Learn How to Easily Install Mods in Minecraft – Step-by-Step Guide

Want to take your Minecraft experience to the next level? Mods are the answer!

Find out what mods are, the benefits of installing them, and a step-by-step guide on how to install mods in Minecraft.

Discover some of the best mods available, get tips on troubleshooting common installation issues, and enhance your Minecraft gameplay!

What Are Mods in Minecraft?

Mods are items in Minecraft that come in the form of modifications or modifications. The items are typically created by the game’s fan base and exist to either create or improve upon the base game’s features. Mods in Minecraft are popular to the extent that Minecraft itself and the universe surrounding the game has taken life online.

A wide range of modifications exist on every topic and theme. Some of the improvements made to the game provided by mods include those which improve graphics quality (e.g. adding shading to images or providing more block design), changing the way characters in the game interact, adding new features like blocks, realms, or items, opening up a running world of gameplay for people competing against each other or exploring together, and many others. Adding mods to Minecraft gives the players the opportunity to customize their gameplay experience, along with creating new and unique experiences inside the game. People use mods when they want to try different situations that give new twists and relationships between creatures and mobs in Minecraft.

Why Should You Install Mods in Minecraft?

You should install mods in Minecraft to add additional functionality and resource-extraction options unavailable in the base game. You may also find exclusive user-generated content that helps you build new amazing worlds. Some mods such as the Optifine Mod help improve performance on computers with lower-end specifications.

There are many reasons players install mods ranging from changes that merely improve visual and functional aspects of the game, to more dramatic changes such as the Industrial Craft Mod (IC2) which adds advanced technology with electricity, mining functions, agriculture, and nuclear power to the game, or the Pixelmon Mod which transforms the game into a Pokemon-themed adventure with the addition of hundreds of Pokemon to the game, as well as exploration options and gyms.

Some players prefer a mod pack which is a collection of mods to change broad aspects of the game, and many of these are widely available in the form of trusted mod loaders with established communities. Players may choose to install mods simply because they like the modification even though it may affect game physics, enjoyment, or the game’s ability to be played at the same level as the unmodified version. Players should carefully preview and understand the changes a mod will make before adding it to the game.

How To Install Mods in Minecraft?

Mods are installed in Minecraft by downloading an extension from a mod page, installing the Fabric or Forge loader, and activating the Forge or Fabric loader to start using mods. Fabric and Forge mods have a different installation process, as indicated below.

    1. On the official Minecraft website, under Get Minecraft there is a free trial option for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a little-known fact that when clicking the option, there is no download required and you will still receive a PC or Mac game demo.


      • No financial commitment for seeing if you like Minecraft.
      • You can have a fully functioning version of Java without buying the Minecraft game.
      • This is a good start to see if your computer or laptop supports Minecraft.
    1. Cons:
      • There are very limited options available and no multiplayer options.
    2. Once you have your free trial of Minecraft, the Fabric installation is easy. For those uncomfortable with the computer, it is probably easier than downloading Forge. You will still have restrictions by the type of mods you download. The steps are as follows:
    3. Activation
      • Download and install the Minecraft Fabric Loader.
      • Download all the Fabric mods you’d like to use.
      • Install mods by placing them in the /mods/ folder in the .minecraft folder.

      Fabric mods operations are less intrusive, meaning that some of the tools with which Forge-depending mods can dramatically alter the game are not found in Fabric mods. They are also easier for novice users who may struggle with more advanced Forge mods.

      For those looking for the most up-to-date mods, Fabric is preferred as some developers have entirely shifted away from Forge.

      Fabric drawbacks do include that there are fewer mods overall to choose from, for example, the Fabric API mod for version 1.18 only has 17 versions while Melon is 1.也 has 113 in Forge.

    4. From the Minecraft website download and install the game according to the steps in the activation section above. Then follow these steps:


      • Download and install Minecraft-specific Minecraft Forge loaders
      • For the most recent version, you may also need to download the Fabric API if using a mod supporting Minecraft 1.14+
      • Download the Forge versions of the mods you wish to use.
      • Place the .jar(s) into the /mods/ folder in the Minecraft directory.
      • Run the game and Forge will be detected by the game and begin playing with mods.

Java is required to install both Fabric and Forge mods. If it isn’t already installed, you’ll need download and install Java first. Understanding how to properly download and install Java on your computer is fundamental and should be mastered before attempting to download mods.

For beginners looking to try out mods for the first time, Fabric mods provide a relatively easy method to ease into the experience. Intermediate and advanced Minecraft players are likely to prefer Forge, as its operation, commands, and number and variety of mods is an improvement compared to Fabric.

Download and Install Minecraft Forge

The tool that enables you to install mods in Minecraft is called Minecraft Forge. (Forge). Forge is a free software piece that acts as an intermediary layer between the game and the mods, remembers which mod to apply to which game, and assists them in applying to the game.

Forge is a simple way to install and use mods in Mineville. (Minecraft). As of November 2021, Forge allows car gamer to choose and load the mod they wish to play with by following a number of simple instructions, play with their mods, and then switch to non-mod play at any time.

Before starting to install any other mod, you should first download and start using Forge. Forge is designed for Minecraft from version 1.13 onwards.

To install Forge, begin by downloading the latest version. Go to https://files.minecraftforge.net/ and click on the most recent version of 1.13+ that suits you. The official Forge website makes certain that you are getting a secure and official download, so be careful.

Click on the Installer tab. Find the installer and click on the Win button beneath it to begin the download. Once downloaded, open the .jar file and follow the Open file security warning prompts which will help you complete the installation.

Download Your Desired Mods

Mods for Minecraft are available on the Minecraft Forum, CurseForge, Planet Minecraft sites, and are accessed by going to the site, and then using the search function to find the mod you are looking for. Then download it to your computer. Mc-mods and 9Minecraft are two other sites that host mods. They are very useful when looking for less popular mods. As Google does not link directly to Minecraft mods anymore, you may want to start here. Blogs and social media posts about certain mods or survival tips will have the latest and greatest mods. Companies like Yogscast and Hermitcraft are very popular with the adult and child Minecraft community and often post mod reviews or tip videos for how to play certain mods.

Locate Your Minecraft Mods Folder

During Mojang’s re-branding of CurseForge into the Minecraft launcher, the folder where you can install mods in Minecraft was integrated into the game for easier installation. The place where you can install mods in Minecraft is a folder called .minecraft. This is where all your settings, worlds, and user cache will be found. And it is often where your mods will be stored after being downloaded and will be read by the game.

The way to find the folder to install mods in the Minecraft game is to start up the Minecraft game, click on single-player, create a new world, stop the game once it has been created, and use Quit Game. You can then access the folder through your operating system. Below are the file paths to the main directories, though you may need to adjust them depending on your operating system:

Windows: C:UsersYour UsernameAppDataRoaming.minecraft
Mac OS: /Users/Your Username/Library/Application Support/Minecraft/
Linux: /home/MyUsername/.minecraft/

Copy and Paste the Mods into the Mods Folder

Inside the .minecraft file, there is a folder labeled mods. To install a mod, find the mod file you download from the mod distributor’s website. Click and drag the file where you can see the .minecraft in the file path located in the top-left corner down into the mods folder in .minecraft. This is how you can install mods in Minecraft – simply copying and pasting the mod files into the .minecraft/mods folder. That is now how to add mods to Minecraft!

Before finding the .minecraft or the mods file, there are specific methods to find and install mods to Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. The former, Minecraft Java Edition, is preferred among gamers and has extensive mod capabilities.

One feature directly tied has to do with the folder structure defined by the Minecraft Java Edition which has the .minecraft folder. Minecraft released the Forge programming platform to the Java Edition, which allows for simplified mod stuffing without manipulating the game’s files. Users can find all their Minecraft World Saves in the .minecraft/saves folder. Other mod types will operate more smoothly if placed directly into the mods folder, such as the .minecraft/assets/mods folder.

minecraft.net provides an alternate location for Mods. The website incorporates a Mod category, which acts in-line with the Minecraft Store and is something regulated by Minecraft. Users enter the Mod section from the Minecraft website and immediately see a list of top trenders, top mods, and new mods. They may select the preferred category or search for a specific mod in the search bar.

Users should consider navigate to the Shipwrecked 2: Of Tides and Tempests page, where they may download the approved Mod. Subsequently, users must download Mod 2: Living Deserts and then the Resourcepack to obtain complete functionality. Whatever the source, users will typically need to create an account to download mods. However, the main advantage of the Mod section on the Minecraft website is that mods are rigorously tested and approved by Minecraft before being available to download, giving users peace of mind.

mcmodspc.com is another how to find Minecraft mods website that users can access to find a list of various pre-approved Minecraft mods. Users can browse through a plethora of categories including Adventure, by selecting a relevant feature such as New Content, Biomes, or Game Mechanics, and check by a certain genre such as Architecture, Quests, or Redstone. A How-To-Install link is located adjacent to the download button. Scrolling down users can easily find instructions on the mod. For example, here’s how to install the Pet Portal mod in Minecraft:

  1. Download the Minecraft Pet Portal mod by clicking on the Download Button at the bottom of the page
  2. .minecraft. Type in %appdata% and click OK. So let’s say that my Windows username is Steve and I want to move the Pet Portal Mod into my Minecraft mods folder. In the search bar of a Windows computer users can find the C: drive on their computer by typing C:Users into the search bar of a Windows computer. You should now be seeing the .minecraft folder, now double left-click on the folder. Then double-click on the mods folder. This folder might not exist yet, and if that’s the case, the user will need to create one as in the next step
  3. drop. Drag and drop the mod you want to install into the mods folder and that’s it!

Update 15.08.2021: The primary verification process of ensuring no malware is included in a mod is directly handled by the mod developers at the mod download site. For reputable sites like those listed earlier, verification means no malware is present unless done by a third party security firm or computer software designed to identify and eliminate such applications. When determining the authenticity of a site, use a URL scan utility such as Google Safe Browsing’s Site Status.

Update 17.12.2021: According to Version Museum, a website that provides historical documentations of website UI changes, mcmodspc.com has now changed its domain name and received a major uplift in terms of UI, Mod Database management, and of course the number of mods to play around with. Rather than the usual click and download approach, all mods are now divided into categories and you can search according to which version of minecraft youre playing such as Minecraft Fabric Mods.

Mods for Minecraft with MCModspc.com:

  1. Step 1: Once on the mcmodspc.com website, users can navigate to the Mods tab, after which they will have to click on the ‘Minecraft Mods Downloads’ link
  2. Step 2: Download and enjoy. Users will then need to browse through a plethora of categories and find the desired mods for download. A screenshot preview followed by the download button can usually be seen at a glance. A How-To-Install link is easy to locate.
  3. Step 3: Again, ensure safe installation. Take note to avoid any pop-up malware and adverts as you navigate the pages of mcmodspc. These websites are sometimes inadvertently blocked by the owner of a firewall.

How to Download and Install Mods:

  1. Find mods from a website (either an official server through Minecraft or a trusted third party)
  2. Complete the CAPTCHA process on the download page
  3. Save the downloaded file (1.17 pa still)]
  4. Move the downloaded file into the mods folder from your .minecraft folder


      1. What to do if I can’t find my .minecraft folder?
        If you can’t find your .minecraft file using the Start>AppData>Roaming path, try entering %appdata% into the search bar and hitting enter. This should bring you to the Roaming path of your system directory.
      2. How to locate resource packs related to mods?
        Divide the project folder for your mod using the same method you used for the assets you just installed. Find a resource pack from a verified source and follow the same procedure.
      3. How to remove mods from Minecraft?
        Eliminate them from your mods folder. This can be done easily by simply moving them to your desktop from the folder.

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Launch Minecraft and Check the Mods

After installation, launch Minecraft and check if the mods are visible in the Mods section. You’ll be able to verify which ones are successfully added, apply any relevant options (such as setting up new worlds or adjusting configuration options), and start playing with your new mods.

nTo check if the mods have been added in Minecraft version 1.7.10, select Mods at the main menu. In later versions of Minecraft, select the Mods dialog from the main menu to be taken to the Mods Menu where all installed mods are listed.

If you selected the mod during the installation process and are still not seeing it, it is possible you did not download the necessary third-party mod dependencies.

What Are the Best Mods for Minecraft?

The best Minecraft mods are TekTopia, Quark, Biomes o’ Plenty, Simplified Automation, Night Vision, Brave New World, aether II, Feed The Beast, Galacticraft, Pixelmon, Chisel, JEI (Just Enough Items), Isometric Toolbox, Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons, and Foamfix.

TekTopia is the best single/multi-player mod for improving the game even without changing any of its original mechanics. It grants the player surrogates to build their metropolis, allowing experienced players something new and fascinating to build. Quark makes the clearest changes to the vanilla game, offering the best alternative to those who enjoy Minecraft for its simplicity and straightforwardness. Biomes o’ Plenty excellently expands the playable biome experience, with SImified Automation the best mod for helping low-level player mechanics. Night Vision, JEI (Just Enough Items), Galacticraft, Pixelmon, Chisel, Isometric Toolbox, Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons, and Foamfix are the best mods that highly improve certain parts of the game.

Lithium, and Sodium provide performance enhancements, though the specific improvements they can provide can vary from one computer to another. If you wish to enjoy specifically-crafted expert mods that provide a very unique gaming experience, mods such as Feed The Beast, Aether II, and Brave New World are ideal. Try surfing the community-curated list of best user-voted mods to keep up with changing Minecraft community tastes as well as discovering mods you may not have known about.


OptiFine is a Java-only mod that visually enhances Minecraft. It enhances lighting, provides better renditions of Minecraft’s blocks, smoothens shadows, and speeds up rendering. These properties bring Minecraft to a new visual level without changing the basic game dynamics. To install OptiFine, locate the latest compatible version on its website.

Then download it and double-click or highlight and press Enter in the Minecraft launch window of the version you want it installed in. This will create a special OptiFine profile which is selectable from the Play menu on the Minecraft launcher and runs Minecraft with OptiFine installed.

Biomes O’ Plenty

Biomes O’ Plenty is available in a wide range of Minecraft editions including Java and Bedrock. It allows you to increase the number of different types of biomes that are part of your world. BOP adds 86 new types of biomes on top of a few dozen that Minecraft already used to create its own unique worlds. To change the biomes you need to type the mod’s commands and change the biome size to over 4 while creating a new world.

Tinkers’ Construct

To install Tinkers’ Construct in Minecraft, follow the instructions to get Forge. Then, go to the main minecraftcurseforge.com page and search for Tinker’s Construct. Click on the Tinker’s Construct link you see (Tinkers’ Construct 2 by mDiyo is the main one) and go to the relations tab to see which versions of Minecraft the mod supports, and download the JAR file.

Create a new folder on your desktop titled TinkersConstruct and place the TinkersConstruct.jar file into this new folder. Copy the new folder you created with the mod into the mods folder of the game you want to use. If you have your minecraft launcher open, you will need to leave and re-enter it and you’ll see Tinkers’ Construct in your mods list.

Just Enough Items (JEI)

Just Enough Items (JEI) is a Minecraft mod for version 1.12 onwards that lets you look up the recipe for anything in the game. You can navigate recipes for blocks and items using the scrolling interface to get the recipe for a block, its output, and where it goes in your inventory, and manage your inventory more efficiently.

Download JEI: JEI can be downloaded from either the Feed the Beast or CurseForge websites.

Installation: JEI is a simple install. Just download the mod file and place it in the mods folder.


JourneyMap is probably the most famous mapping mod for Minecraft. It provides an in-game mini-map and full-map tool similar to those found in GPS programs. The mod is so popular because it provides easy and custom waypoint points. This is particularly useful for players who get lost easily in survival mode, players who want to create abridged maps of large areas in adventure mode, or for anyone just wanting to record their favorite locations in-game.

As the map is updated, the prior version is automatically saved. In this way, one can record how their world has evolved without any extra effort. Supports include Google Maps-like 2D mapping as well. Maps can be viewed online or in any other browser that supports HTML5. For all these features, the hardest part is making sure touchscreen gestures are not accidentally used to follow an online game. JourneyMap at its core is just an .jar mod that is installed just like Optifine or Fabric. Once the game is accessed, keys are bound and waypoints are used as needed.

How To Troubleshoot Common Mod Installation Issues?

Some common issues when installing mods in Minecraft include getting errors because too many mods were installed at once, corruption of files from improper extraction of the mod files, and peripheral issues such as problems with RAM allocation or network firewall settings.

To troubleshoot these common mod installation issues when they arise, it is helpful to move the mod files or backup worlds and mod lists to a new Minecraft folder and try to launch from there. Mod files that may be causing issues can be temporarily moved to another folder and solutions can be tested piece by piece to find what is causing the issue.

Be sure and consult troubleshooting guides for your specific mods and for the version of Minecraft you are using.

Conflicting Mods

Conflicting mods are mods that alter the same game files as each other, creating overlapping or identical effects. For example, TMI mod and NEI mod both allow for easy viewing of crafting recipes in Minecraft. This means that if you install both, they may cancel each other out or make it difficult in some ways. Before installing mods, check the creator’s site or info page as they will often inform you of any known mod conflicts.

Incorrect Mod Versions

Many mods are released in a beta version prior to the full mod, meaning the versions can be buggy. This can lead to crashes or more subtle disruptions such as changes in world generation. The very most recent version of a mod, while sometimes having exciting new features, also may have new problems that have not yet been ironed out. Test multiple versions carefully to choose one that works well for your specific Mod setup.

Corrupted Downloaded Files

Unfortunately, sometimes a mod installation Zip file is corrupted at the time of download to your Downloads folder. Browsers or other applications may sometimes even automatically unzip the file on an accidental mouse movement or keypress, making it possible to erroneously think the author uploaded something incorrectly when the actual problem is at the time of your download.

The good news is that this is very rare as long as you are focusing on the correct source for files. Steam Workshop links usually will not be corrupted while Fabric and Curseforge URLs are usually OK. (Again, java-gaming.com appears to be a file-share website which does sometimes have problems with the notification bell depending on the browser you are using that can sometimes cause corrupted downloads. I repeat, Do Not Click.)

Again, the solution is to just delete the file immediately and redownload it if you suspect this is a problem. We strongly recommend doing this through the official or generally recognized site where the file originated in order to be sure this was the source of the problem. If you think no one may have noticed and reported that the file on the mod website is corrupted, then let the mod author know. GitHub and other forums the creator uses are all solid methods of communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Install Mods in Minecraft?

1. What are mods in Minecraft and why would I want to install them?

Mods, short for modifications, are user-created content that can change or enhance gameplay in Minecraft. These can range from adding new items, mobs, or features to the game, to completely overhauling the game’s mechanics. Installing mods can add a new level of excitement and variety to your Minecraft experience.

2. Can I install mods in the Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft?

Yes, mods can be installed in both the Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft, but the installation process is different for each. In Java, mods are installed using a mod loader like Forge, while in Bedrock, mods are installed through the use of third-party apps.

3. How do I find and download Minecraft mods?

There are several websites that host Minecraft mods, such as CurseForge and Planet Minecraft. You can browse through these sites and choose the mods you want to download. Make sure to only download mods from trusted sources to avoid any potential viruses or malware.

4. Do I need any special software to install mods in Minecraft?

Yes, you will need a mod loader for the Java version of Minecraft, such as Forge or Fabric. These programs help manage and load the mods into the game. For Bedrock, you will need a third-party app like BlockLauncher or MCPE Master to install mods.

5. How do I install mods in Minecraft using Forge?

First, you will need to download and install Forge. Once installed, open the Minecraft Launcher, select the Forge profile, and launch the game. Then, download the mods you want and place them in the “mods” folder inside your Minecraft directory. The mods will now be loaded when you launch the game.

6. Can I install multiple mods at the same time?

Yes, you can install multiple mods in Minecraft as long as they are compatible with each other. However, it’s always a good idea to check the mod descriptions and make sure they don’t conflict with each other. It’s also recommended to only install a few mods at a time to avoid any potential issues.

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