Uncovering Hidden Riches: A Guide to Finding Treasure in Minecraft

Ready to embark on an exciting treasure hunt in the virtual world of Minecraft?

Explore the various types of treasure you can discover, from shipwrecks to Nether fortresses. Discover top tips and tricks for successful treasure hunting, including using maps, bringing the right tools, and staying alert for traps.

Delve into the thrill of finding hidden treasures in Minecraft!

What is Treasure in Minecraft?

Treasure in Minecraft, introduced in Minecraft 1.13 The Aquatic Update, is a category of hidden items that includes sunken shipwrecks, cats, tridents, heart of the sea, buried treasure, and the occasional loot from ocean ruins (though these are not treated in this guide as they are generally not too dangerous).

The items include useful tools, weapons, and extremely rare loot. Many of these buried treasures are also known as coincidence. For example, drowned and zombies have a common item of rotten flesh, which is not of much use except in a few niche crafting recipes. Other hidden underwater spots include various useful and dangerous mobs that players cheat by food gatherer tools.

Types of Treasure in Minecraft

The main types of treasure and loot that players can find in Minecraft are Chests, Shipwrecks and Underwater Ruins, Desert Pyramids and Jungle Temples, Stronghold Altars and Dungeons, and the Fishing pool. All of these can be wirelessly located by using the Eye of Ender. On the other hand, resources like Diamonds, Glowstone, and Redstone is mined, and Ender Pearls are dropped specifically by Endermen in the Overworld. In later versions, they can be purchased from Piglin bartering. Every chest regeneration, there is an n% to have at least one of those items. This chance cannot be increased if the location is revisited since the chest contents are determined at the moment any chunk is regenerated or a dungeon/stronghold/etc. is generated. So, if no valuable loot is first present, the only method to change the contents is by leaving the area and searching for loot elsewhere.

Desert Pyramids and Jungle Temples are known to contain hidden booby traps. Some are easy to avoid as long as players are forewarned. Pressure plates are the most common booby trap in pyramids and temples — and they are still active even if the loot is already taken out of the chest. So, if after looting a temple or pyramid, it is then entered again and the player loses health or dies, they will have triggered the still-active pressure plate. There is no comprehensive list as of now to warn players of booby traps in temples and pyramids, making every exploration in them a unique experience.

How to Find Treasure in Minecraft?

You can find treasure in Minecraft using the following steps. Either get lucky by randomly exploring, locate via a Cartographer Map, locate with a Water Monument Map, or locate with a Desert Temple Map. All are means to finding sunken ships and the corresponding buried or hidden treasure. Sunken ships are key to finding other valuable resources and some even offer buried treasure maps.

Exploring Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks are easy to find and structure in the game world where unique loot spawns including gold bars, iron bars, prismarine crystals, paper, buried treasure maps, emeralds, enchanted golden apples (Notch apples), enchanted books, leather boots, diamonds, feathers, TNT, lapis lazuli, and compasses according to the Minecraft wiki. A shipwreck is a water structure in Minecraft that was added in Java Edition 1.13 – The Update Aquatic. Discovering a shipwreck can be difficult due to the vast search area, but a quick, rewarding way of discovering shipwrecks is going in the Clear water world in the Seed Picker settings. By not having the water obscure vision, it will allow you to almost immediately view a shipwreck and can be easily looted before returning to your original world.

Clear water is a simple way to find and explore the inner sections of a shipwreck as shown in the image below to look for treasure chests. The following process is used to find shipwrecks in survival mode…

  1. Gold blocks, leather boots, etc. used to explore and defend against hazards when looting shipwrecks
  2. Ax used to mine the shipwreck off glass walls

The optimum diving depth is 9-13 blocks underwater or deeper, where one can almost immediately see the shipwreck underwater. If it’s difficult to find one on the open ocean, one could alternatively search within coral reefs or even look around on the various terrain floors of ocean biomes. Players looking for new worlds to explore can also download or create seeds with shipwrecks in them. The following seeds have notable shipwrecks and the coordinates for their locations…

Searching for Buried Treasure

Buried treasure in Minecraft is commonly found in the Ocean and can occasionally be found in Desert, River, Woodland, Forest, Savanna, Taiga, or Snowy Tundra biomes as well. The clue leading to buried treasure is a MAP in a bottle. Stand on any shore (it must physically touch a body of water) and dig up all the sand near the water. Sometimes you will find a chest hidden 1-2 blocks below (if you get close, you will hear them moving around albeit this is quiet and unlikely to travel through multiple walls or floors of your home). But sometimes, you’ll simply drown a few times before giving up and waiting for a new clue.

Some key loot items that can be found in Buried Treasure are Maps, Tropical fish, Emeralds, Gold ingots, Prismarine Crystals, Iron ingots, Cooked cod, TNT, Feathers, Paper, Heart of the Sea, Potatoes, Cod, Salmon, Pufferfish, Rabbit’s foot, Midnight Moss, Scute, Sea pickles, Spider’s eye, Iron sword, Wheat, poisonous potato, Slimeball

Finding Treasure in Bastion Remnants

Bastion remnants are large degrading stone castles that contain many valuable items in Minecraft. These include netherite blocks, gold blocks, magma cream and blackstone. Remnants can generate in 5 different configurations of barracks, bridges, hoglin stables, housing units, or treasure rooms. Treasure rooms can contain a lodestone in a dispenser, and dozens of loot chests with nether-related items. Bastion remnants are the third rarest structure in the game. Note that you will not find this type of loot in every bastion, but some of them will indeed have it.

Hunting for Treasure in Nether Fortresses

Nether Fortresses are massive structures in the Nether dimension. They consist of numerous exposed walkways leading to various towers, accompanied by enclosed corridors where blazes, ghasts, and other Nether-specific mobs wait to attack. They can be found equally in the Warp Forest and Soul Sand Valley biomes.

Nether Fortresses contain various types of treasure including nether warts, enchantment tables, and iron helmets. Fortunately, in the Sometimes Lava Minecraft map, the available loot in Nether Fortresses includes 1 iron helmet, 3 nether warts, 1 diamond, 3 coal ore, and most distinctly 1 enchanted golden apple.

To explore nether fortresses, trying taking advantage of OptiFine which increases the speed and visibility while in the Nether as this is a much more dangerous place to hang about for longer than strictly necessary. Furthermore, you may want to have a fire resistance potion on hand as you will be wandering amidst lava and catching alight is easy.

2 ways to exit this dimension is to either die in a blaze of torment or else look for the glimmer of daylight emanating from the top of a Nether Fortress tower.

Raiding End Cities for Treasure

To reach an end city, the player must first slay the Ender Dragon and enter an End Gateway Portal, which can be found within the End island’s central island. These cities in the End’s outer reaches are principal locations for players to find treasure in Minecraft. The most useful items that players can acquire in End cities include elytra wings (rare item allowing user-controlled flight), End rods (decorative and lighting blocks), and End stone blocks and End stone bricks for building and decoration.

  1. Make your way to the End City after defeating the Ender Dragon.
  2. Fight off the Shulkers on the End City’s outer island.
  3. Enter the End of the cities.
  4. Fight off the Shulkers in the End City.
  5. Raid the End Shape.

All of the above steps will help you get some of the best gear and items in the game like Elytra wings and special Enchanted Chest Plates.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Treasure Hunting

Here are some basic requirements for successful treasure hunting in Minecraft.

  1. Find underwater ruins to potentially uncover maps that lead to sunken ships.
  2. Locate sunken ships to uncover dungeon maps that lead to treasure chests.
  3. Search for compass images to find buried treasures.
  4. What good are your underwater armor enchantments if you forget to bring your respiration helmet with you into the depths?
  5. Make it a point to plant your base of operation near the area you are treasure hunting in order to quickly drop off valuables that you collect.
  6. Find wrecks to look for treasure maps.
  7. Enchant a mapmaking table.
  8. Explore in ships for maps as well as treasure.

Use a Map

A Minecraft Map item is used to exchange exploration information with other players. The player can turn off the marker so that only the map is seen with no directional assistance.

The player can give a copy of their map to friends to indicate valuable locations, or mark important destinations such as possible treasure locations. This creates shared local knowledge for building, mining, and resource management.

To create a map, first make a compass. Compasses are crafted using 4 Iron Ingots and 1 Redstone Dust. Redstone Dust is commonly found below elevation 16 as explained in the section on using the F3 Debug Tool. In your crafting table arrange the compass in the middle column with the redstone dust in the box adjacent on the right. S.) You will get a filled map. Optionally craft an 8x paper. Combine the blank map with the paper for an empty map to be used. You will need more than one if you want separate colored markers. Simple right-clicking adds markers. To share a map with other players, create a Copy of map. Place the map in the same place again. You will notice another map simply created with a Creeper face. You can give this duplicated map to other players. This way, you won’t lose information on your other map, while other players can still have their own map. The maps will remain in sync. Although sharing the wrong number, it is useful to adjust where you are on the map before sharing a resized area.

Bring the Right Tools

  • Pickaxe: Treasure chests are relatively easy to locate. Bring a pickaxe to find and mine through the valuable blocks they are usually surrounded by easily.
  • Shovel: You may have to use your shovel to unearth buried treasure blocks if there is sand or gravel above them.
  • Sword: Since sunken ships tend to be heavily populated by drowned, pack a sword for shipwreck exploration.

Stay Alert for Traps

Some players create traps for others to fall into. A treasure may be hidden in a place and the creator may have placed traps around it. It is always a good idea to stay alert if you see any hidden switches.

The Treasure Hunt mini-game is an example of one way players can build traps. A player can create his own rules for the mini-game so that those attempting to find the prize might trigger traps. Such traps might include falling gravel, lava, water, tripwire, or hidden dispensers. Booby traps can also be created in which a pressure plate is connected to dynamite, and when stepped on, the dynamite is ignited.

While booby traps are not featured in the Vanilla Minecraft game in case there are one-block booby traps in some randomly spawning jungle temples. They are not connected to the treasure. If a player finds one of these structures randomly, it is usually worth looting, as there are chests underneath the structures that often have enchanting books, food, gold, horse saddles, and other useful items.

Use Water to Navigate

In Minecraft survival, treasure is marked. When a treasure chest is found using cartography, the center map line (lats and longs) will cut through the treasure chest while the player is in the desired location. This trick can be used to get below the map location as well.

Water in Minecraft can be a navigator for finding treasures. Minecraft >rivers, oceans, and lakes (but not man-made structures) are the only locations in mixed/shore zones where each ship map type may spawn. Set out to a nearby body of water if you are having trouble finding treasures. Water in Minecraft plays a significant aspect as it is an important part of some of the landmarks Minecraft generation produces with structures. Even if water isn’t that treasured chest’s body of water, embark on a virtual treasure hunt there. The aquatic environment of Minecraft adds a digital scavenger quest feel to treasure searching on land.

If a proper body of water is not found after scoping out the waters near to your location, leave a resemblance to the Explorer-style map and switch to scanning of a new place. If the water exploration is a new location, treasure hunting guides by sea using the newly discovered surroundings can be the answer to these riddles.

Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up if you can’t find the treasure at first. Look for wooden floorboards in shipwrecks and use your underwater breathing potion to explore submerged ruins until you find sunken treasure chests. Dig deep underground to discover buried treasure and explorer maps and always keep a close eye on the ocean bottom.

Don’t get too excited with what you find initially, as it might just all be common shipwreck or ruin loot. Keep searching deeper underwater shipwrecks and ruins. It may take some time, but sooner or later you will hit the jackpot. It all depends on unlocking the right treasure map that leads you to where treasure is buried.

Conclusion: The Thrill of Finding Treasure in Minecraft

Coins are the most common form of treasure in Minecraft Dungeons, but many other valuable treasures help the player stay better equipped to defeat the monsters encountered while exploring this mining game. Other treasures include the Diamond Dust which refills Hal Pearson’s energy with power that could make him a superhero, Power Shards to boost power, Correct totems to regain health in an emergency, as well as benefits that randomly turn up. Any of these treasures gained in Minecraft Dungeons requires finding useful gear, weapons, and items in hidden locations, studying all types of treasures in crafting and collecting boxes, or unearthing them under debris or bodies of defeated opponents in dungeons.

Treasure without a map is easy to find, but if the player wants to find Minecraft treasures using a map in this mining game, looking at replay video tutorials (like this one by NovaanCV) can provide tips for treasure location. Minecraft Survival games are designed around players competing within an arena while implementing the game’s currency system to buy equipment and other game elements related to treasure. Different types of sports promote different aspects of teamwork and strategy, with a few of them allowing the spectator mode to watch as others compete as a team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to find treasure in Minecraft?

To find treasure in Minecraft, the best way is to explore sunken ships and buried treasure chests scattered throughout the ocean floor.

How do I locate buried treasure in Minecraft?

To find buried treasure in Minecraft, you will need a treasure map. These can be found in sunken shipwrecks or obtained from underwater zombie villagers.

What tools do I need to find treasure in Minecraft?

You will need a shovel to dig up buried treasure, a boat or swimming potion to explore the ocean, and possibly a pickaxe to break open treasure chests.

Can I find treasure in Minecraft on land?

Yes, you can also find treasure on land by searching in desert temples, jungle temples, and strongholds. However, the most valuable treasure can usually be found in the ocean.

Is there a specific level or biome where treasure is more likely to be found?

Treasure can be found in any biome, but it is more commonly found in ocean biomes, specifically in shipwrecks and underwater ruins.

Are there any risks involved in searching for treasure in Minecraft?

Yes, there are some risks involved, such as drowning, getting attacked by underwater mobs, or getting lost in a maze-like structure. It is important to always be prepared with the necessary tools and equipment before embarking on a treasure hunt.

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