Mastering the Art of Slow Walking on PC in Roblox: Tips and Tricks

Roblox is a popular online platform where players can create and play games created by other users.

One interesting feature of Roblox is slow walking, which can be beneficial for better control and precision in gameplay.

We explore what slow walking is, how to do it on a PC, and whether it is allowed according to Roblox’s community guidelines.

We also discuss the benefits and potential risks of slow walking in Roblox. Let’s dive in and learn more about this intriguing aspect of gameplay!

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a user-generated online gaming platform. It was created by Roblox Corporation in 2004 and released in 2006. Roblox hosts virtual worlds and games constructed by developers (and users) via the Roblox Studio that then allow users to play those generated games.

Roblox is a metaverse of millions of player-created games with most of the content user-built. Many games on the platform (referred to as Roblox games or Roblox worlds) are single-player, but even more are multiplayer. This means that hundreds or even thousands of players can play a game (sometimes even simultaneously playing the same iteration of a game) with one another. Roblox is constantly updated to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible and regularly introduces new features, tools, and updates. Known for its social aspects, players can chat, interact, friend, and even view what others have designed. Roblox states that most of its users are K-12 students from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Greece.

Until 2020 Roblox was virtually unknown outside of its core demographic, but grew rapidly during the 2020 pandemic as it provided a way for kids and friends to connect while maintaining social distancing for health purposes, and through direct collaboration with international musicians, gamers, and movies like Lil Nas X, Stranger Things, and DJ Khalid.

How to Play Roblox on PC?

You can play Roblox on a PC by simply following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in or register a new account.
  3. Download and install the Roblox app from the same homepage (Play Now -> Join from the screen that opens).
  4. Open your desired game.
  5. Hit the `/` key to enter the command menu and type `walkspeed` followed by a number bigger than 16 (normal speed) to set a slower game speed.

Downloading and Installing Roblox

A user can slow walk in Roblox on PC through a series of keyboard shortcuts. To take advantage of these shortcuts to put their Roblox character into walk mode, they must first be playing Roblox on PC. The first step in playing Roblox on the PC is to download it. Microsoft Windows and macOS computers have different requirements for downloading and installing Roblox.

Roblox has a step-by-step guide for how to use a given operating system. Below are the Roblox minimum system requirements to run Roblox on a PC.

  • Windows XP / 7 onwards (all versions including server versions)
    • Dual-core processor
    • 1.6 GHz processor
    • 1 GB of RAM
    • 1 GB of internet bandwidth per month
    • Dedicated video card that supports Pixel Shader 4.0 or better
    • Hard drive space to store the game
  • Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra
    • 2.3 GHz Intel processor or higher
    • nVidia Geforce 8800 GT or higher, Ati Radeon HD 2400 or higher, or Intel HD 4000 or higher
    • 2 GB or RAM or higher
    • 4 GB of hard drive space
    • Broadband Internet connection

In Roblox, users can evoke the Help function by pressing ? which brings up an in-game manual or Pause/Menu Toggle by pressing ESC to pause the game for shortcuts and other features in the game. Users select the Select Help Articles option and search for recommended PC Control keys, which provides details on how users can perform different in-game actions, including enabling slow walking. In the assistance pages of the game, users can toggle between Moving and Camera controls to see which shortcuts to use.

Creating a Roblox Account

To create a Roblox account to slow walk (and access other gameplay options), go to the Roblox homepage.

  • Click on the self-explanatory “Sign Up” button.
  • Enter a new username.
  • Choose a password.
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Click register.
  • Ensure your Roblox account is linked to a parent account so that adjustable restrictions can be added for underage players. If you are based in select regions such as the European Union, you may not be able to sign up for an account under the age of 16. After you have completed the account creation process, you can slow walk in Roblox by following the steps outlined in the section “How to Log In to Roblox”.

What is Slow Walking in Roblox?

Slow walking, as performed on Roblox PC for example by Holding Shift while using the WASD keys, is a method of sneaking or fewer loud effects while remaining mobile. One can walk quietly with slow walking techniques both to remain hidden and not alert enemies in game, or simply as a form of decent walking behavior to minimize noise in buildings or social centers one has access to. Here is how to slow walk in the game.

How to Slow Walk in Roblox on PC?

In Roblox, you cannot natively slow walk. However, developers create games with different walking and moving speeds according to the character and game type being simulated. If the developer has given slow walks as an option, you can use it. While you can change the keyboard and mouse keys in keyboard settings in the Roblox game player, there is no system provided within Roblox that slows/makes smoother the features of the characters walking and running.

Using the Shift Key

Shift Walking in Roblox, called Toggle Shift Lock, was the proper way of slow walking because it was specifically designed by the Roblox development team to improve movement in the game. Before the addition of first person modes and custom controls in 2014 that made this unnecessary, the first Roblox advertisements described the addition of shift-lock as greatly improving first-person gameplay. Controlling motion and scaling remote walking speed was one of the many perks of shift-lock.

The noun and transitive verb lock can be used in the research industry, and often by engineers, to refer to the process of fixing a mode of movement once it is reached. In dynamics and kinematics, this process is accurate. However the definition in this case means mechanical or functional. This control could be considered a mechanism. Using the shift-walking option as a legally permissible mechanical lock can be seen as correct under those terms. In practice for you, it meant your player could slowly walk indefinitely at the animation cycle speed of slow walking, against or with a varying, finite range of speed input from your remote. Normal walking after the effect of your preferred remote walking pace would resume, whether normal jogging or sprinting. By its very name, the old Roblox shift walk truly slow-walked in the manner you are searching for before the days of hacking and experimentation when it was later theorized it did the exact opposite.

Using a Slow Walk Script

Utilizing a slow walk script in Roblox on PC required going to Roblox’s Develop page and pasting the following code into Script tab:

instance.AutoJumpEnabled = true
instance.AutoJumpEnabled = false
while true do
cframe = instance.CFrame
cframelook = cframe.lookVector
position = cframelook * .02 + instance.Position
instance.Position =, position.y, position.z)

After copying the code into the script source, press the Run and Stop buttons. The character will then move at a slow walking speed. Credit to the developer of this script: Mad Titan.

Is Slow Walking Allowed in Roblox?

Slow walking in Roblox is not allowed according to the exact definition used in Roblox. However, walking slowly is absolutely allowed and encouraged by developers in specific games. While Roblox does have a policy against slow-walk scripts that slow a player’s walking speed down, there can be advantages in game play for developers or players who decrease their walking speed.

For some games with slower mechanisms, players must adapt by walking slowly. On PC, the only way to slow walk in Roblox on the PC is by using a game’s controls to do so. Most games default to walking at the game’s standard pace, and one rarely has the option to walk, as opposed to sprinting or crouching. For games in which walking is faster than normal (a relative form of slow walking), sprinting can get a player around faster.

Roblox Community Guidelines

The Roblox community guidelines outline acceptable behavior in the online game such as how players must interact with one another in order to ensure that everyone has a positive in-game experience. On the initial site about their community rules, Roblox officially calls slow walking as “sneaking”. This allows players to walk undetected by NPCs and other players and avoid falling off moving platforms. Sneaking in Roblox is a clear requirement for players to navigate sensitive portions of a game.

The guidelines used to say that players under the age of eight are forbidden from slow walking in Roblox, but that has disappeared now. No player is now being encouraged to move slowly unless they feel it is necessary while playing. Roblox is a user-generated game. Having fun and being active are the main purposes of playing a game so sneaking in Roblox should be kept to a minimum unless required and no special notification for slow walking is shown on custom games. Following the community’s guidelines for playing the game Roblox should suffice as a guide for slow walking if needed.

Terms of Use for Roblox

The relevant Section 5 of the Roblox Terms of Service states that the Company is not obligated to refund Robux to a user for any reason, and it is a bannable rule to request it. Section 5 of the Roblox Terms of Use can be read here. Not providing support is not a ground for a refund for Roblox. And in fact, if Roblox determines users have engaged in or are believed to have engaged in, and they will have their accounts terminated. Once an account is terminated, the user loses all rights they once had.

Roblox Insult Hackers!. Hackers and scammers have no grounds to complain or request for refunds after their accounts are banned because they lose all their digital property. In-game currency providers are part of those that are not to receive any refunds should they be banned under any of the grounds.

The only acceptable reasons for banning are in the event the person who owns the account is terminated or closed, using that as a violation of Roblox’s Community Rules and/or Terms of Service. Account holders are also terminated including if they are the person under Section 4.b of the service, repeated minor violations of the rules or another account has been flagged or banned, serious violation of the community guidelines as outlined in Section 1.b of the service, a hacking attempt towards the account or other unwanted account access by a third-party, issues with account security which could include the presence of malware or other harmful software.

People are only terminated under the Community Guidelines, but digital currency refunds claims or requests terminate for the actions of repeat minor violators, serious violation of community guidelines or hacking attempts.

What are the Benefits of Slow Walking in Roblox?

The benefits of slow walking in Roblox are the same as in any virtual environment or real-world travel: appreciation of your surroundings due to a slower pace of movement, reduced violence, more intimate and detailed engagements with other players, and more engaging role plays. One common use of slow walking is for fashion show showcases.

The benefit of slow walking in Roblox for fashion show showcases is the ability to highlight high-quality or visually striking outfits and design builds at a leisurely pace, with participants walking like models down a runway or through viewers. In Roblox, it is possible to appreciate luxury clothing brands like The Hype Studio or the aesthetics of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure by posing with their merchandise while slow walking.

Better Control and Precision

For additional control and precision, you will likely prefer to slow walk in Roblox using the cursor keys. This is especially the case for PC players who play non-FPS Roblox games that use the mouse for other features. For example, in the tycoon game Blox Fruits, you will likely need the mouse to interact with the map, which will offer better control and awareness, while slow walking with the cursor keys at the same time.

Enhanced Gameplay Experience

The Atar Raze is a Role Playing game in which slow walking methods help enhance the gameplay experience and help to make it more immersive. Here are some ways other players’ input has suggested to Montana Exoplanets Studio to improve the gaming experience.

  1. Help clothes from highwind + slow walk effect, this was suggested by titanium1070.
  2. Reduce time taken to type/message in jobs using keyboards to balance task freedom, immersion, and ease of playing at least 3 hours a day for grinding users. OBS: The amount of time to type is so harsh.
  3. Add a lounging slow walk fuction so players could be seated.

If these features are added, they will make the flexibility of a Roblox implementation even more important by providing more functions that can take advantage of the flexibility of the slow walk. In the meantime, independent developers can imagine The Raze slow-walking suggestions into their own Roblox games.

Are There Any Risks to Slow Walking in Roblox?

There are no risks to slow walking in Roblox.

The term “slow walking” often carries a stigma, as in people who don’t walk at the speed deemed appropriate for a given situation are intentionally making it difficult for others and have mental health issues. While this is not related to the game of Roblox, it falls into the idea of walk revolution proposed by pragmatist William H. Whyte.

He believed we should not try to avoid “slow walkers” but instead should design the surfaces of our environment for everyone to be able to walk at their own, comfortable pace.

Potential for Being Banned

Rumor has it that slow walking has become bannable on Roblox. However, the text of official policies does not specifically mention this behavior, and neither players nor moderators have ever shared any examples of bans due to slow walking. A fitting code of conduct to look at for insight might be Rule 8 of Fortnite’s Code of Conduct, which Donald Mustard, the worldwide creative director of Epic Games changed to state:

“Players should not impersonate or portray themselves as other players or support representatives legit v-bucks generator 2021 – be it by changing their display names, making their IDs look visually similar to other players, or pretending to have support roles. This also extends to gaining an unfair competitive advantage by playing on the wrong server region or smurf for the purpose of overriding the skill-based matchmaking.” There are obvious similarities between the cheating possibilities of this rule in Fortnite and the cheating possibilities of slow walking in Roblox. This clue might suggest that if slow walking does become bannable, the complete discourse on it might happen much in the same way.

Impact on Gameplay for Other Players

There is minimal impact on gameplay for other players when you slow walk in Roblox. You cannot steal tools or vehicles in Blox Fruits, and swords and guns do not allow to slow walking so as not to upset other players. At MeepCity and Adopt Me, slow walking is not seen as negative by other players, only slower playing. In Brookhaven, walking slowly may unsettle other players, especially in dark or less populated areas where those players may feel they are being followed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Slow Walk in Roblox on Pc?

To slow walk in Roblox on Pc, simply press and hold the “Shift” key while moving your character. This will decrease your movement speed and allow you to slow walk.

Can I customize the slow walk speed in Roblox on Pc?

Yes, you can customize the slow walk speed in Roblox on Pc by adjusting the “Shift Lock” sensitivity in your game settings. This will change the sensitivity of the Shift key and allow you to control your slow walking speed.

Why would I want to slow walk in Roblox on Pc?

Slow walking in Roblox on Pc can be useful for sneaking up on other players or carefully navigating through obstacles and tight spaces in the game.

Is there a shortcut key for slow walking in Roblox on Pc?

Yes, you can also press and hold the “C” key while moving to slow walk in Roblox on Pc. This is a quick and easy shortcut for slow walking.

Can I change the slow walk key in Roblox on Pc?

Yes, you can customize the slow walk key in Roblox on Pc by going to your game settings and changing the “Shift Lock” key to a different button of your choice.

Is there a way to disable slow walking in Roblox on Pc?

Yes, you can disable slow walking in Roblox on Pc by simply releasing the “Shift” or “C” key while moving. This will return your character to its normal walking speed.

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