Mastering Minecraft: A Guide to Reaching the End

Are you ready to take on the ultimate challenge in Minecraft and journey to the End?

Discover how you can access this mysterious realm, the dangers and rewards that await you, and valuable tips on how to survive and emerge victorious.

From collecting Ender Pearls to battling the fearsome Ender Dragon, we’ve got you covered on everything you need to know to prepare for this epic adventure.

So gear up, craft your weapons, and get ready to conquer the End!

What Is The End In Minecraft?

The End is a floating island dimension that is the upwardly mobile destination for successful Minecraft players. It is inhabited by a variety of End mobs such as Endermen, Shulkers, and Endermen, the boss who sits on the End Portal main island – the Ender Dragon. A player must discover and activate an End portal found in a Stronghold to travel there. The End is a harsh place with a limited food supply, many dangers, and no materials for expansion or development beyond its initial fortress. The ultimate goal here for a gamer is to defeat the Ender Dragon and free the exit gateway from its stronghold.

Plus being a goal to advance in the game, the Ender Dragon can be rebattled to gain experience, but the primary goal is returning to the main world through the newly opened End Gateway. To use the Gateway, use a dependable hand glider, elytra, or an End Gate Piercer, and you will be taken a random number of blocks in a random direction, where there will be a very tall doorway to a giant circular void. Jump in and return to the main world.

As in the nether, the easiest and safest way to return to the main world from the End is to allow yourself to die. The main End Island is the only place in the End where Ender Crystals with regenerative powers are found.

How To Get To The End In Minecraft?

You get to the End in Minecraft by creating a Nether portal, locating an End Portal or creating your own via Eyes of Ender, and activating it to get to the End. Miner’s Haven shows how to get to the end out of their video. They show how to get to the end from scratch which includes collecting good gear and defeating strong monsters.

Nether Portals are relatively easy to build and use and only require some modifications depending on the device you are playing Minecraft on, while End Portals are more of a challenge as they require a player to find them – adding an adventure element.

Nether Portals require you to build a frame out of Obsidian blocks. There is one opening in the frame. When it is built, the player uses flint and steel on the bottom piece of the opening, which will create a portal out of blue and purple swirling matter. You can build them at overworld and nether. Note that the size and shapes of the frames will determine the size and shape of the frame and will determine which nether portal you connect to.

End Portals are found in Strongholds. After locating a stronghold, players must then find the End Portal Room. Some strongholds have libraries and if a player is lucky they may locate the End Portal Room from that. In the stronghold is the End Portal Room. It is a single room with a portico entrance, and even under up to five layers of limestone from the surface, it is easy to find. The room will have pedestals on all four corners and one in the middle as part of the portal’s frame. A total of 12 End Portal Frame blocks are necessary to build the End Portal. Collect and combine Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder in order to create Eyes of Ender. Use the Eyes of Ender to activate the end portal by right-clicking with them in-hand. End Portals can be found within the Stronghold, if you already have them in your possession.

Collecting Ender Pearls

An end portal is a player-created structure that links the Overworld to the End biome. For reach The End, one must defeat the Ender Dragon in the End’s boss arena. The entrance to the Stronghold is the only regular method of accessing the End.

Making an End portal requires 12 end portal frame blocks and 12 eyes of ender. The 12 eyes of ender should be attached to the end portal frame blocks to activate the portal by placing an eye of ender inside the end portal frame block until it opens. Players can explore the stronghold until they find the end portal, and after defeating the ender dragon, they can find the exit from the end.

It is necessary to defeat Endermen for 4-5 ender pearls. Collecting ender pearls is one of the most crucial milestones. The ender pearls can be stored in the inventory and used as a form of trade with Piglins or to create eye of ender, which is needed in conjunction with a filled portal frame block to trigger a portal.

Finding A Stronghold

A stronghold is an underground structure in Minecraft that contains a nether portal. Strongholds are found scattered all over the Overworld. They are built with stone bricks and contain rooms with several types of materials and decorations. They are corridors of hand-placed slabs and stairs, and hold end portals. New strongholds develop near villages created in version 1.0, but all systems since then have multiplied that. Including all systems that have evolved since 1.9 on 13thwitness’s Bedrock seed (-771477009) to his Pillager Outpost 1 (-775255782) that are found not far from a village and pillager outpost respectively outside spawn.

Activating The End Portal

The End Portal is an in-game portal that leads to the End dimension of Minecraft. At the location of an End Portal, the player will find a dungeon structure called Stronghold. Strongholds are caves that were first implemented in Java Edition Beta 1.8. They are constructed mostly of stone materials and can contain dungeons, corridors, intersection, bridges, or massive, cavernous rooms filled with an assortment of different monsters.

Every stronghold contains an End Portal room, which may not be accessible by the player, however. The portal is complete and ready once the player uses 12 Eye of Enders and places them in every Frame Block. Once Helmet Eyes spawn within the Pit, the portal becomes active and a portal room is revealed. The player can then descend to enter The End.

What Are The Dangers Of Going To The End?

The dangers of going to the End in Minecraft include falling in the void, dangerous deadly dragons, and difficult end mobs. If an Enderman is angered in The End or Endermen in The End are randomly aggressive, falling in the void is one of the most likely dangers. And Endermen in The End will be far more aggressive than in a normal world. Endermen in The End are stronger, deal more damage, and have two times the health points. The Ender Dragon is the biggest danger in The End. It flies above the exit portal and shoots deadly ender charge and dragon’s breath balls. It flies quickly throughout the entire battleground area, including destroying the most common source of safety, the obsidian pillars with access to the Crystals. Moreover, the Ender dragon is highly resilient and can regenerate its 200 health points. The End, which is home to the Hardcore End Times final boss, contains dangerous mobs to fight, Shulkers, and Phantoms. Shulkers have a debilitating levitation attack using homing projectiles, and Phantoms are some of the most agile and silent mobs in the Minecraft world that will gradually take away health points. Going to The End is not so dangerous if you adequately prepared yourself for the Dangers of The End in terms of encasing the exit portal, being adequately armored and armed, and bringing along assorted supplies you may need.

Endermen Attacks

Attacking endermen is best incorporated into normal Minecraft play by regularly killing them. An advantage of this method is that it requires no special effort to reach the The End except defeating the ender dragon once in the normal course of gameplay. A disadvantage is that if endermen spawn less often, long periods may pass with no progress toward gaining the end portal or reaching The End.

Research by Yeti2029 found that ender pearl drop rates are roughly the same in Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft with slight fluctuations. For Java, the drop rate is about 50% and for Bedrock, it is about 55-65%. The cobblestone chamber that the Minecraft end portal is usually in is indicated by a 12.5% end portal frame block being present within them. One is found beneath every stronghold.

Fighting The Ender Dragon

Fighting the Ender Dragon is the final step of the process to get to the end. The Ender Dragon flaps its wings within its life cycle to exhibit its invincibility and retreat from damage. The Ender Dragon has a variety of attacks that begin with a melee attack when it is chased. And then it uses a fireball or dragon breath or tail, or so forth.

After the ender dragon has been successfully fought and killed, a cinematic complete with flaming pillars, gateways of light, and an animation of the dragon’s death will appear. Exploring the end city structures is the final step for successful triumph.

What Are The Rewards Of Going To The End?

The assets in Est are in German Marks. The main unique rewards for going to the End in Minecraft are the five Elytra and a Dragon Egg that appears on the pedestal in the End’s center after the Ender Dragon is defeated. Elytra is a two-piece dragon-like glider item in Minecraft used to extend player jumps. The Elytra can give up to 5.5 seconds of gliding time having player saturation above start rate, used to lessen fall damage and move through the world at varying speeds. They can only be found in magician towers in The End or can be gotten from a head admin. Elytra from The End can have enchantments making them worthy corresponding with difficult dungeons, risk of losing progress, and the likelihood of the player’s death.

The Dragon Egg in Minecraft is a block that drops itself as an item when pushed by a piston or when it falls onto a tile that ignites it. The Dragon Egg does not obey Gravity Blocks or stick to Honey Blocks. It measures as a large entity to signal Redstone and is impervious to explosions and does not fall when its supporting block is removed. Blocks in Minecraft are lighter than air so not only stay aloft but will immediately rise into the sky when placed in-air whether thrown or dropped and when a solid block is removed from beneath them. The Elytra and Dragon Egg are the principal specific benefits from visiting The End.

Ender Dragon Egg

The Ender Dragon Egg is the item dropped after the Ender Dragon boss is defeated in The End dimension. There are four methods to get into The End from a new survival world: fighting an Ender Dragon, using the /locate command followed by a stronghold, using an Ender Portal, and using an Ender Pearl.

The tried-and-true method is the first one, but has the downside that every new world must raid a stronghold and summon the Ender Dragon from scratch. The /locate command is the most efficient method for those who have already found a stronghold. An Ender Portal launching players into an ocean with no landmarks is an interesting surprise. Only users with Developer Mode turned on can manually create an Ender Portal.

Experience Points

When Minecraft players kill the ender dragon, 12,000 experience points will be dropped directly from the dragon’s body, distributed between players who inflicted damage on the dragon in the final stage according to the percentage of damage they did. A player can be teleported back to the main spawn area of the overworld. If you are far from your spawn area, dying will transport you back there.

Access To End Cities And End Ships

End cities exhibit tall, purple towers and include end ships, which look like pirate ships. These locations are one of the intended goals of acquiring the end, as they contain the game’s best loot and a block of the newest and most powerful material. Access to the end cities must be initiated in a standard way with an end crystal located on the central island.

Four end crystals then have to be added to the exit portal gateway. These may either be produced from the 9 gas tears earned while fighting the ender dragon, glass bottles, and nether wart to distill potions, with the nether star from a wither boss fight, or they may be spawned in. Explaining everything for how to do that would take another document.

However, the expense of shooting the dragon’s health-restoring crystals is not recommended. Once the exit portal has four end crystals, a shimmer and teleport to the end city beyond it will start (provided the 2 block gap between the teleporter and city is open. This run will not only allow you to find the best items in the game such as the coveted elytra wings which allow players to glide and rocket boost, as well as shulkers which give the best base defense.

How To Prepare For The End In Minecraft?

To prepare for The End in Minecraft, you should do the following:

  1. Get full diamond gear and plenty of arrows. You may also want to upgrade your bow to a higher level bow if you have one available. Bows enchanted with Power V or fast-firing crossbows with the quick charge enchantment are particularly useful.
    • The average number of arrows needed to kill the Ender Dragon is 120. Thus we recommend 3+ stacks of 64 arrows with them being at least iron or better. It would be safer to use 4+ stacks of arrows with some being tipped with splash potions of harming.
    • A reload time of 0.35 to 0.50 seconds is needed to fire a single shot from a bow. The time needed for a crossbow to reach a full charge should be between 1.6 and 1.4 seconds. A minimum of 3 crossbows are required to ensure they do not break and need to be switched in the middle of fighting.
  2. Gather Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder to create Eyes of Ender. You’ll need 12 Eyes of Ender to activate the End Portal.
  3. Craft a Repairing Armageddon Bow. You will need several bows and swords to craft a second double-bow Atronach weapon with [Infinity] [Mending] [Multi-Shot] [Unbreaking] [Sharpness V] and a Exanite Orichalcum Prismarine sword, shield, and full Diamond armor set with these enchants as well as [Protection IV] [Blast Protection IV] [Feather Falling IV] [Thorns III].
  4. Choose or create the base you will use to travel between the Overworld and the End. The Floating Islands biomes are a popular choice as they are close to the initial End portal and protected from the charge of Endermen inside of the End as long as you’re ducked under an overhang.
  5. Decide on which food, potion, torch, and storage items you will bring to the End. The Floating Islands provide an outdoor farming area, so is also recommended for growing melons and roots. Bring and use a turtle shell for an elytra wings quick get-out-of-town option.
  6. Turn all items and experience into Experience Moon Shoes.

Leaving the floating islands to practice elytra potential food cooking options available at hand is a must. Additionally have a way to boost back up to the islands.

Crafting Strong Armor And Weapons

In the End in Minecraft, you will fight against Endermen as well as the End Dragon. When you eventually reach the heightened areas of the End, there will be multiple Endermen to fight. For last throughout the battle, having diamond armor as well as your preferred diamond melee weapon for this part of the fight is crucial.

Stocking Up On Resources

Stocking up on resources for completing the end in minecraft includes getting the best gear and tools including multiple sets of armor and weapons to be sure you have enough during your very difficult battles in the end. Stocking up on iron and diamonds and tools and armor that are bound for further enchantment and repair is a good idea if players are low on supplies. Players dealing in Ender fighting food like pumpkin and melon pies and golden apples will want to have gigantic farms because those fights are very lengthy. They need to keep fighting persistently with the ender dragon and making significant use of their enchanted armor sets. If that is the case, a stable and protective food and weapon source is vital. It is recommended that users mine a Nether fortress multiple times after constructing a secure travel route to the fortress. They will require at least one blaze rod which can be found in raised Ender centers or overworld Chossium castles to brew potions and obtain subendyx powder and eyes of Ender. If players stock up on resources before entering the end, it will be a much more straightforward journey than if they enter with few supplies and need to search for them in the blink of a dragon eye.

Bringing Potions And Food

Bringing potions ensures that one has plenty of healing sources, but they can only be restocked from ransacked end cities, meaning that it is easy to run out before having reached them. Only the earlier two categories of endermen (non-hostile and dragon-belligerents) spawn on the nether side of the end portal. Placing a water bucket has little benefit and offers potential for disaster if the player is teleported above the void, where the bucket will have no safe landing surface. A second option is to try building a protective shelter of sorts. This can be done on or near flat ground as well as off the edges of the island and helps allow more strategic attacks from the ender dragon’s weak spot.

The items most useful for this strategy are a small stack of blocks, glass and iron bars, a door, and any combination of trapdoors and fences. Glass blocks offer solution against dragon projectiles by allowing one to see the enemy coming. To access them, the safest method is digging upward into the earth of the end, as it is mostly empty space save for a few patches of end stone and a couple of shulkers. Two of the shulkers hiding in the end will provide end city keys one of which will help open the way towards a chest and then potentially the elytra.

What Are Some Tips For Surviving In The End?

Some tips for surviving in the end in Minecraft are to create a safe home, bring plenty of block material, rig yourself with enchanted diamond gear and bring food with you. A safe home in the End is crucial, reinforce and mark it with torches on the outside so if you die you can beeline straight back to it. For maximum protection, the end game world is full of powerful Mobs. Also crucial for the end game are bringing plenty of blocks as in the end game there are no trees to mine and very few blocks to mine that the end boss, Ender Dragon, can’t break down. Bring blocks to the Fight, and you’ll be able to obscure an Ender Dragon’s Line of Sight making the fight easier.

Minecrafters on average spend $26 each on Food, Gear, Armor, Potions, Bed, and Ender Pearls to gain an edge on the End Dragon. Although the best weapon against the Ender Dragon is a fully enchanted bow and arrow, you will employ melee tactics as well. Thus, a mixture of different enchantments can determine your strength during a fierce fight. In this instance, Defensive Enchantments can provide you with the strength to withstand severe blows. A whiff can sometimes result in the loss of all of your gear. Having Enchanted Diamond gear can increase your odds of survival greatly, particularly when you are underway to the End Stronghold. Additionally having Golden Apples and Pumpkin Pie can help increase your health points during a hard melee battle against the Ender Dragon. Lastly, some Food and the Bow (specifically the best Crossbow) can cause significant damage to the Ender Dragon. Though each Minecraft Adventure is unique, and you may have other valuable items in mind.

Building A Safe Shelter

The first step to get into the End in Minecraft is building a safe shelter for the player and their items. When arriving at a new stronghold for the first time, Determine the location of the End Portal room in the stronghold. Some rooms contain the portal filled with empty frames. Follow the walls of library rooms to a new corner. Alternatively, follow hemming-take paths, noting branches already explored. Because the final decision is spatially related to that last link, calculate how much space remains in other parts of the dungeon. For instance, if you’ve dug a mine elsewhere, it might intersect the stairs to the portal room. Dig some of the walls of this room and create an interconnecting water pit with a touch of water, so the area can be easily accessed from the rest of the fortress in the future if desired.

Avoiding Endermen

The biggest piece of advice for surviving Endermen is to look at the ground when they are near. This will prevent them from having an opportunity to attack. Attempt to keep them within your field of view while looking downwards and inch away. Players can also utilize a Water Bucket to keep them at bay and attempt to attack from a distance (with a Bow & Arrow if possible). Safe rooms may also be built to keep Endermen out and walls for blocking.

Bringing A Water Bucket

Using water streams is one of the fastest ways to get to the End. Having an Iron Pickaxe allows you to get some obsidian. Place the water at the origin point then flow the water to the obsidian source, where it should convert the lava into solid obsidian. This can help divert progression in the opposite direction only if you don’t have a diamond pickaxe to mine more obsidian directly After disabling the Ender crystals. This does require you to do some of your End exploration beforehand to scout ahead and unobstructed pathway. But you will be able to get to the location you desire instantaneously at any time with enough water buckets. Be careful, however, as according to the official Minecraft wiki, water will deal a significant amount of damage.

How To Beat The Ender Dragon In The End?

To beat the Ender Dragon in the End, you can use the End Crystal Healing System to give you an advantage. Beam down with your shulkers, set up for the healing tower as shown in the video. Kill any Endermen who approach so they don’t knock you off. Once the End crystals are down, destroy them. Then attack the Ender Dragon with ranged or melee weapons. Once the Ender Dragon is defeated, the End portal opens back up. Jump in to be returned to the main overworld map.

Destroying The Crystals

There are eight Fireball-shooting Ender Crystals at the top of the obsidian towers that heal the Ender Dragon using their 3 points per second. Destroying the crystals will help you to kill the Ender Dragon. The easiest way to destroy the crystals is to build a Pillar of Blocks to ascend to the tower. When you reach there, you can then mine, destroy, or place some C4 to destroy the Crystals and kill the Ender Dragon.

Using A Bow And Arrow

It is a good idea to go to The End with 64 arrows because the player will face an enemy with a lot of hit points known as Ender Dragon. Because the ground is made of Obsidian and there are no buildings marked, building a few bridges out of dirt, cobblestone, wood might make the environment easier to navigate. Absolutely use a bed at a respawn spot in the overworld.

Attacking The Ender Dragon’s Weaknesses

When you teleport to the Nether, the Ender Dragon cannot follow you. This means that the last bit of life in some battles can be much simpler – to exit to the Nether quickly wherever you are and wait for the Dragon to disappear on its own because it cannot finish teleporting to the Nether if it is in the middle of teleporting to the End.

Another item potentially helpful for a fight with the Ender Dragon are Potion of Water Breathing which makes you immune to Ender Acid for 2 minutes so you can fight up close and personal against the Ender Dragon and get more precise shots off of attacking the Ender Crystals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get into the End in Minecraft?

To enter the End in Minecraft, you will first need to find and activate the End Portal. This can be done by obtaining and placing 12 Eyes of Ender in the frame blocks of the portal structure. Once all the eyes are placed, the portal will become active and you can jump in to access the End dimension.

What are Eyes of Ender and how do I get them?

Eyes of Ender are items used to activate the End Portal. They can be obtained by killing Endermen, trading with villagers, or crafting them using Blaze Powder and Ender Pearls.

Can I access the End in Minecraft without defeating the Ender Dragon?

No, the End dimension can only be accessed by defeating the Ender Dragon. However, if you do not wish to fight the dragon, you can still enter the End and explore the environment without facing the boss.

What is the best way to prepare for the End in Minecraft?

Before entering the End, it is recommended to stock up on necessary supplies such as weapons, armor, and food. It is also helpful to bring items like Ender Pearls and blocks for building bridges or towers.

How do I defeat the Ender Dragon in the End?

The Ender Dragon has a total of 200 health points and can only be damaged by attacking its head or body. It is also immune to arrows and can destroy any blocks in its path. It is best to use a combination of melee attacks and ranged magic, such as a bow and arrows, to defeat it.

What happens when I defeat the Ender Dragon and enter the End Gateway?

After defeating the Ender Dragon, an End Gateway will appear in the center of the island. This portal can be used to access other End Cities, which contain valuable loot and resources. You can also use the portal to return to the Overworld.

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