Unleashing the Secret: How to Get Vp in Valorant for Free

Are you a Valorant player looking to score some VP for free?

In this article, we will break down the various methods to earn VP in Valorant without spending a dime.

From participating in tournaments to completing missions and challenges, there are plenty of ways to accumulate VP in the game.

We will also explore the risks and alternatives of using third-party sellers for VP, as well as the paid methods available.

Stay tuned to find out how you can level up your VP game in Valorant!

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a first-person tactical shooter game created by the American video game developer Riot Games, which is a subsidiary of the Chinese multinational technology conglomerate corporation Tencent Holdings Limited. Valorant was announced with its codename Project A by Riot Games on October 15, 2019, and was officially launched on June 2, 2020. The game is available for free on Riot’s website.

Players are in control of characters known as agents with unique abilities in the game. Players are assigned as offense and defense and take turns. Five-player teams made up of the game’s hero-shooter elements must set and defuse a bomb known as a spike or C4 in the game. Unlike most other first-person shooter games where players can take multiple bullet shots before going down, Valorant uses a regenerative armour system which allows the player to take only 1 bullet damage before healing entirely without any side effects, to add more thrill to the game.

Because the game is played in a round-robin, skilled play for a prolonged period of time requires a dedicated team of players who understand each other and can build strategies and trust to win multiple rounds. The game is integrated with Riot Game’s anti-cheating software Vanguard for smoother gaming and they have taken a severely strict approach to smurfing. Although some players try, to play Valorant at the highest level system that punishes players creating multiple accounts by slowing progression through the progression-based ranking system and other penalties according to Rumor Tsu.

What is VP in Valorant?

VP or Valorant Points are the in-game currency used to purchase agents, weapon skins, and adjustments to upgrade those skins in Valorant. VPs are obtained by spending real money or through battle passes, key fragments, and agent contracts.

Battle passes have unique weapons, cards, gun buddies, and graffiti at every tier. They allow you to gain XP as well as Radiant and Radianite points. Radiant and Radianite points are critical for leveling and upgrading skins similarly to weapon cards and keys in other games like CS:GO.

Radianite points can be obtained with VPs or during the Episode Radianite reward track. Episode Radianite can be used to improve gun skins in the Battle Pass Radiant Radianite reward trail.

Spend VPs. The second most obvious way to get VP for free in Valorant is by spending it. Some of the most popular things to spend VPs on are Skins, Agents, and the Battle Pass in which you can earn more VP. If you earn enough Radianite points with a Battle Pass skin, you can upgrade and transform the skin. This will become a better and more powerful skin visual, and most players consider it worth the cost of the VP.

You can unlock certain agents such as Jett, Cypher, and Killjoy. Unfortunately, some are only unlockable for VP. This is a justification for new weapons. People are interested in skins so they can enjoy their weapons while they play the game.

These functions create the desire for players to buy Valorant Points which you can spend free Valorant Points. To get more free Valorant Points, purchase agents, upgrade skins, and activate the Battle Pass. After all, you play the game to enhance your gaming experience.

How Can You Get VP in Valorant for Free?

You can get VP in Valorant for free by participating in clan activities. Players can join a clan or create their clan, and when players in the same clan achieve specific milestones in-game they can be rewarded with in-game currency.

Your Riot account also provides you with points when certain requirements are met. Although you can earn these points for free, you do not need to buy any Riot points to use for a wide variety of in-game purchases. These VP points can be used interchangeably, which is good to know if you have earned Riot points by using another game and feel like using them to buy something in Valorant.

Participate in Tournaments

Participation in tournaments remains a crucial way to earn VP for free, with the majority of tournaments running on a weekly basis. To qualify as a professional competitive esports player, you need to earn competitive experience and rank up via these tournaments, which grants you an adequate supply of VP. Teamind and VCT Challanger are two examples of upcoming tournaments.

Teamind is a European tournament with bi-weekly tournaments, open to any player over 16 years of age. VCT Challanger is an international tournament where regional qualifiers in the EU, Asia, Brazil, Turkey, and numerous other competing VALORANT communities offer qualification points that will determine the best teams to participate in Select matches as well as the final Masters tournament.

Complete Missions and Challenges

You can earn VP to upgrade to Premium Battle Pass by completing missions and challenges. You get 6,800 VP from completing missions of all three different battle passes in a year. This means 28.3 VP is earned by completing dailies and weeklies over the course of 364 days. Daily missions can grant 1,900 to 2,200 VP over the course of 60 days. Weekly missions can yield 7,000 to 7,300 VP over the course of 200 days. 180 PP receive a total of 12,455 VP from missions.

Watch Valorant Esports Matches

Watching Valorant esports matches is a way to get VP for free. Viewing streams like Open Qualifiers, Challengers or Masters, or First Strike gives you drops which can contain Valorant points. Additionally, tuning into Ignition Series event streams like the T1 x NSG tournaments had Valorant point drops as well. The higher the grade of the event, the more chances you will have to earn through a drop.

Riot Games has made distribution of these kinds of rewards asymmetrical. While watching any Valorant event on Twitch, you’ll see a tab called Esports Stream which tells you what is on and when. Riot implements this system to draw more participants and viewers to their events which, in turn, fosters growth in the Valorant community and competitive scene.

Use Referral Codes

Valorant’s Referral Program was introduced in a test region in December 2020 and has reordered its program with a company called Gameye. As opposed to the prior system of putting users on a waiting list for an indeterminate length of time, influencers were able to accept as many referrals as they desired.

Through the new system beginning in February 2022, all players who participate in a rehaul of the referral system will receive a bonus of 20,000 VP. Ten referrals bring in 50,000 VP, 5000 Radianite Points, and Referral Collections.

Participate in Giveaways

Participate in VP code giveaways on legitimate social media platforms, using the legitimate Social Network’s Search Tool or fake checks. These can be found on sites such as Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Steam, and Instagram. Small tournaments often have them as consolation prizes (indie Aceu tournament, not Valorant Champion, Major, or Minor tournaments).

What are the Paid Methods to Get VP in Valorant?

The paid methods to get VP in Valorant are to purchase them in the in-game store. Valorant VP can also be obtained for free by enjoying the game, watching various Twitch streams, and linking your Riot account to the game while watching. Paid methods to get VP include purchasing the following amounts of Riot Points:

  • 475 RP: 5 US dollars (Premium Companion upgrades or weapon skins for guns in the store)
  • 1050 RP: 10 US dollars (a new player card for the agent of your choice and a weapon skin in the store)
  • 2050 RP: 20 US dollars (a new player card for the agent of your choice and a noise for a gun, plus a Buddy and a weapon skin)
  • 3650 RP: 35 US dollars (a new player card for the agent of your choice, a gun gun sound, and a gun buddy)
  • 5350 RP: 50 US dollars (a weapon collection)
  • 9625 RP: 90 US dollars (two Premium Buddies)

Purchase VP directly from the game

Purchasing VP directly from the game seems like the most basic way to get VP because it requires only a Visa card and an internet connection to play Valorant. But the reality is that it costs real-world money rather than being an earned value.

The basic package is $5 for 475 VP, followed by $10 for 1000 VP. While additional plans exist, this is the most common for someone primarily playing the game without many skin or agent changes, because that is the minimum amount needed to buy an agent or weapon skin or a battlepass.

Buy VP from third-party sellers

You can buy VP, obtain the Exclusive Edition, or buy bundles with Radianite points from third-party websites that sell digital goods. These websites typically partner with players seeking to sell the items they have collected in exchange for real money, which can offer deep discounts of 50-65% compared to what Riot Games sells the items for. Upside: Super Low Prices. Downside: Risk of being scammed.

Is it Safe to Use Third-Party Sellers for VP?

It is not safe to use third-party sellers for VP unless they are certain trusted operators, possibly located in countries with better consumer protection. Across the web, a multitude of scams and fraudulent schemes preying on video game players exist to take advantage of their zeal to play more without paying. While it may seem like a shortcut to make a game cost less, it greatly increases the risk of identity theft and credit card fraud.

What are the Risks of Using Third-Party Sellers for VP?

The risks of using third-parties for Valorant points include the potential for scams, account theft, and viruses. While third-party retailers can offer legitimate discounts or product bundles that the official retailers lack, they also can be more prone towards fraud due to the lack of oversight and incentive to maintain a good corporate reputation.

For example, try to avoid getting involved in Valorant Gift Card Generators as they are highly likely to be fraudulent. The image seen here is one such generator. To use the generator, a Google Chrome User-Agent Switcher software is recommended to get the code, which seems unnecessary and unsafe for the legitimate purchase of online goods. Purchasing from these sites or using this content on your computer are likely to bring about a virus or steal other online credentials (Source: YouTube). Scams are common according to CheckPoint. Similar scams have been reported by notable technology periodicals such as 9to5Mac, where fraudulent applications reportedly compromised the many existing applications on App Store, including those that are part of the Preview, Gmail, Amazon, and WhatsApp groups. YouTube and social media accounts that discuss the specifics of these scams are likely doing so to avoid the pitfalls of these fraudulent methods, not to promote them.

Along with the scams, fake promotional emails and promises of free Valorant points have led to the theft of Bitcoin wallets. Security Magazine reports that fraudulent agents have stolen £500,000 worth of Bitcoin and Complete Bitcoin wallets in 2021. This has led to the public’s concern, urging organizations to specify the methods and content of official promotion.

What are the Alternatives to Getting VP in Valorant?

The alternatives to getting VP in Valorant include asking game support for it when you have an issue that they need to resolve. But Riot advises against it and they often tell the user that they will have to purchase VP. You can read more about this in the article in screenshot 4 that shows that Riot does not give out VP for normal issues.

There are some platforms to sell CD keys that you may use to purchase Valorant’s base point currency called Radianite Points. You can check out established platforms like G2A or Instant-Gaming or other reliable sites like CDkeys.com to see if they are selling Valorant and to check if you can utilize any deals or discounts.

Purchase Skins and Items Directly

You can Get VP in Valorant for free by purchasing Valorant skins and items with VP. How much does it cost to buy Valorant points, you ask? Well, that answer would be zero, as players can earn VP through these means. The most convenient way to get Valorant points is to buy them directly, but those who prefer a no-cost method can still do so by watching Riot sponsored streams.

Use In-game Currency to Unlock VP Rewards

The title of the new Valorant VP agent is debated in the gaming world, but currently, the best free way to get VP in Valorant is to play by completing daily, weekly and agent-specific missions to earn valorant points. There are opportunities to receive Valorant Points through the game, and they are referred to as VP rewards.

Radiante Points can be used in exchange for free Valorant Points sometimes. They can sometimes be received as rewards for a contract. They are primarily used to buy levels of the Battle Pass, but some members notice they can be exchanged directly for Valorant Points.

Refer to the contracts page for Valorant Points and further information on how many Radiant Points you will receive. But also note the additional amounts of free Radiant Points you may receive.

Participate in Community Trading

Looking for a cheaper way to get VP in Valorant? You can find very good trading opportunities in Valorant eSports and other communities. If you’re willing to put time and effort to help manage a community or compete at video games, you may also be able to earn VP as part of community rewards or prize money.

JGLM eSports is an example of a community that cooperates with SteelSeries for product awards to tournament winners.

You can try the following arenas to network with potential community partners for VP:

Reddit’s r/VALORANTrading subreddit. As it is only dedicated to trading and price checking, it gets plenty of activity including various offers to trade or purchase VP.

Twitter. Try searches for topics like Valorant to find media and competitors for your Facility.

Discord. Find server designations like Pickup Games.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get free VP in Valorant?

You can get free VP in Valorant by completing challenges, participating in events, or by purchasing the Battle Pass.

2. Is there a way to earn VP without spending money?

Yes, you can earn VP without spending money by completing daily and weekly challenges, as well as participating in community events and tournaments.

3. Are there any hacks or cheats to get free VP in Valorant?

No, using hacks or cheats to get free VP in Valorant is against the game’s terms of service and can result in a ban. It is not worth risking your account for a few free VP.

4. Can I transfer VP between accounts?

No, VP cannot be transferred between accounts. Each account must earn VP separately through challenges or purchases.

5. How often can I expect to receive free VP in Valorant?

Free VP opportunities may vary, but challenges are usually updated weekly and events are held periodically throughout the year. Keep an eye out for announcements from the game developers.

6. Are there any third-party websites or apps that offer free VP for Valorant?

No, it is not safe to trust third-party websites or apps that claim to offer free VP for Valorant. Stick to earning VP through legitimate means to avoid risking your account’s security.

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