Mastering R15: How to Enable it in Roblox Mobile

If you’re an avid Roblox player on mobile, you may be wondering about the benefits of using R15.

We will guide you through the steps to turn on R15 in Roblox Mobile and explore the advantages it offers. R15 can enhance your gaming experience with more realistic movements, better animations, and customization options.

Consider drawbacks like limited clothing options and game compatibility issues. Stay tuned for troubleshooting tips to ensure a smooth R15 experience in Roblox Mobile.

What is R15 in Roblox Mobile?

R15 is a Roblox development terminology used to describe the avatar (character) which has 15 sets of limbs, joints, and articulation points. R15 avatars have many more movements and physical interactions than their predecessors. Moving from R6 on old versions of Roblox where the characters had 6 limbs and joints, there are 5 complete major joint systems in the R15 avatar including the head, upper torso, arms, legs, and feet.

The presence of more “joints” in the Roblox character makes them much more lifelike and interactive in all games when running, jumping, walking, shooting, kicking, or picking up objects. Many games developers specifically have to code for R15 avatars so that their game will look dramatically different when switched from R6 avatars.

How to Turn on R15 in Roblox Mobile?

To turn on R15 in Roblox mobile, click on the hamburger icon in the top corner of the screen in either Play or Create Mode. In either Play or Create Mode, pressing the hamburger icon in the top corner of the screen opens up Settings. Tap on the Settings icon and then select the green avatar icon that says Avatar. There, the option to turn R15 on or off will appear at the top of the page under the Scale of your Avatar with an R15 On Switch

R15 is considered superior to the older R6 version of Roblox avatars because the range of motion granted by additional joints on the elbows and knees is much more pleasant and smooth when interacting with objects and walking than the block-like moving avatar of the past. Curated free and premium items are able to fit the R15 avatar better, so many suggestive items and packages are no longer on the platform.

Step 1: Open the Roblox Mobile App

The roblax mobile app in Roblox on mobile devices can be found in one of two locations. You can either swipe to the right for the App Library on your home screen or go to the app’s Home Page. The video by Lisanimoy explains both of the methods to open the Roblox app on mobile.

Step 2: Go to Settings

  • Press and hold the power button.
  • Tap Restart when it appears on the screen.
  • Slide to power off when the screen prompts you to restart or cancel the action of holding down the power button.

To turn on an off-brand phone, such as an r15 smartphone, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Research the manufacturer online to find a user manual or similar document. Though the guidelines for starting an off-brand phone are not identical, they are typically similar to those for the Android or Apple iOS operating systems.

Step 3: Select Avatar

After logging into Roblox on mobile, you can turn on restricted mode through your profile’s settings as described in Step 2 above.

Go to the home screen and select your Avatar. Your profile displays your name (self-identifying or randomly created), gender, status, Roblox level badge, online gaming, emoji icon representation, and number of online friends in the top middle, and the favorite three locations where you can start an activity at the bottom.

When you click on the friend icon zone in the top menu bar, an Add Friends page is displayed, where users of the same age and with similar interests can easily search and add friends. By turning off the switch on the right side of the Who Can Invite You To A Feature and Who Can Chat With You In-Game options, users can restrict their chats and can prevent other players from inviting them to Roblox. These two parameters have a significant effect on control restrictions.

Step 4: Select ‘R15’ Option

To turn on R15 in Roblox mobile, after selecting the names of the character bundles, tabs, or shop in-app, click the button found in the top row or somewhere on the page in the bottom row. Select ‘Category’ with the drop down arrow v tab on the ‘R15’ button, or choose the options button (, O) to open a list of options and press R15.

We do not collect any personal data on any user including very simplified examples. This includes personal data such as names, addresses, or any image of data that could be used to easily locate a person or individual users. We only provide public information on how to use and navigate various services assist with e-commerce, purchasing decisions, appointment bookings, search, and navigation.

Step 5: Save Changes

Save changes. Step 5 of changing the age on Roblox for mobile, is to press the Save Changes button which is located in the top right corner of your profile screen. This finalizes all the changes which you inputted and processed. You will not see the changes reflected on this screen, but once you return and click on your profile icon on the bottom of the page, the changes will be reflected, and you will be prompted for your age is under 13.

All the changes you made in the setting part will be shown on the public profile. You can add more items if you like, go into different menus if you wish to continue changing such as security or privacy settings on the side panels.

For setting your account on a PC you will change your birth year in the same way, Account Info > Personal > Change Birthday > Save Changes. This is what the changes screen will look like if you add the additional step of clicking on the Security icon. Note that nearly all of the items which can be changed here correlate with the settings of items in the gear icon that are on the mobile app.

What are the Benefits of Using R15 in Roblox Mobile?

The benefits of using R15 in Roblox Mobile according to Roblox are as follows:

  1. Players have better quality animations, body rigging, and skin weight mapping for mesh deformation.
  2. More realistic use of mechanisms available in Roblox like body lean, steering control, camera control, etc.
  3. Players’ parts can collide and interact with other players’ R15 parts. This means things like shooting parts from another player’s body whose parts are placed on the torso are now possible.

More Realistic Movements

R15 allows for more realistic movements for your Roblox avatar. Compare this R15 vs. R6 rendering of a cartwheel from DevinHD’s showcase:

Roblox R15 is the newer version which allows 15 parts on the avatar to be moved intelligently by the physics engine, including for example independently swiveling elbows, knees, and ankles. It is the default choice by Roblox for new accounts. Previous Roblox accounts are likely still set on the older R6 semirigid system, with six limbs rigidly attached to the torso and a limited range of movements.

DevinHD explains more about the differences on his channel. You can easily find out how many parts are on your avatar by looking at its settings, and can set your own account between the two different systems by looking at the avatar settings. With the system open and growing so one can reasonably expect more new features and add-ons for different styles of play thu Roblox R15. But for now, many players prefer switching to R6 based on the extra mobility and ease of learning.

For computer users, changing settings is simple. Just go to the Roblox website, click on your profile, and adjust the settings. For mobile users this is not possible and they’ll have to adjust on the specific games apps they are using. Most allow R6 or R15, but some do not. You can’t switch it off or on in the mobile Roblox app. And some games, especially older titles, were designed with the R6 system in mind. Check out the game description on the app if you’re not certain if it supports the newer R15 system.

Better Animations

Roblox R15 is an animatable rig. It can create smoother and more detailed animations such as toes curving on the floor, fingers moving discretely and numerous more complex movements using the new R15 body parts. By playing games which have a linear progression of multi-levels, which is prevalent in adventure games and escape rooms, one can test how the character can progress from simple to diverse and more complex movements of their entire body such as R15 legs and arms. Newer and detailed animations are possible with Roblox R15 if the game developers incorporate all the elements of R15. Although the majority of animations out there are made by developers, players can create their own animations in their games by either using the Roblox animation editor, body movers, Networked Third-Person Humanoid Animations, or custom StateMode code.

Customization Options

By launching Roblox and clicking on the settings gear icon in the upper right, you can customize the player interface. This allows you to adjust the types of user interfaces as opposed to the default settings. You can control whether you want the modern UI, old UI, or an auto radio menu. You can also enable border marginal shapes and choose the toolbar icon shapes between Rounded, Square, and Rhomboid.

All of these technological preferences are not useful for ensuring that R15 is enabled, as that is a default player and avatar type. `Avatar Type` can control whether an R6 or R15 avatar is used in the main character figures, but the expanded character viewer or Byte Avatar Experience always uses an R6 avatar in Roblox. The process for changing your avatar type can be found on the Roblox spends and earning credit help article.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using R15 in Roblox Mobile?

This is an overview of some of the drawbacks to using R15 in Roblox mobile.

  1. Some older devices may crash or show fewer players – Older and less powerful devices may crash due to the added components of R15 or will show fewer players in multiplayer since rendering more players is more system intensive.
  2. Developers may pay less attention to mobile interface design – Desktop is still the #1 way developers use to play Roblox from the Roblox website and that’s not likely to change soon.
  3. Mobile game options are limited – R15 is not compatible with all Roblox games, and you will need to look for mobile games that specifically support it or test your luck by enabling R15 in a game. There are fewer apps available on mobile that make use of R15 compared to the wider selection on desktop.
  4. No more is known as of 2021 – Roblox has yet to release a detailed usage analysis comparing R15 and R6 use on mobile.

Limited Clothing Options

Roblox mobile has a stripped-down version of the full PC app to keep the app lightweight and stable, and because the Roblox Corporation wants users on the PC platform for the full 3D experience. The major limitation when switching from PC to mobile can be the clothing options. Some clothing regularly available on PC are not available on mobile.

Some Games May Not Support R15

A few Roblox mobile games still only fully recognize and support the R6 character model. Mobile-exclusive roblox games only support the mobile character model due to the compatibility issues I’ve stated above with R15 on mobile. If you want to access the advanced option settings described in section 1 of this article, you can click on advanced controls for movement to enable those settings. There is a search feature in Roblox that is truly excellent for this task. Ensure you have extensions enabled and type the name of your favorite game followed by R15 or R6 into the browser search engine or Roblox’s internal search to determine how to get the R15 experience in Roblox on your mobile. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, it is safe to assume the game simply does not support R15.

How to Troubleshoot R15 Issues in Roblox Mobile?

If R15 does not work in Roblox on mobile, one possible reason could be that the game is improperly coded. This differs across games and is outside of the player’s control.

If you are having trouble with R15 on Roblox mobile, you can change the mobile settings back to R6. Touch the three gears on the bottom right corner of the screen. Select Settings and then Turn R15 Off.

Make Sure R15 is Turned On

Before trying to turn on R15 in Roblox Mobile, ensure that it is still

  1. Make sure that R15 is turned on – activated by default

If you log in to Roblox and don’t see the character moving with more bones (knees bending, arms swinging while running, etc.), it is already working. While on the Roblox mobile app, turning off the experimental mode called Intermediate Toggle, or switching to R6 can be mistaken for activating R16.

Check for Game Compatibility

To turn on R15 in Roblox mobile, you need to ensure that the game you are playing has not disabled R15 either intentionally or because it is poorly designed. While it is not possible to reset the core default avatar rig to R15 in Roblox, profiles and games can be managed by developers as they choose individually. If there is an in-roblox problem about R15 that is dumbed down such as the current state of inflation can reset the R15 or, as I suspect it will be now, switch to a newer equivalent.

Update the App

R15 in Roblox mobile requires a 12.6 version or higher of the Roblox app to be enabled for iOS and Android users. The app developers at Roblox occasionally release updates with bug fixes and new features. Updates may include turning on the new R15 design. Update guidance, however, can vary based on the operating system. The app store offers notification and reminder options to update applications.

To enable R15 on Android or iOS, Roblox will need to be on 12.6 or higher. This can be checked in the app store. If an older version is present, the app should be updated to the newest version. Updated versions of the app are typically spread out throughout the globe over time. It may be different in an individual’s location. If unsure, it is possible to reinstall Roblox which will automatically install the newest version for the device.

Note that even with Roblox updated to the latest release, the method to turn on R15 varies between Android and iOS. User reports suggests the setting is currently automatic for iOS and can be toggled from Settings on Android.

Contact Roblox Support

If none of the above methods are working for you, your best course of action is to contact Roblox Support. The process of contacting Roblox support has been streamlined and made user-friendly, having a form that you simply select the appropriate sections that pertain to the nature of your issue. The steps involved to chat with a Roblox agent are as follows:

  1. Select the category that your issue belongs to.
  2. Select the image listing that best describes your issue.
  3. Select any Yes/No answers that best answer any other pertinent issues related to your account and situation.
  4. If your issue is subscription-related, begin your chat. Otherwise, click the subtopic that your problem pertains to and relate your case to begin a chat with a Roblox support agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn on R15 in Roblox Mobile?

To turn on R15 in Roblox Mobile, follow these steps:
1. Open the Roblox app on your mobile device.
2. Log in to your account.
3. Go to the Avatar tab.
4. Click on the “Edit” button.
5. Under the “Body” section, click on the “Scale” option.
6. Toggle the R15 option to turn it on.
7. Click “Save” to apply the changes.

What is R15 in Roblox Mobile?

R15 is a type of avatar rig that allows for more realistic and customizable movements in Roblox Mobile. It has 15 body parts, hence the name R15, compared to the older R6 rig with only 6 body parts.

Can I turn on R15 on any device with Roblox Mobile?

Yes, as long as your device supports R15, you should be able to turn it on in the Roblox app. However, please note that some older devices may not support R15.

Why is R15 not showing up in my Roblox Mobile app?

If R15 is not showing up in your Roblox Mobile app, it could be due to a few reasons. First, make sure your device supports R15. If it does, try restarting the app or your device. If the issue persists, contact Roblox support for further assistance.

Can I turn off R15 in Roblox Mobile?

Yes, you can turn off R15 in the same way that you turned it on. Simply go to the Avatar tab, click on “Edit,” and toggle the R15 option off under the “Scale” section. Click “Save” to apply the changes.

Will turning on R15 in Roblox Mobile affect my gameplay?

No, turning on R15 will only affect the appearance and movements of your avatar. It will not affect your gameplay in any way, so feel free to experiment with R15 and see which rig you prefer.

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