using another name tag and following the same steps as above. This allows you to switch up your cat’s name or give different names to multiple cats.

Are there any restrictions on naming a cat in Minecraft?

Yes, there are some restrictions on naming a cat in Minecraft. Names can only be a maximum of 64 characters long and can only include letters, numbers, and underscores. Special characters and spaces are not allowed.

Can I name my cat after another player in Minecraft?

Yes, you can name your cat after another player in Minecraft. This is a fun way to pay tribute to your friends or give a shoutout to your favorite YouTuber or streamer.

What are some creative names for cats in Minecraft?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to naming a cat in Minecraft. Some popular names include Whiskers, Mittens, Simba, Luna, and Felix. You can also come up with your own unique names based on your cat’s appearance or personality.

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