Unlock Your Pin in Roblox: A Step-by-Step Guide

Curious about Roblox and how to set up a PIN for added security? Look no further!

We will explore what Roblox is, how to create an account, and why you need a PIN. We will guide you through the process of setting up and resetting your PIN in Roblox.

Plus, we’ll provide tips on what to do if you forget your PIN. Learn everything you need to know about managing your Roblox account securely.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online platform and app that hosts thousands of games. Because games within Roblox are created by users, there is no limit to the number and type of games one might encounter. Roblox is a metaverse, or a collective virtual shared space, which uses the Lua language for scripting.

Roblox is especially popular among kids, teenagers, and young adults, as it does not only host games but also doubles as a level editor and development platform. It is developed and operated by the American company Roblox Corporation, which was co-founded by David Baszucki and Eric Cassel.

How to Create an Account on Roblox?

Create an account on Roblox by following these steps: Navigate to the Roblox website, click the ‘Sign Up’ button, enter account details, either sign in with an email account or through a social account, then follow the prompts to set up an account.

Step 1: Navigate to Roblox website. Search for ‘Roblox’ in your internet browser and click on the first search result, www.roblox.com. This takes you to Roblox’s main website.

Step 2: Click on Sign Up. You are then given the option to either start the Sign-Up process from social media account logins such as Google or Facebook, or else from just an ordinary email address.

Step 3: Enter the username, password, date of birth, and gender expected then click on Next. Choose a username and password if using an email account. If using social media, your username will be your Gmail or Facebook username. Once you have entered your desired username, a valid email address, password and date of birth, you will need to decide a profile name.

Step 4: After creating the account, a verification email has been sent to the email address entered in the register form. Verify the registration as it describes in the email.

You will be asked for a Roblox username and if you want to be either a 13+ year old or a 12-year-old user. You will gain access to Roblox accounts, create, and interact with other accounts. Note that if the correct age is not answered, user-generated content will not be available.

What is a PIN in Roblox?

A Personal Identification Number (PIN) in Roblox is a number you use to safeguard your account from unauthorized access. Roblox uses the PIN to verify user identity before particular account changes can be made incase no email is used. It is only required for things that are vital to account security such as changing a password, changing an email address, and removing two-step verification, according to their support site.

Why Do You Need a PIN in Roblox?

You need a PIN in Roblox to prevent unauthorized users from playing on your account using lost, hacked, or otherwise acquired login credentials. By adding a PIN to your account, unauthorized users who do not know the PIN will not be able to access your account.

Knowing the PIN to your Roblox account is equivalent to having password-protected parental controls for the account. Adding a PIN will prevent malicious users from coming in and accessing the account, stealing other users’ game assets for their own benefit or conducting harmful activities on your account or payment information. By knowing the PIN and having added it to your account, it provides your account with an additional level of security.

For stop a user from having access to an account, it is important to know the PIN code if it is forgotten or was being used by another user.

How to Set Up a PIN in Roblox?

You can set up a PIN (Personal Identification Number) in Roblox by going to Settings and then tapping on the checkbox associated with Account Restrictions. Note that the feature is only available to users who have the Age Under 13 Account Setting. Note that you will also have to create a Parent’s Roblox Password with an additional PIN.

How to Reset Your PIN in Roblox?

You can reset parenting PIN in Roblox via the Privacy setting in the Settings menu. The new PIN must pass the restriction level set by the parent when setting the PIN before. Resetting the PIN will not change restrictions set on Avatar and Display Name, Joining Users to Chat, or User Interactions. The steps to reenter existing and reset the Roblox PIN are the same.

What to Do if You Forget Your PIN in Roblox?

If you forget your Roblox PIN or need to reset it for any reason, you can request a password reset link be sent to the email address associated with your Roblox account. If you are currently signed in to Roblox and are trying to change your account settings, you can reset your PIN by going to the Security section of the Account Info page and clicking the Reset PIN option. You then input your Roblox password again and set a new PIN. You can read complete instructions in the How to Transfer PIN Settings chapter. Instructions for resetting your Roblox password are located on the Forgot Password or Username support page on the Roblox website, or a direct link can be provided by the automated password reset text messaging system by texting RWD and your username to 89867.

Go to Account Settings

Go to account settings. To know your pin in Roblox you must scroll to the bottom of your Roblox setting page to see your pin number once you’ve set it. To see your pin number again, follow the steps below with additional screenshots.

  1. Open roblox.com on a computer.
  2. Enter your user name and password.
  3. Click on the gear icon at the upper right corner then click on Settings.
  4. Click on Security on your left margin.
  5. Your pin will appear in the Account PIN section.
  6. If there is no pin set up, click on Add PIN. You will get a confirmation dialog box with no option to cancel the addition. Entering any 4 digits will serve to add a pin, then the newly entered pin will automatically become the new pin.

After the pin has been set up, a dialog box with your pin will reappear. If you need to update or change your pin, follow the same procedure resetting the pin as a new one. Once reset, the old pin will be gone and the new pin will show up on the Account Settings page.

Click on Security

After logging in and clicking on the three lines in the upper-right corner of the screen, the Security menu will open among Your Transactions and Settings, Changing Your Password, and Changing Your Privacy Settings.

You know your PIN Number is not yet set if you see the screen below. You then click in the empty circle to decide if you would like to receive the current PIN in your Email or in your SMS messanger. After you get the current PIN in either of those two ways, you enter the pin in the empty box and click the yellow Get New Pin button. It will then show that your current pin is the new pin. This temporary Pin can only be used for a short time before you set a new Pin of your own choosing, or it will expire.

Choose a PIN

A Roblox account PIN is a 4-digit hexadecimal or binary number between 1000 and 9999 that is separated from the account and randomly generated by Roblox systems. Users may not select their own PIN.

In the unlikely event that a Roblox user does not have a PIN set on their account, the next time they try to open Roblox Studio or purchase Robux, they will be prompted by Roblox to create a PIN, either the user enters a PIN-turned-password, or the system generates a PIN for their continuing use. Users needing to complete a PIN reset or PIN reminder for an existing PIN account need to verify their identity before a new PIN can be generated and assigned to their account.

How to Reset Your PIN in Roblox?

An often forgotten feature of Roblox is its 2-step verification, which incorporates a PIN to prevent unauthorized transactions. To reset your PIN if you have forgotten it, simply follow the same steps as creating a new PIN. If you do this through 2-step verification settings, there should also be an option to reset your PIN in case you forget it in the future.

Go to Account Settings

According to Roblox’s website, you can choose a PIN by going to your settings and setting a Parent’s Pin. To do this, navigate to the account settings tab by clicking on the gear icon at the top right of the Roblox website header that corresponds to the account you are using.

  1. Go to the security settings tab (the second option) on the left-hand column of the screen to see the security settings screen appear on the right.
  2. Type your desired New PIN (a pin for your kid which cannot be changed by the kid) into the appropriate text box. You cannot choose the parent’s pin which is 1234.
  3. Click Update. It will display a pop-up asking you to confirm your security update. Type in your password, then click confirm. You now have a new parent’s pin!

If you already have a PIN and would like to change it, there is a Forgot PIN? button on the login prompt that lets you set a new parent’s pin.

Click on Security

To know your PIN in Roblox, start by clicking on the gear symbol on the top of the screen in Roblox to go to the settings tab. Click on privacy and security. Under Account PIN, you will be directed as to what to do. For example, the Roblox system might ask you to do two things, which are (1) enter your pin to see what your current one is and (2) if you have forgotten it, click update to make a new one.

An additional way to find your PIN is to click on the Security tab in Roblox. You can skip the steps mentioned above until you see a link that says if you have forgotten your password, which is the case with the PIN. Follow the steps to get sent a new pin, despite not having technically lost the old one since you did not remember it.

Click on Reset PIN

To use Reset PIN on Roblox, go to the change Account Info page. Roblox will ask you to provide your old PIN. You cannot change your Roblox PIN without the old one as it might generate unwanted security risks.

After entering the old PIN and confirming it, you will be taken to the Reset PIN page. A notification saying Reset your 4-digit PIN will confirm that you have successfully entered the old number and can make a new one. This operation is ideal for people who have just forgotten the PIN (as opposed to the Reset PIN for selling items on mobile listed in 2 above).

After being taken to the Reset PIN page, it will have a blank space asking you to choose a new Roblox PIN number. Roblox will not provide any hints about the new PIN. After you enter it, click on Change PIN under the box.

Option 3 for Reset PIN at the top right corner of the page will lead you back to the Settings screen which now shows your new PIN changed. That’s how you know your PIN was correctly changed on Roblox. The steps outlined in the Change Roblox PIN section above can be used to change subsequent Roblox PINs.

What to Do if You Forget Your PIN in Roblox?

If you forget your pin in Roblox, you can enter your mobile phone number to receive a one-time password to change it. Go to Roblox.com. Log into your account. Click on the gear icon in the upper right. In the left sidebar, under the privacy head, click the security tab. Click Request Pin Reset. Enter your phone number, then open your mobile phone’s inbox to view the one-time password. Enter the one-time password in Roblox. Now you can set your new pin.

You also have the option to verify with your email address instead of your phone. To do so, go to Roblox.com. Log into your account. Click the gear icon in the upper right. In the left sidebar, under the privacy head, click the security tab. Click the Request Pin Reset. Access your email account and view the one-time password code. Enter this code when prompted in Roblox. Now you can set your new pin.

If you have lost your email and phone number associated with your account, you can submit a ticket to Roblox without proof and hope they still recover the account for you.

Try Your Default PIN

When you first join Roblox as a parent, the default PIN is set by the system. You will receive your default Roblox pin in an email from Roblox when setting up the child’s account. If you have lost the email, and the PIN you had saved does not work. You can put in a random, incorrect pin-number three times, before the system disables access to your account. You can reach out to Roblox support at [email protected], and they will be able to help in the event that the associated email no longer exists either.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Know Your Pin in Roblox?

FAWhat is a pin in Roblox?
A pin in Roblox is a 6-digit code that is used to secure your account and prevent unauthorized access.

How to Know Your Pin in Roblox?

FAHow do I set up a pin in Roblox?
To set up a pin in Roblox, go to your account settings, click on the “Security” tab, and then click on “Set PIN.” Follow the prompts to create your 6-digit pin.

How to Know Your Pin in Roblox?

FACan I change my pin in Roblox?
Yes, you can change your pin in Roblox at any time by going to your account settings and clicking on the “Security” tab. Then, click on “Change PIN” and follow the prompts to enter a new 6-digit code.

How to Know Your Pin in Roblox?

FAWhat if I forget my pin in Roblox?
If you forget your pin in Roblox, you can reset it by going to the login page, clicking on “Forgot PIN,” and following the prompts to verify your account and create a new pin.

How to Know Your Pin in Roblox?

FACan I disable the pin feature in Roblox?
Yes, you can disable the pin feature in Roblox by going to your account settings, clicking on the “Security” tab, and then toggling off the “Require PIN for Purchases” option.

How to Know Your Pin in Roblox?

FAIs my pin in Roblox secure?
Yes, your pin in Roblox is secure as long as you keep it confidential and do not share it with anyone. Remember to also use a strong and unique pin that is not easily guessed.

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