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What is Multiplayer Mode in Minecraft?

In the multiplayer mode in Minecraft, the game can be played by multiple people on the same server. It requires at least one player to act as the server in order for others to play. This distinction makes multiplayer different from the simpler Realms mode in Minecraft, where players log into a professionally managed Realm server that does not require a player to run the game.

When you use multi-modal chat and do not see the corpgame in discord, try calling on one of the voice channels and the expansion pack will appear. Invite your friends on the server and re-enter the discord chat you prefer. This way, you will be playing Minecraft with friends while also being in the chat you want to be.

You can join a server hosted by a paid server operator. This has the advantage of giving the operator server-wide control over game behaviors, along with faster server speed and extra storage and features.

Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly, set up a Minecraft Game Night. You would play together for an hour or two. This is the main way most people play Minecraft together.

If you do not remember how to play with friends on servers, a short video or graphics instructions from minecraft.net will help out. Multiplayer servers and Realms can be used or created for the JAVA, Windows 10, Bedrock, or mobile version of the game.

What are the Different Types of Multiplayer Modes?

Minecraft has four main multiplayer modes, including Local Server Multiplayer, Online Server Multiplayer, LAN Game Multiplayer, and Split-Screen Game Multiplayer.

Local Server Multiplayer: A player runs the server software on his or her computer and friends connect via LAN.

Online Server Multiplayer: Connection with others using internet browser and an external server provided by Mojang.

LAN (Local Area Network) Game Multiplayer: Connect via LAN (local network) with the player hosting the game from their computer.

Split-Screen Game Multiplayer: Along with local split-screen multiplayer on non-cell phone consoles and platforms. all players must connect to the same game via a direct connection or a realm.

How to Set Up a Multiplayer Game?

Minecraft offers a variety of ways to set up multiplayer games, such as through a server hosting company, an online realm on hosting site Minehut, or by playing locally on the same network.

For basic multiplayer, a player needs to select a “Create New World” option on the launcher screen, open the game to LAN in the escape menu, and have friends join the network and click on the player to join. This is handy if you’re going for a free Minecraft server option.

What are the Requirements for Playing Multiplayer?

The requirements for playing multiplayer in Minecraft are that each player must have an account and use the same version of the game as the server they plan to join. Purchase and use of an external server is necessary in many cases, unless all members of the planned sunset can connect to the same local server via LAN.

Multiplayer game modes can exist in two types of orientations, which can determine what resources are needed.

  1. Player vs Player (PvP) where players on the same server compete against each other.
  2. Player vs Environment (PvE) where a pre-defined set of challenges in the game world need to be tackled by a group of players. In this mode, players fight against enemies to complete the tasks together, e.g., zombies, spiders, and woodland creatures.

With most of the resources being on the server side, it is important that players use an external Minecraft server that will regulate the players’ access to the same map by setting an IP address in the console. This becomes relevant when there are real-time changes that players make to their surroundings, as a service guarantees that all players are seeing the identical “current” version. Aside from that virtual server, a fast (15 Mbps or more) and reliable internet connection is needed if connecting to the internet while playing multiplayer.

How to Invite Friends to Play Minecraft?

To invite friends to play Minecraft, you first ensure the players you want to invite have a Mojang account and a copy of Minecraft. People with a Mojang account and a PC can play adventure maps, while anyone with a Microsoft account playing on a console or mobile device can play with friends but cannot use adventure maps that are not made specifically for console.

After everyone has an account and the game, invites can be sent to users on Minecraft AKA Java Edition by adding them as friends in the game, then sending them a multiplayer invite from the ‘Friends’ tab. Instructions on adding a friend in Minecraft can be seen in the preceding It’s Monko tutorial video. Minecraft AKA Java Edition users can also send invites via a host server setup by the person with the biggest computer and fastest internet connection for free to paid platforms such as APEX Hosts. Some instructions on how to set up such a server quickly and easily with APEX Hosting for $14.99 per month can be seen in the video below.

In Minecraft AKA Java Edition, friends can be added by first having all players install and log into either discord, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom to be able to voice chat, then find and right-click on the user in Minecraft that they want to invite to bring up their profile. The instructions can be seen in the It’s Monko video below.

On Minecraft Bedrock Edition, this process is slightly similar. Instructions can be found on the Minecraft Wiki entitled ‘Play with Friends: Invite only’ where it discusses beginning the first step by choosing the mini-gallery biome that works on mobile devices. The second step is creating a new realm or selecting an existing one where users must either generate a free two-player or paid multiplayer realm. Users must then flick the switch to ensure that friends of the same world code can enter the server. Family and friends will then be able to join by having users download the required resource and behavior packs if they do not already have them installed. Inviting Family and Friends Once Enabled can be easily done by clicking on ‘Settings’ and then selecting ‘Invite’ which will lead to a unique server code to give to friends and family to join.

How to Add Friends on Minecraft?

You add friends to Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 by getting them to join your Friends List on the gaming console and then looking for them in your list when you join the online multiplayer game. Connect to another Minecraft user’s game on Windows 10, PS4, Xbox One the same way as you would with a friend without having to add them to your Xbox Friends List.

Here is a tutorial on how the whole process of adding to your Xbox Friends List works. Note that for the Windows 10 Edition, you have to pay for the `Friend’s System`. You search for your friend’s profile and you will have to request them to add you. Once they accept your friend request, you will be able to join their game as well as interact with them even when outside the game.

How to Join a Friend’s Game?

To join a friend’s game in Minecraft, follow these broadly accepted steps according to the version you are using according to these sections:

  1. How to Join a Friend’s Game in Minecraft Java Edition
  2. How to Join a Friend’s Game in Minecraft Bedrock Edition
  3. How to Join a Friend’s Game in Minecraft Legacy Console Edition

Minecraft Java Edition – If a player wants to play Minecraft together in the Java edition, the host of the game looks up their own IP6 address by typing ipv6.whatismyip.com in the browser. This starts the server and gives the player the IP they need to pass to their friends. The player must then give their server IP to all their friends. Friends must access this by entering the “Multiplayer” tab and then entering “Direct Connect” followed by the provided server IP address. On pressing “Join Server” they will be entered into the same server as the host and can play together.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition – In the Bedrock edition, you can access your friend list and see pending friend requests by selecting the “Friends” panel. View the list of all your friends and select the friend whose game you wish to join. Select the “Join” option by hovering over the desired friend. You’ll be transported to their world immediately.

Minecraft Legacy Console Edition – Since the Legacy Console Edition is seldom used, little information is available. Simply add players to your account. On starting a game, find them by entering their username or account number and join through this method.

What are the Different Ways to Play with Friends in Minecraft?

The different ways to play with friends in Minecraft are: LAN, Self-Hosted Servers, Blockman Multiplayer for MJ PE, External Servers, Official Platforms, and Minecraft Realms.

The simplest way to play with friends is to create a LAN (Local Area Network). Players are able to connect to others on the same network and play together. The benefits of LAN include local speed, simplicity, and no need for complicated networking setups.

If one friend has extra computational power in their computer, they can serve the multiplayer game themselves. Minecraft Realms and external servers are the simplest way, especially for teams that want easy access to the game environment and services such as analytics. Blockman Multiplayer is best for mobile players as it uses less data, and it includes social features such as meeting new people and chat. Official platforms (such as PS4, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One) have their own network with online links to a multitude of other servers with enhanced gameplay. Unlike earlier game versions, players can make in-game purchases. However, Minecraft Realms has features for creating backups and selecting easy-to-use mods.

LAN Play

LAN (local area network) play refers to users playing a multiplayer game in the same local network. This differs from playing on external servers as no data needs to be uploaded to the internet. When playing a multiplayer game such as Minecraft using LAN, registered users on the same network are able to join the same game without needing the unique IP address of Minecraft servers.

LAN mode is a good choice for playing Minecraft with friends if you are all in the same house or small office and have laptops or devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Figure out what IP address your game is using and you can connect manually by typing the address temporarily into a new multiplayer game setup.

Online Multiplayer

In online multiplayer, Minecraft friends can connect to each other’s worlds using external servers and Realms. Users can create Realms where a maximum of 10 friends can join and play with each other. The connection is secure, and the friends can come and go as they want as the server will always be up and available.

If users do not have a server to play multiplayer, they can choose from a variety of external servers. Similar to Realms, they can play with friends whenever they want. Below is an example of how to play in Realms with friends (note that a realm costs money to rent).

  1. Log in to your Minecraft account
  2. Go to the Realms page.
  3. Click on Create New Realm
  4. Choose who can join and set a realm name
  5. Click create and follow the directions the pages give
  6. Log in to your friends’ accounts and add them to the realm. They can now join your server


are arguably one of the best ways to play with friends in Minecraft. Realms are private, always-online multiplayer servers, run by Microsoft. They offer a stable and reliable multiplayer experience regardless of player internet speed. Realms come with a 30-day free trial and $7.99 monthly subscription that allows twelve players to play simultaneously. On Java Edition, they have a $7.99 monthly fee as well. Realms work with Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. Here is a list of pros and cons of using Realms to play Minecraft with friends.

What are the Benefits of Playing with Friends in Minecraft?

The benefits of playing with friends in Minecraft include the experience of shared fun, increased engagement through collaborative play, and better learning performance in the game. These are the main reasons to play with friends in minecraft.

Shared fun refers to the collective laughter and entertainment that arise through the playful interactions of friends. Along with being central to the enjoyment of their time together, shared fun also results in greater reward activation and neuronal coupling among friends, according to the article Humour, laughing, learning and play as support for multiple learning styles.

Collaborative play is the act of playing together to achieve a common goal. One major motivation for collaborating during play and work is the desire to improve one’s outcomes on the task, according to the research paper Collaborative Play in Action Games by B. Fernando Wolf and Jochen Tenberg. Collaborations in the game enhance productivity, be it in resource acquisition, defense strategies, expedited movement, breaking through obstacles, or other activities that enhance the gaming experience.

Improved learning performance refers to the bond that gaming together can create between colleagues. Gaming with friends can make instruction more effective. This is according to the article Integrating social presence in learning and gaming experiences with virtual agents or avatars by the researchers Cuihua Shen and Youngsoo Kim. Motivation could be a critical mediator.

Collaborative Building

Collaborative Building is the act of planning and constructing an object or structure collectively in Minecraft. Collaborative builders work out their design collaboratively then gather resources to build the design.

Collaborative Building is the most popular form of collaborative gameplay in Minecraft. In a 2018 study of collaborative gameplay in the game via the German Survey of Collaborative Multiplayer Gameplay and the Control Alicia survey of the environment and behavior of participants in a virtual museum by Tufts researchers in conjunction with the Pearson College London TheGamesHub, builders designed and constructed a statue called The Building Man.

The structure was composed of over 240,000 blocks and took them four years to design and build. This demonstrates the level of commitment possible for collaborative gameplay in Minecraft.

Exploration and Adventure

Exploration in Minecraft refers to the practice of wandering, discovering new areas, and being on the lookout for interesting landmarks, caves, and dungeons. Mountains, deserts, oceans, and snowy biomes are examples of poorly explored terrain. The map can be employed to help navigate across uncharted areas.

Creating a temporary base with some necessary items like a crafting bench is a good idea before heading out. Adventures usually involve more than just exploration. They can be about seeking out encounters with different mobs or fighting other players to test their or one’s own skill. They can also involve quests that have been pre-established or created by one’s own friends. VR Adventures can make exploration even more tactile and interesting.

Friendly Competition

Competitions help keep things fun and interesting. Consider having PvP (player vs. player) tournaments. These are events that can be planned or can happen randomly during gameplay. In a friendly environment, these tournaments can involve things like archery contests, sprints, parkour races, and mazes. More intense PvP events can involve bases or arenas, in which teams launch attacks on each other. Note that for safety, the use of armor and iron, diamond, or netherite weapons (that do more damage) are unarmed, and food and player health are monitored is recommended.

Ideas for pvp-based minigames include Bow Spleef with TNT Hunters vs TNT Runners, Beta Ender Splat (Sumo), The Walls, SkyWars, and Hunger Games Maps. It is also fun to reward the winner with a prize, whether that be the cash item prize or the honor of cleaning up the server. Organize a server-wide collection event in survival mode to create an arena, have the King or Queen of the Hill, and give them a personalized flag.

What are Some Fun Activities to Do with Friends in Minecraft?

Some fun activities to do with friends can include the following. Build a city collaboratively and let each other do their personal building or destroy some buildings and have a civil war with military as well as new power makers. Create a challenge where the first person who has one million dollar robots wins. Explore underwater monuments. Visit different in-game servers. Play duels. Play Bed Wars and see which team can destroy the other’s bed faster. Host a Minecraft movie night in a virtual cinema or skyscraper with a big screen. Visit the Nether.

Building Challenges

In building challenges, players can design something based on a common agreed-upon theme. The goal of the game is to unleash the participants’ creativity and imagination by providing different challenges.

When you play with friends on Minecraft, set a building challenge for a particular theme and a number of minutes to judge who made the best structure or scene based on the theme. Get another player to be a judge and determine the winner. Another fun way to send a building challenge is to find 100 building ideas to share in the Explore Hundreds of Starter Builds area of Minecraft’s The Official Minecraft Teddy TV.

You can even set a duel challenge in survival mode, and the defeated player can provide the winner with the resources for the challenge.

Survival Mode Challenges

Minecraft’s survival mode is one of the most popular ways to play Minecraft for beginners and experts alike. It is a game mode that has a very different style played in the creative mode.

While exploring, building, and socializing are still all integral elements of survival mode, there is a significantly ramped-up degree of difficulty and a stronger focus on fighting off monsters, as well as managing hunger.

Variations of the game can be played According to the Minecraft wiki and experienced user MineMum with a number of challenges defined by the game itself:

  • Defeating the Ender Dragon and Endermen – The Ender Dragon is the final boss of the game and is located on the End Dimension. Destroying the dragon will bring the player back to their world, but with the added bonus of scientific advancements.
  • Defeating the Wither and searching for the eight unused Nether fortresses – Experience the charred Nether and conquest monsters. The Ender Dragon could be tougher than Wither, but trajectory predicting and avoidance are the keys to winning.
  • Exploring the Trident, and Prismarine items: Finish underwater Temples in the game and search for all three sunken ships (fortresses, icebergs, and ruins).
  • Finding an underwater buried ruin with three treasures, a hidden ruin on the beach as well as looking for a Heart of the Sea after you discover an Emerald.

Role-Playing Games

‪Role-playing games (RPGs) in Minecraft are like the more structured adventure maps where players follow a linear or non-linear storyline. This style of Minecraft play can involve infinite hours of Minecraft gameplay with quests, choice management, character development, storylines, lore, art, and professionally detailed buildings.‬ The most famous Minecraft RPG in the official Minecraft Marketplace is Hexalith, involving advanced tools, new biomes, and lots of rewards in a treasure-hunting storyline.

A simpler form of Minecraft RPG of course is simple role-play where players develop and play a single or set of characters within an imaginary world. This can be as simple as each player selecting and sticking with a low effort headsup-display (HUD) name for the character and adjusting emoticons and head positions frequently while communicating kooky dramatic things for the characters as they play.


Playing Minecraft with friends is a fun and sociable experience made more interesting with the variety of ways in which friends can join together. Three of the easiest ways to play with friends in Minecraft are through a company server, by opening the game to LAN, and going on Minecraft multiplayer servers. Minecraft Realms is the easiest and most efficient way to maintain a world to which all friends have access.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play With Friends in Minecraft?

Question: What is the best way to play with friends in Minecraft?
The best way to play with friends in Minecraft is by creating a server or joining a pre-existing one. This will allow you to all play together in the same world.

How to Play With Friends in Minecraft?

Question: Can I play with friends on different devices in Minecraft?
Yes, Minecraft offers cross-platform play, which means you can play with friends on different devices such as PC, Xbox, or mobile.

How to Play With Friends in Minecraft?

Question: Is it possible to play with friends on the same world in Minecraft?
Yes, you and your friends can all join the same world by either creating a multiplayer server or using the “join world” feature in Minecraft.

How to Play With Friends in Minecraft?

Question: Can I invite friends to join my single player game in Minecraft?
Yes, you can invite friends to join your single player game by opening your world to LAN (local area network) or by using a third-party server hosting service.

How to Play With Friends in Minecraft?

Question: How many players can join a Minecraft server at once?
The number of players that can join a Minecraft server at once depends on the server hosting service and the server’s hardware capabilities, but generally ranges from 10-100 players.

How to Play With Friends in Minecraft?

Question: Is there a way to play with friends in Minecraft without a server?
Yes, you and your friends can use a feature called “Realms” to play together without the need for a server. Realms is a paid subscription service provided by Minecraft.

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