Unlocking the Mystery of Gear in Roblox: A Comprehensive Guide

Curious about Roblox gear and how to get your hands on the coolest items? Look no further!

There are several ways to acquire gear in Roblox, from purchasing gear in the catalog to trading with other players.

Learn about the different types of gear available, from melee weapons to tools and gadgets.

Discover how to use gear in games and customize your items. Plus, find out about some popular gear options like the Dominus Empyreus and Sword of Light and Darkness.

Gear up for an exciting read!

Key Takeaways:

  • You can obtain gear in Roblox by purchasing from the catalog, participating in events or promotions, trading with other players, or creating custom gear.
  • Gear in Roblox includes melee and ranged weapons, explosives, tools, and gadgets.
  • To use gear in Roblox, you must equip it, use it in games, or customize it. Some popular gear items include Dominus Empyreus, Sword of Light and Darkness, Gravity Coil, and Golden Super Fly Boombox.
  • What is Roblox?

    Roblox is a free sandbox game development platform and an online gaming system where users can develop and publish their games and participate in games developed by others. The creation engine, player engine, and gaming platform all rolled into one are provided free of charge and generate revenue with the sale of the Robux virtual currency which can be used to purchase items and upgrades within games. Robux can be purchased with real money, but an official exchange rate of 1 Robux for $0.0035 is uniformly applied despite differing levels of exchange fees as a way to help standardize the micro-economy of the platform.

    What makes Roblox so distinctive is that unlike other video game platforms and engines such as Unity, Unreal Engine, or Steam, it offers the Roblox developers a marketplace opportunity when they sign a marketplace seller agreement (other platforms have tight restrictions on in-game marketplaces or charge fees for them). In its 2020 State of Roblox article published on the company website, Roblox announces that over 345,000 creators earned Robux through its platform in 2020 and more than 1,250 developers made more than $10,000 annually from the games they made on Roblox.

    What is Gear in Roblox?

    Gear in Roblox refers to tools or items that a player’s avatar can hold or equip. It is also slang for weapon or other combat items. The tools or items are used for certain games that require them, and sometimes they serve as a cosmetic accessory. Players can pay and obtain Gear from within the Roblox Store. About 66% of gear items are paid, and 34% are free. The gear page on Roblox’s site has extra information including how to add them to your game, the cost for the gear, and who created it.

    How to Get Gear in Roblox?

    There are three main methods of getting gear in Roblox:

    Method 1: the Store

    • Consumable gear and active gear can be purchased in the Roblox Catalog.
    • Search for the gear desired through the search function or browse the thousands of gear items.
    • Click on the gear and tap or click the Buy or Get button.
    • Click on the drop-down and select one of the purchase options.
    • Some gear, such as back and shoulder gear items, are only available to Roblox Premium (Premium or Roblox Premium) subscribers to wear and use.

    Method 2: Promocodes and events

    • Gear can be earned via promocodes or special gaming events
    • Monitor Roblox news and events for exclusives.

    Method 3: Trades:

    • You can buy and sell gear.
    • Access the gear store.
    • Click on the gear you want and hit the three dots on the lower right. A ‘Buy on Marketplace’ option will appear.
    • ODER gear-only markets exist outside of Roblox.
    • Equip and use gear you have earned within the game so others can use it and you can attract more partners to get better at the game.

    Premium users are able to gain additional gear items inside Roblox, which is one of the main perks of this subscription.

    Purchasing Gear from the Catalog

    From the main Roblox home screen, clicking on the Catalog icon allows you to view gear that is for sale on the marketplace. Purchasing gear from the Catalog with Robux is straightforward. Prices are listed under each item in the Roblox browser version, and you click either the Buy with R$ or Rent button (when the purchase option is available). You can also click Favorited by X to view popular gear from players you know, type text or search by category to narrow down your search.

    Obtaining Gear from Events or Promotions

    Many games, developers, and companies promote events or conduct energy-rich marketing or fundraising efforts to encourage the purchase or effort of users. Special egg events during the Regg Robo subworld event regularly promote the sale of premium gems to acquire great gear. A song launch event for an artist occurred once that allowed players to win a special music-themed gear item, again with the option to purchase more tokens if one chose.

    A Twitter promotion associated with Lord Jagu the Ice Master for MeepCity during February of 2020 allowed obtaining a Koala Metacle Gear item to celebrate the event with gear. They have been rare and discontinued in the modern Roblox era, but another way to still get the feel of special gear is by searching the directory to find rewards associated with an earlier event.

    Trading with Other Players

    You trade gear and belongings in Roblox with different players and the swapping can be done by Roblox’s trading framework. It is the mechanism by which two players may send conversations to one another and trade something if they agree on a deal. To get started, players must accept the request to trade by verifying their credentials and they will then be able to trade together. The trading system is located here on roblox and you can start a new trade here. And you can view all the items you can trade here.

    The trading system allows the exchange of gear and merchandise with other players which may take the type of equipment. Even existing resource movement that belongs to a specific category is not possible. To swap the equipment, a player can proceed with trading gear by following a sequence of steps. Firstly, the gear holder must get coding authorization which is one of the following: Limited, Upscale, or Behavioral Gear can be changed if that thing is valued at a given Rolf-Greed Market Price.

    When the player accepts the Trading System player swap request, they can securely commit the exchanging equipment. Similar to the goods that they intend to exchange, they can then obtain permission. The trading device can distinguish goods that must be located at an average cost. Within the interface of exchanging players, they will tender one or several of the gear items. The price bar of the product is determined by a player that depends on the market price that others have offered.

    Creating Custom Gear

    To create custom gear in Roblox, you will need to use special software. For example, you can import 3D models from Blender or Maya and add scripts to add click-detection, or you can use Roblox Studio for simpler game tool development.

    A full tutorial on creating gear can be found on the Roblox site at https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/articles/Creating-Gear. Once your custom gear is complete and uploaded to Roblox, users can search for it on the Roblox game store and examine it (assuming you have enabled it for in-game display), then purchase it if they choose.

    What Are the Different Types of Gear in Roblox?

    The different types of gear in Roblox are broken out into the following categories. Each Roblox gear item is designed uniquely with its own special attacks, animations, durability, and price tag as described in the table.

    1. Ranged gear – Abilities include throwing, shooting, and launching as seen in different rocket launchers.
    2. Melee gear – Abilities include becoming invisible and teleportation, as is the case with the invisible power glove.
    3. Explosive gear – Abilities include violently detonating an object to cause explosions, used in the demolition derby game.
    4. Building tools – Abilities include custom shapes, tools, and functionalities to create new mini-games.
    5. Navigation enhancers – Abilities include faster sprinting time or even flying.
    6. Power-ups – Abilities in this group range from changing gravity to giving yourself more points by rallying environments.

    Melee Weapons

    Melee weapons include any weapon that is not a ranged weapon or a gear tool/utility item in Roblox. They cause damage when they hit close-quarter opponents. Melee weapons in Roblox are usually not gory and blood is rarely seen. Some melee weapons bounce or force the player or other players to perform an animation. They are the most common type of gears in Roblox. They do not run out of use and unlike ranged weapons do not need to be restocked or recharged. There are some gear items that fall under the gear tools/utility category like the Block Cannon which other than shooting blocks and destroying opponents’ structures, has no use other than fun. But since it causes damage to other players, for now it is included in the melee weapons list. If there is a gear tool/utility block that does not cause damage and falls under a new category such as sport gear, then it would no longer be under the melee weapons category.

    Ranged Weapons

    1. Projectile weapons
    2. Energy weapons

    Ranged weapons are divided into two categories. These are Projectile weapons (called Ballistic weapons also) and Energy weapons. The difference between these two categories is as follows:

    Projectile/Ray weapons: Damages done by these weapons are calculated through the physics of mechanical objects. The strength of the hit is determined based on accuracy, range, and matching the target ballistics to the gun in use. Risky Business! But some players find it giving a more realistic edge to gameplay. The damage caliber can be higher or lower than that of an equal-level energy weapon depending on the level of realism, scenario design, and opponents’ weaponry quality.

    Energy weapons: Damages done by these weapons don’t have as much dependency on real-world physics as projectile weapons. After a successful trigger pull, the damage done by the beam on the receiving player is automatically calculated through reduction of hit points. This often provides a less challenging and equally as enjoyable experience for most Roblox combat game players.

    1. Projectile weapons ballistic weapons
      • Article Helix
      • Intervention
      • Mosin Nagant
      • Dragunov
      • VSS Vintorez
      • Slugshot
      • Blunderbuss
      • Crusendo
      • Flintlock Pistol
      • Whale Gun
    2. Energy weapons
      • Tommy gun
      • Walther P38
      • Winchester Model 1912
      • Colt M1911
      • Bazooka

    Roblox Ranged Equipment for Combat

    1. Ranged weapons are in high preference over melee weapons for the availability of a larger variety of types and complexity level.
    2. Majority of ranged weapons serve a single purpose like precision, rapid shots, or high damage.
    3. Excluding some unique weapons, the three base firearm types are Shotguns, Assault Rifles, and Sniper Rifles.
    4. The capability of weapons can be increased with modifications such as laser sights, scopes, and silencing equipment.
    5. Rifles have high power/accuracy to enable one-shot kills while shotguns and pistols are somewhat less powerful and more suited to close-quarters combat.
    6. According to the developer of the game Gun Royale 2, the following are some of the better secondary and primary weapons:
      • Light machine gun with minigun
      • M16 with minigun
      • MP5 with RPG
      • SPAS-12 with auto shotgun
      • Scar with Ripper
      • AK-47 with MP5

    Explosive Weapons

    To get explosive weapons in Roblox, you must meet the level requirement. Try to successfully evade your opponents or take them down with your Melee weapon of choice, then focus on making your way to the big Crates on the map which contain rewards. Explosive weapons, like Rocket Launchers, are not appropriate for every phase of Island Royale, so you should consult your situation carefully before deciding to use one.

    Tools and Gadgets

    In Roblox, tools and gadgets are a type of gear item that gives the player an ability or feature in the game. This includes everything from a magic wand, to boxing gloves that let you fight other players, to a jetpack that gets you around the game more smoothly. The degree to which a game developer can design tools and gadgets greatly enhances the game. For example, the Jailbreak mobile game developers are able to develop new tools and gadgets that players can buy for their Roblox avatars on a monthly basis made The criminal organization Cybercrime Tech came out with Cyber Tech on May 28, 2021 that allows players to earn Roblox through bounties, brawling, and sports competitions and buy tech like Exoskeleton legs, Hand Cannons, or even personal shields.

    See the Roblox Featured Accessories and Topseller Lists for popular items that enhance your game. The three-dimensional nature of many games in Roblox – tools and gadgets such as a parachute – that allow players to make cool clips when they jump off things or get shot and have to recover using the parachute. Some tools and gadgets in Roblox are not for the player but for the game itself. On December 3, 2021 Roblox launched a new Lighting1150 mesh light that developers could program with different colors and patterns for powering everything from simulated laser light shows to glow in the dark games

    How to Use Gear in Roblox?

    To use gear in Roblox, accessed by clicking the Backpack icon, you must first have some. If you do not, click the Catalog to find gear you can purchase with Robux. Select the gear you like and click Get… followed by purchasing the item. Once you have the gear in your Backpack, click on it to see the pop-up window. You are now able to click the Equip button to start playing with it.

    Equipping Gear

    To equip gear in Roblox on a PC, follow these steps:

    1. Open a game in Roblox.
    2. Click the gear icon to the upper left of the screen.
    3. Click ‘Inventory’.
    4. Click on an item you have equipped and click ‘remove’.
    5. Click on the item you want to equip and click ‘use’.

    Perform the following steps to equip gear in Roblox on a smartphone or tablet:

    1. Open Roblox and launch a game.
    2. Tap on the game screen to reveal the buttons in the upper right and upper left corner.
    3. Click the gear icon in the upper left corner.
    4. Click ‘Inventory’.
    5. Click on an item you have equipped and select ‘Remove’.
    6. Select the item you want equipped and click ‘Use’.

    Functionally, the equipping of gear in Roblox requires different steps and methods to access the gear inventory, but the non-intuitive nature of where the gear is stored remains consistent across devices.

    Using Gear in Games

    Using gear in games requires that the owner of the gear allows its use in such a way that the user in the game can use the gear via the owner’s binding of the gear to allow users during the gear creation process.

    Depending on how the gear offers its functions, the manner in which it is used and controlled varies:

    1. Click, Tap, or F – For gear that uses a click mechanic (the user clicks a button using their mouse or tap a button, or presses a button such as on a controller for the game) or a tap mechanic with simply tapping on the screen, such as in the case of a smartphone, users can simply execute the required interaction by clicking when using gear in game. There may also be an enumeration feature to have a selected control scheme.
    2. WASD and the mouse – The same control scheme for moving a user-controlled character in-game (WASD + mouse) also gets applied to using gear in the game.
    3. Motion – Triggering with body motion makes a player’s motion have to be the method for operating gear in games.
    4. UI – In the toolbars of the games, an onscreen UI overlay, or the manner by which players buy equipment make up how gear and weapons get used.

    Customizing Gear

    Customizing gear in Roblox allows you to visually enhance the appearance of gear with special attributes, specifically with a greater degree of detail than was previously possible. Some gear includes attributes such as clickable buttons but this type of dynamic gear behavior is outside the scope of typical player customization.

    Follow these steps to create custom gear in Roblox. To attach models to certain parts of character models (different body parts) to create equipment, players and developers can equip a tool and use a {F3} + click/long tap. Select a part of the player’s character model you want the new model to attach itself to. If the object seems to be attached at orientation (namely rotation/orientation) – switch the orientation of the objects within the explorer tab so they are correctly aligned.

    What Are Some Popular Gear in Roblox?

    1,505,981 distinct items in the Galaxy

    1,411,885 distinct items in the Library

    970,462 distinct items in the Catalog

    In October 2021, over two-thirds of the total unique gear items in Roblox were accessories of some kind. User-generated content has made up some of Roblox’s most iconic gear, with new items being added daily. These are a few of the most popular Roblox gear items of all time. ROBLOX Classic Cap: One of the oldest gear items still available using the same design as the original Roblox cap. Clockwork’s Shades: A subsequent iconic Classic Cap off with these bright-red, edgy-looking shades. Assassin’s Headband: Another Ancient Time’s classic that enjoyed its own peak popularity after release on Roblox Halloween 2021. Dark Assassin: One of the rarest gear items on Roblox, Dark Assassin originally cost 700 Robux ($7, purchased with $10 purchase). The Dr Egg’s Admin badge itself only netted 101 sales so the gear can only be collected nowadays. ROBLOX Cheerleader Pom-poms: Launched in 2009, these were one of the first gear items and remain popular.

    Dominus Empyreus

    The Dominus Empyreus (latin for master of the empire) collection of hats are some of the most coveted and rare items that can be worn on a Roblox character. Created by peterthebuddist in 2010, there are now 8 dominus hats in the series. They are known for designs including a crescent moon and sun, rocky formations, wings, and even a robotic insect collection hat.

    Dominus Empyreus and the variations that share its name, adjective, or other title can no longer be purchased in the shop except through the resale market. Acquiring one on the initial release cost between 13,600 to 26,000 robux, with resale prices in some cases reaching tens of thousands of dollars. They are now rare and very expensive due to the finite number created and high demand from a growing customer base.

    The least expensive is typically the Dominus Aureus which goes for low four to five figure prices in dollars and has been acquired by as many as 6,083 players. At a complete opposite price point and rarity, the Dominus Claves hat was given to only to 14 community leaders, all of whom are Roblox staff and administrators.

    Sword of Light and Darkness

    The Sword of Light and Darkness in Roblox Break In can be acquired in one of the two ways.

    The first was during a special lighting event in March 2021, where players had to input a code into the electrical grid system of the Break In mall to summon lightning and obtain the sword.

    According to comments by developers on the official Break In Discord server, it is believed there may have been a second way to obtain it, but developers have not confirmed what that process was or if that method still exists.

    Gravity Coil

    The Gravity Coil is featured in 8 games such as Speed Run 4 and Parkour Mini-Game, and purchased as a game-pass from developers. A player’s view of a dopamine bottle Pickle Robux dispenser, purchased with Robux and used to enlarge contents. Players can easily adjust the activation switch on the Gravity Coil, tuck it under their arm, and then run and accomplish superhuman jumps up to 6.0 height. For this reason, the coil is popular in obby games.

    A Roblox Gravity Coil will cost about 250 Robux and can be found in the game pass section of a player’s profile. Purchase is as simple as clicking buy now under the Gravity Coil item. A review of publicly available online forums that talk about recommended Roblox gear routinely recognize the high utility of the Gravity Coil, and refer to it as an essential item A player doesn’t have to pay for the item every time they play a game. So there are no recurring costs beyond the initial purchase. The Gravity Coil is lightweight and will expand 35.4 length to further simulate novelty.

    The Coil is commonly assigned to Key G, one of the least frequently used keys for other items or actions. Utility is then as simple as dropping it behind you and then pressing g to pick it up again.


    • How much does the Roblox Gravity Coil cost? The Gravity Coil is priced at 250 Robux.
    • Which games is the Roblox Gravity Coil good for? The Roblox Gravity Coil is excellent for games where precise jumping is required.
    • How to use Roblox Gravity Coil? Using the Roblox Gravity Coil is as simple as dropping it behind your character and then pressing g to pick it up again.

    Golden Super Fly Boombox

    The Golden Super Fly Boombox is Roblox gear with functionality that appears simply aesthetic. This iconic R-TYPE gear is for the Avatar and can be found under the Audio Items section available in many official Valve games including Left 4 Dead. The Golden Super Fly Boombox has a classic boombox appearance with downward slanting speakers and large volume dials on top. It is colored bright gold and is loosely based on the axiom glow equalizer.

    Although the Golden Super Fly Boombox’s large speakers would suggest music to fill the room, it is categorically silent. There is even a speaker animation on the screen. Even as a musical glitch playing the wrong song from Google Play Music for instance, this gear stays silent making it must-have gear for focus work.

    The Golden Super Fly Boombox was obtained by redeeming a code voucher for 1,234 robux. This item is no longer available to the market and is worth between $800 and $1000 new in the box and $200 to $250 via resale.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get gear in Roblox?
    To get gear in Roblox, you can either purchase it with Robux or earn it through gameplay.

    Can I sell gear in Roblox?
    Yes, you can sell gear in Roblox for Robux. However, not all gear can be sold and you may need to meet certain requirements before being able to sell gear.

    How can I equip gear in Roblox?
    To equip gear in Roblox, go to your inventory and click on the gear you want to equip. Then click on the “Wear” button.

    Is there a limit to how much gear I can have in Roblox?
    Yes, there is a limit to how much gear you can have in Roblox. The maximum amount of gear you can have in your inventory is 20.

    Can I trade gear with other players in Roblox?
    Yes, you can trade gear with other players in Roblox. However, there may be restrictions on certain gear and you will need to have an active Builders Club membership.

    How can I create my own gear in Roblox?
    To create your own gear in Roblox, you will need to have a Builders Club membership and access to the Roblox Studio. From there, you can use the creation tools to design and publish your own gear for others to use.

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