Step-by-Step Guide: How to Change Your Name in Minecraft

Are you tired of your current username in Minecraft and looking to make a change?

We will explore the reasons why someone might want to change their name in Minecraft and the simple steps to do so.

From logging into your Mojang account to selecting a new username and navigating any restrictions or limitations, we’ve got you covered.

Stay tuned to learn about the potential risks and consequences of changing your name, as well as tips for choosing a new and unique name for your Minecraft character.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, this guide will help you navigate the process with ease.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can change your name in Minecraft by following a few simple steps on your Mojang account.
  • There are limitations to changing your name, such as a once every 30 days rule and restrictions on offensive names.
  • Be aware of potential risks, such as losing progress in some servers and your friends not recognizing your new name.
  • Why Would Someone Want to Change Their Name in Minecraft?

    There are both essential and non-essential reasons why someone would want to change their name in Minecraft. The biggest reasons seem to be aboring name or annoying name.

    • A boring name: Depending on one’s point of view, an old-fashioned name from historical kingdoms or cultures such as Alexander or Isabella can seem as pedestrian as a plain vanilla ice cream cone. So it is with historical uses of names in online game accounts. One might have originally chosen a name like Bob1234 or Player99122 because they were new to the game and did not plan on playing regularly. More often than one might think, people will play a game much longer or build up status or profile to a level where they would like to adopt a different, unique, and more colorful name to match their new reputation.
    • Annoying name: On the opposite end of the spectrum, some players find existing usernames to be annoying, confusing, or so frequently-regurgitated that they feel disingenuous. And, not to be understated, there are some usernames that contain references to negative political or military organizations, criminals, ethnic or religious slurs, black humor about terrorism or fatal diseases, or sexually inappropriate language (e.g., SkipTheMILFslayer1269) that are just so offensive or inappropriate as to be simply intolerable in polite online company.

    What Are the Steps to Change Your Name in Minecraft?

    The steps to change your name in Minecraft depend on which platform you are using. The following steps show you how to change your name in Minecraft on a desktop computer and through a Minecraft account:

    1. Name change in Minecraft Desktop:
    • Open the in-game menu by pressing escape.
    • Click on the Change Profile Name button.
    • Enter your new name and click the Confirm button.
    • Name change in a Minecraft Account:
    • Click on the name at the top right of the screen and select My Account.
    • Click on the Change button next to your profile name.
    • Enter your new name and click Check Availability.
    • If your name is available and accepted by the system, enter your password and click on Accept.

    Step 1: Log into Your Mojang Account

    Log into You will be redirected to the Microsoft website to log into your Mojang account. You will need to enter your existing Mojang username (or email), and then your password. After logging in you will need to verify your identity through your preferred method of the two MitM (Man in the Middle) attacks that are available. Either an email sent to the address linked to your account, or a code sent to your phone.

    Step 2: Click on the ‘Change’ Button Next to Your Username

    Once you have logged into your Mojan account (step 1), on the Profile Page (step 2), you will see a section titled Player Profile. Across from your username will be a Change button. Click on it. In the image below an arrow has been added to show you where the change button is on the account. There will be one more reconfirmation of your password on this page to ensure you have permission to change it. You can then input the new username and see if it is available.

    If it is already taken by another account, or taken by an older username and not available, you will see the following message (it is unclear what the system status message Acting Too Fast occurs but is likely a system error when accessed too many times concurrently):
    Oops! That username is already taken.
    Sorry! The request has not been received correctly. Please try again later.
    If the username is available, you can change it successfully and you will see the following success message:
    Success! Your username has been changed.

    You will then receive an e-mail from Mojang titled Username Change Confirmation to let you know the username has been changed. On the e-mail, it will state Dear [your new account name] followed by the e-mail in which it will be associated. Thereafter if you log into Minecraft with your e-mail, you may notice your username is updated in the chat section.
    Click on the Profile link in your Mojang account Select Change button next to your username Enter your new username.

    Step 3: Enter Your New Username and Confirm the Change

    After you have paid, enter your desired username in the NEW USERNAME field. If that username is available, hit Availability and Help again to have check it. 99% of the time it will tell you it is not available, which is incorrect. You can then click Purchase Name Change to process the rebranding of your account.

    Mojang will then verify that your new username is not offensive and is not already in use. They will also let you know that this is your last chance to switch back to your old name. If you are sure you want to proceed, check the box below your new name. Check any other informational boxes you might want and then click Change Name to confirm the switch.

    Step 4: Log into Minecraft with Your New Username

    Log in to Minecraft with your new username to verify the name change was completed and shows up correctly. After initially logging in with the renamed account, Minecraft does not allow you to quickly change it again. If users are unhappy with their last choice or have made a mistake in the spelling, capitalization, or need further assistance with their new username, a support ticket will need to be properly submitted for another name change. Minecraft only allows for one free username change, so any further alterations after the first one will cost €10.71 or $20.00.

    Logged in using your new username to ensure that it is working as expected. Social interactions, post in chats, and play games with friends as normally you would, but under your new name. It takes about 24 hours whenever changing your username, after which your previous username will show in-game as “{old username} is now also known as {new username}”.

    Are There Any Restrictions or Limitations to Changing Your Name in Minecraft?

    According to the Mojava User Account Registration Guide, the following temporary limitations are in effect for changing your name in Minecraft via your Mojang account:

    • You may only change your Minecraft username every 30 days.
    • Your new Minecraft username must be unique and not already in use by someone else.

    These made positive designers be worth remembering the right constraints are met before attempting to change your name in Minecraft.

    You Can Only Change Your Name Once Every 30 Days

    According to Mojang’s Help Center, you can only change your Minecraft game name once every 30 days. You can only change the profile name tied to the account once every 30 days. So, if you changed your account’s profile name to another name and now want to play under a different name, changing the profile name to get a new game tag is problematic. Having three different names for each Minecraft account is unnecessarily complex.

    You Cannot Change Your Name to an Existing Username

    If you try to change your Minecraft username to an existing username which is already taken by an account which has chosen to not migrate to the Microsoft account, you will receive the message Sorry, username is already taken.

    This means that that particular username is already in use and is thus not available for changing your username. You will have to choose a unique username as the Mojang accounts system does not allow duplicate usernames.

    You Cannot Use Offensive or Inappropriate Names

    The Minecraft Nickname Policy does not allow you to use deliberately offensive, inappropriate, or obscene names. This includes but is not limited to profanity, racist slurs, violence, or references to other hateful things, as well as sexually explicit or disgusting things. You cannot deceive others about your or someone else’s affiliation with an entity (i.e language that’s likely to confuse and deceive other users about your identity.

    Nickname that violate the above policy will not be changed to a new one until the offending part is removed (Zac Chastain,, Minecraft username changes are coming!). Incorrect spelling of prohibited names does not mean users can get around the naming restrictions as Mojang can tender your objection on the basis of inaccuracy.

    What Happens to Your Old Name After Changing It?

    Your old name is immediately released for use by others again after you change your name. Anyone can create an account with that name or begin playing using it. You cannot reserve your old name after changing it, so if you wish to avoid being impersonated by others, changing your name as soon as possible after deciding on a new handle is the most prudent course of action.

    Your Old Name is Released and Can Be Used by Others

    All Minecraft usernames are unique. Once your name is changed, your old name is released back into the naming pool and is up for grabs for anyone else to take.

    However, this does not mean your name will immediately be snatched up at the time of your change. Your Minecraft username being pushed out to others to take after your own change will depend on whether their username is also new, how many premium username users have purchased them, and how many was Hyrbid and Mojang have deemed inappropriate and pulled from use.

    It does not seem that unused accounts that still have their name have their names ever purged. We did reach out to Mojang Support to inquire about this but have not received a response.

    This works in your favor if you change your name because if for any reason you want to go back to it there is no guarantee that someone else didn’t already pick it up. If you have known others (around 8000 needed to be changed in 2014 because they were offensive) who have purchased premium usernames, there may be less competition for your old name because again it’s unique and already taken by another user.

    Your Friends and Servers Will See Your New Name

    Once the process of changing your name in Minecraft via the Mojang or Microsoft account settings is completed, your new name will be seen by others in those settings. This applies to the account you sign in to multiplayer mode with, as well as on servers.

    Changing your player name will not give you additional control over the name of your character on servers. That is always controlled by the server owner.

    Are There Any Risks or Consequences to Changing Your Name in Minecraft?

    There are very few risks or consequences to changing your name in Minecraft, and among those that are known, there are few surprises.

    Risks and known effects include the need to re-add friends, a new URL for your game, the need to change documentation such as invoices if your original name was tied to a business, the inability to revert to the old name, as well as some unanticipated consequences such as resetting your in-game character.

    The specific risks, consequences, and benefits of changing your name in Minecraft are stated in the name change information on your Mojang account or homepage which users see when making a name change selection.

    You May Lose Your Progress and Items in Some Servers

    Minecraft does support name changes now. After migrating to Mojang accounts, you’re able to change your Minecraft username. However, not all servers are integrated with this feature. Some servers will allow users to keep their inventory, player progression, custom player content, and server points known as cubits if these servers have integrated Minecraft’s Name Changing service. Other servers and offline modes of play will not save your progress. It is best to check what each individual server does to verify what you will keep before changing your Minecraft name.

    Your Friends May Not Recognize Your New Name

    Your friends and fans might not immediately recognize you when you change your Minecraft name. They may find themselves confused because they think a stranger has entered the scene, not realizing that you, too, have changed your name.

    One of the best ways to avoid or mitigate this potential negative impact is to let your fans know that you are changing your name in advance. Either make a public post on your playing platform or social medias, or tell your friends and private communities on your playing platform about the change. This way, they will be expecting the change and it will not come as a shock to them, which will ensure better recognition of your character moving forward by your friends and fans with the new name.

    Can You Change Your Name in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

    You can change your name in Minecraft Pocket Edition by changing your Xbox Gamertag following the same steps as any other version of Minecraft. Your Mojang account name and /username in-game name can be changed using the /name marketplace command, assuming a payment of 1,000 Minecoins, while Mojang account names can be changed for free if for restarting or starting a first world in Minecraft.

    Your player name can be changed on a server-level basis once you acquire the Level 3 username-expanding Citizen badge in the free community-made Wolfia bot for Discord. After that, you will be able to change your display, chat, and inventory names without changing the unique hexadecimal code associated with your Minecraft player account. This guide for Wolfia’s commands explains how to change your Discord role to Level 3, thereby allowing for a premium username change in Minecraft.

    How to Choose a Good Name for Your Minecraft Character?

    A good name for your Minecraft character should be easy for other players to remember and type, and should represent you in a way that is interesting and fits within the context of the Minecraft game environment. Here are some more pieces of advice on how to chose a name:

    1. Think of a single word that defines you – Find a word that has personal meaning to you. This could be an animal, color, hobby, country, place, etc. Or keep it simple if a single word is hard. (Examples: WhiteIndustrial, AngryBird, ArmorManiac, etc.)
    2. Mix and match words – Use different languages or mix a few different words which come together to form a new word.
    3. Use numbers creatively – If you must add digits to your username, do it in a way that helps others remember you. An easy way to do this is to use your date of birth – Not the full date, simply the last two digits of the year, e.g. 89. By incorporating numerals creatively into your username you run little to no risk of rejection while minimizing the chance of impersonation.
    4. Use underscore or dot – Using an underscore works well. It does not have much impact on people remembering your username.
    5. Capitalize the first letters – This makes your username more legible.

    Number 2 on the list of suggestions is worth elaborating on as mixing languages can create fun and interesting usernames. An example is the username CirqueSoleil which uses the French word for circus with the English word for sun. The combination evokes circus performers doing acrobatics under a numerical minecraft sun. If you are an investor by profession, a username like WallStraße can be pretty memorable. Mixing the German straße for street shows how smart you are and how you use your thinking to make an impact in a productive way. Minecraft Premium is easy to remember and lets others you play with know you are a fan of the game.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Change Your Name in Minecraft?

    What is the process for changing your name in Minecraft?
    To change your name in Minecraft, you will need to go through the official Minecraft website and follow the steps outlined there.

    How to Change Your Name in Minecraft?

    Can I change my name multiple times in Minecraft?
    Yes, you can change your name multiple times in Minecraft, but there is a limit of one name change per 30 days.

    How to Change Your Name in Minecraft?

    Do I need a premium account to change my name in Minecraft?
    Yes, you will need a premium Minecraft account to change your name. If you have a free account, you will need to upgrade to a premium account first.

    How to Change Your Name in Minecraft?

    Is it possible to change my name in Minecraft on a mobile device?
    Yes, you can change your name in Minecraft on a mobile device by accessing the Minecraft website through your mobile browser and following the steps there.

    How to Change Your Name in Minecraft?

    Will changing my name affect my progress or items in Minecraft?
    No, changing your name in Minecraft will not affect your progress or items in the game. Your account and saved data will remain the same.

    How to Change Your Name in Minecraft?

    Can I change my Minecraft username to someone else’s existing username?
    No, usernames must be unique in Minecraft, so you cannot choose a name that is already in use by another player.

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