Change Your Avatar in Roblox Without Leaving the Game | Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a fan of Roblox and looking to enhance your gaming experience?

One way to do that is by changing your avatar! In this article, we will explore what Roblox is, the importance of avatars in the game, and why you might want to update yours.

We will provide step-by-step instructions on how to change your avatar both in-game and on the Roblox website, share tips for customizing your avatar, and address common issues that may arise during the process.

If you’re ready to level up your Roblox avatar game, keep reading!

Key Takeaways:

  • Personalization and keeping up with trends are two main reasons why players may want to change their avatar in Roblox.
  • Changing your avatar can be done in-game or on the Roblox website, with tips such as utilizing accessories and experimenting with different body shapes.
  • Users should be mindful of glitches, bugs, and inappropriate content when changing avatars and know how to report any issues. There are also other ways to customize avatars, such as using third-party tools or joining Roblox groups.
  • What Is Roblox?

    Roblox is the largest online entertainment platform that gives people the power to play games and create experiences. According to the Roblox website, developers on the platform have created and shared over 20 million games generating $329.7 million in developer exchange and providing over $220 million USD to content creators. At least 50% USD is almost guaranteed to end up somewhere in a game’s creator’s pocket as Roblox encourages high-quality developer creations.

    What Is an Avatar in Roblox?

    An avatar in Roblox is shown as a user’s character in-game, embodying the player’s identity in the metaverse. It typically consists of a 3D model of a character that the player has customized in-game. Other Roblox players will see a game character that you have customized as an avatar that they interact with. This avatar includes a user name and display name that can be used in-game. Avatars are used in all virtual worlds and must be built specifically for each application but typically have identical functions. In a virtual world like Roblox, avatars can be customized by the user in different ways depending on the game. For more advanced users, Roblox has an Avatar Editor that is standard across all games to customize their in-game avatar character. This editor allows users to both change their overall look and small details, such as setting hairstyles, body shapes, changing the face, and adding other cosmetic features like helmets or wings. One feature of Roblox is that it allows you to import your existing specific avatar from one game to another if the game in question supports it. If the new game does not support that customization it will be reset according to that game’s default. Users can of course export the new avatar back to the original game. Avatars can be personal, competitive, or cooperative. They can simply witness a game from the third person, they can interact independently with the game world, or they can be controlled by the player to interact dynamically with other players. The character and appearance in-game are one of the most important ways gamers identify themselves in the metaverse and to others.

    Why Would You Want to Change Your Avatar in Roblox?

    You would want to change your avatar in Roblox to keep your appearance unique or fresher. Creating a unique personal account is a best practice for account security, and this starts with your avatar.

    Your avatar serves to define and express you within the metaverse by role-playing in different games or by wearing unique items. You can change your Roblox outfit from within the game or from the Roblox website.


    Personalization is essential for interpreting and understanding personal data, making decisions based on personal data, and to engage with technology in meaningful ways.

    In Roblox, a player’s personalization can be examined in their avatar. According to ROBLOX Avatars: An Exploratory Study by Kari Gehring of the University of Minnesota, users express themselves through customization. While 88% enjoy trying a new look, 82% find their custom outfits comfortable, 57% like their custom outfit more than the default, and 44% have different avatars for different moods. These preferences highlight the importance of personalization in avatars. Customizing one’s own avatar can have multiple positive outcomes according to the study by Kari Gehring. This includes the fact that personalization makes it easier for children to imagine their avatars as themselves, making the game more immersive and may even lead to adults feeling more attachment to the game.

    Keeping Up with Trends

    Keeping track of trends is made very easy by the Egg Hunt 2021 roblox avatars section where developers collect current and past Roblox Egg Hunt years and variations of each egg. This makes it easy to see what events / trends have been happening in the game and nicely shows your taste. Not all games launch and promote events in the same way Prisman giveaway provided four prize items available for winners to add to their roblox avatars. The Can you step into the Prisman World? game’s developer launched challenges for each player to complete and receive prizes which can be accessed in the shop and potentially traded or given as gifts. Limited-time virtual events and releases from other developers will feature their own prize items users can win, collect, keep, and trade on the Roblox platform.

    How to Change Your Avatar in Roblox?

    You change your Avatar in Roblox by clicking the three dots labelled More located in the lower-right of the screen. Then click the wardrobe icon for Robloxian High School and Backpacking and the clothing hanger for Brookhaven.

    To change your Avatar settings in Brookhaven, click the gears icon, go to the INVENTORY section, and click on the hanger, Bottom properties icon, or Accessories icon based on what you want to change. On Robloxian High School and Backpacking, there is no apparent way to change your character’s face, but to change your entire Avatar, you click the Change Avatar button. After outfit changes are done click your profile name and go to Characters to save.

    Via Roblox Studio is another option for changing the Avatar outfit. Go to Avatar Editor, choose an outfit, and click Wear.

    In-Game Method

    The in-game method is suitable for those who have forgotten to set their avatar during account creation or consecutively after that, but are already in a Roblox game. To change the Roblox avatar from within the game, click on the 3 horizontal lines in the top-left of the screen to open the game menu, then click on PROFILE at the top, and then click on CHARACTERS at the bottom. This opens up the Roblox Avatar editor with which you can create, choose, and edit your avatar.

    Using the Roblox Website

    You can change your Roblox avatar on a personal computer without leaving the game by using the Roblox website. Click the three dots on your user image in the upper right-hand corner, select `Profile`, then click your `Avatar` tab and select any desired item to edit. While you can change your outfit easily, changing your character requires logging out and changing in the profile tab which you can do and have the changes sync when you log back into the Roblox game. You will not see the outfit or fabric changes pop up in your character appearance unless you refresh the web page.

    What Are Some Tips for Customizing Your Avatar?

    Some tips for customizing your Roblox avatar include the following:

    1. Keep it simple: With a wide array of looks to choose from, even a minor change can make a big difference.
    2. Consider making additions one by one: After choosing some base parts, some quests or events may require certain UGC items. Add these as bonuses if they follow the basic tenets of the look.
    3. Choose a prominent headdress: Especially for those who wish to invest in virtual trading, head pieces are a good public-focused accessory, making them among the most sought-after and expensive Roblox items.
    4. Complete an avatar for a specific task: If taking Roblox screen recordings or guides, or attending certain events, players should choose UGC items available at the beginning of the customization process that emphasize the event’s style and provide untapped progression updates.

    Use Accessories and Clothing

    You can change your avatar in Roblox using accessories and clothing either in the game or in Roblox studio. Accessories and clothing can be bought or won in Roblox games. Accessories include things like hats and scarfs, white a wide variety of clothing is available including shirts, pants, shoes, and even full outfits. The catalog is the storefront for Roblox. It has thousands of items up for sale and each one includes a title, description, and creator game.

    The selection of Roblox accessories has been growing significantly. Items can be sorted in many categories including clothing, bundles, and accessories to be incorporated with avatars. The only requirement to buying Roblox items is a linked payment method on file. Clothing can be used from the shop tab off the Roblox site or through the catalog in-game. Once purchased, items are moved into the inventory and from there players can click on an item they wish to put on and click wear to change to their avatar immediately.

    Experiment with Different Body Shapes

    One of the changes you can make to your Roblox avatar without having to leave the game is to experiment with the different body shapes available. In the past three years, Roblox has expanded their body shape offerings that users can apply at any time.

    Plus the basic normal and athletic male and female body shapes, there are now body shapes including Tall, Big, Strong, Chiseled, Light, Brawny, Thin, Small, Rounded, Overweight, and Superhero available for purchase ranging from R$5 to R$500 or from free avatar shop items. Users also have control over muscle mass and several other body parameters.

    To adjust body shapes and limbs in Roblox Studio:

    1. Open the Toolbox.
    2. Click on the Library tab under toolbox.
    3. Search for Humanoid and select the body type, skin color, and shape you want from the library.
    4. Click on the Avatar tab under toolbox.
    5. Either purchase or enable a free version of the body type to use it as your character. Remote Event properties are also available to adjust and store your custom settings.

    You can now experiment with how your Roblox character exists in terms of body shape. Depending on the games you are playing, this could make a large difference in how the game is played and regenerates the experience as you explore the different options.

    Utilize Color Options

    Another way to change your Roblox avatar while avoiding the necessity to leave your game is to utilize color options while adjusting the Body Colors, Hands Material, and Head Material.

    To change the avatar’s clothing color, adjust the Body Colors settings appropriately. If you wish to change the hands and heads of your avatar to be made of different materials or to have different shapes, adjust either the Hands Material and Head Material settings appropriately.

    How to change avatar body colors and materials in Roblox Studio:

    1. Open Roblox Studio
    2. Click on Model and then Quick Command, both in the top bar
    3. Adjust body colors and materials on the R6 Avatar Color Brick, on the Scale options for head and hands, and on the R6 Avatar Brick by adjusting Transparency and Material properties

    For Windows you can now complete these simple steps to create and adjust your avatar. For users, however, Roblox does not support Roblox Studio on Mac OS (Catalina or later) or Linux and the only way to adjust your avatar’s color is by going to your website and looking at You can adjust the skin color, the head color, as well as the different colors of the clothes, pants, and shoes accordingly.

    What Are Some Common Issues When Changing Avatars in Roblox?

    Some common issues when changing avatars in Roblox are the following:

    1. Lag or other technical issues (which are almost impossible to avoid in complex games).
    2. Players are unable to connect with others’ avatars in Roblox. Roblox users need to allow their accounts to access external apps or they might lose out on Avatar Connector features.
    3. An inability to change avatars in games that have pre-set characters and accounts.
    4. Inability to sell items from old inventory as a free user. This makes it difficult to buy new clothes for the avatar if the user cannot sell the prior clothes.

    While the first two common problems can affect any Roblox user, the inability to change avatars in games with custom settings only applies to two games, Dungeon Quest and Mankind which are developed by official Roblox developers that restrict the change of avatars. The inability to sell items from the inventory as a free user is also a deliberate Pokemon game restriction to get the visitor to buy coins if they want Robux for free avatars.

    The lag or other technical issues are going to affect any game no matter what, and not an issue unique to Roblox. New players having issues with playing with friends because of external applications is also a common online gaming problem faced by many users.

    Glitches and Bugs

    Whenever there are bugs and glitches in Roblox software, users can take advantage of them. In the past there have been clipping mistakes between the site’s changing avatars and the MeepCity game by Alexnewtron, which allowed Roblox users to change their avatars without leaving the game. These opportunities do not come along very often and are generally not advisable to seek out.

    Inappropriate Content

    When changing your Roblox avatar, you should leave the game if you choose to enable 2-step verification and PIN security. Roblox prompts you to visit to facilitate this setting. Two-step verification is turning off the ability to change your avatar within the game.

    You may enable pin security for all purchasing activity, including changing avatars. However, because these features are intended to protect your account from compromise, such settings are best managed outside of the game itself per Roblox instructions. Roblox’s mission statement is to provide a diversified and appropriate entertainment experience. They will not tolerate inappropriate content and will immediately take action to have it removed. When you wish to change your Avatar in order to remove an inappropriate outfit or feature such as no clothing, deviant clothing, etc., it is suggested that you change your avatar and clothing prior to joining any specific game.

    How to Report Inappropriate Content in Avatars?

    At the bottom of the screen, click on the three dots that say More. You will get a popup that shows Report as an option. Click on Report. Now click on Content to report inappropriate avatars.

    There are two types of inappropriate avatars on Roblox that you can report. First, there is the avatar designed and displayed that way by the user. Second, there is an inappropriate T-shirt or clothes on a normal avatar not intended that way.

    This the second easier type of inappropriate avatar content to report. Just click Content and then Inappropriate T-Shirt. You can click on Inappropriate Clothing Item as well. After choosing the appropriate type of inappropriate content, answer the questions in the pop-up that appears to complete your report.

    If you wish to report inappropriate avatar content that the user created (Roblox character that is sexual, abusive, violent, discriminatory, etc.), after pressing More > Report, click on the A user’s profile option instead of Content.

    Can You Change Your Avatar in Roblox on Mobile Devices?

    Yes, you can change your avatar in Roblox on mobile devices. You can do it without leaving the game, and even easier than you can on a computer. Just tap your name and choose Avatar from the drop-down menu. Then choose Redeem Code to see the Timed Code choices. You can also set your Avatar’s scale, proportion, and rotation. Timed Code glitches have been exploited many times to get any 1 Avatar item of your choosing for free by Roblox user Minno – paying Builderminno 100 Robux.

    What Are Some Other Ways to Customize Your Roblox Avatar?

    Other ways to customize your Roblox avatar without leaving the game include the following:

    1. Edit your Web Profiles: Under the Menu Icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner, click Profile. From there, click Edit profile and pick an avatar from there.
    2. Edit your Groups: You can find titles there if you haven’t already. From there, click on your own group and you can edit the Logo, Description, or Role/Clan (Make different unique meanings).
    3. Wings and Hats: Unlike editing them from the catalog which is quite similar to changing your clothes, obtaining them during play adds personal freezing fun to your character. They also add points during your playing missions.

    There are dozens of ways to customize your Roblox avatar, ranging from free activities in the virtual environment itself to paid one-time or recurring purchases. You will likely find several ways customized to your specific type and interests among the hundreds of options garden variety players utilize daily as they battle, create, or play together in different fantasy worlds.

    Using Third-Party Tools

    The most reliable way to change your avatar in Roblox without leaving the game to use a third-party application such as Discord Xperience. This is a recommended app according to various youtube, discord, and reddit discussions. Discord Xperience is a hub that provides many features other than avatar changes. In case users are wondering how to change the Roblox avatar via Discord, just have the Xperience Verifier bot connected to the Roblox account. This tool is handy for server owners to quickly look up the Roblox account information by using Discord. Here are the Roblox Xperience commands to help users get information about the Roblox application within Discord.

    Joining Roblox Groups

    There are many user-managed and official Roblox groups that host annual or regular events, games, and exclusive rewards for their members. Changing your avatar’s appearance, clothes, or accessories to the particular group ensemble is possible. By clicking the Roblox Groups page and searching for a group or checking the Group Recruiting Plaza, you can easily join and make your own Roblox group to share with friends and enjoy the same benefits.

    Here, it is suggested you add another paragraph with a minimum of 350-400 characters to explain in depth what Roblox groups are and how the user can join. Roblox groups are user-created groups that are customizable and allow users to configure permissions. Groups on Roblox are private and based on interests or affiliations, while other groups are public and are for fans of certain games. Users can build user links if they own Builders Club, set the group name and status, monetize groups by selling game passes and advertise on the advertising banner of their games in the group. Groups enable users to set up group games, post messages in the group wall, and easily send out group shout-outs to members on their friends’ lists.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Change Your Avatar in Roblox Without Leaving the Game?

    Is it possible to change my avatar in Roblox without leaving the game? Yes, it is possible to change your avatar in Roblox without leaving the game.

    How do I change my avatar in Roblox without exiting the game? Can I change my avatar in Roblox without exiting the game? Yes, you can change your avatar in Roblox without exiting the game.

    Are there any limitations to changing my avatar in Roblox without leaving the game? Are there any limitations to changing my avatar in Roblox without leaving the game? No, there are no limitations to changing your avatar in Roblox without leaving the game.

    What do I need to change my avatar in Roblox without leaving the game? What requirements do I need to change my avatar in Roblox without leaving the game? All you need is an internet connection and an active Roblox account to change your avatar in the game.

    Can I change my avatar’s appearance in Roblox without exiting the game? Is it possible to change my avatar’s appearance in Roblox without exiting the game? Yes, you can change your avatar’s appearance in Roblox without exiting the game by using the in-game avatar customization options.

    Will my changes to my avatar in Roblox be saved if I don’t leave the game? Will my changes to my avatar in Roblox be saved if I change it without leaving the game? Yes, any changes you make to your avatar in Roblox will automatically be saved, even if you don’t exit the game.

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