Learn How to Repair Your Trident in Minecraft – A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a dedicated Minecraft player looking to enhance your gameplay by mastering the art of repairing tridents?

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of tridents in Minecraft. From how to obtain a trident to the materials needed for repair, we will cover it all.

Discover the different uses of a trident, learn how to repair it using various methods, and become a trident repair expert in no time. Let’s dive in and explore the depths of repairing tridents in Minecraft!

What is a Trident in Minecraft?

A trident is a rare and powerful weapon in Minecraft. It is a type of melee weapon that is similar to a sword but has a greater range and more damage. A trident does not keep its charge when thrown and is made from Wooden, Stone, Iron, Gold, and Diamond blocks like other tools in the game. It is used as the tool of choice for multiple aquatic tasks and can deal considerable damage.

How to Obtain a Trident?

In Minecraft, tridents are dropped by drowned mobs with an approximate 8.5% drop rate. Drowned mobs often spawn with the trident and will drop it when killed. Rarer tridents with Channeling, Impaling, or Riptide enchantments are only naturally dropped, they cannot be obtained if a trident is farm-created or crafted.

If the player does not have a naturally spawned trident with these electric trident enchantments, they will never have them and will only have the rare damagable, unenchanted mold block. On the off chance a drowned spawns with trident enchantments, they will unfortunately never drop them if killed.

Killing Drowned Mobs

One of the most effective methods to obtaining a trident in Minecraft is to attempt to defeat drowned mobs. Every drowned mob is guaranteed an opportunity to drop their trident, which is equipped when they engage in combat. The drowned mob’s trident is not certain to drop upon them being killed, although it can.

To increase chances of both a drop and an intact pick up one should have played using LOOTING. That means that every tier of Looting will give an extra chance at the trident. The higher the Looting level, the more luck is with you and can increase your chances of a drop.

For #teamnormal players not using cheats, the best fix for tridents in Minecraft in this case is to destroy the trident prior to killing its holder. The player can use a sword, bow and arrows, axe, shovel, or any other method of close-quarter combat to inflict enough damage on the drowned mob so that it is forced to switch to a different weapon. Once forced into another weapon the drowned Tridents will be used less and be preserved and you will collect only the item the drowned holds providing a chance of gaining the item and of preventing it from breaking.


Tridents can be farmed by using a looting enchantment on a sword for an increased drop rate. It was last determined in Minecraft version 1.16.5 that the drop rate was 8.5% if the killer had an ordinary sword and 11.5% if there was a looting III enchantment on it. There are also additional hidden enchantments (including Lure, Mending, and Bane of Arthropods) that will not increase the drop rate, but will help in other ways. In the table games mode of Minecraft, the percentage changes based on what the player picks from the dropdown.

Fishing in non-table games mode theoretically provides the needed trident once it has reached its edge. It proceeds to the Junk category thereafter and will be harder to catch. Trident yield rates in the Java and Bedrock Editions before version 1.13 and higher to Villagers are based on job level and external factors, making the process more difficult. It is important to remember that tridents are the best melee weapons in Minecraft and are rare weapons that the player should take care not to lose when on low durability.

Trading with Villagers

Villagers can trade for Tridents at a price of 100 emeralds. If a player has emeralds they can spare and unnecessary items for the villager to buy, this would quickly provide the emeralds necessary to buy a Trident. Given the rarity of emeralds and the high price/value of tridents upon other usage, this is the least economical method. Though the abundance claimed during the water hunting segment shows that the strict criteria may be exaggerated.

What Are the Durability and Damage of a Trident?

The durability of a Trident in Minecraft is 250, which is quite high when considering that the durability of an iron sword is only 250 and that of a diamond sword and axe is 1561. This means that tridents can take enough of a beating that they may need to be repaired in order to keep using them. The damage of a trident varies based on the enchantments and if it is thrown, or kept in hand to melee attack. Thrown, it ranges from 4.5 to 9 damage with an attack speed of 1.1 and recharge time of 1.2 seconds. Use for melee attacks doubles both the attack damage to a range of 9-18 but attack speed drops to 0.9 and recharge time to 1.1 seconds.


In Minecraft Dungeons, the Trident is combined with the Soul Scythe in an item card set known as The Hungry Scythe Pair. This item card is only achieved after level 16 of the Creeping Winter DLC, with the Trident selling for 73 emeralds. There is no way to repair the Trident set if extra armor and weapons have been damaged. Instead, reckless and totally unjustified mining in the videogame which results in a shipwreck in an underwater biome map could produce two tridents.

Searching the ocean using water breathing potions made from pufferfish during a game might potentially uncover a new Trident. However, obtaining another Trident can quickly be done through trading villagers. The librarian, in particular, has the greatest probability of giving the ranged magical weapon in exchange for 2-3 books.


Tridents in Minecraft can suffer 4 different types of damage. Every time a player throws the trident, it descends down to its vth level of its current durability level before being returned to the inventory. How low the durability level of playing tridents can decline is described as:

  1. Thrown Tridents Wear Against Water: 3+
  2. Melee Tridents Blocking Wear: -3+
  3. Sonar Usage Wear: – 4+
  4. General Use Wear: -1+

Minecraft users can view the exact degree of trident damage by holding the trident and then holding the F3+H buttons together. A wear number will appear next to the durability number in the player’s inventory. – Unclejam One, How to REPAIR a TRIDENT in Minecraft? The Easy Guide, Review Geek.

All four of these damage qualities are fixed on the item, meaning they cannot be completely repaired. They will not transform the item into another. Only that quality will be repaired, and it will do so whether or not that quality is at a considerable level. According to Unclejam One’s article on repairing tridents in Minecraft, if the quality is positive, it will only take the bonus slime cost determined by the quality into account. For example, if the item has been worn down in general use all the way to -1, you can still repair that thousandth point and will not need to pay the +1 slime cost.

Why Would You Need to Repair a Trident?

You would need to repair a trident in Minecraft if you like to fight with or throw them. They are only repairable by combining tridents in a grindstone with the one to be kept or a smithing table with an iron ingot with the trident to be kept to combine their durability values up to the maximum 250 uses. You can typically find a variety of tridents in villages and shipwrecks.

How to Repair a Trident?

A trident can be repaired in Minecraft using either another damaged trident or by using an enchanted book at an anvil. There are three ways to repair a trident in Minecraft:

  1. Taking two damaged tridents, antilca them in an anvil and fill the right slot
  2. Taking a damaged trident, repairing an enchanted book in an anvil, and filling the right slot
  3. Taking a damaged trident, putting the trident in a smithing table, and filling the right slot

A trident is repaired with an anvil by taking two identical damaged tridents and placing one in both the left and right slots of the anvil. This fuses the two together to create one repaired trident with more durability. This method allows enchantments to be repaired, but the amount of XP required depends on the sum of the enchantment levels. Using an enchanted book, the player can use an unenchanted trident in the left slot of the anvil and similarly repair it by placing in the right slot and paying a fraction of the repair cost of doing so.

Using an Anvil and Prismarine Crystals

  • Repairing a trident in Minecraft with an anvil is simplest and requires the least amount of resources.
  • Head over to the nearest village and raid their forge to find three blocks, three iron ingots, and an anvil.
  • Anvils are crafted by placing three blocks of iron and four iron ingots in the crafting table in an H pattern.
  • Place the trident in one of the first slots and the prismarine crystals into the other.
  • This method requires ten points of experience.

Using an Anvil and Prismarine Shards

Malachite (copper carbonate hydroxide) is a lighter green rare copper mineral that shows up in Desert lakes, Shattered savanna, and mountains and is commonly mined in Arizona, Colombia, Congo, and Australia. The frequency and prolific growth and decay of copper-containing life is the primary reason copper is prevalent in the environment, making it the fifth most abundant metal, second only to aluminum in terms of annual usage.

Using an Anvil and Another Trident

The final way to repair a trident in Minecraft is using an anvil with another trident. A new trident will have full health durability of 250, while a damaged trident can be repaired up to a maximum of 250 durability. The more similar the enchants on the two tridents, the lower as a percentage of the original trident’s durability will be the cost of experience to merge the two tridents together. For example, if a trident with a 70% of original durability has 4 enchants and you have an identical trident with those same 4 enchants, repairing it can have a cost as low as 1 experience point.

To repair a trident using an anvil, follow these steps:

  1. Bring up the crafting window and place the trident you want to repair in one of the slots on the left side of the two-by-two crafting grid.
  2. Obtain another trident with a durability close to the one you wish to restore. If possible, try for tridents that have matching or close to matching enchantments.
  3. Go to an anvil
  4. Drag the trident you’ve been using as a template from your explorer or hotbar into the middle slot to the right side of the anvil window. As you move it, the tridents in both the left and right slots will merge and you will see your trident’s lower durability or enchants will incrementally increase depending on how damaged it was to start.
  5. Apply the anvil
  6. Make sure you have a minimum of 5 XP points and left-click on the play button in the anvil window until your trident is repaired.

What Materials Are Needed to Repair a Trident?

The materials needed to repair a trident in Minecraft are either more tridents or prismarine shards and crystals. Tridents can be acquired by killing a Drowned mob that is equipped with a trident or is holding one. These mobs drop new tridents if wielding them and there is a 8.5% chance that they have a new trident in their inventory.

Tridents have natural enchantments that drop with them when killed, giving a range of interesting abilities like increasing the power of the enchantment, channeling, loyalty (which causes the trident to auto return on a throw), riptide (which allows one to fly when thrown during rain or in the ocean), or unbreaking to increase its health when used.

Prismarine materials happen to be the items that can repair tridents, though of course they are used in crafting underwater beacon pyramids. This can be done in either survival or creative mode using an anvil.


Use an anvil to repair a trident in Minecraft. An anvil allows you to combine items and transfer their enchantments, but it comes at a resource cost. It requires experience points, whether you are adding an additional enchantment or just combining two items at full durability. A trident with the Channeling enchantment can use the anvil to combine channeling tridents with other duplicate or damaged channeling tridents to increase its lifepan.

Prismarine Crystals or Shards

Prismarine is a decorative building block item that can change the crafting or repairing properties of a trident depending on the prismarine version. These blocks appear in ocean monuments. They have a crystalline form that can be broken down into prismarine shards, smaller versions of the block that are created when a prismarine block is broken. They also have a marine-related shard that forms optional sources of prismarine in drowned mobs. In that case, prismarine shards that show up as drops made when damaged can be collected after rummaging through an inventory space.

Three prismarine shards are required to repair a trident by placing in the 2×2 crafting grid with the trident itself. The grid will look like the one below. Just like with liked repair, any durability level of trident can be repaired using this method. To get prismarine shards you must first get prismarine crystals used to craft them by mining prismarine blocks with a pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch.

Another Trident

Getting another trident is the last and worst of the three ways to repair a trident in Minecraft. Even if it is not the most efficient way to repair a trident, it can be a useful method when a player already has a second trident in their inventory. A player can fight a drowned with a trident to increase the chances that the drowned drops their trident to half a percentage point and increase their drop chances to 8.5% with a trident with looting III, then start battling and collecting.

The looting enchantment multiplies the base drop rate for tridents from the drowned mob from 0.7% to 8.5%. However, if a trident was stained before being used to repair the original or fully broken trident, the new trident obtained will be stained as well, meaning players are lucky to come across a natural salmon spawning pool to get a new salmon mob for the next midnight.

This method creates severe pressure to avoid losing the new trident, as, if that trident breaks or is lost, the player will have to fight drowned again or find another trident. Therefore, it is advisable to first ensure a usable mending enchantment tridents before extensively using this method.

What Are the Steps to Repair a Trident?

The steps to repair a trident in Minecraft are as follows. Step 1: Open the inventory and then the grindstone UI. Step 2: Place the trident and another trident (for full repair) in the grindstone slots. Alternatively, place a phantom membrane in the slot opposite the trident to repair up to two points worth of the trident’s damage. Step 3: Close the UI. Step 4: Reopen the inventory. You will find that the trident has renewed at the cost of experience.

Gather Materials

Materials required to repair a trident in Minecraft include diamonds, an anvil, and other damaged tridents. You will need tridents in as many quantities as the number of points the trident lost. Upgrade the trident pose to the fullest with diamonds to get the highest percentage of repair rate. This percentage of repair with diamonds is as follows:

  • 1 diamond: 2%
  • 2 diamonds: 4%
  • 3 diamonds: 10%
  • 4 diamonds: 20%
  • 5 diamonds: 33%
  • 6 diamonds: 50%

Place Trident and Materials in Anvil

Place the trident to be repaired in the appropriate slot. Place the material you want to use to repair your trident in the second slot. Unfortunately, diamons, iron, gold, netherite I ingots, netherite scaps or ghast tears do not repair tridents in survival or creative mode. Click on the triangle shaped hammer on your Anvil screen. You will see the following text and make the following payment if the materials are sufficient. Material x Nametag {cost in XP}.

When the material cost in XP and materials is available, then just click on the Add button at 1st anvil slot. If the equipment is not broken and you just want to increase the durability, then setup your cost (expressed by the rest of the material required to repair your existing material), tap on the Amethyst Shard.

If the equipment is not shown as being so expensive and is 1 to 3 material points away to be repaired, just tap on the Amethyst Shard. You will see your equipment completely new again, but cost 1-3 Amethyst Shards (depending on how it was broken). The repaired and renamed trident will now sit in the Anvil output grid as soon as the repair is completed.

Use Experience Points to Repair

The costs for using experience is up to 2/3 (66.67%) less and the possible loss of the trident due to inattentiveness is eliminated.

The third method to repair a trident in Minecraft is to access the workbench, place the low-durability trident in the first slot, and up to two pieces of prismarine, dark prismarine, or prismarine bricks (these are the only ones possible) along the second column. Then, move the repaired trident in the second slot to the toolbar, and drag the experience points over it. This will be 1 point per l durability, so 219 points for a new trident (as it has a 2034/250l durability). By using experience points, the player levels up, similarly strengthening the trident.

Points earned in the game can be traded for item repair at an anvil. To see how many points are in possession, select the points that can be traded for trident repair, jump up and down to check, or inquired through the pause menu. It is recommended to collect from 10 to 60 points per hour, although those who have already stored a lot can use as many as 345 points per hour use almost all. The amount of experience in points that can be used differs based on the version. Ahead of the Combat Test February 13, 2021 (Caves & Cliffs), the cost was 6 (l-1). Since that version, the cost has gone down to 2.4 (l-1).

What Are the Different Uses of a Trident in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the uses of a trident are the following:

  1. Attacking underwater mobs in a melee or thrown manner.
  2. Extinguisher underwater to put out fire on the player or allied mobs.
  3. Channeling sub-ability on land creates lightning that will strike mobs.
  4. Impaler sub-ability deals bonus attack damage to certain aquatic mobs and players within 4 blocks digesting loot faster.
  5. Riptide sub-ability of dealing up to 3.5 hearts of bonus damage and excellent transportation in rain works in water or sturdy snow layers.
  6. Loyalty sub-ability of tridents in returning to the player faster when thrown.
  7. Mending plus Elytra makes a great weapon of farming experience when tossed by working out player equipment and preventing the actual trident from wearing out.

As a Weapon

Tridents are an underwater weapon dealing 9 damage points, the same as a diamond sword. The only difference is that tridents have a separate attack stat dedicated to them named Attack Damage in Minecraft’s code. Along with the trident having separate damage values, the trident offers several distinct advantages over the diver’s sword. As a weapon, the trident is used to fight off aquatic enemies and animals that attack the player, such as drowned zombies or guardians.

As a Tool for Underwater Travel

A trident can be used as a tool for underwater travel in Minecraft. As a weapon, the trident is the most powerful tool when a wide expanse of monsters must be killed at the surface or underwater. If attempting an underwater raid, equipped with a trident imbued with the Channeling enchantment will supercharge the trident with a lightning bolt that deals 4* the trident’s standard melee damage to mobs carrying tridents or conduits within 4* blocks from the player. One thoroughly original use of the trident is for underwater transport.

As a Light Source

In Minecraft, Tridents provide light similar to torches and Redstone Lamps. Placing them in alternate hands does the following as a light source: 1. Light Level: 10 indoors/overcast and 14 outdoors/bright daylight 2. Lighting Range: When thrown, creates a circle of light as far as the player’s view distance while active. See examples in the Tridents in Action video at Tridents can repeatedly be thrown in short range to create this effect, as shown by Slicedlime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Repair a Trident in Minecraft?

What is a trident in Minecraft? A trident is a weapon in Minecraft that can be used for melee and ranged attacks and can also be used to travel through water.

How to Repair a Trident in Minecraft?

How do I obtain a trident in Minecraft? Tridents can be obtained by killing drowned mobs, which can be found in ocean biomes.

How to Repair a Trident in Minecraft?

Can tridents be repaired in Minecraft? Yes, tridents can be repaired using an anvil and either another trident or prismarine shards or crystals.

How to Repair a Trident in Minecraft?

How do I repair a trident using another trident? To repair a trident with another trident, simply place both tridents in an anvil and combine them.

How to Repair a Trident in Minecraft?

What are prismarine shards and crystals used for in repairing tridents? Prismarine shards and crystals are used as materials in repairing tridents, just like another trident would be.

How to Repair a Trident in Minecraft?

Is there a limit to how many times a trident can be repaired? No, there is no limit to how many times a trident can be repaired as long as you have the necessary materials and an anvil.

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