Unlock Diamonds in Minecraft Without Mining – Ultimate Guide

Looking to get diamonds in Minecraft without the hassle of mining?

We explore alternative methods to obtain this precious resource. From trading with villagers to raiding pillager outposts, there are various ways to add diamonds to your inventory without picking up a pickaxe. These methods come with their own set of risks and challenges.

Is it worth it to get diamonds without mining? Let’s find out.

What are Diamonds in Minecraft?

Diamonds in Minecraft are rare minerals that are created during the compression of coal underground. After coal has been mined, the diamond needs to be mined with a pickaxe of iron, diamond, or netherite qualities. Because there is no Minecraft diamond seed (gal gadot), the player simply has to mine extensively to find diamonds from the game’s ore veins. The rarity of the gemstone has made them one of the most sought after items in the game, which are needed to make the most durable tools and armors.

Why is Mining for Diamonds Not Always Ideal?

Mining for diamonds is not always ideal due to its difficulty as the block is harder to mine than lower tiers, and the ore is more scarce. Minecraft’s Wikipedia lists it as the 17 highest HARDEST block to mine. Mined diamonds can also be lost in scenarios that include when they fall into lava, are stolen by other players or mobs, or are blown up. This is especially true if the diamonds are not recovered after being destroyed.


One way to get Diamonds in Minecraft without mining is through a Time-consuming but easily passive method: by expanding your number of villagers and having the third upgraded tool in the toolsmith. As you go through the game, you will inevitably have villagers in enclosures. Preferably, try to have a couple villagers that are on the third toolsmith level, as it takes the least amount of resources to get. Assign them to a gold or diamond tool of their choice in exchange for diamonds. The process of upgrading the toolsmith to three levels and having villagers is time-consuming, but the collection of diamonds can be passive.


All other solutions to get diamonds in Minecraft without mining have challenges and risks. Duplication and trading are considered cheating that contradicts the spirit of the game. On the rare chance diamond ore animals or a desert temple appear in your world, it can be months of in-game days before you find one. Monster pursuit of traders is risky and diamonds won’t be found in every trade.

Limited Availability

Diamonds are not renewable resources, but they are not exactly limited as they cannot be used or damaged. Once diamonds are used in crafting equipment and tools, however, finding more involves a fair amount of hard labor and successful exploration of more of the Minecraft map. There is a finite maximum amount of diamonds that can be found in a given Minecraft world, although they are distributed widely enough that complete diamond exhaustion is highly unlikely unless an area of the map is stripped completely clean via mining.

On average, 3.09753 diamond ore blocks are generated per chunk, or 16x16x256 blocks, though this can range from 0 to 10 in a single chunk. The size of a newly generated world of Minecraft is about 60 million chunks, which suggests that approximately 188 million diamond ore blocks in total will be generated only in a single newly generated Minecraft world. Furthermore, the game can be enjoyed without ever using diamonds thanks to trading, which opens up the possibility of acquiring diamonds from non-mining activities.

How to Get Diamonds Without Mining?

You can get diamonds in Minecraft without mining by using one of several methods. Activated conduits can destroy items floating in the water that come near them, and there are 47.5k diamonds floating in the ocean. Purge those while checking coastal ruins, mineshafts, and strongholds for diamonds, as well as in villages – it is a quicker alternative.

Purpur Pillars is one of the best alternatives to mining-only diamond sources if you just don’t like mining or would simply prefer to avoid the task chemically or with other activities while diamonds spawn.

Trading with Villagers

To get diamonds in Minecraft without mining, you can opt to trade with rather than mine resources from npc villagers. You can first look for diamonds to trade by exploring villages. If a trade is not possible at the moment, do any task that the villagers are requesting and check later to see if diamonds can now be traded.

You can locate villages in the overworld or the Nether and the End, but as the presence of diamonds is not assured at every village, the initial intended purpose of the exploring will likely also reveal other diamonds, but they are easier to find at lower elevations than the maximum elevation allowed at the nether where villages should be located.


Fishing is another helpful way to get diamonds in Minecraft. Fishers can catch treasures with fishing rods aiding in skipping mining expenses for diamonds.

How To Mine points out that fishing in Minecraft is a simple procedure. All players need is enough time to catch some special loot. To start fishing, a player needs a rod. A basic fishing rod can be made with three sticks and two bits of string. String is obtained from killing spiders. As with diamond loot, the quality of the fishing experience can be boosted by using higher-quality and harder-to-obtain equipment. If the player uses a diamond rod instead of the standard wooden specification, it increases the times treasurable loot is caught.

Exploring Stronghold Chests

Stronghold chests are located in stronghold libraries. Strongholds are incredibly hard to find without using the /locate command. However, you can find them randomly while digging for basalt or netherite.

Stronghold libraries are not especially rare to find, helping to offset this, but they are not always guaranteed to spawn in a stronghold. Whichever method you use to find a stronghold, it will generally be in the vicinity of the other, meaning that if you find one, the other will be likely close by.

The chests in strongholds generally have 2-3 diamonds in them. Strongholds are the only source of the end portal and its casings.

Raiding Pillager Outposts

Pillager outposts are small camps in Minecraft inhabited by hostile pillagers. Diamond loot is sparse, but these outposts are one of the places you can find crossbows in the Overworld. Pillagers have a 30% chance of dropping a few arrows, and the outpost has a 6.25% chance of offering a fully-loaded crossbow in one of its various chests. Players can also receive hero of the village effects which grants discounts on the trades of villagers.

Killing Wither Bosses

Once killed, the Wither drops 1 nether star. You use these nether stars from Wither bosses to create beacons, though the number of them another uses plus the resource cost to set up the killing of one surpasses the amount of diamond in a single ore greatly, making this a less efficient method for diamond acquisition. Withers are dangerous and hard to kill foes and are recommended for advanced players who have good armor, weapons, potions, and experience at Minecraft combat. Click here to view an official video explaining how to fight them.

Using the Fortune Enchantment

Fortune is an enchantment that increases the chances of specific block drops. In the case of diamond ore in Minecraft, the Fortune enchantment when set to III can generate up to 100% more diamonds(double the average amount) when the ore block is hit by a pickaxe. Diamond pickaxes, iron pickaxes, netherite pickaxes with Fortune III can help you make the most diamonds out of efforts. This will allow you to gain more diamonds more rapidly through mining, help conserve diamond blocks from the stockpile, and make exploring strongholds and caves much easier.

Trading with Other Players

Minecraft is a multiplayer game and diamonds can thus be traded between players. It involves building a common basis for trade through currencies, weight, barters, sales, etc. Before making a transaction, agree on the prices, items, or services. They are most often exchanged for work such as gathering materials, building bases, or keeping livestock.

Be careful when dealing with strangers in Minecraft as there are a lot of online scammers trying to defraud players. Online sales often end with payment but no reward. Players have different needs and exchanges can be exclusively based on needs or on differential advantage from utilizing existing resources to trade for Diamonds. This method requires patience as only basic trading is built into Minecraft.

What are the Risks of Getting Diamonds Without Mining?

The main risks of getting Minecraft diamonds without mining are the risk of losing time and productivity and the risk of falling victim to scammers. If one is not careful when paying for artificial diamonds through services that are unauthorized or not researched properly, there is the potential to become a victim of scams.

The more ethical risks of artificial gems also exist, as the industry is unregulated and many companies are not transparent about their source of diamonds. As such, lab diamond companies have garnered a poor reputation overall and consumers should be particularly wary of this.

Regarding time, the average time taken to make 1 diamond is twenty-one days by a scientist or industry expert. Even by the accelerated time necessary for Moissanite, you are waiting at a minimum of at least one day from start to finish. None of these methods are instantaneous, and if rapid acquisitional of Minecraft gems is desired, this time investment may become a drag on actual activities that contribute much more fulfillment than the game.

Scammers preying on companies in their lust for getting diamonds and people’s desire to get them may be the biggest risk of a no mining diamond scheme.

Limited Availability

Inversion of the world cupronickel diamond iron is in a 36 by 24 area centered around the Origin world spawn point. Minecraft diamonds have a limited availability of 35,292 ores according to this theoretical model.

Sources of the world’s diamonds can be exhausted but in Minecraft they will naturally regenerate over time. It is possible to run out of diamonds, and when they are outnumbered by common ores purchasing from villagers, or seeking out chests is another way to access them.

Requires Luck

You can theoretically get diamonds in Minecraft without mining them if you believe that they will eventually appear in a chest somewhere randomly or that you will kill enough mobs that they will randomly generate after one shown on the Looting enchantment.

Realistically the chance of these occurrences happening are almost 0%. Chests containing diamonds are extremely rare, with the most common ones happening in the final room of a woodland mansion which feature 1-3 diamonds 34% of the time. And mobs being killed to break up diamonds is quite rare as it is, with tales of getting multiple diamonds (most common with piglin brutes and wither skeletons) after an 0.0833% chance of a diamond appearing.

May Involve PvP

While it is true that one can obtain diamonds from other players in the game, doing so requires successfully attacking or defending in PvP, or player versus player combat. This can be a valid way to obtain diamonds, but especially on servers with prevalent PvP this is an unreliable and risky endeavor, especially for those with no combat experience. Buying from players is a better and safer option, or even challenging friends to contests where the loser must provide diamond ore.

Conclusion: Is it Worth it to Get Diamonds Without Mining?

It is possibly worth it to get diamonds without mining, but the efficiency of this does not compare to mining itself. Easily accessible hidden diamonds such as those found in desert temples and village blacksmith chests can provide quick access to diamonds without much work, including without mining. There are hidden diamonds using other methods, but they are not as abundant as other ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Diamonds in Minecraft Without Mining?

Can you get diamonds in Minecraft without mining?
Yes, there are alternative ways to obtain diamonds without mining them in the traditional sense.

How to Get Diamonds in Minecraft Without Mining?

What are some ways to get diamonds in Minecraft without mining?
Some ways include trading with villagers, finding them in chests, and fishing in the ocean.

How to Get Diamonds in Minecraft Without Mining?

Is it possible to get diamonds from villages?
Yes, villagers sometimes offer diamonds as a trade for emeralds, so make sure to stock up on emeralds and check with different villagers.

How to Get Diamonds in Minecraft Without Mining?

Are there any other ways to get diamonds besides mining and trading with villagers?
Yes, you can find diamonds in abandoned mineshafts, temples, and strongholds. Be sure to explore these areas thoroughly.

How to Get Diamonds in Minecraft Without Mining?

Can I get diamonds from fishing in Minecraft?
Yes, while it may be a rare occurrence, you can sometimes catch diamonds while fishing in the ocean or any body of water.

How to Get Diamonds in Minecraft Without Mining?

Is there a way to increase my chances of finding diamonds without mining?
Yes, enchanting your tools with the Fortune enchantment can increase the amount of diamonds you get when mining, making it a more efficient method.

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