Mastering Roblox: How to Join Others with Joins Off?

Are you a Roblox player wondering about the concept of Joins in the game? Have you ever encountered a situation where someone has Joins turned off, making it challenging to connect with them?

We will explore what Roblox Joins are, why someone might have them off, and how you can still join someone with Joins off.

Discover the alternatives to joining players with Joins off and the benefits of turning Joins on in Roblox!

Key Takeaways:

  • Turning Joins off in Roblox can be a way to protect your privacy and avoid scammers and trolls.
  • If someone has Joins off, you can still join them by sending a friend request, using the “Follow” feature, joining a private server, or using a third-party chat platform.
  • If you want to turn Joins on in Roblox, simply go to your privacy settings and toggle the “Allow all users who can join me to join my game” option.
  • What is Roblox?

    Roblox is a free-to-play multiplayer game creation platform with 32.6 million daily active users that allows users to design their games and play games developed by others. Players build their own games, chat with others, develop in-game currency, and spend real money to upgrade their appearance and game style. It is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Xbox One. The platform was released by the company of the same name in 2006 and has the tagline, ‘Powering Imagination.’

    What are Joins in Roblox?

    Joins in Roblox are the settings on a player’s privacy profile that can allow other players to automatically join the player’s current game. Meaning that a player who is online in Roblox currently playing a game can have their join settings such that when another player who has friended them comes online, that friend does not have to wait for an invitation or connection request before they come on board.

    On the player’s profile page, joins refer to the default front setting that people who have friended me can join, or the back setting that people who have friended me must meet certain criteria (e.g belonging to the same group as me) to join. A sticky player, as referred to by the title of the 2011 Research Paper commissioned by Roblox, ‘Who’s the Bad Player? Tackling Malbheavior in Online Video Games’, is a player who logs in and sticks to a single game.

    Due to this behavior, the study found that sticky players can be a significant profit source in terms done in game microtransactions, during as these long-stay players make game sessions native and continuous. The player’s friends do not have to wait for an invitation or connection request before they come on board. They can meet their friends literally whenever they are ready to play.

    Why Would Someone Have Joins Off in Roblox?

    Someone would have joins off in Roblox if they are having a private one-on-one chat, having a business meeting, participating in a sensitive issue support group, or having a therapy session and would like to prevent other people from joining their space Suddenly. Having joins off will prevent other Roblox players from entering your space in an inopportune time. Beyond these non-gaming scenarios, not allowing players to join would prevent less friendly players from joining and trolling a serious task.

    A report in the Roblox Wiki on Fandom entitled Hacking states that trollers often exploit join requests to hack your game in an unofficial way, such as stealing music or special sound effects and even deleting your game as an exploitation. When joins are off, this exploit does not work. So having joins off in Roblox may provide safety with regards to sensitive and official issues, as well as assist with preventing trolling problems.

    Roblox allows joins off to provide safety and privacy and prevent trolling hacking problems from affecting business meetings, therapy sessions, and other important matters. As most forums and spaces in real life always have an option for privacy, Roblox made sure that private options within the game can be granted. Embedding this choice inside the settings while still not difficult to access allows for a deliberate selection to be made in a process that otherwise beefs up the social safety and entertainment experience of players.

    Privacy Concerns

    Rather than making who are invited into a game public for all players to see, Roblox sets the joins requirement to all to improve player privacy and limit harassment. Joining a user with joins off is only required in private games where the happiness of the players is at risk, as abusing the privacy settings would provide anonymity and reduce punitive actions for in-game harassment.

    Avoiding Scammers or Trolls

    Disabling joins entirely will prevent unwanted trolls and scammers from disrupting your Roblox experience. There are two main types of scammers or trolls you may encounter.

    1. Roblox spam bots: Frequently, someone will join, share a shady link asking players to click, and leave the server immediately after.

    2. User disruption: This includes repeat killers on popular games, players wrecking player-made structures in Adopt Me or similar games, and scammers using chat, obby, or in-game purchase systems as traps.

    By disabling joins altogether, you prevent entirely any interactions from strangers unless you have first-session contact through friends, private servers, or UIs. Limiting friends to users you know or have personally vetted, enjoying Roblox on private servers, and choosing player vs. environment rather than player vs. player games are ways to further insulate any Roblox experience against undesired interactions and harm.

    Member slots for a server can also be limited to prevent higher levels of disruption from inside the game. With joins off and everyone added to the who-can-join list, all servers become de-facto private servers.

    How to Join Someone in Roblox with Joins Off?

    To join someone in Roblox with joins off, click the three dots `` or press the settings menu key, click Settings, click the checkbox next to `Who Can Follow me into games?`, press the browser’s back button, and then click View Profile to select the player with whom you want to join the server.

    If a player has joins turned off, it does not mean you cannot join them. It simply means you need to click the View Profile button in their profile to join. Asking the player to share a link that leads to the game can also work, provided the server is not full and the link still has time left before it expires.

    If a player does not have joins turned on and they do not provide a link for entry, then there is no UI-based way to reset the Required Version check for their game. The document will know the best methods for automatically joining the player in this case.

    Ask for a Friend Request

    When Roblox joins are off, the best way to join someone is to ask for a friend request. A friend request allows you to join someone’s game through the Roblox friends feature. You can request to add them as a friend if you know their name in Roblox. You can also check their Roblox profile via a web browser and request to add them as a friend from there.

    To access the desktop version of profiles on mobile, pretend to request a trade and then find the View Profile option from close to the top, which will then allow a browser window with a desktop version of the profile to open. If their profile is set to public, you will probably see a button you can click to Apply Friend Request, depending on how you navigate the website on mobile. Remember to return the privacy setting to private when you finish. Assuming they accept, you will see them between the follower and following tabs on your friends page, not in the followers section of the profile. From here you can generally click Join.

    How to add friends in Roblox with joins off:

    • Send a friend request to the user following instructions for the mobile device.
    • If their profile is private or you cannot request, ask for a friend request in a message.
    • Join your friend’s game by selecting their name in the friends list.
    • Have them send a friend request to you and accept it on your end.
    • Join their game and leave once their game is in your recently played.
    • Once in the recently played section, reuse the recent game to jump back in next time.

    Is Roblox safe to download and play on smartphones? How do I adjust privacy in Roblox? Learn this and much more by reading our detailed Roblox Settings and Safety guide.

    Use the ‘Follow’ Feature

    The Follow feature allows you to follow the user or game you’re interested in, see when they’re playing Roblox, and gain quick access to their profile. This setting does not require joins mode to work and is useful if joins mode is off.

    To use the Follow feature in Roblox, search for the user or game you want to follow. When you find them, click Follow. You can do this from the web or mobile version. If you are not a friend of the person or a follower, you can only follow via the web version of Roblox. If you don’t have a Roblox account, you’ll need to make one.

    To follow users via the web version of Roblox, navigate to the user’s profile and click on the Follow button at the top. To unfollow someone on the web version, click on the Following button at the top. Unfollow the user by clicking the Following button in the lower-right corner of the pop-up menu. To follow users through the mobile version of Roblox, visit the user’s profile and touch the Follow button at the top. To unfollow, tap on Following at the top of the profile. Find and touch on Unfollow.

    Join a Game Through a Private Server

    Some Roblox games have private servers which allow users to choose the server they and a friend will play on. This can be an effective way to get around the issue of joins off if enabled. You can access the private server matchmaking process by finding a game that has private server options, inviting someone to join the game with you, and allowing players to host private servers.

    There are multiple ways in which this happens in Roblox and these are a few examples. In the case of Pet Simulator X, a user must be at rank 45 to create a private server. Once the user is rank 45, the option is found in the top left corner of the games UI as seen in the following image.

    In games such as Ninja Legends 2, you can opt to join a user by following as the game starts, picking up where they left off, or pressing the menu icon to request access to a server. The image demonstrates how the last method works in Ninja Legends 2.

    Use a Third-Party Chat Platform

    At the moment, voice chat is against Roblox rules, and Roblox has made it very difficult to find another Roblox game to channel to (because Roblox doesn’t want you to circumvent growspeak). It used to be common for Roblox developers to link a Discord channel to allow cross-game communication or create games that themselves host chat. Perhaps one day Roblox will add the feature internally themselves.

    In the meantime, you can build a community outside Roblox using Discord to organize events of a Roblox game. Use a second window to watch another player on Roblox’s Twitch app and coordinate with text chat in Twitch. Or post rules of play on a blog and chat about them on a Facebook group. All in all, player management with everyone in the same chat channel will be less problematic and more engaging rather than trying to get Roblox growspeak to work effectively.

    What are the Alternatives to Joining Someone with Joins Off?

    Alternatives to joining someone with joins off in Roblox include following players into other server games, sending them a friend request, or playing a different game and chatting with the player in real time. While sending a friend request is one option for joining someone with joins off, players may choose to not accept the friend request which would prevent joining them in the Roblox game.

    If you know the Roblox username of the player you want to join, and someone else does as well, they may invite you to a server where the person with joins off is playing.

    Some users will have joins off in some games and on in others. Some games developers feel that turning joins off encourages game players to spend more time inside of their independent game and not just use it to link to another game, while for others, joins can be an important part for interaction on their platform. The following is a guide to features that are available with or without joins on Roblox, and that involve participating with people users are not yet friends with.

    Create a Private Server

    If someone is in Roblox but having joins off, the option of sharing a private server link with them may still work. With joins off in Roblox, players have to be directly invited to join them and cannot access their server if they so choose.

    To share the link, a server must first be created, which is made using a account. Of the dozens of Roblox landing pages, the Developer Hub is the best place to start, offering a variety of files that contain instructions and tools necessary to generate a server. Not every Roblox landing page offers the same kind of tools and resources. Roblox does not specifically mention whether joins have to be activated or not in the FAQs on private servers, though it can be assumed they are not required. However, if there is a desire to enable that feature they can fit it into their coding so that it is only the feature that creates a Roblox preference, rather than a leverage point.

    Robux is required to begin building a server with the lowest pricing beginning at $0.01 per server. After the budget for hosting is set, Start creating server is clicked. Once the server is built, users can copy and share the URL of visits or experiences from other users to randomly join the server, or to share the link to an unused server to anyone they wish, invites can be sent out.

    Join a Different Game

    Joining someone in Roblox games with joins off does not seem to work. Conversations on Quora have a few community members saying that new accounts can no longer join existing Roblox games with joins off mode enabled. According to a Roblox article on followers and friends, friends can always join via a player’s profile or game badges. However, no follow-up articles on the specifics of how to join does not seem to bode well for Roblox’s intention to make this a supported feature.

    If you want to play with a friend without using joins within Roblox games with joins off, the simple answer is to use a different game that does not have joins turned off. Use the Roblox server search which now supports tag filters to limit hazardous searches and create a game that has joins turned off such that other random users cannot automatically cave. If you want to play the game you were originally considering, look for an alternative with similar mechanics by performing a game search. While it may take time, there are many games on Roblox, and you should be able to find pages of search results after merely typing a few initial letters of the name.

    If you are unable to find an exact match, it might be time to start understanding how Roblox emulation servers work and consider creating a custom remake of the exact game you were previously considering that allows joins. Alternative applications such as PokeOne allow the use of emulation servers for very successful games, so creating a private version of a Roblox game should not be viewed as an impossibility.

    Play with Friends Only

    You can play with friends only regarding how to join someone on Roblox with joins off settings. To play with friends only, referred to as activated joins, both you and your friends can enable or disable Joins on the Social Settings page. While joins are disabled, only friends who were friends before they joined may see their in-game status and join them. They will continue receiving friend requests from other users, but they won’t be able to accept them until they opt-in for Friends.

    Click the lock icon on Roblox’s main page scroll down to who can join me, and then change the settings to choice. If you don’t wish to wait for another user to accept your friend request, play with them on a VIP server. VIP servers allow the owner to both pick who can enter and make it where only their friends can join. In this way, only people on their friends list can join the game with joins off enabled.

    How to Turn Joins On in Roblox?

    To turn Joins on in Roblox, you need to set the Roblox account Privacy Setting in the game you play to Everyone (recommended). You can set Join Privacy on mobile and the website, but this setting is not available within Roblox on Windows or Mac. According to Roblox, players can access their account settings by going to their profile page while they are logged in. In the upper-right of the page, the player should click the gear/cog settings icon. The player should click on the Security and Privacy tab, and change the dropdown box in the Who can join me in-game? section to Everyone (recommended).

    What are the Benefits of Turning Joins On in Roblox?

    The benefits of turning joins on in Roblox include that it increases the ease of joining with friends you know, and if desired, the ease of joining or being joined by strangers (if the player chooses to turn it on). Roblox uses its joins functionality to monitor and stabilize total player account behavior, which can help improve the game’s stability and balance. Roblox games sometimes use the server which the player has joined to change the joining experience.

    Meeting New People

    To meet new people in Roblox when joins are off, speaking to players through chat is the only way to gauge whether they are around as they may be appearing offline. The first option when chatting to meet new Roblox users or those on your friends list is hitting the Message button on the right side of your interface below Find Friends. Navigating through the Find Friends menu is straightforward, as players can switch to the Add Friends tab to view current requesting, and online friends. Talking to players is easy. All that needs to be done is search and click the player one wants to speak with. This method is a good initial way to get in touch to set up chatting at a later date.

    Alternatively, chatting with other players can be achieved by going to the Chat window that can be accessed by clicking the Chat box on the lower-left side of the user’s interface. This allows for real-time chatting amongst friends, and even amongst other users who aren’t on their friends list. It takes more effort to use in-game chatting to meet new people. Variable Game chat windows can often have inappropriate language where open chat isn’t disabled due to minimal parental or no moderation. Chat can also be limited to phrases programmed into interface chatboxes (most often in Safe Chat mode for players younger than 13 years old).

    Additionally, there are discussions on the Roblox Reddit and Roblox Discord where users chat about their game and interests, and one can friend players and chat with them that way.

    Playing with a Larger Group

    For games with Roblox joins off, you can join people in the same room only if you travel together physically. You will get the greatest sense of camaraderie and excitement from the game if you physically add them as a contact in Roblox when they are in the same room. Instructions for doing this can be found in the above section How to physically add a player.

    To add settings like changing user privacy and notifications on and off, Roblox recommends purchasing a premium plan called a Roblox Premium Membership which provides you with a monthly allowance of Robux, access to our economy features where you can buy Robux packs with money and get early/discounted access to select items and a 10% bonus when purchasing Robux.

    Discovering New Games

    Another way to join someone in Roblox when joins are turned off is by discovering new games. This is a common feature among many articles of Roblox content, in addition to the Roblox web client and mobile application service pages. This is usually the same solution as uninstalling and then installing the Roblox games client, as the application automatically defaults to not displaying games intended for older kids, blessed by a special algorithm-relying robot developed by Roblox.

    When utilizing the Discovering new games feature, using the search filter bypasses the automatic block and will help you find games you can play with a friend, or that you simply like and want to play yourself.

    How to find games by categories and interests including playing games with friends? On the Roblox mobile app you find games by switching to the Games tab by tapping the icon at the bottom of the screen. Search by category under your Interests and Featured, see BROWSER highlighted in the screenshot below. Select the categories that interest you. Tap your favorite game to play with friends. Obtain codes on the Roblox website. Click Discover at the top of the screen and use the side menus to find options under Roblox Top Categories and Roblox Top Searches. Tap your favorite game to play with friends.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I join someone in Roblox with Joins Off?

    To join someone in Roblox with Joins Off, you will need to have the Roblox game open and be friends with the person you want to join. Once you are both online, simply click on their profile and select the option to join their game. Make sure that Joins are turned off in your game settings before joining.

    2. Can I join someone in Roblox with Joins Off if we are not friends?

    No, in order to join someone in Roblox with Joins Off, you need to be friends with the person first. You can send them a friend request and wait for them to accept before attempting to join their game.

    3. How do I turn off Joins in Roblox?

    To turn off Joins in Roblox, go to your game settings and find the option to toggle Joins on or off. This will prevent others from joining your game without your permission.

    4. Will turning off Joins affect my ability to join others in Roblox?

    No, turning off Joins in Roblox only affects others from joining your game without your permission. You can still join others’ games as long as they have not turned off Joins in their game settings.

    5. What happens if I try to join someone in Roblox with Joins Off but they have it turned on?

    If you try to join someone in Roblox with Joins Off but they have it turned on, you will receive an error message stating that Joins are not allowed in that game. You will then need to ask the person to turn off Joins or request to join through the game’s menu.

    6. Can I join someone’s private game in Roblox with Joins Off?

    It depends on the game settings. Some private games may have Joins turned off, while others may allow friends to join even with Joins Off. Always make sure to check with the game owner before attempting to join a private game with Joins Off.

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