Mastering Multiplayer in Minecraft on Switch: A Step-by-Step Guide

Looking to enhance your Minecraft gaming experience by playing with friends on your Nintendo Switch?

This comprehensive guide will explore everything you need to know about multiplayer mode in Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch. Learn how to access multiplayer mode, join a game, create your own multiplayer game, and troubleshoot common issues.

Dive into the world of multiplayer Minecraft and make the most out of your gaming sessions with these helpful tips and tricks.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a popular independently developed multiplayer building game. It was released by Mojang Studios, acquired and developed further by Microsoft Studios, and now has a thriving community that has made it one of the most widely-recognized PC, console, and smart device games in the world.

Players explore a blocky, procedurally-generated 3D world and may extract and mine raw materials to build items and structures, collaborating with and competing against other players depending on the chosen game mode. Multiplayer can involve either local area network (wired or wireless) connections or online connections to thousands of different publicly available servers that run different maps, rules, and mods.

What is Multiplayer Mode in Minecraft?

Multiplayer Mode in Minecraft is a setting in which several people play simultaneously on the same gaming world. When playing in Multiplayer Mode, there are three main servers you can play on: Realms, Featured Servers, and External Servers. Realms is a service provided and run by Mojang where they host a server that you subscribe to and pay for, or other individuals allow you to play on their private server for free.

How to Access Multiplayer Mode on Nintendo Switch?

You can access multiplayer in Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch by adding friends to your account. To do this, go to the Microsoft gaming accounts page that is found by exploring the settings on the main Minecraft menu. If you do not have a Microsoft gaming account yet for the Switch, the icon for this option is in the main Minecraft menu and is a question mark over a grid looking symbol. The player who wants to add their friend to their account will find a button for this purpose.

If your friend is not already on the platform, they will need to make an account. From here you can return to the main menu and choose a realm you want to play on. Then press ‘A’ to open their settings, go to the members tab, and add the friend you wish to play with. Once your friend accepts the invite, they will be free to play with you. To limit your interactions with other players in a multiplayer mode, disable multiplayer, chat, and Realms.

Multiplayer in Minecraft Switch modes will show different words in blue underneath your username in the main menu. If they are all blue, that means multiplayer is enabled for them. Simply toggle the buttons across from the words to prevent enabling.

How to Join a Multiplayer Game on Nintendo Switch?

You can join a multiplayer game on the Nintendo Switch by accessing someone else’s game to automatically create a room on a local network or entering in a Server Multiplayer Address to join games in public realms. Joining a multiplayer game on the Nintendo Switch requires very little effort on the part of the other person hosting the world whether locally in the same network or on a public realm.

Joining Local Multiplayer Network games is straightforward provided all players are on the same network and have opened Minecraft. These are the steps to join someone’s local multiplayer network game on the Nintendo Switch. Players go to the Home Screen and hover over Minecraft. Select Game-Specific Services. Click Add Friend button. Select Host Multiplayer Game option in Minecraft.

Minecraft will find their game and let other players join after just a few seconds. Players can also join other’s server multiplayer by following the same steps illustrated in heading 1.6 How to Join a Multi-Player Game on Minecraft? Characters from their player may use Switch Servers to obtain the Multiplayer Samples.

Joining a Friend’s Game

If you are invited to a friend’s world, you can use LAN Play to join your friends by following these steps:

  1. From the main menu, select Play.
  2. Select Friends tab.
  3. On the friends tab, select any friends that are hosting a Minecraft game for you to join.

According to the LAN Play instructions, you should then be able to select Join Game if they have not changed the ‘Game Mode’. The LAN Play method does not involve any internet connection, so it is a good idea to double-check that you are playing from the same local network as the game host.

If you are unsure if you are, try to reconnect to the network or verify that your network meets the same specifications. And to host your own Minecraft multiplayer game for local friends, connect a Nintendo Switch to the same local area network (LAN), launch a new world, and set it to a Local game, ensuring multiplayer is enabled in settings before launching the world.

Joining a Public Game

Players cannot directly join other public multiplayer games by searching for open games inside Minecraft Mobile for Switch. The crossbows-and-magic RPG Dungeon Arena lists multiplayer as a feature on the game description, but this is not currently being used. Multiplayer in Dungeon Arena may later be a feature supported by Mojang engineers, but does not appear to be operating now. Instead, a free-to-player version of Minecraft called Minecraft Classic can be accessed by any individual browser and be used for the development of collaborative projects between participating players.

How to Create a Multiplayer Game on Nintendo Switch?

To create a multiplayer game on the Nintendo Switch in Minecraft, one player needs to act as the host, develop a world, and send invites to friends or other players on their friends’ list. Creating a multiplayer game is simple in Minecraft and Nintendo Switch systems, whether you are hosting a game, playing with existing players, joining other player’s realms, joining a server, or playing online via Xbox live points out the official Minecraft Help page.

The following are the basic steps to start a multiplayer game, and to check the Invite Only settings on the Nintendo Switch system and Minecraft are as follows:

  1. Start the game: Launch Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch and open the world from your friends’ list or develop a new one.
  2. Nintendo Switch menu: Ensure you are on a friends’/host’s list and Buy the game and accessories with each host including the game producer, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, etc.
  3. Invite other players: Press the Plus button to display the Invite screen, and then invite existing friends via the More Players option, or send an invite to people who have never played with you.
  4. Set multiplayer settings: Return to the main game, and open the settings screen. Set Multiplayer Game, and set the game’s joinability as either Friends of Friends or invite-only (game invites). Repeat the process described in step 3 to invite.

What Are the Different Multiplayer Options in Minecraft?

The multiplayer modes in Minecraft are Local multiplayer/LAN, the Minecraft Realms subscription service, cross-platform multiplayer using Xbox Live, or a device code that someone uses to play with similar devices. Local multiplayer requires having someone on the same network, such as family or friends are using the same Wi-Fi to connect with each other on their own devices. Realms allows players to join external servers to play with other players other than the people they are using the purchased server space with.

Split-screen Multiplayer

Split-screen Multiplayer allows you to play with friends in the game by using the same screen as them. This has one main exigency – they must be in the same physical place as you, which isn’t always possible. People may at times play this mode with family members or friends just next to them, providing an immersive local gaming experience free of the disruptions of online play.

To set up split-screen multiplayer, select Minecraft on your Switch home screen, then press the + button on your right joy-con and click the Add more players option. Select a controller port for the account you’ll use, then click the Play Together option to begin playing with a friend. Minecraft has four-player split-screen multiplayer. Local Multiplayer: What You Need to Know is a guide by Chris Reed on how to get the most out of four-player split-screen gaming with your friends.

Local Wireless Multiplayer

Local wireless multiplayer on the Minecraft Bedrock Edition for the Nintendo Switch is available only using the LAN Play feature on a local Wi-Fi network. Members of the same network can host a server for themselves and friends to join. A Local Server can be accessed through Play > New > Create New on the main screen, or through Play > Friends > New Realm or New World and modifying the Multiplayer Settings.

Once the player’s game is published to a local server, friends can join by opening Minecraft and connecting to the published game. The local multiplayer lobby should show up within the Friends tab. Invite others and then begin the game. For local wireless multiplayer on the Nintendo Switch, players searching for games outside of their Local Area Network must manually input the others’ IP address and port to join the same game.

For LAN Play on a local Wi-Fi network, players on the network are automatically set up to host a local game or server and thus are not required to enter IP addresses.

Online Multiplayer

Online multiplayer allows you to explore and play Minecraft with strangers from around the world. These are the key steps for setting up online multiplayer gaming on Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition:

  1. Establish a Nintendo Account and a Nintendo Switch Online membership.
  2. Install the latest version of Minecraft from the Nintendo eShop or a physical cartridge.
  3. Rethink your privacy and online safety settings in your Switch user profile. To join or host a game, open Minecraft from the app screen using this profile. Get to the Multiplayer Screen and either Join, Create or Modify an External Server, or switch to online play on the World Screen via the pencil icon. These are the private (friends-only), friends of friends, public survival, public creative, and custom settings. (Note: Default is) Need a picture of the multiplayer screen Organizer has it later on
  4. If joining, enter the host’s IP address into the server settings.
  5. Finally, establish the following access requirements: Survival Mode requires the host be in the game; Creative World Mode does not.

Nintendo Switch Online is a paid membership service that allows you to play against others in the Nintendo Switch family while providing access to a growing library of games with new content added regularly. (In the case of Minecraft, no extra charges are assessed for multiplayer function.) Costs range from <$4> for a one-month membership to <$20> for a year. A daily or family pack can be used for sharing by up to eight people. (Microphone in a plus circle) Microphone features are supported on the Switch in handheld mode. The quality of the experience should improve with a LAN adapter due to the stability provided by a cable over Wi-Fi. The (M in a square) Kids Club Minecraft community can be used by young kids to meet and play with same-age peers.

What Are the Benefits of Multiplayer in Minecraft?

  • The single-player Tutorial World generated by the game appears only in the game, but this version does introduce players to the main concept of the game and worlds without any enemies or other players.
  • There are guides in the game, but some think watching Minecraft streams on Twitch, or YouTube are the best ways to learn the game. For example, streamers like KreekCraft and FGTeeV let the audience join games live and chat with them.

What Are the Challenges of Multiplayer in Minecraft?

The biggest challenge of playing multiplayer in Minecraft on the Switch is connection stability. If the network is overloaded, latency may increase and dropped packets may not be adequately resent. Players begin to notice lag and movement jitter the higher the ping, especially in games like Minecraft because of their precise nature.

Local multiplayer is the best way to handle these connection issues but is only available for local networks that are not experiencing the issue you are attempting to avoid. Perhaps the best option, if local multiplayer is not feasible, is a dedicated server such as Realms and third-party Bedrock Edition servers such as Mineplex or The Hive. Despite issues mentioned earlier, this is likely the best all-encompassing solution and how to play Minecraft with friends on the Switch.

How to Troubleshoot Common Multiplayer Issues in Minecraft?

  1. Cannot connect to world
  2. If you get this error message, it could be caused by different factors such as a network issue, server timeout, the other player is no longer online, or the server you are connecting to has an incorrect ‘server address.’

  3. Unable to Connect to World
  4. If you get this error, under the network settings of your console, check the Switch’s MTU which should be set to the router’s MTU. Or you can try resetting the router or using a different network.

  5. Unable to join other worlds in multiplayer mode
  6. Servers may be frequently undergoing maintenance or might be temporarily down for any other reason. The internet status of the other player could be poor too.

There are four major troubleshooting approaches to problems in Minecraft multiplayer. These are:

  1. Ensure under network settings MTU equals router’s MTU.
  2. Check for network errors or poor connectivity.
  3. If problems occur with a specific streamer, switch to a different streamer with good internet performance.
  4. Sometimes issues can be related to the server. Look for new servers to which you can connect.

If you continue to see issues with your Minecraft multiplayer attempts, the best thing to do is to log out of your hosted server or close the game entirely and restart it (power on/off if necessary). Majority of technical problems can be solved with a reboot or logging in and out.

Connection Issues

Connection issues occur frequently during Minecraft multiplayer and require troubleshooting on the player’s end. Some problems which may cause a connection issue include the following:

Authentication servers are down: Some servers that depend on user authentication have their own servers. If these servers are down, then you cannot connect. Minecraft operates servers that require this form of authentication so if they are down or slow, this could be a reason why you cannot connect.

Your connection is slow: If your internet connection is slow, multiplayer gaming will be difficult. Players with slow connections are likely to experience significant lag time and dropping in games. The most common and simplest solution is to restart the router.

Your computer is slow: If your computer is slow then it is likely unable to host and/or connect to the game in a reliable manner meaning you will be unable to access and participate in games. If you no longer have enough processing speed and memory on your computer to run Minecraft along with all the other (non-gaming) tasks that Linux takes up then try increasing your processing speed or memory or upgrading your computer altogether.

When experiencing connection issues, always verify the integrity of your firewalls, check your internet speed, and perform a computer restart.

Game Crashes

You M multiple player version of minecraft for Switch may be prone to crashing, not only the game but the console itself. If crashes happen with consistency, the console or game data may have a problem and a restart would be the logical step. Switch players may want to consider a mod to prevent client crashes. Optifine on PC has had a reputation for helping with client crash rates, does not exist on consoles.

Lag and Latency

Lag and latency can be particularly annoying on the Switch version. The Nintendo servers are usually stable, but local connections can be unpredictable based on variables over which a player generally has limited control such as ISP area use, weather, buildings, local interference, device load, and more. It is known that WIFI actually causes quite a bit of latency. Trying to at least get a wired connection for the Switch is recommended. Where the modem/router is far away from the Switch, one solution is to use a device called a PoE kit that allows for an ethernet cable to travel over a household power network. Get that good mediocre-level SNA inside of the game.

What Are Some Tips for a Successful Multiplayer Experience in Minecraft?

Some tips for a successful multiplayer experience in Minecraft are to use headsets for better verbal communication, and pair headsets with the game to double-up audio quality for better edge in-game headsets for audio. The multiplayer gameplay of PlayStation, Xbox, Windows 10, and Switch platforms are all compatible so people can better determine who they are playing with, even when far-flung.

Another advanced tip for multiplayer is to know whom all the friends of your friend are. For example, if a builder you befriend at BlockExchange invites you to the Minecraft multiplayer realm, learn who the other members are. Get to know if there are coded systems of governance, if the map permits destruction or not, as there are millions of different rules other realms have governing how to play, and establish your preferences before engaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Multiplayer in Minecraft on Switch?

Can I play multiplayer in Minecraft on Switch?

Yes, multiplayer is available in Minecraft on Switch through local and online play.

How to Multiplayer in Minecraft on Switch?

How do I set up local multiplayer in Minecraft on Switch?

To set up local multiplayer, make sure all players are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and have Minecraft open. Then, one player can select “Play” and “Join Game” to join the other player’s world.

How to Multiplayer in Minecraft on Switch?

Can I play with friends who don’t have Minecraft on Switch?

Yes, as long as they have Minecraft on another platform (such as Xbox, PC, or mobile), you can play together through cross-platform multiplayer.

How to Multiplayer in Minecraft on Switch?

How many players can join a multiplayer game in Minecraft on Switch?

Up to 8 players can join a multiplayer game on Minecraft for Switch.

How to Multiplayer in Minecraft on Switch?

Is online multiplayer free in Minecraft on Switch?

Yes, online multiplayer is free for all players on Minecraft for Switch. However, a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required for certain features like voice chat and online storage.

How to Multiplayer in Minecraft on Switch?

How can I join a specific multiplayer server in Minecraft on Switch?

To join a specific server, you will need the IP address and port number for the server. Then, in Minecraft, select “Play” and “Servers” and enter the information to join the server.

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