Uncovering the Truth: How to Check if Someone is Banned in Roblox?

Have you ever wondered what it means to be banned in Roblox?

We will explore the different types of bans in Roblox, how to check if someone is banned, and the signs of a banned account.

We will also discuss the possible reasons for a ban in Roblox and provide tips on how to get unbanned.

Whether you are a seasoned Roblox player or new to the game, this article will shed light on the important aspects of bans in Roblox.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you suspect someone is banned on Roblox, you can check their profile, game history, or use third-party websites to confirm.
  • Some signs of a banned account include being unable to log in, error messages, and restricted access to certain features.
  • Possible reasons for a ban include violating community rules, using exploits or hacks, and inappropriate behavior. To get unbanned, you can submit an appeal, contact Roblox support, or wait for the ban to expire.
  • What is Roblox?

    Roblox is one of the world’s largest user-generated content sites. It consists of an online platform that allows for users to program and play a wide variety of computer games and other virtual experiences. It was released in 2006 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel and enables players to interact with others in the same virtual environment.

    The site receives more than 37 million daily users from around the world, and estimates suggest that at least 50% of children in the US have used the platform. Half of them play Roblox with their parents, guardian, or grandparent.

    What Does it Mean to be Banned in Roblox?

    Being banned in Roblox means you are put in a state of restricted usage, usually through the termination of behavior. This can be due to inappropriate behavior, inappropriate profile information, inappropriate captions or comments, scams, virtual dating, or other violations of copyright laws. Users may also mistakenly think they have been banned if they encounter account suspension due to technical support actions by Roblox. This includes two-step verification enrollments, purchase blocks, and password changes.

    Community Sift, the online platform used to flag content in Roblox for moderation, does not directly ban users from Roblox. If a user encounters a ban-like state, they will be notified in an email with information on why it happened and what violations they are accused of. For copyright infringement, for example, users get only one response from Roblox. This is a 24-hour ban, after which moderation of content goes back to the standard Roblox team, a ban that remains until a review team can get to it, which is typically 3-5 days, or content removal by the supposed victim. For more egregious offenses such as scamming children, losses of currency, threats to others, real-world identities, or repeated behavior will be permanently banned.

    What are the Different Types of Bans in Roblox?

    The different types of bans in Roblox are temporary and completely permanent outcome. There are several reasons and implications for each type of ban as indicated by the following three categories of Roblox ban:

    1. Banned on Roblox = Account Termination – Permanent ban.
    2. Roblox IP ban = Banned after having multiple Roblox accounts terminated.
    3. Roblox Discord Ban = Banned for displaying irrelevant behavior, harassment, or not adequately participating in Roblox Discords and related activities.

    Assuming hackers with rarer skillsets can eventually get past Roblox’s system, a permanent ban is the most serious of the three. The most common reasons permanent bans are issued by Roblox include hate speech, inappropriate behavior for the stated age group, and bullying others. There were 157 accounts in total during 2019 which, according to available data, have the IP addresses banned. This is when after an account already has multiple terminations, the connection or IP address via which the troll, hacker, or bully is connecting new accounts to the servers. IPs are the unique identification addresses of users’ computers or other devices to which the internet is connected. Employing bots to spam the comment section voicing support of a Russian group which has been internationally implicated in spying on Twitter employees in 2020 to share information on hacking and the US 2020 Presidential election with griefing naysayers qualifies as a permanent ban offense.

    How to Check if Someone is Banned in Roblox?

    You can check if someone has been banned in Roblox by reviewing ban reports, checking if someone exited the ban game early, and searching for the banned user’s username. Checking if someone left the ban game early can be done in addition to other inquiries, as this is an unofficial sign the user was banned since most bans automatically boot the player out of the game.

    Check the Player’s Profile

    Roblox allows you to quickly determine if someone is banned by checking their profile. To view a player’s profile, search their username on Roblox and click their username to navigate to their profile. If the following image appears beneath Shall we play a game?, the Roblox account is banned.

    However, if a player has unpublished their account, their profile appears differently. In such cases, the following message on their profile may be present (User has no friends), whereas previously, their friends list would have been visible as “Friends: 7“. This is another indicator that their account was banned, although a lack of a friends list can also mean that the user has intentionally not added friends to their account or has blocked their friends list visibility.

    If a player is banned, their account will display the word “banned” subtly as “Member since September 9, 2019 | Banded” (in this example) or in a more obvious red FAKE overlay as with more recent ban decisions.

    Check the Player’s Game History

    Another place to look to find out if someone is banned in Roblox is in their Game History. Players accused of cheating, exploiting, harassment, or other behavior that leads to a ban may find themselves swiftly kicked from the Roblox game they were in, back to their account’s Homepage. Certain violations of Roblox’s Community Rules may ban folks from playing specific games. So if one of their favorite games suddenly disappears from their game history, a less-than-trusty player may have been banned.

    Use Third-Party Websites

    You can find out if someone is banned in Roblox by using third-party websites. The most reliable source of Roblox user information is Bloxverse. Whether a user is banned or not can be checked using their Roblox user search. Another site is Roblox Helpers at rbxhelpers.com, where you can use their Roblox username lookup tool to investigate. Neither Bloxverse nor rbxhelpers.com serve an official provider of such tools. Always use these tools as informational references and not as verified information.

    What are the Signs of a Banned Account in Roblox?

    The most obvious signs of a banned account in Roblox are being kicked out of a game with a message of banning due to malicious behavior, and a new account under the same email not being permitted, which is indicative of an IP address ban which is not overtly communicated.

    Signs of having previous bans for inappropriate conduct in Roblox include DevEx being denied, being banned from the Roblox Developer Forum, and previous game creations that you would be proud of being deleted by Roblox.

    Unable to Log In

    Roblox does not provide a solid list of indicators of a banned account to prevent players from gaming the system. However, credible user reports on banning and player research indicate that the inability to log in to Roblox is the best indicator of a banned Roblox account.

    There is some confusion about the difference between banned and terminally deleted accounts because they share some of the same indicators. One significant difference between the two account states is that terminally deleted accounts can be potentially restored. If you believe your account has been banned for an invalid reason, you should appeal the ban to Roblox. Players who are in this 0.1% state should contact Roblox customer service to have their account restored. Roblox does not provide a list of reasons that Roblox accounts are banned or punished. However, credible user reports demonstrate that Roblox admins and AI systems ban accounts they discover to be creating inappropriate content, hacking, scamming, or engaging in poor behavior on the platform.

    If players do get banned they can go instead to Creating and Generating Content and play Roblox offline. Users cannot log in to the Roblox website or launch the Roblox Application if their account has been permanently banned. If a player tries to login or execute the Roblox application and is confronted by a message telling them they Sorry, this username or password is incorrect then there is an account issue. This is the message that will appear if a previously successful Roblox account has been banned. The difference between being banned and having your account terminally deleted is simple. Players who have been banned see this message when they attempt to connect to Roblox, while players with terminally deleted accounts will log in but find that all their progress and data have been erased.

    Error Messages

    If someone is banned in Roblox, an error message will appear each time the banned user logs in(probably without explicitly stating the users ban status). This would indicate to the user that they were not allowed to join the game as their account may be banned. Keep in mind that an error message appearing while any game is trying to be accessed does not necessarily mean that one’s account is banned. One’s account could be having issues all together in such a situation and should investigate further.

    The above image shows an error message which is a screenshot provided from a self-identified banned user on Roblox’s official forum who suspects the error message popping up means they are banned. Though Roblox never makes the mistake of banning innocent users due to natural bugs or system errors, there are sometimes issues with the system, network, or a specific game that interfere with the smooth operation of the user’s account.

    Restricted Access to Certain Features

    Someone is banned in Roblox if when accessing certain game features they encounter the message Roblox Error Code 267. This could mean they have been flagged for ban or were banned temporary for a rule violation (generally a type of cloudban server ban, where the ban is not set by the user or record his device, preventing the ban.) Roblox has not provided any official information but a large number of users report Error Code 267 access barrier as a telltale sign for a Roblox ban.

    What are the Possible Reasons for a Ban in Roblox?

    • Post inappropriate game clients or wish to advertise for them.
    • Be racist, discriminatory, or-inflammatory.
    • Try to hack, scam, or employ other means of theft within the game.
    • Upload adult content into Roblox.
    • Share or create content that belongs to other people.

    Bans may occur on a more subjective basis with Roblox moderation determining that a certain creation or behavior warrants a ban based on the situation in which it occurred.

    Violation of Community Rules

    • Sending bad messages, comments, texts, or usernames in chat
    • Creating offensive clothing, textures, patterns, or decals in creation tools
    • Creating fake websites that look like Roblox to trick others (e.g. copying Roblox’s website for a scam)
    • Exploiting, hacking, or cheating in games (Roblox works hard to prevent this, and those who try to cheat will be severely punished)
    • Attempting to receive Robux without any labor or payment (fake deals, including giving personal information in hopes of getting fake Robux for free)
    • Failing to maintain the security of your Roblox Account (uploaded files, passwords, account details)
    • Bypassing in-game purchasing limitations

    These are some of the community rules from the Roblox rules of conduct. If a user is banned for violating the Roblox rules of conduct, his account is terminated. Violating these conduct rules may also result in larger consequences. Roblox may temporarily or permanently restrict some or all of your right to use or access Roblox, including for the collection or forfeiture of Robux and virtual materials that you may have bought, without prior notice or liability, if they are spurred to the belief, in their organisation’s sole discretion.

    Remember, it is up to the Roblox moderation team and the Automatic Enforcement System (AES) to make these decisions, and they have a simply honest appeal system if a user believes that they have been wrongfully accused. (See definition of Create and Socialize by the Help of the Team for more information).

    Use of Exploits or Hacks

    One might conclude that a Roblox account is banned if the user has used exploits, hacks, cheats, or scripts for unfair advantage playing Roblox games. Users who run or modify Roblox’s proprietary software without permission are detected and blocked. The Roblox software works to determine which profiles are using unauthorized software and terminates the session or completely locks the account.

    The company is very strict about unfair play and cheating, as evidenced by their cease and desist action against the distributor of the cracked version of the SharkAttack exploit. On August 7, 2021, the Roblox staff on Twitter announced that the owner of sharkattack.co and SharkAttack exploiting software were harassed for causing harm to the Roblox community. Be the best version of yourself and show others why you are Roblox Nexting them. It is against the Roblox Terms of Service to exploit, hack, or hack Roblox software.

    If your account suddenly gets banned, have you recently used hacks and cheats in Roblox games? Check Roblox’s official legal policies and the games that banned your accounts. Before you accuse Roblox of banning someone’s account for nothing, make sure the behavior was not cheating, hacking, or breaching Roblox rules. Are you banned for hacking: Possible Lost Accounts, the YouTube channel of an internet personality and highly successful Roblox builder, reviews and analyzes the banning of former Roblox hackers in one of life’s ironies. They have been banned by Roblox after hacking the gaming tool and now criticize players who cheat to get ahead.

    Inappropriate Behavior

    Roblox will not tell users why another user was banned, as doing so counts as private information and is a violation of privacy.

    Users can attempt to figure out why a person was banned based on context and patterns in behavior. Not even the user banned is always told why they were so, but a few of the common reasons for why peopleare banned are inappropriate behavior, using third-party software to cheat, and posting about Roblox on unofficial platforms. These are not the only reasons for banning on Roblox, but they are some of the more common.

    Inappropriate behavior is the vaguest reason, but the Roblox Terms of Use state that when a violation occurs, they may result in action being taken against the account. This includes chat filters, in-game modifications, or other actions on the website or within Roblox games.

    How to Get Unbanned in Roblox?

    To get unbanned in Roblox, players need to follow three steps based on the type of ban they received, as follows:

    1. If banned because of the Roblox ban wave, do nothing and wait for Roblox to lift the ban.
    2. If banned for non-Roblox reasons, contact Roblox support and explain your situation to see if they can assist you in getting unbanned.
    3. If banned by a Roblox admin, follow the reasons provided on your ban message to see what specific next steps are needed to get unbanned.

    Submit an Appeal

    Appealing a Roblox ban refers to Roblox’s system where users can challenge a ban or suspension by filing an appeal.

    To appeal a ban, a user can reach out to the Roblox support team using the form available in their Help Center or directly at [email protected]. The user will describe the issue and appeal for a branch.

    Submitting an appeal is the first step to determining if someone has actually been banned as it allows Roblox to verify the account information, flag the account for investigation, or confirm if the account is even banned.

    When a ban appeal is successful, the status of a player’s account may be changed, indicating they were banned before.

    Contact Roblox Support Team

    Contact the Roblox Support Team by emailing [email protected] if you are worried that you or your child has been banned in error. Players who think they have been banned incorrectly can send a message using Roblox’s contact form. Roblox staff will check if your account has been hacked or was indeed banned by mistake. The Roblox Support Team will ask some questions which might include checking what the account has posted lately which seems suspicious.

    If it has been hacked, you will be asked to provide basic personal information when submitting the account for account retrieval. You may also be asked to retrieve the account by using the “forgot your password” link and verifying the account by clicking the link provided.

    Regardless of whether the account was wrongfully banned, Roblox documentation strongly recommends changing the password of the account to avoid future incidents. Roblox has an online system called “Roblox Customer Service” which allows you to contact the support staff. This system is available to all users of the Roblox platform and can be accessed using a ticket. Losing an account can feel like a great deal because players develop a personal attachment to their accounts. This site will explain the process and help you get your account back.

    Wait for the Ban to Expire

    1. Check the Roblox Ban page (recommended): Have them search their Roblox username or email address on this page – https://en.help.roblox.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. This is the most definitive way to know if someone is banned or not on Roblox and is the most official answer. A clear answer from Roblox support is usually given within an hour, so users will not have to wait long to know.
    2. Ask on the Roblox subreddit: They could ask there, but it’s less reliable and the answer may not come back for hours or days.
    3. Wait for the Ban to Expire: If their actions did not result in a ban and ignore them if user still thinks they are banned as a myth without any evidence, they could simply wait for the ban to expire to find if someone is banned on Roblox.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I tell if someone is banned in Roblox?
    To know if someone is banned in Roblox, you can try searching for their username on the Roblox website or in-game. If their profile cannot be found, it is likely that they have been banned.

    Can I find out the reason why someone was banned in Roblox?
    No, Roblox does not publicly share the reasons for banning specific users. If you have concerns about a specific user, you can report them to Roblox support.

    Is there a way to know if someone is temporarily or permanently banned in Roblox?
    Unfortunately, there is no way to determine the length of a ban on a specific user. Only the banned user and Roblox support will have access to this information.

    Can I get banned for playing with someone who is already banned?
    It is possible to receive a ban for playing with a banned user, as Roblox has strict rules against participating in or supporting banned players.

    Will a banned user still show up on my friends list in Roblox?
    No, if a user is banned, they will be removed from your friends list. This is a way for Roblox to prevent banned users from continuing to socialize and play with other users.

    Is there a way to appeal a ban on someone else’s behalf in Roblox?
    No, only the banned user themselves can appeal their ban through Roblox support. As a third party, you cannot appeal on someone else’s behalf.

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