Discover the Secret to Obtaining Green Dye in Minecraft

Are you a Minecraft player looking to add some color to your builds?

Green dye can be a useful resource in the game for creating various items such as green wool, stained glass, and even dyeing sheep.

We will explore the different methods of obtaining green dye in Minecraft, from crafting it with cactus and lapis lazuli to trading with villagers or finding it in dungeon chests.

Discover how you can get your hands on this vibrant dye and all the creative possibilities it unlocks in the game.

What is Green Dye in Minecraft?

Green dye in Minecraft is an item that players can use to color things green in the game and is a chemical compound crafted from either seagrass or the damaging desert bush that spreads uncontrollably as tumbleweed.

There is little official information on green dye in the game, however, Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences pointed out the major problem with deserts: tumbleweeds are particularly fond of monocultures such as cheatgrass, which creates more of them.

Why is Green Dye Useful in Minecraft?

Green dye has limited uses in Minecraft. It can serve mostly as a replacement for lime dye or other color dyes where green dye can be combined with secondary color dyes to create a more widely usable dye.

One green dye in Minecraft is enough to dye up to eight blocks or items and can actually dye up to eighteen blocks or items with merging leftover green dye with other colors for secondary dye abilities. Green dye in Minecraft can be utilized to color everything from leather armor to beds, banners, terracotta, and more. For a list of Minecraft items that can use green dye, view the How to Use Green Dye in Minecraft section at the top of this guide.

How to Get Green Dye in Minecraft?

You get Green Dye in Minecraft mostly through Smelting Cacti into Cactus Green. Cacti are usually found in Desert Biomes. Another less-common option is to put Kelp or Kelp Blocks into a Furnace to create Green Dye. This is less common since Cacti are easier to obtain than Kelp.

Cacti grow on the surface (and on top of) Sand Blocks in Deserts, Badlands, and Beach biomes. They can also be found in the Treasure Room of Desert Temples. Kelp is an underwater plant, and unlike most plants, it can be placed in running water so it can grow and be harvested.Kelp is only a source of Green Dye and is not used for various pots. It is not necessary to use Cacti specifically. Running a Skeleton-Farm to obtain Bones can allow you to create Bonemeal, which when used on various colored flowers can give you, Green Dye.

The following items can be turned into Green Dye in Minecraft:

  • Cacti: Smelt in furnace
  • Kelp: Smelt in furnace
  • Cactus Green: Like Kelp, it is not common to find a lot of Cactus but you can convert it to Green Dye using a furnace.
  • Green Dye: Place a variety of flowers in a crafting grid.
  • Lime Dye: Smelt sea pickles in a furnace

Crafting Green Dye with Cactus and Lapis Lazuli

To get Green Dye in Minecraft, set up a furnace for Cactus Green and a crafting table so you can get Ball of Moss and Red Dye and mix them with cactus green.

  1. Crafting Green Dye with Cactus (Mac, PS4, Mobile, Xbox, Switch, Java, Windows 10): Open the furnace, drag and drop the Cactus into the slot on the left.
  2. Crafting Green Dye with Lapis Lazuli (Mac, PS4, Mobile, Xbox): Drag and drop Lapis Lazuli into the slot on the left of the crafting table. Take Green Dye out of the rightmost slot.

The only way to obtain Lapis Lazuli is through mining. You can find the most abundant lapis blocks in layers 12 to 15. This yields up to 40 lapis blocks, which is more than enough to get the job done.

Finding Green Dye in Village Chests

In Minecraft you can find green dye in village chests. If you find a desert village, you can search for chests there to find up to seven green dyes. Other biomes have an equal probability of one being in any given chest as having seven in one, similar to the chances of getting large quantities of green dye from mineshafts.

You can also find green glow ink sacs in Cartographer’s houses in plains, savanna, taiga, or snowy taiga villages.

Trading with Villagers for Green Dye

A third way to get green dye in Minecraft is from trading with villagers. This kind of trading can be accessed anytime, although some villagers may not have what you want. In general, to unlock trading players will need to locate a village and construct a few of the buildings there such as the crafting table, a smithing table, and a loom.

Each of these buildings will allow for different types of trades with the villagers that live in the village. The easiest buildings to get will correspond to the easier trades. Additionally, the first offerings from any one villager are predetermined depending on the villager’s role. They will offer emeralds for specific goods including green dye.

Killing Creepers for Green Dye

Killing Minecraft Creepers is the most effective way to get Green Dye in the game. Creepers do not drop green dye directly, but they drop Sulfur or Gunpowder which is used to craft Green Dye. Here are the steps that are required to produce Green Dye from Gunpowder to obtain Creepers.

  1. Find a Creeper. Creepers spawn at light levels of 7 or less, meaning that they spawn at night or in caves. After finding a Creeper, get close enough that it decides to pursue you.
  2. Wait until the Creeper is down to about half of its hit points. Now you can switch to a sword and easily kill the Creeper. Creepers cannot be burned in the light, so you will have to fight the Creeper underground, at night, or somewhere sheltered. They will want to self-destruct if they receive any damage before exploding, they will not drop any gunpowder at all.
  3. Once you have killed the Creeper, Gunpowder will drop. You need a minimum of two Gunpowders (along with a variety of other items) to produce the bright green dye used in fireworks.
  4. Placing the gunpowder on the crafting bench will produce the dye. Gunpowder is not used for much other than Green Dye.

If by chance a Creeper damages a player’s mining area or Redstone contraption, the Creeper will drop the loot directly rather than dropping it as an item. Make sure it’s looted to retrieve the gunpowder and green dye.

Using a Furnace to Create Green Dye from Cactus

Another method of obtaining green dye in Minecraft involves using a crafting table and cactus. A crafting table is used to place the cactus item in the 3×3 grid and it creates dye powder. The furnace is used to smelt the cactus, which will then produce green dye. This process eliminates the need to initially create the cactus into cactus green.

To use the furnace to make green dye from a cactus, follow this process. Place the cactus item in the top box to smelt it. After a few moments, green dye will pile up in the bottom box and emit a bling sound. Collect and use the green dye item as desired.

Smelting cactus in the furnace produces garish green dye. This dye is synthetic and is not meant for mixing with others to create different dyes. The application of this dye to items will result in a solid, uniform garish green color set. If the creation of this synthetic green color is desired, obtaining and smelting cactus is the fastest and easiest method to do so.

Finding Green Dye in Dungeon Chests

Dungeons are naturally spawning structures that generate in the Overworld. They contain spawners for mobs such as zombies, skeletons, or spiders and consist of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone blocks, with visible spawners and several chests filled with treasure. Dungeon chest loot in Minecraft consists of common and/or special items which are positive or negative in effect. They have the same contents as minecart chest or village chest treasure chests, and drop between 0-10 pieces of iron.

There is no way to get green dye out of classic Minecraft dungeon chests outside of mods or the creative inventory. Minecraft dungeons are accessed below the surface of the overworld in large, open areas of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone.

Using a Composter to Create Green Dye from Leaves

A Composter is a Minecraft block that can be used to recycle and convert organic items into bonemeal or other fertilizers. However, it cannot be used to make green dye from leaves in either Minecraft Java Edition or Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It does not offer the option even if mixed or provided in large quantities.

You can get green dye simply by mixing any yellow plant or flower and any mushroom or sea pickle in a single or double working composter. Composters generate one bonemeal per item composted with a chance of dropping a second. Consequently, drop rates of mushrooms and sea pickles make converting them into green dye a suboptimal choice. A dedicated flower and mushroom farm is both faster and less resource-intensive than using a composter.

What are the Other Uses for Green Dye in Minecraft?

The other uses of green dye in Minecraft include the following. Every secondary color dye can be mixed with bone meal to give white dye. This can be done with ink sacks, purple dye, cocoa beans, lapis lazuli, anemone and sea tulip, yellow and white coral. The dye can be used for speedy poultice. This is a helpful tool for curing poison.

Crafting Green Wool

The first way to get green dye in Minecraft is by using cactus green as one of the two ingredients for pistons and lime dye, which can then be used as part of a crafting recipe to make green wool or carpet.

According to a quick instruction list by Jesper Karlsson on, this is how you can create a green wool by adding one cactus green dye and one regular dyed wool of any color into a crafting interface.

Dyeing Sheep to Create Green Sheep

Light green dye can be crafted from 4 units of wheat and cactus.

Four cactus blocks or plants have to be smelted in a furnace to create smelted cactus. Once obtained, combine the cactus green dye with a piece of bone meal to create lime wool dye. Alternate recipes include one cactus green dye with any of the following: 1 black, 1 white, or 1 blue wool dye. Crafting from 4 light gray dyes and 4 cocoa beans.

Dye one ^6C[r] brown. Dye 3 white wool and 1 brown wool to have 4 green wool. Every 15 minutes, a sheep will consume a grown grass block and regrow its wool after shearing. Light green dye cannot be obtained by feeding sheep cacti, nor will sheep ever naturally spawn as light green. The only way to craft green wool differently from the other obtained dyes, aside from the water lily method, would be to dye a sheep green and only breed it with a partner who has dyed fur the same pigment. usage of light green wool differs from the other obtained wools until their skins have regrown.

Creating Green Fireworks

To create green fireworks, players must create the firework star first by crafting them with gunpowder (2-4), green dye, and any optional modifiers. The recipe for a green firework star includes 1 paper and 1 green dye with 8 gunpowder.

After one has constructed their firework star, they are equipped to create their firework rocket. Green firework rockets and the firework trail can only be created through the use of the crafting table.

Crafting Green Stained Glass

This process takes two further steps from Green Dye. The first step is to create a Glass Block, using SiO2 as Water Soluble/Molten Input with a Silicon Dioxide Matrix, and placing this in a Blast furnace or Furnace to create the glass block. The second step is to create Green № Verre Transparent which translates to Green Stained Glass. This is accomplished by placing a Glass Block into a Crafting Table surrounded by Green Dye Units.

Dyeing Leather Armor Green

You can dye leather armor in Minecraft. You make it by smelting leather, which is a drop from cows. Once you have leather armor, just as with any other type, simply select the armor piece you wish to dye, add green dye, and the item will change color. Using a grindstone or a crafting grid with another leather armor piece with the same color creates a diluted piece which is greener and much fainter, so it’s best to create new leather armor if you want to keep the original item.

Leather armor is not particularly good, having only a small amount of armor value. So most people simply use it as a form of decoration in Minecraft. Whether just for aesthetics, creating chestplate inscribed with your arms display name Herobrineãor for when you are playing with friends and you want to color-coordinate team uniforms. But like any other armor, it’s right there for you if you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do I need to get green dye in Minecraft?

To get green dye in Minecraft, you will need to have either cactus green or bonemeal. Cactus green can be obtained by smelting cactus in a furnace, while bonemeal can be crafted by combining bonemeal with any type of flower.

How can I find cactus to make cactus green?

Cactus can be found naturally in desert biomes or can be grown by placing a sand block next to a cactus block. You can also trade with the wandering trader to obtain cactus.

What flowers can I use to make green dye with bonemeal?

Bonemeal can be used with any type of flower to make green dye, including dandelions, poppies, and azure bluets.

Is there a way to automate the process of making green dye?

Yes, you can create a cactus farm by planting cactus on sand and using a hopper system to collect the cactus blocks as they grow. You can also use a flower farm to collect different types of flowers for bonemeal.

Can I dye wool or other items with green dye?

Yes, you can use green dye to dye wool, terracotta, leather armor, and stained glass. You can also combine green dye with other dyes to create different colors.

Are there any other uses for green dye in Minecraft?

Green dye can be used to craft banners, fireworks, and potions. It can also be used to create green stained clay and concrete.

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