Unlocking Difficulty in Minecraft: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking to spice up your Minecraft gameplay by changing the difficulty level?

We explore the ins and outs of Minecraft difficulty, including why you might want to change it, how to do so, and the different difficulty levels available.

We delve into how difficulty affects gameplay, the advantages and disadvantages of changing difficulty, and provide some handy tips for navigating each difficulty level.

Grab your pickaxe and let’s dive in!

What Is Minecraft Difficulty?

Minecraft difficulty is an in-game setting that determines how aggressive or harmful the game environment is to a player, in terms of the threats posed to their health and well-being by monsters, hostile mobs, or other environmental factors.

In peaceful difficulty, players do not take damage and do not need food. As the name implies, it is the easiest difficulty setting for players to mine, build, and explore the game’s map. In easy, normal, and hard modes, players will take comparable damage, food becomes a concern, and the strength and numbers of hostile enemies such as pillagers increase, respectively. Difficulties can be changed on-the-fly in the game settings.

Why Would You Want To Change Minecraft Difficulty?

You would want to change Minecraft difficulty to obtain a particular gamer experience. The game is highly modifiable and changing the difficulty increases game enjoyment for many players. Difficult settings can make the game more challenging or casual, depending on which difficulty level you set it to.

As you could surmise, gameplay aspects like mob drop rates, fuel requirements, block hardness and delay time, player health, average mob attack strength, etc. will interact in a unique way any time the difficulty is adjusted. It is useful to experiment with different settings to see which one best suits the player’s style of play. Problem-solving ability, loot drop rates, survival rate, and various other factors are affected by the difficulty level you choose.

Beau Knows Gaming, the YouTube channel, recommends altering the difficulty from Hard to Peaceful if you’re struggling to make advancements, particularly without encountering hostilities. To get desired mob-related items without the risk of danger and casualties, you might momentarily decrease the difficulty from Peaceful to allow hostilities.

How To Change Minecraft Difficulty?

Minecraft difficulty can be changed at any time by opening the Options menu either when in an existing world or while selecting a new world. Upon entering the Options menu, there will be a section titled Video, Audio, Controls, Language, and Game. Minecraft difficulty is changed through the Game tab where there are three drop-down menus. The first drop-down menu allows players to set the difficulty of the world they are currently playing in. There are four Minecraft difficulty settings.

The second and third drop-down menus allow players to alter the Field of View as well as disable the Auto-Jump feature. Minecraft commands are able to change the difficulty by typing a command into the cheat menu. These are some of the commands that can be run.

  • /difficulty peaceful changes the difficulty to peaceful mode.
  • /difficulty easy changes the difficulty to easy.
  • /difficulty normal changes the difficulty to normal.
  • /difficulty hard changes the difficulty to hard.
  • /difficulty fill fills the command automatically.

In-Game Difficulty Settings

The core way people change their difficulty settings in Minecraft is through the in-game interface. The main user interface (Minecraft Options) can be accessed by pressing Escape while in the game, and the Difficulty Slider is the second option under Options. It defaults to Normal mode but can be moved left to Easy mode or right to Hard mode as desired. If you want to set it to Peaceful mode, this can be done from the Pause menu which can be seen by pressing the large `ECS` Pause menu (“Esc”) and has the option to change difficulty settings.


The difficulty won’t affect these types of game modes.

The instructions for these settings are largely identical across both the Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft. This method is used to change the difficulty of a Minecraft world that is locked into a specific mode once created. You can return your difficulty level to the middle of the slider which will default it back to the standard setting of Normal mode, but it cannot be moved directly from Peaceful to Hard/Hard to Peaceful once the settings are locked.

Players can ostensively create a system where the user inside the Minecraft world can change the game mode without access to the rest of the internal server settings. However, this is not recommended as the user will have access to the rest of the server settings which could have a negative effect on how the game is played and negates the purpose of changing the mode. Peski Strategy’s no-nonsense modern survival series Jakey explains the viewer question of how to change the difficulty in Minecraft he calls Cheatcraft. Skip to 6:25 to see how this is briefly done on XBox One Edition.

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The instructions for these settings are largely identical across both the Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft. This method is used to change the difficulty of a Minecraft world that is locked into a specific mode once created. You can return your difficulty level to the middle of the slider which will default it back to the standard setting of Normal mode, but it cannot be moved directly from Peaceful to Hard/Hard to Peaceful once the settings are locked. Players can ostensively create a system where the user inside the Minecraft world can change the game mode without access to the rest of the internal server settings. However, this is not recommended as the user will have access to the rest of the server settings which could have a negative effect on how the game is played and negates the purpose of changing the mode. Peski Strategy’s no-nonsense modern survival series Jakey explains the viewer question of how to change the difficulty in Minecraft he calls Cheatcraft. Skip to 6:25 to see how this is briefly done on XBox One Edition.

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Instructions demonstrated by Peski Strategy’s no-nonsense modern survival series Jakey on XBox One Edition.

  • Create a new survival world.
  • Press the Esc key to bring up the Minecraft options.
  • Click on Options statement.
  • Slide the level selector to the desired difficulty to change minecraft difficulty level, from peaceful to hard, or hard to peaceful.
  • Resume game play and the world difficulty will change to the selected setting.

How to change difficulty in Minecraft from peaceful to hard or hard to peaceful once the game is locked. Once difficulty locked, a player can change it by choosing Easy or Hard if it is set to Peaceful, or Peaceful if it is set to anything else. This is how I learned to change the difficulty on a Pocket Edition world that was locked so I could get back to playing on Easy.

During the course of my game, the difficulty locked. I tried gaining access to the settings in both the mobile app and on a PC but couldn’t adjust it back to Easy. So I had to come up with a solution. I created a new world to test what function did or didn’t work. I quickly filled my inventory with just about everything in the creative world’s collections, picked a fight with spiders, the moment my character died, I pressed the options screen from the ESC foothills camps. I was able to adjust the difficulty to Easy again. With this adjustment in Easy, I then went back into the locked world and clicked Allow Cheats so I can shift Creative to Survival and rebuilt my inventory collection. It wasn’t a perfect solution but it allowed me to begin enjoying the game on normal again even though the Easy or Hard options weren’t available.

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Instructions to change your Difficulty using Bedrock Edition on Xbox:

  • Pause game by pressing `ESC`.
  • Select `Settings`.
  • Click `Options` at top of screen.
  • Select game tab and change game difficulty with the slider.
  • Press `X` to `Save and Quit`.
  • Relaunch and the difficulty settings will be changed.


Instructions to change your Difficulty using Pocket Edition specifically for iPhone or iPad:

  • Pause the game by pressing the `Pause Menu`.
  • Go to the `Settings Tab`.
  • Select the `Survival` Tab.
  • Change the difficulty by adjusting the slider.
  • Tap the `Pause Menu`.
  • Play when the difficulty has been changed.


Instructions to change Your Difficulty in Minecraft Bedrock Edition – Mobile:

  • Pause game by selecting `Pause` icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select `Settings`.
  • Select `Game`.
  • Adjust the Game difficulty slider to Default, Easy, Normal, or Hard.
  • Click `X` in view, to Save Changes.
  • Restart the game to see the changes.


Instructions on how to change the difficulty on Minecraft’s Xbox 360 Edition:

  1. Pause by pressing Start.
  2. Select Settings > Options.
  3. Slide to adjust the Game Difficulty option.
  4. Click Done with B.
  5. Press B again to return to game play with the difficulty changes implemented.


Instructions on how to change the difficulty on console editions (if it is not locked):

  • Pause using the pause button.
  • Choose settings.
  • Select world settings.
  • Change the Game Difficulty option.
  • Return to playing to see the changes.


Bullykuma’s shows how to change a Minecraft world’s setting difficulty mode from hard to normal on an Xbox One in this video titled How to Change Difficulty in Minecraft the Easiest Way (Xbox).

The only items that stay in your inventory are the most recently saved maps.


Minecraft players can switch difficulty in the Options -> Controls menu, which allows them to remotely change their control settings including hardware functions. These are equivalent to key inputs, mouse inputs, and buttons. Changing these settings can only alter game settings when gamepad, touch, and external controller input does not work properly.

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On Minecraft PC/Mac, if you are playing via the Bedrock Edition, the player can change the game language of onscreen items, the item in the hotbar, menu titles as well as block name tags. However, for those playing via the Java Edition, only the language of onscreen items can be adjusted. So if you want to adjust the way things are displayed onscreen or in the menu, check the options.

Johanías Solly provides clear instructions on changing your game language in Minecraft in his video titled Minecraft Xbox 360: How To Change Your Language in Minecraft Tutorial – ( PS3 and PC Instruction in Description ).


To change the language in Minecraft select the Options gear from the Main Menu and then Sharing and Game Options. Afterward, change the Console Language, Console Settings Language, or Game Language when it is in the language icon selection. Press the Pause button and then select Help & Options. The Minecraft Language Setting will be under HUD. The Console Language section is found in Xbox settings. To change the game language on PC, click the gear on the corner of the title screen and then proceed with the Gaming and Office Menu.


On Java Edition, choose Options -> Language to change the language.


Instructions on how to change the language settings using the Xbox edition of Minecraft:

  1. Select Options from Settings.
  2. Select the Game Settings tab.
  3. Toggle Swedish Chef language.
  4. Select the Swedish Chef language to return to English.
  5. Save your settings by clicking B twice.


In the Xbox version of Minecraft, one can change the controls to a southpaw setup that has all typical gaming controls swapped with their evident counterparts. Bullykuma shows how in his video titled How to change difficulty on Xbox Easiest way! (Minecraft Xbox Tutorial).


Here, one finds the game controller’s normal states.


The Swap A/B control option in the Xbox version of Minecraft is a way of changing the main and alternate interactions in your game button configurations for the Xbox controllers. Changing key bindings can be utilized to change the way the current Xbox controller interacts.


Users can see Pang’s Minecraft for Beginners to perform these adjustments.


Steps to change in which hand you hold your item on Minecraft: Windows 10 or Java edition by Windows Central are the following:

  1. Open the escape menu.
  2. Move to the Controls section.
  3. Scroll down until you reach the Use item/Place block bindings.
  4. Switch the LMB and RMB bindings to move your item to the other hand.
  5. Scroll down to reach the Swap Hands binding, set to begin swapping hands whenever it is pressed.
  6. Exit the menu and give a try to your newly selected hand function.


Changing the hand item functionalities can only change the key bindings and doesn’t have any limit on the type of input you play with.


Adding and playing a copied Realm on Minecraft can simply be done by clicking on Play, the Worlds button followed by Create New, and finally opting for Create New Realm. The final step is pasting the copied link or code from the clipboard.

The location of the Worlds and Create New tab on the Realm UI version of Minecraft from Remmi shows players how to set it up. CommandType’s shows it on touch devices.


The Series feature primarily allows identical worlds to be created with structures, mobs, and loot presets. If a piece is put on when the series is activated, it can also auto-enchant.


Just Ainsa tells Minecraft players how to create and save their Minecraft series. They must first designate a leader, then the Series system, then the members. They can then construct and save their new worlds and summon their saved realms.


When players go to the Realms or on the Fan server selection screen, the square showing the Series will be red and inactive until a Series is fully made.


When you have participation in the balanced series, the overlay will present a red display that alerts you. */

  • Someone is late for an upcoming assembly, which will trigger your count to be checked.
  • There is not sufficient battery that results in a reduction of your server memory.


Realms Plus membership plan details, costs, and options reflect all available packages allowing for a very flexible approach.


Users have a free trial to try Realms Plus. Adjust the settings of the Realms Plus server to decide which features new participants, including minors, can interact with. Turn off achievements if preferred to create unique challenges in exploring realms.


Creating a Shared Realm on Minecraft Realms can be as simple as naming it and inviting your friends to join. */

  1. Locate your world
  2. Download your world
  3. Select the Progress Each Day option
  4. Invite friends to join


To make a world Mineplex Realms ready, a server chapter will be constructed to simplify installation, coordinate console connections, as well as establish any third-party applications for managing the servers. This network is designed to house unique and private worlds to suit the chosen ambitions. Private worlds attract resources through their virtual currency that reaches out to a wider audience, making them expandable beyond one episode.


Minecraft player Akirby shows off Helodebo on his Modded Let’s Play.


Peaceful difficulty eliminates all hostile mobs even though they can be found using mods or commands. The recommendation is for players to use a Monster Egg/TNT Monster as soon as they spawn in such a peaceful world as they will not be able to leave or build past the border.


Jane Mike shows viewers how to add mods to a peaceful difficulty world.


Prospective and excited potential Realm players can prepare by practicing the game first as a primer. Parents can adjust difficulty settings and summon a friend. Refrain from entering an existing world and make a statement.


Miss Ivoria’s video goes over the steps for how to play on a Realms server for beginners. These include buying a Minecraft realm, summoning a member, adjusting Spawning options, and visiting maps created by others.


World settings give you practical access to the folder, decisions, and display. Wildlife swarms will also be affected by the monsters are running concentration. Land, fog, and spawning locales can then be altered. Logistics for the planet could also be a danger, so be careful about how resources and pollution are installed. Concentrations of flora and toxins could be adjusted to avoid obstructions or limits to certain survival. Diabetics should regulate their blood sugar and urea, aquatic-like neurology, and health. Players can affect features, logarithm, paint, and other gene pools and DNA. Concentrations of flora and toxins could also be adjusted to avoid obstructions or limits to certain survival. Diabetics should regulate their blood sugar and urea, aquatic-like neurology, and health. Players can access the zone where you can alter wildlife swarms and show locations, damage from the balance icon. Preserve your world in the suggested personal server.


Colbizzle shows the steps on how to Create Your Own Minecraft Mod Realms Server. This involves accessing a world and inviting members. You can add world-generated icons to the map when it is on a Realms server. World settings will be in effect for how long specific genes will operate.


Changing the world settings can have a significant impact on Challenges Connected to Various Minecraft Equipment.


You can eliminate the glass border that is a cap to the Minecraft universe by changing maps. Difficulty switching can also create challenges especially if the setting will be different from the previous one. Commands, both OS or pocket versions, will mandate changes.


These steps can be followed in any version of Minecraft to change the current settings. */
Using the Change game setting option

  • Pick Pause from the Settings menu before moving to Options.
  • Adjust World settings.
  • Select Game as the focus.
    Adjust settings and return to the game to save the changes.
    Continue playing to verify selection of game settings has changed.

or using Console Versions

  • Use the Pause option to access the in-game console.
  • Select Game Settings.
  • Adjust settings using the difficulty slider.
  • Click Back and save settings.
  • Press the Resume button allowing new different settings.

or Client Versions

  • Pause the game.
  • Enter the World Settings option.
  • Adjust settings using the difficulty slider.
  • Click Create or Play to enact, save, or generate gameplay settings.
  • Move forward and the game settings will be updated to the specific selection.


They will notice the immediate difference after changing their Minecraft settings to render any necessary modifications to the game of their choice.


Included in Minecraft Beginners Tutorials for PC is a how-to video from TampaTec explaining how to enter the Minecraft Pause mode and switch between game modes. This includes a brief look at keyboard shortcuts, such as ones that adjust your movement style and teleport between servers.


  • Access the Escape key in Minecraft to initiate a pause.
  • Find Pause in-game settings.
  • Use Pause to change the game mode.
  • Click Back to preserve game settings.


Modo Parkour: This version is used with seven other game types which include wall jumping, ladder parkour, and fence parkour challenges. Ender is the only spawn for parkour.


If the normal difficulty in Minecraft is disabled due to an unknown origin but you want to enable a more challenging game, select the Easy option in the settings to save data from an already created realm as it is still needed. First save the world and then change the files prompted, too, if needed.


  • Change

    Using Commands

    Another method for changing difficulty when locked in Minecraft is to use commands. There are several ways to do this. If you are using a Minecraft: Java Edition on a personal computer, you can either press shift + f3 to open a prompt that will allow you to change the setting to peaceful. Or to switch the setting to a different difficulty than peaceful, press t then type /difficulty, chosen by number (0 = Peaceful, 1 = Easy, 2 = Normal, 3 = Hard), or manual (/difficulty peaceful).

    If playing Console Edition, pressing L+R+B+A down simultaneously pulls up a hidden screen where you can type /difficulty followed by your desired setting’s number. For BEDROCK EDITION, pressing Y to open the chat window then type /difficulty followed by one of the options noted earlier, or /difficulty peaceful.

    What Are The Different Difficulty Levels In Minecraft?

    The different difficulty levels in Minecraft are defined as the numeric literal between 0-4, corresponding to Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard. Each difficulty level provides specific and escalating hazards to the player, such as monster strength, health, damage, spawning speed, and territory areas. These are the different difficulty levels in Minecraft:

    1. Peaceful (Difficulty 0) : Only drain and damage effects are disabled. Monsters will not spawn. Hunger depletes permanently causing its effects to happen then starvation may kill the player. Zombies do not drop iron ingots.
    2. Easy (Difficulty 1) : Monsters do less damage and have less health than they do in normal mode. This means they will not survive as long as they fight with the player. Some items can be cooked faster
    3. Normal (Difficulty 2) : This is the difficulty setting that most of Minecraft’s players ought to be at in Minecraft. If confrontation with monsters is too easy, raise the difficulty level for an additional challenge
    4. Hard (Difficulty 3) : Monsters do more damage and have even more health than they do in Normal mode.

    The monster spawning area is the exact same size in all levels. The spawning territories get larger and more frequent as difficulty increases

    Mooshrooms make a much more quiet sound if they survive above y=-20, resetting this number causes the loud sound to return.

    How Does Difficulty Affect Gameplay In Minecraft?

    Difficulty affects gameplay in Minecraft by altering four gameplay settings; health regeneration, mob spawning, mob health and damage, and fire and lava damage. Each difficulty setting has these values set as initial presets that can be altered to match the difficulty adjacent to it.

    Higher difficulties automatically imply that the player has less time to move to a lower difficulty and adapt to the higher difficulty. Here is a brief description of the four gameplay settings. In Peaceful mode, there is no hunger meter and all hostile mobs are removed from the game. All food-like items restore health immediately, like in Creative mode. Friendly mobs like cows, pigs, and sheep remain. Peaceful difficulty is 0% damage regen delay and 20% natural regen. The default spawn rate is low with only livestock (passive mobs) and only snow golems and iron golems spawning if a hostile mob shows up. Throwing eggs at chickens, snowballs at snowmen, or attacking storage system golems will allow you to generate these types of golems. If you wanted to generate invasive mobs in peaceful mode, you’d have to manually add them to the gameworld using eggs, spawn eggs, or commands. A notable exclusion is that you can’t get Phantoms with this strategy because they only spawn when you haven’t slept in a while, and since it gets rid of the exhaustion meter, you can’t get them this way. Neutral mobs like cats, ocelots, pandas, and parrots and hostile mobs like monsters and undead are also affected by this. There is no lava damage. Easy has a regen delay of 50% and a natural regen value of 60%. Mobs don’t spawn on glass, bedrock, end portal frames, and the like. Aside from livestock, all monsters burn up on their own in sunlight. Medium has a 5 second regen delay at 67% regen. The default amount of mob spawners is high. The default amount of mob spawners is medium to high. Hard has 45 seconds of regen delay at 60% regen. The default amount of mob spawners is high to very high.

    Mob Spawn Rates

    By having more or fewer monsters spawn near you, Minecraft can change difficulty. If there are too few monsters near you, raising the difficulty will allow more to spawn. If there are too many, lowering the difficulty will help keep the growing spider or zombie population down. However, changing mob spawn rates after difficulty is locked out at the start of the game is not possible.

    On Java Edition, the only way to change the mob spawn rate is by modifying the core game programming, essentially hacking the game. Players could play on multiplayer servers where the host adjusts mob spawn rates, if such an adjustment exists. Note that this may reduce the challenge of the game and ruin the players’ experienAsk the host on the server.

    Mob Behavior

    The three key behavior changes of mobs on different difficulties in Minecraft are pathfinding, damage taken, and additional powers. On Easy, mobs receive 50% more damage from players compared to Peaceful. On Normal difficulty, mobs deal 50% more damage to players than on Easy. An exception is the Creeper which can kill players if it explodes closely enough on Normal and Hard but not on Easy.

    Player Health and Hunger

    When you play Java Edition Minecraft, you cannot change the difficulty while time is paused to regathering hunger or healing lost health. So if you use the /difficulty cheat to enable difficulty, the changes will only apply to future behavior and will not modify your current level of health or hunger.

    What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Changing Minecraft Difficulty?

    The advantages and disadvantages of changing Minecraft difficulty settings favor ease of use and entertainment at the expense of challenge and adequate preparation.

    1. If players are not enjoying their game, they are easily able to switch between difficulty levels.
    2. Different difficulties maintain player interest at a similar problem solving level.
    3. Lowering the difficulty level when challenged can cheat players out of accomplishments.
    4. Playstyle adjustments may be necessary when playing at lower difficulties to maintain a base level of interest.


    • Reduce mob difficulty for carefree base building in protection of automatic farms
    • Make resource acquisition easier using the Peaceful setting or easier difficulty, lowering mob danger while mining
    • Locate weather-locked exclusive resources like Ender Pearls in woodland mansions, Mooshrooms, or Pandas (and Bamboo) by lowering the difficulty to Peaceful


    The major disadvantage of changing the difficulty in Minecraft is that the convenience of instantaneous game control changes the challenge for real-time decision-making. This can make the game boring and controlled if you know how to switch difficulty and anticipate what may happen. If you allow others to change difficulty settings, especially non-players, then they may affect your world. For example, a young sibling may lower the difficulty after you have built defenses

    What Are Some Tips For Playing On Different Difficulty Levels?

    Some tips for playing on different difficulty levels for Minecraft include setting the game mode to easy difficulty if it is too difficult, as this game is more manageable and has fewer risks of disease and monsters like the other settings, especially if paired with a restricted world seed and toggled off features. The peaceful mode game setting may be used if players want a more relaxed and creative gaming experience without any hostile mobs.

    Hard mode is for players who seek a challenge or are playing in a PvP setting where the best items in the game can be stolen or lost when the player character is killed by hostile mobs.

    Easy Difficulty Tips

    To change the difficulty in Minecraft to Easy after locked, the player must make their way to the `` menu. Press `Esc` to access it. Here, you can change the selected difficulty by selecting from the options Easy, Normal, and Hard. To do so while in a world you wish to change the difficulty of, change the difficulty before entering the world.

    If not, you will be required to alter the world/game data from outside the game. You will find the files at the following directories. According to these probabilities, playing in Easy Mode means hostile mobs are less aggressive and do less damage, appear less frequently, and have less health. Monsters disappear sooner than in a hard or normal world. The following are the key differences between the various difficulty modes.

    Hostile mobs do less damage on easy – 50%. Easy mode menu options have a head with a warm smiley face. On easy difficulty, according to statistics given in Pandamans version 1.17.1 item drops tutorial, zombie survivors decrease by 42.19% – from 5 to very redeemable 2.895. 87 seconds to suffocate them with a block. 47 vulnerable seconds added compared to hard. On easy difficulty, according to statistics given in Pandamans version 1.17.1 item drops tutorial, spider eyes are 47.17% more obtainable, feeding few villagers zombies, lower inventory maintenance, less cleaning and low magic regen are just a few reasons to play on easy mode.

    Normal Difficulty Tips

    In normal difficulty, all regular content loads, including mobs. Phantoms can start appearing in night three of not sleeping. Mobs with better weapons start spawning, with up to 25% armor. While some mobs go up only a few points in difficulty, others such as ghasts, bees, and striders increase quite a lot.

    This can make them much more dangerous to the player and other mobs. An increase from 4 attack damage to 8.5 is the difference between two hits from a mob vs. five. The strider goes from doing zero damage to 6.5, which usually kills a player in three hits.

    Hard Difficulty Tips

    If switching from peaceful difficulty, the hardest basic mode is hard difficulty when changing from locked peaceful mode. Many players and administrators argue over which difficulty provides the greatest level of challenge between hard and hardcore, but the only significant difference is the potential for permanent death in hardcore mode.

    Players can avoid any and all extra penalties of having locked peaceful difficulty so long as they remember what block and item drop rates are supposed to be. In this sense, hard difficulty is most similar to locked peaceful mode although it does increase the spawn rates of enemies, which can make certain types of work and travel riskier.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I change the difficulty in Minecraft if it is locked?

    To change the difficulty in Minecraft after it has been locked, follow these steps:

    • Pause the game and click on “Options” in the menu
    • Select “Difficulty” from the options menu
    • Use the arrow keys to switch between difficulty levels
    • Press “Enter” to confirm the new difficulty

    You should now see the difficulty level change in the game.

    Why is my difficulty locked in Minecraft?

    The difficulty may be locked in Minecraft if you are playing on a server or in a world with cheats disabled. This is a common setting for multiplayer servers and can also be enabled or disabled by the world owner in single player.

    Can I change the difficulty in Minecraft after starting a new world?

    Yes, you can change the difficulty in Minecraft after starting a new world. Simply pause the game and follow the steps outlined in the first question to change the difficulty level. Keep in mind that some achievements may be disabled if you change the difficulty mid-game.

    What happens if I change the difficulty in Minecraft while playing on a server?

    If you change the difficulty in Minecraft while playing on a server, it will only affect your personal gameplay. The difficulty level for other players on the server will remain the same, unless they also change it on their end.

    Is there a way to lock the difficulty in Minecraft?

    Yes, there is a way to lock the difficulty in Minecraft. You can do this by enabling cheats in your world settings and using the command “/difficulty lock”. This will prevent players from changing the difficulty level in that world.

    Can I change the difficulty in Minecraft on console or mobile?

    Yes, you can change the difficulty in Minecraft on console or mobile devices. The steps may vary slightly depending on the platform you are playing on, but you should be able to access the options menu and change the difficulty level in the same way as on PC.

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