Step-by-Step Guide: How to Apply for UGC in Roblox

Are you an aspiring Roblox developer looking to create and showcase your own unique items in the game?

In this article, we will dive into the world of User-Generated Content (UGC) in Roblox.

From understanding what UGC is and how to apply for it, to the benefits of having UGC items and guidelines for creating them, we’ve got you covered.

We will also discuss common mistakes to avoid when applying for UGC and share some valuable tips for getting your UGC item approved.

Let’s get started on your journey to becoming a successful Roblox developer!

What Is Ugc in Roblox?

UGC in Roblox refers to User-Generated Content that has either originated or intended to be uploaded within the Developer Hub. This is intended to cover a broad array of assets used for games, including everything from maps and sounds to scripts, models, UI themes, and clothing.

In Roblox, it is defined as such to cover both the initial creation as well as the addition of new items to the platform. The concept is nearly identical to the methodology on YouTube where users can upload videos and refer to themselves as creators.

UGC, as a term, has become associated with the process of uploading new content for others to enjoy, hence even new ads from big brands on YouTube are tagged with the term UGC. Because the term is meant to cover all such content added to a platform, Roblox’s focus on directly signing up artists to create branded items in the Developer Hub can sometimes create confusion.

How to Apply for Ugc in Roblox?

You apply for UGC content creation in Roblox using a Roblox community platform. This platform handles everything from submission to monitoring to compensation for developers and artists. The Roblox community platform breaks out roles into three categories:

  • Creators produce game production assets such as meshes and models, clothes designs, animations, etc.
  • Developers are builders and scripters producing environments, codebases, and other pieces for games.
  • Video producers and streamers.

The Roblox developer community is powered by the Roblox Developer Forum, or DevForum for short. DevForum members, to get access to UGC content creation tools, must apply and be members of the group for three days, linked with their Roblox account and non-expiring identity level.

After three days, they are able to apply for UGG creators where they can immediately apply for membership via the UGC tab. The content created must not violate the Terms of Service, Community standards, or UGC Practice which restricts materials containing adult content, sexual content, bullying, harassment, and violence in any form. The Roblox developer application includes 2 parts:

  1. The initial DevForum application (with a developer or video producer role)
  2. The UGC Creator application (in DevForum and groups)

Under Developers there are a few additional requirements, such as an additional level of security, an active account, and a linked phone number in order to claim group payouts.

Meet the Requirements

To apply for Roblox user-generated content (UGC) you must first meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be a Roblox Premium member
  2. Must be at least 13 years old
  3. Must have a valid Email address registered with Roblox
  4. Must have a valid phone number registered with Roblox
  5. Must not be in the following countries: Myanmar, Syria, Venezuela, or Zimbabwe
  6. Must have a computer capable of Running Roblox Studio

If you meet these requirements or can advise creators who wish to monetize their creations, you should have a green light to begin the Roblox UGC application process.

Create Your Ugc Item

Once you have the acceptance email from Roblox, you will need to create your UGC item. Here are the steps to create them in the website after accepting the terms of Roblox UGC through a branded company with access to the program:

  1. Go to the Develop section of your Roblox profile.
  2. Click on the UGC tab.
  3. Click on the Create New button.
  4. Give your item a unique and descriptive Name.
  5. The Verification Status field cannot be changed and already indicates whether you are Verified or Unverified. If you are verified, your application was accepted. If not, you need to correct issues with the application or create a new one.
  6. Click Create Item.
  7. Here, you will need to upload all the required UGC files.

Roblox has item and content guidelines that your UGC item must follow. These are the most basic requirements for your robux-earning item. Once you have completed your UGC item, you must wait for Roblox to digitally examine your work for Layers, Complexity, Stolen IP, and other areas. This will take an unknown amount of time and no indication of the timeframe is provided. If it is approved, your UGC item will be placed in the catalog and become available on Tablet, mobile, and other devices for Roblox users to purchase.

Submit Your Ugc Item for Review

  • After designing your UGC item and creating artwork for its listing and the brand, the next step to apply for UGC in Roblox is to submit your UGC item for review. This will make sure it is safe for all players and within the rules laid out by Roblox.
  • At the moment, Roblox does not accept external requests to see rejected content for UGC. While this information may become available in the future, this means that if it is rejected, creators will not be told why. If this is the case, they must make their own best guess and decide whether they should reapply.

Wait for Approval

After submitting the UGC Roblox creation for the first step, you must wait for approval from Roblox workers as part of their UGC Review Process. Roblox reviews all User Generated Content submissions to ensure they do not infringe on the rights of anyone else. Ask for some constructive feedback if you’ve been declined, and think about improving your design. These are the step-by-step procedures that you need to do after being approved.

  1. Create a shirt/pant/t-shirt asset on the Roblox UGC Page.
  2. Configure Price and Revenue for Your Asset via the Roblox developer products page.
  3. Set Up Your Touches for the asset on the creator page of assets.

If you receive an email from Roblox with the message “Your asset has been approved!” go to the creator page of assets and monetize your UGC creator asset. This will switch the asset to a paid asset and start selling it.

What Are the Benefits of Having Ugc Items in Roblox?

The benefits of having user-generated content (UGC) items in Roblox are ease in customization and unique forms of self-expression. Roblox allows its players (“creators” or “developers”) of UGC items to enjoy them both visually as they see them active in various worlds, and financially as they see them bought by other users (Ben Craiu, Monetizing Games with Game Pass and User-Generated Content (UGC)).

One of the main benefits of UGC items is the uniqueness they are able to provide in terms of self-expression as a result of the wide range of item types that are allowed. As the size of the metaverse expands, having personalized UGC items will make the digital universe more integrated and personalized.

Earn Robux

Users can earn Robux, the in-game currency in Roblox, in three ways:

  • Robux can be purchased by users with real money, with 400 Robux costing $4.99 according to the company’s official pricing. After 30% is taken by Roblox Corporation (according to 2013 figures from their SEC Filing which does not mention if this is still the rate), developers are left with 280 Robux and are only able to take out a portion in the form of hard currency which equates to a little less than $2. Most developers reinvest these funds.
  • Members of the Builders Club can earn by building projects like workplaces, shops, game rooms, and more for Roblox associates. Senior developers can earn trading from one developer to another, with the cost per transaction decided by the developers themselves and Roblox receiving a ten percent fee in the form of hard currency.
  • The most accessible way to earn Robux is by participating in the Roblox Created & Earned Program. The mechanism involves Roblox users creating their own video games which are then put up for sale as UGC. Users are then rewarded by purchasing these UGC options. Games sold from $0.01 to $0.49 receive a 10% commission for developers, while those sold from $4.99 receive a 70% commission. They must meet the criteria listed above to participate in this program.

Members of the Builders Club can earn by building projects like workplaces, shops, game rooms, and more for Roblox associates. Senior developers can earn trading from one developer to another, with the cost per transaction decided by the developers themselves and Roblox receiving a ten percent fee in the form of hard currency.

The easiest way is through Roblox’s UGC program with which users can create their own game or game items to earn real money by being rewarded with Robux for each visit their product receives.

Showcase Your Creativity

Roblox has an active and varied UGC Creator Program. Since September of 2020, Roblox has paid out over $70M in developer exchange revenue (2020 Roblox Conf.). And back in 2018, 300 developers of UGCs generated $100,000 or more (2018 Roblox Dev Conf.). Roblox is a world where creativity and coding wield the power. Roblox is not just a creation engine, but a vast network of interconnected online virtual worlds and game modes enabling developers to capitalize on the power of user-generated content.

At the core of this emerging gaming platform and Roblox’s high production quality of diverse UGCs (user-generated content), creators thinking of joining the UGC Creator Program need to consider the following before applying:

  1. Expertise in creating 3D models, audio files, among others.
  2. Writing high-quality descriptions and other product content is a plus.
  3. Roblox account older for at least 30 days and a valid age classification of 13 years and above based on your country (see Roblox Help).
  4. Prior creation experience on Roblox is a plus.
  5. Links to works on Roblox (such as tweets).

The first step towards applying for the UGC Creator Program begins by showcasing your creativity on Roblox game creation. Creativity can only happen when you Determine What Users Want. Always Focus Before You Begin And Only Create Relevant Content. Get inspired by other user-generated projects and get familiar with multiple gaming genres.

Collaborate with Other Developers

For go through the Roblox ugc application process, users must understand that roblox ugc creator challenges have occurred in the past, however they are not the best route for everyone wishing to enter the world of Roblox ugc. Theoretically, DevRel or Developer Relations on the Roblox platform will help you navigate the Roblox ugc submission process, but developers intending to submit Roblox ugc proposals often enjoy collaborating with other Roblox artists and developers to learn from them, as stated in the So You Want to Create a UGC Item? article on the Roblox developer website platform.

What Are the Guidelines for Creating Ugc Items?

The guidelines for creating UGC items include ensuring you have the legal permissions to submit the object and packaging it properly according to Roblox’s predetermined specifications. Despite not being available for most artists yet, it is important to note the UGC Artist Portal is only available to artists who are established developers and that have been personally invited by Roblox to contribute, so if there are future guidelines for creating user-generated content (UGC) this may be an important feature.

The guidelines for creating UGC items include:

  1. Legal Permissions

    • Be the original creator of the digital items.
    • Have the right to distribute soft copies of related intellectual property rights (a list of these rights and other necessary legal authorizations for the commercial use of items is provided by Roblox here).
  2. Functional Asset Requirements

    • Items must

      • Belong to the uploader.
      • Not include other user’s models that were labeled as not shareable.
      • Be suitable for all Roblox platforms including mobile, desktop, and Xbox.
      • Not interfere with player mechanics or advantages.
  3. Design Asset Requirements

    • Items must have properly implemented wearables with the proper scale and weight, submit individual package files with variations in metal wear masks and object positioning, and include promo images in custom environments.
  4. Submission Guidelines

    • Items must be rated E10+, be appropriate for all ages, be correctly tagged, correctly priced, unique, and checked in Studio to ensure they look correct.
  5. Videos, Tutorials, and Articles

    • Artists must practice good asset management with an organized folder and item structures for easy access, assistance guides for special requirements including UV mapping, and video or article content for clarity.

Follow Roblox’s Content Guidelines

Roblox’s Content Guidelines restrict what they will allow to appear in UGC, meaning there is a decreased chance that Roblox will accept a UGC application if it violates their Content Guidelines. Paintings or clothing with offensive language or imagery like swastikas, words referencing drugs, or blood-filled gory scenes of murder count as inappropriate content as well as concepts that are not suitable for children such as realistic guns. They disallow things like scamming and pretending to offer free Robux. Animations that show avatars kissing or indicating sexual acts or adult experiences are not allowed.

They will not accept UGC applications that include lewd, obscene, promotional, or commercial sexual content or content that is based mainly on pornographic or explicit nudity. They will also not accept UGC applications which include portraits, artwork, or other historical artifacts showing lewd content if the intent is to promote, glorify, or otherwise encourage lewd content.

Use Appropriate Software and Tools

Studio Lighting is a Roblox Studio graphics product which can allow you to create realistic lighting shots for your game. Camera manipulation tools allow you to expand the visual style of your game. If you are concerned about the tools Roblox Studio already has to offer, the CameraFrame Plugin makes cool cuts and movements for your game.

There are a variety of examples of UGC styles from Roblox that are on different ends of the design spectrum. Here is one user’s respite for the different designs:

  • Simple designs
  • Complex designs
  • Digitally realistic designs
  • Cheerful, colorful designs
  • Playful designs
  • Dark, gothic designs
  • Cute, animal-centric designs

Now it is possible to use UGC platforms like Roblox for much more than your UGC games. Users have the ability to upload, sell, and display their clothing designs, accessories, aesthetic textures, animation sequences, translations, sound effects, music, and more. There are over 3,000,000 UGC items on Roblox which covers a wide range of categories.

Avoid Copyrighted Material

Roblox users must obtain media releases and copyrights for any copyrighted material they wish to feature. Copyrighted material includes music from artists (who did not specifically grant Roblox permission, such as in the Lil Nas X or Kaskade concerts), branding, and more. The Roblox Corporation is not responsible for an individual’s misuse of copyrighted material. Failure to comply with the law can lead to lawsuits and financial penalties.

What Are the Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Ugc in Roblox?

The most common mistakes to avoid when applying for UGC in Roblox include the following:

  1. Impatience – there is a multiweek review process
  2. Overly incentivizing reviews by linking the review platform to the product page
  3. Misunderstanding the NDSA
  4. Improper tag usage
  5. Avoiding the safety guidelines
  6. Prioritizing sales over quality UGC content

These are the high-level most common mistakes, but there are many more. It is worth carefully reviewing official Roblox guidelines to ensure UGC application success.

Not Meeting the Requirements

If you do not meet the requirements highlighted in the Roblox Help Articles or discover that you only meet them nominally, you will have to make some adjustments either in your time in the platform or the content of your contributions. How do you know if you meet the requirements? Check if you meet the following criteria from Roblox Articles 1001 and 1002 creating posts concerning Roblox or specific shows in Roblox, or 1005 which covers creating advertising relating to Roblox or specific shows on Roblox, and contributing commentary, reviews, tutorials, fan art, cosplay, and educational content – items the Roblox team considers as UGC. The criteria includes whether you are the following:

  1. A frequent user of Roblox
  2. High school/college students or recent graduates
  3. Those working in tech, design, teaching, marketing, or gaming-related jobs

If you do not meet this criteria you still have a chance for UGC. However, this means you will have to go above and beyond the average to offset the fact that you do not have the unique skillset/formal experience the Roblox team finds valuable.

Not Following the Guidelines

By not following the guidelines as detailed below, as well as disregarding Roblox’s policies on nudity, profanity, and other objectionable content, your application is likely to be rejected without further notice. After your application is rejected, you must correct the issues and resubmit your application. More than one rejection risks losing your account permanently.

  1. PC and mobile only: Roblox UGC assets are only uploaded to the PC and Mobile platforms. Your asset should be tested on both platforms to make sure they do not deviate significantly from your intended design.
  2. Images, mesh design, and proportions are appropriate: Materials with inappropriate content including nudity, profanity, and other objectionable content, materials used without permission, or materials that negatively reflect on the Roblox catalog will be rejected.

Rushing the Creation Process

UGC creators will automatically have their work rejected if they rush the creation process. Roblox moderation team will notice when meticulous care and attention to detail are not put into work and will mark the work as an auto-deny. Make sure all uploads match the quality and effort of previous goods and that all new products have been meticulously reviewed for poor quality, bad color choices, lack of poly count optimization, realism and upload behavior of animations.

Not Promoting Your Ugc Item

Do not expect to get noticed easily on Roblox if you opt not to promote your UGC item. Roblox provides a Promotions Marketplace where users can promote their items to show up on the platform’s feisty front facing pages. Supplement your advertisement through all different facets of the Roblox platform such as in-game announcements, social media posts, group shout-outs, etc.

Utilize search engine optimization strategies and research trending items which will supplement search results when the user searches similar items as yours. The main reasons you should promote your UGC on Roblox are the following three conditions which are part of Roblox’s UGC acceptance criteria:

  1. It should be easily discoverable through search.
  2. It should be timeless or have long standing appeal.
  3. It should be accurately described and depicted in posts.

What Are Some Tips for Getting Your Ugc Item Approved?

Some tips for getting your UGC (User-Generated Content) item approved by Roblox are to Double-Check Content Guidelines (2022b) for quality and visual submission requirements. These often update in terms of the documents themselves or new guidelines on the Roblox Developer Forum. Work frequently changes so be sure to be up-to-date. For faster approval, use a new or less popular theme and try to include animations even if simple (Roblox Refresh).

Account for the amount of time it will take to implement any changes requested by the Roblox moderation team. It is better to get it correct the first time. Additionally, be aware of Roblox’s outside think tank Meta, as they are the owners of Facebook which means user-generated items in the future could also have a much wider audience on the metaverse.

One of the worst aspects businesses in the Roblox economy run into is content being capped and then users not having new options to engage with. That is why a weekly budget should pay developers to continue making content for the metaverse. That is the approach taken by the biggest companies like Netflix and Apple with new shows and movies coming out every week to keep their subscribers active and paying.

Make Sure Your Item Is Original and High-Quality

All types of work can qualify for UGC grants in Roblox such as models, weapons, games, whole-ass games, shirts, t-shirt designs, pants, hat meshes, accessory designs, and even plugins in Roblox Studio. This is a major advantage as it allows every creator on the Roblox platform who meets the eligibility requirements to potentially apply for passes.

The steps to apply for UGC in Roblox all start with ensuring the quality and originality of your item. For instance, Roblox UGC Eligibility Guidelines specify aspects regarding the originality and uniqueness of an item. The key elements spelled out most clearly by Roblox are as follows:

  • The item must be created by you and not be an edit or modified version of a preexisting model.
  • The item you’ve created should not incorporate parts of an item from the Roblox library (e.g. terrain parts, free models, packages, etc.)
  • The item should not violate the rights of others.
  • The item must not contain any types of destructive items or any violations of the Roblox community’s standards (copyright, drugs, violence, etc.)

Items do not need to meet eligibility requirements in order to request a UGC grant. Instead, you must only mark the item as completed via Roblox UGC if they meet eligibility requirements. Creator items that are selected as UGC by Roblox are ones that meet eligibility requirements and that Roblox feels exhibits potential success as a premium item. The earlier expired steps of adding item data are purely informational and do no affect whether an item will be approved.

Engage with the Roblox Community

Do engaging activities in Roblox to help you acquire UGC. Content creation expertise is frequently obtained among the public, as are cooperative friendships and business agreements. Roblox Neighborhoods is a daily hangout for several users, where they can get to know one another and talk about their concepts for different projects. Such as UGC, items, and games. People who wish to create renowned UGC in Roblox must vigorously participate in the Roblox community.

Collaborate with Other Developers

Team up with other developers to expand your library of user-generated content (UGC) in Roblox. This can be done by being a content creator for someone else’s game or having them be creators for your game. This helps in inspiring new and creative content ideas and allows for the cross-pollination of creativity from one game to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Apply for Ugc in Roblox?

1. What is UGC and why should I apply for it in Roblox?

User-Generated Content (UGC) is a program in Roblox that allows players to create and sell their own virtual items, games, and experiences. Applying for UGC allows you to monetize your skills and creativity within the Roblox platform.

2. Who is eligible to apply for Ugc in Roblox?

Anyone can apply for UGC in Roblox as long as they meet the following criteria: 13 years of age or older, have an active Roblox account, and have a minimum of 1,000 Robux in their account.

3. How do I start the application process for Ugc in Roblox?

To start the application process, go to the UGC page on Roblox’s website and click on the “Apply Now” button. You will be asked to fill out a form and submit a portfolio showcasing your previous work on Roblox.

4. What should I include in my Ugc application portfolio?

Your portfolio for UGC application should include at least two original and high-quality creations, such as clothing items, accessories, or game worlds. You can also include links to your previous creations on Roblox or other platforms.

5. How long does it take to get approved for Ugc in Roblox?

The approval process for UGC in Roblox can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. This depends on the volume of applications and the quality of your portfolio. You will receive an email notification once your application has been reviewed.

6. Are there any restrictions or guidelines for Ugc in Roblox?

Yes, there are certain restrictions and guidelines that need to be followed when creating UGC in Roblox. These include copyright and trademark laws, no offensive or inappropriate content, and following the design guidelines provided by Roblox. Make sure to read and understand these guidelines before applying for UGC.

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