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Have you ever wondered what Minecraft servers are and how you can join one?

In this article, we will explore all you need to know about Minecraft servers, from the types of servers available to how to choose the right one for you.

We will also discuss the benefits of joining a server, the requirements you need to meet, and some tips for a smooth server joining experience.

If you’re ready to dive into the world of multiplayer Minecraft gaming, keep reading!

What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft was first created and released to the public by Swedish game developer Markus Persson. When in his early twenties, he spent six days in May 2009 putting together a very early version of the game. Markus, better known by his game name Notch, created Minecraft Classic. This would not include all the features of the current modern iteration of the game but would feature its characteristic blocky aesthetic and the ability to build and explore.

It was picked up by game studio Mojang the following month, with Carl Manneh and Markus Toivonen joining to provide financial and branding support respectively. Minecraft Alpha dropped in June 2010 and quickly became a cult classic. Two years later the game graduated into Minecraft Beta, before finally being fully released as 1.0 in November 2011. It was followed by a number of smaller updates as well as entire content expansions that continued to this day. Mojang was acquired by Microsoft in 2014, and the game was bought from Notch for $2.5 billion.

The game was truly revolutionary, blending an open-world sandbox setting with role-playing, survival horror, and even multiplayer genres. The entire world uses a cubic design of blocks that players can destroy, collect, or put back down. It put Mojang on the map as one of the most successful indie game studios ever.

What Is a Server in Minecraft?

A server in Minecraft is a large, powerful computer that is always centrally connected to the internet. Users connecting to a server log in with their client device program and play the multi-user game. The main components of a Minecraft server are the CPU, RAM, Storage, and automatic backups for assets and player states. Servers always save the game before shutting down and back up regularly against world damage and hardware failure.

They provide a slightly different experience from single-player mode or even multiplayer, offering more flexibility in settings and other features. Servers vary a great deal in complexity and scope, with some running complicated multi-player games on connected islands or in connected worlds with their own currency, playing laws, and other features.

Types of Servers

Minecraft servers can broadly be categorized by availability types. If the server is a LAN server, it can only be seen by individuals who are logged into the same local area network. This means it’s only open to those who are on the same home Wi-Fi network, or on a server network that has been set up to share their LAN connection. As such connections are by invitation only, little to no set-up is required to start playing on these servers. These are survival-multiplayer (SMP) servers within the game, thus they do not show up on Minecraft’s master server list.

Online servers, for these users should be connected to an external internet network. They are set-up through a third-party host such as a VPS, or through a dedicated host. No special software is necessary to access an online server. So long as the host does not apply password protection, people who are part of the game’s multiplayer server list should see and be able to join it.

How to Choose a Server?

Choosing a server is an important step. Many players looking to join a new server interview the owner via Discord and ask a few primary questions, such as what is the average player count, are there any special mods or rules, and if so, what are they. The owner should also be able to say what makes their server unique. You can also look for YouTube channels or blog posts that review Minecraft servers for interesting options. BestServers presents new servers each week, and tries all of them.

How to Join a Server in Minecraft?

To join a server in Minecraft, open the game, click play, then select multiplayer where you can see Minecraft’s Featured Server list. To connect to Minecraft Realms, click Add server at the bottom of the screen and enter the IP which you received from your realm admin. To find an unofficial player-hosted Minecraft server for you to join, use an online server list like topminecraftservers.org. Open your Minecraft, click play, and by selecting Multiplayer, click Add server. Enter the IP address of the server you are looking for and click DONE.

Finding the Server IP Address

To join a server in Minecraft, the first step is finding a server IP address to connect to. The server IP address is a unique identifier that the Minecraft network uses when players from all over the world wish to join a specific location on the network. This connection allows them to visit that specific locale (server) and potentially play with the other users that are currently hanging out there.

The server IP address can be obtained from a variety of websites or by obtaining the information through the actual game. After deciding which server you wish to join, a new connection will have to be made through the Minecraft Multiplayer Server Directory (also called the server browser). Go in the multiplayer mode of the base game, head to the servers option at the upper right, and either paste the IP and save it, or just click ‘Add Server’ and type in the IP.

The IP address unique to the specific server can be looked up on one of any number of server list websites such as planetminecraft.com or curseforge.com. This is a way for players to discover new servers.

Adding the Server to Your List

Add the server you want to join to your server list with the steps below. The process is similar whether the server is someone you know, a large-scale professional server, a medium-sized and organized server, or a smaller casual server. The following are the steps to join a server in Minecraft 1.17.1 from a Microsoft-compatible OS:

  1. Open Minecraft and wait for the menu to load.
  2. In the menu, click the Multiplayer button.
  3. Click Add Server.
  4. Fill out the Name (whatever helps you remember what server it is).
  5. Fill out the Server Address.
  6. Save the server to your server list.
  7. Click on the server to join or click on the Join Server button.

Joining the Server

Just as there are multiple ways to find Minecraft servers, there are multiple methods for joining one. The simplest is to click the server on your list of servers and then click Join Server. Next, a dialog box will appear asking you what version of Minecraft you wish to run. Select it from the drop-down list and then hit OK. This takes you away from the list of servers with a connection screen indicating your progress towards entering it.

What Are the Benefits of Joining a Server in Minecraft?

    Playing on a server in Minecraft enables a larger multi-player version of the game without friends or family members needing to physically share the same device or network. This allows different participants to play in diverse locations. It adds a competitive aspect and randomly places them in different environments with varied communities. It can introduce new friends or assist players to play with friends they already know. Additionally, new maps, buildings, games, and additional modifications that were not built by you or friends can be introduced. Aside from the game’s official Realms servers, there are thousands of servers that host all manner of new maps and games to accommodate all tastes and preferences.

    1. Meet new people and socialize.
    2. Compete against other players or teams.
    3. Cannot play using other means of multi-player gaming.
    4. Unique maps, games, and modifications that weren’t created by yourself.

Multiplayer Experience

A server is how Minecraft players connect and interact with each other in a multiplayer Minecraft world. Multiplayer mode offers players to create, explore, and complete missions on servers. Players can create their own server, but the easiest option is to find a public server with the style you want to play. There are other types of servers if you prefer vanilla gameplay, but basing your choice on the desired play style is the simplest way to get started.

Access to Custom Maps and Games

Servers offer custom maps and games made by other users. Whether it be adventure maps with complex narratives to parkour maps with challenging jumps, there is a vast array of free content to be explored and experienced.

User-generated content (custom maps and games) can be accessed by following the same steps to join a server, with the only difference in the procedure being that custom maps are downloaded before the server is joined, and the generated content is stored in the saves folder located within the game’s .minecraft folder.

Community Building

Community building is also one of the ways to join a server in Minecraft which gives obligations of sponsorship and participation to the community network. Minecraft’s own infrastructure reaches a wide range of users where people can come together based on shared interests in the game such as ggdev discord channel which attracts 1-2 users weekly. There are all sorts of specialized communities. Some are built around building elaborate Rube Goldberg devices that create spectacular vehicles or structures. Some are built around educational content for things such as teaching chemistry or physics. And others are built around role-playing complex fictional worlds. In fact, because of its sandbox environment, almost anything you can think of has a server or group of servers supporting people playing in that environment.

To find these one strategy is to hang out in some international Minecraft Forums such as the following to find an area for which you may be interested and curious.

  • Planet Minecraft: a comprehensive guide on everything related to Minecraft, as well as providing several forums dedicated to different aspects of the game.
  • Minecraft Forum: enables players to exchange ideas and share creations, as well as troubleshoot.
  • Mineplex: the most renowned server containing various types of mini-games for exploration and questing.
  • Minecraft Dungeons: an extensive range of combat maps, with the ability to team up or take on the challenge alone.
  • The Hive: a series of mini-games, with regular prizes and members frequently in the tens of thousands.

What Are the Requirements for Joining a Server in Minecraft?

The requirements for joining a public multiplayer server in Minecraft include that you have purchased the game, are running a legitimate client, have a stable and high-speed internet connection, have the correct version of the game, have completed a server verification step if one is required, and comply with the rules and etiquette of the server.

While the only requirement for joining your friend’s multiplayer game is that they have to be online. There are no requirements for joining LAN games, as you can play those with any computer connected to the same local network.

Minecraft Account

A Minecraft account is how you (and in most cases, your friends and family) join multiplayer Minecraft. Your game profile will be associated with a user ID and password that are stored on servers at Mojang Studios. Without a Mojang-acquired Minecraft Account for the Java Edition or Microsoft account for the Bedrock Edition, players cannot join any type of multiplayer server. Non-premium players can only play a non-server-based version of a Minecraft single-player game. To create an account, go to the Minecraft online shop, click on the requisite game version – Java or Bedrock – then follow the steps to purchase/obtain a premium account.

Stable Internet Connection

The second prerequisite to join a server in Minecraft is a stable internet connection. The internet connection must have relatively low latency to the target Minecraft server. Latency is the amount of time (measured in milliseconds or ms) it takes for a packet of data to go from one location to another and back again. If a player has weak internet signals in their house, then they may want to move their computer closer to the router. The use of a wired ethernet connection is always faster than a wireless connection, especially if the wireless connection is weak. Sometimes other devices cause the wireless signal for your Xbox / Playstation / etc. to weaken.

Staying near your router should help. Legacy Minecraft servers sometimes use peer-to-peer networking, meaning that players on the server are also acting as the server (even if they are not running the game on their own system). This is called acting as a server proxy. There are speed add-ons available that make smoother action in such cases. If users are getting poor results on only one single server, it may be best to switch to a different server for a while or to contact the server admin / owner and ask if they can help with the problem. Understand that not all internet connections are created equal and that for the best gaming experiences, scenarios should be set up and engineered as best as possible. This is especially important when cross-realm play is involved.

Compatible Version of Minecraft

The version of Minecraft you are using across all devices must be compatible. To find out what the server consists of for Java or Bedrock, use the Minecraft Server Lists. Java You open Minecraft and go to Play Multiplayer. List will show server name, description, players, and versions it’s compatible with. Bedrock On the Minecraft home screen click the Play button and a new screen will come up. If your version matches that of the server, you can directly join from there.

What Are Some Tips for a Smooth Server Joining Experience?

Some tips for a smooth server joining experience on Minecraft are assuming the server you want to join has a whitelist, adding the server to your whitelist settings before joining, and ensuring the server address is spelt exactly as the server owner intended. Additionally, players should ensure there is no issue with their shared internet or wifi connection if in a hostel, hotel, or business.

Check Server Rules and Guidelines

  • Server URL if they have a website.
  • Player name.
  • Description of the server for new users.

After finding a server you would like to join, it is best to become familiar with the rules for that specific server.

  1. Index – The rules can be found on the Dream SMP website. For example rule 5 restricts randomization of properties such as randomly picking a new dream team.
  2. Section – Rules specific to setting up Sky Factory can be found documented in the interacting with h-sky-factory-servers channel in the Horizons discord channel.
  3. A command – You can run ‘/rules’ on many servers to get a description of rules for that specific server.

Most servers have forums, sites, and communities such as the reddit forum r/MinecraftBuddies, where these rules and guidelines can be found. Rules typically cover topics as wide-ranging as game mechanics, possible in-game chat subjects, types of language not allowed, respects towards other members, spamming of any kind, how to claim property, issues with bugs, or the unintentional desolation. Players present when rules are breached and can leverage various in-game features such as tracking players and logging for enforcing discipline against those who exhibit CSRF or other such behaviors as undermining the proper server experience.

What Dreams May Come server (and the Dream SMP general rules) have a detailed explanation regarding the breaches of the server rules. These are multi-page outlines containing information like the following recorded specifics:

  • There is no breaking blocks that don’t belong to you.
  • You should always ask to make sure you aren’t taking anyone else’s mined ores.
  • While on the server you are a representative of discord.gg/lifeisbutadream and we expect good behavior from you.
  • Even if it has just occurred, do not shout about it in chats wait 10 seconds and compose yourself people are here to have fun just like you.

Communicate with Other Players

Communicate with other players after joining a new Minecraft server. Quickly get familiar with their regular procedures. Some servers have spawn rules regarding building; most have an area that designates the rules or areas marked with instructions. The spawn is mentioned over a public chat. Most likely admin will set a radius where no matter how far you may wander, you will need to stay inside the boundary so you can obtain resources locally.

Since you will not know until you follow set spawn rules, this is why it is a good idea to communicate with players. Chatting with other players on the server is like talking with co-workers inside a new office. Your views might differ, but they can be beneficial. Which mobs are most common in the surrounding area? Are other players friendly that you can build trust? These are valuable pieces of advice that other gamers can potentially share.

Have Fun and Respect Others

Is very important to have fun and respect others while on the Minecraft multiplayer server. You should try to make friends and enjoy the time playing Minecraft while staying friendly and respectful to everyone in the community. This means not using offensive language or hateful speech and not trolling other users. If there is behavior issues or drama arising, you should calmly reach out to an administrator or moderator of the server to help resolve the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Join a Server in Minecraft?

How do I join a server in Minecraft?
To join a server in Minecraft, you’ll need the server’s IP address. Once you have the IP, open Minecraft and click on the “Multiplayer” button. Then, click on “Add Server” and enter the server’s IP address. Finally, click “Join Server” to join the server.

Can I join any server in Minecraft?

Are all servers in Minecraft available for anyone to join?
While many servers in Minecraft are open to the public, some servers require an invitation or a specific application process to join. It’s always a good idea to check the server’s website or forum for any specific requirements before attempting to join.

How do I find the IP address of a server?

What is the process for finding the IP address of a server?
If you’re trying to join a specific server, you can usually find its IP address listed on the server’s website or forum. If you’re looking for a new server to join, you can browse online server directories or ask for recommendations from other Minecraft players.

Is it safe to join a server in Minecraft?

Are there any risks associated with joining a server in Minecraft?
As with any online activity, there are always some risks involved when joining servers in Minecraft. It’s important to only join servers from trusted sources and to never share personal information with other players. You can also use plugins or mods to protect against potential threats.

What should I do if I can’t join a server?

What are some troubleshooting steps if I am unable to join a server in Minecraft?
If you’re having trouble joining a server, first make sure you have the correct IP address and that the server is currently online. If those checks out, try restarting your game or computer, or check your internet connection. You can also try reaching out to the server’s administrators for assistance.

Can I switch servers while playing Minecraft?

Is it possible to switch between servers while in a game of Minecraft?
Yes, you can switch between servers in Minecraft. Simply click on the “Multiplayer” button, select the server you want to join, and click “Join Server”. Keep in mind that you’ll need to save your progress on the current server before switching, as your game will start over on the new server.

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