Step-by-Step Guide: How to Use a Beacon in Minecraft

Minecraft players often seek to enhance their gameplay with various tools and items. One valuable item in the game is the Beacon.

We will explore the ins and outs of Beacons, including how to obtain them, the materials required, how to activate them, and the powers they possess.

Beacons offer a range of benefits that can elevate your gaming experience, from speed to regeneration. Let’s learn how to make the most of Beacons in Minecraft!

What Is a Beacon in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a beacon is a tall, slim, decorative, functional, and transparent block that projects a beam of light into the sky when powered. To create one, you must build a `beacon pyramid` by placing 3-6 layers of blocks of iron, gold, diamond, netherite, or combinations of these minerals on a 9×9 or 7×7 square base.

These pyramids then have to be topped with a nether star to power the beacon. Once power has been supplied, the beacon can project a beam of light up to 219` blocks into the sky. The light will visibly pulsate on and off during the day and dark cycles and is brighter and more noticeable in rainy weather. Although it is not a requirement, beacons can be used to help orient players when location markers are turned off because of their distinctive long-distance visibility.

A beacon in Minecraft is a functional block because it has the ability to convey its energy to a player in a form of a passive ability enhancement over a fixed 4-1024 block radius around itself. This upgrade is based on whether a player selects an upgrade that enhances mobility to allow for speedy resource extraction, strengthening to make extended fights with bosses easier, or an energy output upgrade beneficial to crops and enchanting.

This is made more powerful by combining multiple mills of the same power level. This multiplicative upgrade is accompanied by brilliant beams of the marker light that signals a player’s base is nearby and provides an interior flare to a building’s top floor.

How To Obtain a Beacon?

You obtain a beacon in Minecraft by using 3 obsidian blocks, 5 glass blocks, and a nether star. The nether star is dropped when the Wither Boss is defeated. A player must kill the wither to get it. To make obsidian and glass, it takes 1 bucket of water and 1 bucket of lava. Obsidian is constructed using the two-bucket technique of creating a water source, filling it up with your lava bucket, then pouring water on top of the lava source to create a block of obsidian. Glass is made by combining sand and fuel.

What Are the Materials Required for a Beacon?

The materials required for a beacon in Minecraft are three Obsidian blocks or Crying Obsidian blocks, five Glass blocks, and a solitary Nether Star. The Nether Star is the key material that unlocks the beacon’s functionality. To acquire a Nether Star, you must defeat the Wither Boss. When you summon and slay the Wither boss in the very difficult battle and gain experience, you receive a Nether Star in your inventory as a reward.

The Nether Star symbolizes the essence of the Wither boss, resembling a moving blue star which drops the instant the Wither Boss is killed. Obsidian blocks can be produced by pumping water onto a source block of lava, and then mining with a diamond or netherite pickaxe. Each block requires ten seconds for collection. One Crying Obsidian is needed for the beacon, which is a block released in the Nether update (1.16) that generates sticky particles like a slime block when pushed or pulled by a piston.

Finally, to make glass blocks you must smelt desert sand in a furnace, melt it with three charcoal blocks, and craft glass blocks. This takes about eight seconds. This is the correct middle point. Attack of the Show, High Maintenance, Minecraft for Archaeology, Jeracraft. How to make a beacon in Minecraft Jeracraft. Mọi người có thể tìm kiếm trên kênh để xem video【PRE-DEFINED MEDIA – YouTube】【PRE-DEFINED MEDIA – YouTube】【PRE-DEFINED MEDIA – YouTube【Minecraft Easy】Survival Mode Beacon Wall Tutorial (BE 1.5.1)】.

How To Get Netherite for a Beacon?

To get netherite after in the nether update for Minecraft, you need to find ancient debris using a diamond or netherite pickaxe. This will make one netherite ingot. After finding some of the ancient debris, use furnaces in-game provided you meet the following requirements. You need either coal or wood on you to provide fuel for putting it into the furnace. Also, you need a smelter and nether portals so you can quickly go to a safe spot for processing your items. Once you get some netherite scrap, you have to smelt it in a furnace resulting in netherite ingot.

Netherite ingots can be used to upgrade your diamond gear to netherite gear. According to the Official Minecraft Wiki, one netherite ingot can be used to make a netherite block. Once you have a maximum durability (2,031 uses) netherite pickaxe, you can use it to mine ancient debris which is preferable over other items due to its speed.

How To Activate a Beacon?

To activate a Beacon, follow these steps:

  • Build a Beacon pyramid out of iron blocks, gold blocks, diamonds, or emeralds with a height between 1 and 4 layers.
  • Place the Beacon block on top of the pyramid.
  • Activate the Safe a Beacon display in the menu if you plan on using iron, gold, or emerald as the base block under the beacon. It needs material with a last non-airblock underneath the beacon on top of the pyramid to activate this feature, even though there is no finished structure filling the 3×3 area.
  • Right-click on the Beacon block with any of the minerals above the base pyramid material to activate the effect. You get effects with iron, gold, diamond, and emerald. It is recommended to use iron for the Beacon’s base as it is a more common mineral developed earlier in Minecraft.
  • Activate primary leltion under the Beacon by carrying out a serries of tasks. These task include using raw materials in a processor, travelling to the Nether to hunt for unique ores, finding diamonds, taming zombie piglins, and killing the Elder Guardian to acquire the resource required to create the structure to put the Beacon.

A beacon is generated by combining three pieces of obsidian surrounding a Nether star, which is dropped by the Wither. Wood, along with other processed materials like glass, iron bars, and gemstones, may then be used to construct a pyramid.

What Are the Powers of a Beacon?

The powers of a beacon in Minecraft are initial abilities such as Increasing jump height. Beacons are powered by blocks beneath them, and their area of effect is up to a 50 block horizontal radius. This radius is measured by going horizontally in any direction from the block beneath the beacon, rather than as a circle of influence around the beacon block itself.

The powers of a beacon that are available vary based on the number and composition of blocks beneath it. The initial effects and their ranks are to increase one’s jump height from 16 blocks to 2, to increase movement speed and haste from 50 blocks to 2. These are merely core effects, and a tiered pyramid of iron, gold, emerald, diamond, or netherite as the power source, results in the creation of more robust tiers of effect.


A Speed I beacon functions by allowing the player inputting the Speed I effect to be able to move 40% faster than usual. Or 50% faster if they are crouching. Speed I is applied when 1 pyramid level is built below the beacon. To apply Speed II to the beacon, there will need to be 2 levels active.

Speed I is all that is required when this effect is used as a means to escape from larger enemy enemies such as the Ender Dragon as they will need to get away from the creature as quickly as possible without the Ender Dragon chasing them too far. If running away at speeds that are slightly more gradual is needed, then Speed II can do the trick as well.

How to get speed using a beacon?

  • Stand at a beacon that gives you the effect you want.
  • Wait until the effect gives you the speed boost. You will know when the beacon’s giving the effect because of the changes in the light and pulses coming from it
  • Press F3. You’ll notice beside the XYZ coordinates that there is a Speed item. If you’re using the beacon, there will be 1 even if it is an enhanced speed level. If you achieve the effect by drinking a potion, there could be 2.
  • You now have gotten Speed.


In Bedrock Edition, you grant mining haste to certain players, depending on their beacon level. Haste at level one provides 20% faster mining and attack speed. Level two provides 40% faster mining and attack speed, and speeds both up by a further 20% each for each additional level up to level 5 in Bedrock Edition.

Players can mine stone pickaxes at a normal rate, but after breaking stone pickaxes, players automatically start smoking out of their stone snails from 7.5s, reducing the smelting rate.


Resistance is an effect in Minecraft that reduces the amount of damage a player or mob takes from most sources, but it does not reduce damage from the void or hunger damage. The standard resistance (ID 11) gives a player or mob 20% damage reduction and can be increased to 40% with a Resistance II (ID 21) effect. Resistance does not reduce the duration of damage effects but does not reduce player health to zero.

To provide a resistance effect with a beacon, a 3-block pyramid made of emerald, diamond, gold, iron, or netherite blocks is required for a beacon acting as a High tier structure. A minimum of 49 blocks is needed and resource collections range from block 3185 – 17616 (equals to 7055 seconds or 2 hours cap time) to maximum 176 enemies killed (equals to 1760 seconds or 29 minutes and 20 seconds cap time).

Jump Boost

A Jump Boost beacon in Minecraft increases how high a player jumps. This is very useful when used in higher jumping conditions, such as during block-climbing. The Jump Boost Beacon has size tiers to match the amount of power selected and the Pyramid material necessary to build them. Increasing power or the Pyramid size can give you a Jump Boost II beacon, which can double the effect of Jump Boost I or Jump Boost when combined with Jump Boost II. To set the items under the beacon effect, place the desired effect in the item slot.

The Jump Boost effect can also be enhanced by others via sky-floating islands and/or jump-optimized mazes. This is seen at an event or in adventure maps with parkour elements to complete. To change the height multiplier (jump height of the player) of all beacons in the world, bring the effect command-blocked jump boost entity. Modify Motion to change the height multiplier. For example, to jump 2 times faster, use the following command.

  1. /effect give @e[type=minecraft:player] minecraft:leaping_time 1000 255
  2. Modify Y acceleration in Mcpe and speed in bedrock to change jump height – this command provide a speed that is 20 normal speed walk, meaning you can press the normal jump button to trigger high-speed jumping.
  3. /effect give @e[type=minecraft:player] minecraft:leaping_time 1000 255

Remember to remove any existing Jump Boost status by executing the following command after uninstalling this command if you do not wish to keep it. /effect clear @e[type=minecraft:player] minecraft:leaping


Strength beacons from the Nether Star! This legendary item is obtained by defeating the Wither and has 4 levels of strength. The basic Strength effect increases the player’s attack power with the following multipliers:

  • I – 1.5x
  • II – 1.67x
  • III – 1.82x
  • IV – 2x

One level requirement is removed every layer the beacon beam goes down. You will need 5 beacon layers of distance downwards in order to have no level requirement for the 4x attack power multiplier.


Regeneration is the power any type of beacon block emits, allowing any players, passive animals, or hostiles who enter the areas where the beacon light touches to heal when hurt. This power is obtained by placing an iron, gold, emerald, diamond, or netherite ingot in the fourth and final slot of a dedicated setup for a beacon.

Regeneration grants an entity a number of hit points proportional to time spent in the beacon block, capping at 20 hit points (10 heart points). For every half-second, players can gain 1 life point, though animals and mobs gain 1 life point every 25 seconds, or 5 full seconds per hit point. Keeping this regeneration level at the maximum 20 hit point (10 heart points) can significantly advance a player’s chances of survival, as they will passively heal against any type of damage. Collective mobs and spectator animals stand to benefit more from this passive healing effect, as it is difficult for them to actively eat and regain their health. And spectators, as mentioned, are also passively kept at full life if they tread on the enclosed areas of the multi-beacon pyramid.

The multiplier effect allows regeneration to benefit broad swaths of entities. It is most useful for large mobs, capturing a utility for beacon blocks outside their primary source of activation (the search for minerals and the wither battle).


Though a Minecraft beacon itself doesn’t make things invisible, you could use the Regeneration or Resistance powers of a beacon to create special protection areas for buildings or farms. Those powered settings can make protecting certain areas effective enough to increase gameplay satisfaction by making these areas invisible from all types of damage and further attacks.

Night Vision

For those who like to play at night or want to install beacons in caves or other dark areas, adding a glass block atop a beacon and selecting the Night Vision I effect will add light to the room. Night Vision II makes everything glowing green and blurs one’s vision. It is advantageous to have natural daylight if possible because beacons automatically project their beam further during the day rather than during the night and they extend up to 40 blocks during the day maximum.

Conduit Power

Conduit powers are beacons by another name, although they are specific to water and only work underwater. If you build a structure out of prismarine blocks or old stone with a conduit in the center (a multi-block structure) and add a Netherite Ingot to activate the conduit, each of the powers listed before for the beacon is duplicated for the Conduit. Only a few changes are made to values, including a slightly different pyramid arrangement to unlock the powers.

Conduits have a shorter range for power than beacons, requiring minimum power levels in a pyramid to activate which are roughly one half the power requirement to activate the lowest tier of beacon power (power:9,5,3, and 40 for Conduit vs. 9,34,83,160 for Beacon). Conduits have the advantage of not requiring a block-wide pyramid activation level.

Conduit power requires a fully formed multi-block prism (see visual representation) and can work on either sight, but note users may easier see individual conduit blocks if installed on the sea floor. Conduits somewhat simplify the construction process if you are choosing to run only one type of power source. There are few other variations with use other than the swimming fast effects of the conduit.

How To Customize a Beacon’s Powers?

You customize a beacon’s powers by building a pyramid out of one of three materials: iron, gold, or netherite. If the beacon block is on top of a full solid or non-solid block pyramid made out of the chosen material, you are granted powers that require that programmed amount of material.

A tier 4 three-level pyramid with 81 blocks on the bottom level, 49 in the middle level, and 9 on top gives the full 25– or 40-block power range. A tier 4 three-level pyramid with 3 blocks on the bottom level, 1 in the middle level, and 1 on top gives the full 25 beacon power range.

A pyramid with 8 total blocks at any level gives the clear entity effects effect. A pyramid with 83 total blocks gives the maximum level of resistance, jump boost, and speed, and the maximum level of haste, strength, regeneration, slow falling, and water breathing.

What Are the Limitations of a Beacon?

  • Beacons require a pyramid to be built with blocks composed of iron gold diamond and netherite by the player
  • Beacons require an activation payment of iron gold diamond netherite ingots by the player in accordance with the type of block used to build the pyramid
  • Beacon control by the pyramid must be maintained within a defined radius, with different ranges of control per radius depending on how many pyramid layers there are.
  • A pyramid’s number of layers creates a range definition in which a beacon can control things. Particles and light beams are present only when touching the block (including lava), and the effect stops as soon as the block breaks.
  • Beacons appear blurry in tiny, short, and tall screens as of Minecraft Release 1.17.40.

How To Use a Beacon for Navigation?

In Minecraft, you require the following materials to set up a beacon for navigation:

  1. Cobblestone/Dirt/Pumpkins to create a pillar resembling a lighthouse.
  2. Beacon block which is essentially a pyramid-shaped block that requires multiple blocks of iron, gold, netherite, or diamonds.
  3. Gems along with netherite ingot for a few gems. To power the beacon, you can use a resource like diamonds, emeralds, and netherite. Alternatively, you can use any of the six available resources including iron, gold, and the other three precious gems to give status effects. The only thing required for the beacon to work is to set up a beacon pyramid.
  4. Glass blocks to build the pillar faster by making layers inside. So adding a few layer blocks in the glass formation speeds up the setup.
  5. Fuel to smelt items. The beacon requires a smelting fuel to work, but it requires nearly ten minutes for just one piece of item to be deducted. If there are multiple smelting fuels the time can be reduced or increased. But in general, you can smelt 22.5 items with the fuel of 1 bucket.
  6. Iron/gold ingots and a crafting grid (recommended in a crafting table) to build the beacon. At the top-center cube of the crafting table, place three glass blocks which are transparent or stained, and then place one piece of any of the five mineral resources at the center. In the three bottom cubes on the middle column, add three similar blocks of glass. One mineral in each of the three cubes surrounding the center item. The beacon block will then be created if you keep the power source constant. The beacon will be activated and grant status effects. Generally, smelting of dyed glass will give warnings such as a beacon pyramid is not complete, not charged yet, needs a return source. All you need to do to allow navigation is activate or charge the beacon after this basic setup is ready.

Build the beacon: Mimic the shape of a lighthouse identical to the real world by gathering iron, gold, netherite, diamonds, or their blocks. The material may or may not be clear. 3×3 or 5×5 ozone layers, again 3×3 or 5×5 with capt blocks, and 7×7 or 9×9 is comparatively quicker and even more so. Several blocks up to 164 in the last layer at the apex of the beacon in Minecraft. This post recommends glueing the blocks of iron, gold, obsidian, or elite mineral resources at the base and keep going until it has the correct stalk size.

Install the Glowstone or other mineral resources indoor or outdoor and at the base of the pyramid there will be one clear beam with the same color layer. Cap the final layer with three of every mineral-based blocks including triggered minerals. Enjoy the status effects which can be seen up to half a dozen blocks around the bonfire. The beacon is then ready for navigation. A generator block is created on top of with any mineral-based block of glass starting at the crafting table’s middle top. In the crafting stations middle three cubes put a ball of transparency or decolored glass. Lemon stain, glowstone, packed ice, or other transparent solid blocks, can replace sand or glass.

The anchor is placed wherever the produced beacon block wishes to be. Emits light the first time, or power unless returned once the beacon light arrives. Named the beacon and status effect with a beacon block instructs the beacon what to do. You should use iron, gold, diamond, emeralds, netherite, or blocks generated to energize the beacon. How it has not been used before. These are status effects required to reinstate it is not producing an effect. Now what is available only for items beneath the beacon? Armor, holder, horse, yoke, or shield to be worn, or to eat, drink, or to hold animals in order to get these status effects.

Beneficial Status Effects: You get status enhancement and speed increase. You will increased or paralysis which immovable with minutes of weak point. As good and even as hypersensitive with half the amount of sleep effect. Negative status effects: Consume breathing instantly and good quality of theodes of gusty shadow. With futureouts in burning coffee when. This feature cannot be activated with hot lava. If there are ones it will be level 2 solutions to the issue of beacon interference Use a beacon, level 2 instructions, quick calculation. Activate a beacon acting as a marker and erect a column of cobblestone connected to the middle.

Beacon that started out as a rapidly crossing the line or as long as a mile from the new marker even outbreak, immediately pot activate an adventurous mode to go back there. The game preserves, depleting those rival acts with long jumps, fly designed it traveling local or multi-player world to locate other beacon makers follow the beacon marks back to the beacon.

  • Beneficial Status Effects: You get status enhancement and speed increase. You will increased or paralysis which immovable with minutes of weak point. As good and even as hypersensitive with half the amount of sleep effect. Negative status effects: Consume breathing instantly and good quality of theodes of gusty shadow. With futureouts in burning coffee when. This feature cannot be activated with hot lava. If there is a new beacon for one.
  • Use as a Secondary Tool: Created via a beacon in Minecraft, an ender chest has the ability to act as an extended inventory, allowing you to keep items in a station you have secured. Use it to collect new goods when you are nearby. To protect the cheap beacons. Set up a more challenging and successful antique blocks containing minerals.

What Are Some Tips for Using a Beacon in Minecraft?

Here are some tips when using a beacon in Minecraft:

  1. Quickly mining materials: Use the beacon to select haste as your primary effect and mine your resources away faster.
  2. Regenerating health faster: Be sure to refill the results to close to full in case of lava or monsters, as the secondary effect of the beacon to replenish low health after a fight can save you from unexpected damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a beacon in Minecraft?

A beacon is a block in Minecraft that emits a beam of light into the sky and provides various status effects to players within its range. It can also be used as a decorative item.

How do you craft a beacon?

To craft a beacon, you will need 5 glass blocks, 3 obsidian blocks, and 1 nether star. Place the obsidian blocks on the bottom row of the crafting table, the glass blocks in the middle row, and the nether star in the center slot.

How do you activate a beacon?

To activate a beacon, you must place it on top of a pyramid made from blocks of iron, gold, diamond, or emerald. The pyramid must have a square base and be at least 3 blocks high.

What are the different status effects that a beacon can provide?

A beacon can provide up to 5 different status effects, depending on the blocks used to create the pyramid. These include Speed, Haste, Strength, Jump Boost, and Regeneration.

How do you change the status effects of a beacon?

To change the status effects of a beacon, you must remove the top block of the pyramid and replace it with a different type of block. This will change the corresponding status effect provided by the beacon.

Can beacons be used for survival mode in Minecraft?

Yes, beacons can be used in survival mode as long as you have the necessary materials to craft and activate them. They can be a helpful tool for exploring and completing tasks more efficiently.

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