Learn How to Join a Realm in Minecraft and Explore Endless Adventures

Are you a Minecraft enthusiast looking to take your gaming experience to the next level? In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Minecraft Realms.

From joining a Realm and creating your own, to the benefits of joining a Realm and managing it effectively, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re interested in Survival, Creative, or Adventure Realms, we’ll guide you through the process step by step.

So, grab your pickaxe and let’s dive into the world of Minecraft Realms together!

What is Minecraft Realms?

Minecraft Realms is a subscription-based service for a managed, private Minecraft experience. It is designed for people who prefer to avoid either purchasing or setting up a server to easily play with a small group of people they already know. The player or one of their friends creates a Realm and invites others to play on it. You can manage your subscriptions and modify settings at any time.

Some of the features of Minecraft Realms include backups, which can be restored with a single click. Players can switch between different versions of the game, allowing them to play with additions from recent updates without losing progress on the server. Players also have access to Realms Plus which provides access to a library of Marketplace content including maps and skins at no additional cost. Users can have up to 10 players online at the same time and an unlimited number of players with offline access to the Realm.

How to Join a Minecraft Realm?

To join a realm in Minecraft, you need to first be invited to join by the realm owner. The realm owner must enable invites in the realm settings. The realm owner can send an invite with a link, or they can manually invite players from their friends list who are currently online. To join, accept the invite the owner sends. When the game is open, you will see the realm in your featured worlds tab.

Step 1: Open Minecraft

Whether on PC, Mac, or console, the steps are pretty similar. Locate the program icon and double-click to open the game or navigate to it from the Windows or Mac applications menus. Once the game is open, the newest update has an improved user interface particularly for Realms. This should automatically bring up the Friends tab where a new button has been added to show Realms you have access to in the same way as Friends information appears.

While screen layout will vary by the tool, you should see a headline of “Your Realms”. Under that will be specifics like your player name and a Create or Join Realm button. When you click the Join button, assuming you are already invited to a realm, all the options you have internally through Mojang’s screen like type and location of Realm will control what you join and it will open automatically.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Realms’ Tab

After logging into a Microsoft account, users should find themselves in the main Minecraft menu. A left-side column that is open by default will display categories, the second of which is ‘Play’. A window will open called Play providing various options including ‘Friends’, ‘Servers’, ‘Realms’, and ‘Create New’. Users can easily join a Minecraft Realm at this point by clicking on the friendly group of people emblem called ‘Realms’. Once the Realms option is selected, users will be shown a button that says ‘Join a Realm’.

Step 3: Browse Available Realms

Navigate to the Realms section, and you will see the list of all the available Realms to which you have been invited. Their status (Open Invitation Only, Expired) and the type of subscription required to join them (+subscription or Standard subscription) are shown. If you are looking to explore available Realms that you are not invited to, open the Realms menu in Step 2 for Memberships. Then, at the bottom of the Realm Memberships page, there is a list of available Realms that you can join based on your subscription type. These lists are unique to each player and change as new Realms are created or as features of existing Realms change.

Step 4: Join a Realm

Once you have selected a Realm server, you must click the server thumbnail to read the server details. Not all servers have the same settings. You will see basic settings like whether it is a Java Edition Realm or a Bedrock Edition Realm. It will also show the current status of the realm.

If the server description interests you, click Visit Server. You may need to log into an account or enter your profile information in order to Buy the realm that you want. For the free trial, all that you should need to enter are your payment information or Paypal information.

You will then be taken to a checkout page that shows you the details of the purchase. You need to confirm that you are buying access to the server. Normally, payment for a Realms server is done in advance of joining, but if your new server has a 15-day free trial option, this will display in the checkout sheet. After that, you can begin playing the game.

How to Create a Realm in Minecraft?

Create a realm on Minecraft by being a Minecraft user with access to a paid Minecraft account. From there, go to the Minecraft website and log in to your account. Create a new realm and configure it according to your preferences using the drop-down menus at the creation menu. Finally, click the Create button and the realm will be available for access immediately.

What are the Benefits of Joining a Realm?

The benefits of joining a realm in Minecraft are as follows:

  1. Better performance and fewer crashes
  2. Simple join and play process
  3. Frequent security updates to prevent hacking
  4. Controlled access to give builders peace and quiet
  5. Reduced hosting expenses for a large number of servers
  6. Automatic backup for saved games
  7. Set maximum member limits vs potential for a larger LAN Realm
  8. Cave and Nether update access before solo users

The primary benefit of choosing to join a realm is a smoother and faster multiplayer experience for Minecraft players. This is because realms are hosted on dedicated servers located in the Microsoft Cloud. Unlike individual servers run in people’s homes or small servers from independent hosting services, realms are automatically updated by Mojang as part of the larger Microsoft network. There is less likelihood of crashes on the Microsoft structure and if there are problems the remote server support helps prevent lost data.

Joining a realm enables a multiplayer LAN-like playing experience for up to 11 active players at the same time. It allows you to build a Minecraft community both within your own immediate circle and with other like-minded players. It is much more convenient for playing with others because realms are always online and don’t involve hours of port forwarding and worrying about server uptime. Realm owners also have a variety of permission control which allows them to keep out those who are not going to comply with the rules that are arranged.

The limitations of Minecraft Realms are that you can only have a limited number of friends play at the same time. The performance may not compare to a sparsely populated public server. There are limitations imposed on resizing your world, and mashups with mods, or external hosting sites, require certain tech skills. There are also some users for whom the invite link is not visible for them to send. Most of these challenges are related to the limited administrator access by design that Streamlined Realms use.

Even for the pros of using a realm, there are some users who may not find them helpful. For those players who only want to play by themselves, realms do not provide additional features beyond improving security. And for players with some technical knowledge, a home hosted server might be a better option.

Play with Friends

Referred to as simply Friending, you can ask real-life friends to join their Realm. This typically involves people forwarding invites from the game to join them. Within the game, you simply type /whitelist add name where name is the Minecraft username of the person you wish to join the Realm.

You or the Realm owner can easily revoke this access at any time by typing /whitelist remove name. For further instructions, go to the Invite friends to your Realm help page at minecraft.net.

Access to Exclusive Content

Realms can add new opportunities for exploration to traditional Minecraft gameplay options. You may enjoy finding areas within the realm’s boundaries to settle down, or new goals in the form of fighting bosses and conquest in close coordination with new realm friends who understand the quirks of the community’s server. There may even be exclusive mods and game programs or storylines for a realm you can’t find anywhere else. New content and long-term purpose are some of the reasons players join a realm.

Safe and Secure Environment

When you get invited to join a realm in Minecraft, the owner will provide you with a security overlay to make you aware of how dangerous it is to be outside the protected areas or build at certain locations. Large dark areas, near where Wither, Ender Dragons spawn, or spawns near the bed where items may be lost are areas to avoid. The security overlay has a daytime option as well as a standalone X out which turns off the overlay so that you and visitors can see the nature features as they actually are.

There are two main security issues for realms: the first is griefers, trolls who intentionally damage, hinder, annoy, or inconvenience teammates. Griefers are sometimes called Green Steve because he allegedly goes around building strange and abstract structures out of random blocks to frighten or anger other players. If this isn’t handled or prohibited, realm life can become very stressful with constant worries about a disgruntled troll.

The second is hackers or duplicates. Duplicating hacked items allows players to cheat in the realm, as they have more powerful weapons or armory than they have properly earned. Choose a realm that has a set of plugins and security rules that discourages any duplicates. Check the support community to be sure that there are bad actors who are not being removed from the system.

What are the Different Types of Realms?

There were four different types of Realms that were aimed to suit the preferences and financial situation of any buyer.

  1. Free trial

    New Realm users get a 30-day free trial to test out the service and all of its features. Once the trial ends, a paid subscription must begin.

  2. Recurring Standard Tier

    Recurring means that it will automatically be renewed at the end of the term so one does not have to worry about it timing out. Standard Tier Realms have a cheap cost of $7.99 per month (or an even cheaper price of $3.99 with the yearly plan).

  3. One-time use Realms

    One-time use means the Realm ends at the end of the month without being auto-renewed. A standard Tier Realm has a cost of $5.99 for a single 1-month period or a one-time price of $10.49 for a one-time 3-month period.

  4. Renewing Premium Tier

    Renewing Premium Tier Realms have recurring and non-recurring pricing of $11.99 per month.

At present, the only type of Realm that can be bought is the Standard Tier Realm.

Survival Realms

Survival Realms is an official version of Minecraft (REALMS-1790) in which the aim is to build, mine resources, and survive against the natural environment. Often, very limited moderation and few changes are made to the natural environment in order that players can experience the gameplay as close to nature.

How to join a realm in Survival mode: Survival realms require that you build structures and gather resources in order to survive. Use the Create a new world option in the game menu. Be certain survival mode is selected as the game mode for the new world. Seed and Game Mode can be changed later, so select options that seem to best meet the type of survival play you desire.

Favorites for Survival Java Edition are an Amplified world or a customized world with Dungeon generation active, as these can present unique challenges and rewards. For Survival Bedrock edition, seeds WAll Capped Caves and the A Small town seed are popular. Prepare to be alone. For a new Survival Realm in Java, only active participants in the conversation will be invited.

Creative Realms

Creative Realms is the term for multiplayer game servers in Minecraft (realms) in which explorative and construction activities are the primary focus (as opposed to focusing on defeating monsters). Group members have no restrictions on what they can construct. Anyone with a realm subscription account can invite others, turning their own world into a shared creative space. Realms on both Java and Bedrock editions can be used as creative environments; they are distinguished by lack of restrictions and a harmonious atmosphere that aids in the collaborative nature of the environment. Some players create group-building challenges where groups collaborate to create challenging in-world structures, objects, or red-stone creations. A good place to find creative realms to join is the online server list topg.org.

There is a system-wide limit of 100 players per realm, so care must be taken to ensure active constructive players have access. The realm player limit can be changed to a smaller size at any time, but not to a larger size. World backups must be done manually periodically on Bedrock editions, which a realm member who is not an operator cannot participate in. Red-stone command access and modifications to the normal rules require permissions that the standard member and visitor role cannot provide. 2 survival players with less skill and experience will not be able to cause chaos but will be severely limited from developing their own complex red-stone systems without mike permissions.\Creative realms do not have any different distant structures or advantages. Everything that can be done in a survival realm can be done in a creative one, except that the positive and helpful aspect of the restrictive survival aspect will be lacking because there is no challenge to overcome aside from the mental and creative.

Adventure Realms

Adventure realms are servers that offer Minecraft adventures. They are the least common type of realm. Adventure realms have similar characteristics to mini-game realms, but they often involve more complex and immersive experiences. An adventure realm is defined as a place with limitations, dangers, or opportunities to try something that makes Minecraft more than building or surviving. One type is ARAS (Adventure Realms of Awe and Survival). They host Discord channels and host regular events that add complexity and richness to the normal aspects of the game.

How to Manage a Minecraft Realm?

To manage a Minecraft Realm, a Realm owner should do the following. Realm owners can manage their realm settings, as well as the backups, players, subscription, and load of their realms by navigating to the realm on the ‘Worlds’ tab on the ‘Play’ screen and selecting ‘Realm settings’. Realm owners may set permissions and switch players between visitors, members, and operators in ‘Members’ or ‘Backup and settings’ sections, change their Renewal, make backups, or switch game mode settings under ‘Subscription’ or ‘Game’.

Members and operators of the realm also have the ability to manage some elements of the realm, although they do not have any control over the subscription period. Besides changing permissions, members and operators can permanently or temporarily suspend an individual player from the realm. Realm owners, members, and operators can permanently or temporarily ban players from the networkers and operators themselves, from playing on a realm or on any of their other realms. They can send cordial warnings but also give gifts of starter packs, put players in front of a judge, or engage in other ‘special player behavior’ by turning on ‘special player behavior’ in the ‘Game’ tab of realm settings.

Change Realm Settings

Change realm settings before joining in Minecraft Java. The first step to join a realm in Minecraft is to change the realm settings to allow invitations, so the host can invite other players to join. To change settings in Minecraft for Windows 10, Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, expand the settings menu during which settings you want to change. Either from the Realm’s invite settings button or using the /realms settings command.

Add or Remove Players

Realm Admins can add up to 100 players to a realm for Java and Bedrock editions, especially members of any Affiliated Groups with admin permission. To do this, click on Edit under the player list in the User Settings and enter their username where prompted, then adjust their permissions. It costs extra to add players beyond the included user cap of 10 or 20.

Renew or Cancel Subscription

Members can renew, cancel, or change their recurring payment option for Realms subscriptions in their Microsoft Account or on their billing account page. The account is kept even if Realms are not in use (see Are my Realm creations saved if I cancel my subscription?).

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Join a Realm in Minecraft?

Question: What is a Minecraft Realm?
A Minecraft Realm is a multiplayer server hosted by Mojang, the creators of Minecraft. It allows players from different devices to join and play together in the same world.

How to Join a Realm in Minecraft?

Question: How do I access the Realms menu in Minecraft?
To access the Realms menu, you must first launch Minecraft on your device. Once in the main menu, click on the “Play” button and then select “New” or “Edit” to create or edit a world. The Realms menu can be found at the top of this screen.

How to Join a Realm in Minecraft?

Question: Can I join a friend’s Realm without an invitation?
No, you cannot join a friend’s Realm without an invitation. You must either be invited by the owner of the Realm or request an invitation from them.

How to Join a Realm in Minecraft?

Question: Is there a limit to how many players can join a Realm?
Yes, there is a limit to how many players can join a Realm at one time. The maximum player count for a Realm is 11, including the owner.

How to Join a Realm in Minecraft?

Question: Can I join a Realm on a different device than the owner?
Yes, Minecraft Realms are cross-platform, meaning players can join from different devices as long as they have the same version of Minecraft and a Microsoft account.

How to Join a Realm in Minecraft?

Question: How do I leave a Realm in Minecraft?
To leave a Realm, go to the Realms menu and click on the Realm you want to leave. Then, click the “Leave Realm” button at the bottom of the screen. You will no longer be able to access the Realm unless you are invited again.

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