Mastering the Crafting Process: How to Use a Brewing Stand in Minecraft

Looking to master the art of brewing in Minecraft?

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about brewing stands, from crafting them to using them effectively.

Learn about the essential ingredients for brewing, how to brew different potions, and the effects of each potion.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, these tips and tricks will help you become a brewing pro in no time!

What Is a Brewing Stand in Minecraft?

A brewing stand is a block, interactive UI, and item used for brewing in Minecraft. Brewing is the process of using the Brewing Stand to create potions. According to the official Minecraft documentation, potions are a type of item that can either restore health, grant temporary enhancements, or inflict harmful effects. A brewing stand requires blaze powder to fuel it so that it can create potions.

How to Craft a Brewing Stand?

A Brewing Stand is crafted with 1 Blaze Rod and 3 pieces of Cobblestone. The recipe is shown in this image from the Minecraft Gamepedia site. To craft a Blaze Rod, players must first kill Blazes in one of the Nether Fortresses. Once the Blaze is defeated, it drops 0-1 Blaze Rods . An individual Blaze will give the same amount of Blaze Rods every time players defeat them, but since Blazes spawn in groups, this effect is limited. Players should have more Blaze rods than needed in case they want to go back to make Strength Potions and Fire Resistance Potions, which use Blaze Powder as an ingredient.

To craft a Brewing Stand in Minecraft, open a 3×3 crafting grid. Players must place 3 cobblestones in the center and bottom rows, and two outer blocks in the center column. Players must place a one Blaze Rod in the center slot of the top row. The recipe will then be automatically added to the inventory box to the right of the grid and the player can finish the crafting. Once finished, the player should see a Brewing stand in their Minecraft inventory as shown in the crafting grid below.

What Are the Ingredients Needed for Brewing?

Ingredients needed for brewing in Minecraft include the following. The three ingredients needed for brewing in general are a bottles of water or a water bottle, brown mushrooms or sugar, and a Nether wart. With these three ingredients, you can make a Potion of Awkwardness – the base potion for other potions. For other specialized potions, refer to the below sections and follow the final steps. The potion you want to brew might need an additional ingredient such as a spider eye, fermented spider eye, glistering melon, blaze powder etc. For example, making a Potion of Healing will need a glistering melon.


To use a Brewing Stand in Minecraft, the user needs Brewing Stand fuel and 3 Glass Bottles or item slots to place the brewing recipe inputs and the output of the recipe. In all cases where the stand is active, the Blaze Powder ingredient must be inserted into it as fuel.

To make the Blaze Powder fuel for the Brewing Stand, open the gathering window at the start of the game and look for Blaze Rods. Slay Blazes to pick up the Blaze Rods and create Blaze Powder in the crafting window. Any of the following items can be utilized at the Brewing Stand as the Minecraft equivalent of fuel:

  1. Blaze Rod = 120 seconds
  2. Blaze Powder = 20 seconds
  3. Lava Bucket = 20 seconds
  4. Cauldron = 6 Uses
  5. Coal = 800 seconds = 8 items
  6. Charcoal = 800 seconds = 8 items
  7. Wooden Tools = 200 seconds = 2 items
  8. Wood, Bowls = 150 seconds = 3 items
  9. Vines = 100 seconds = 10 items
  10. Stick, Fishing Rod = 100 seconds = 2 items
  11. Saplings, Wooden Slabs = 50 seconds = 0.5 items

Blaze Powder

Blaze Powder is an optional item used to power the Brewing Stand in Minecraft. One blaze rod can yield 2 to 4 Blaze Powders. To create Blaze Rods, kill Blazes at Nether fortresses. As with Brewing Stands, craft them by putting your Blaze Rod and 3 pieces of Cobblestone at the bottom of your 3×3 Crafting Window. Although it is optional, Blaze Powder is essential especially early in the game. Players may use Blaze Powder to bring a Blaze Rod to the overworld, or to provide a power source for other utilities. Usually, they use it as a power-reliant energy source for Nether Watermills to create mechanical energy for more advanced automation.

Nether Wart

Nether wart is a relatively rare plant that can be found in nether fortresses and resembles a red post. It can be grown on soul sand throughout the overworld provided the correct environment.

After gathering soul sand and netherwart from the nether, minecrafter’s should plant them in rows on the ground. Netherwart does not require light to grow, so it can be coaxed into average daylight and temperature conditions or even in a cave, as long as the area is large enough.

The progression of an undying brewing stand Undying potion is shown as follows. Only one (50) power II upgrade and one (21) item of any level are shown. Brewing a Nether wart analogous to the Potato, resulting in an Undying Potion that gives three resistance to any level item, took only this much (and any of an item’s level), and the brew time was next to nothing. As a preview item to the creative mode, item versions are hidden behind partitions.

Power II brewed Undying_Item which gives only an 18% chance of a second Death along with nether wart (50), mundane potion (80) and redstone dust (80) took only 1:20 min, but the upgrade percentage is very low. A Potency II brewed Undying Item with a OneHitProbability of 72% takes 21, only 9 of which can use power II to give the same result. Glowstone dust should be included in the mix, which allows the creation to be done in the same 1:20 mins.

How to Use the Brewing Stand?

To use a brewing stand in Minecraft, you start by right-clicking on the stand to open the brewing interface. You then place a bottle containing water in one of the bottom three squares. Place an ingredient for making a potion into the upper-left square. If the potion you are creating requires a second ingredient, put it in the upper-middle square. Wait for the potion to brew, collect the brewed potion in the upper-right square, and take the potions out of the brewing stand.

Empty glass bottles will be available to recollect in the bottom three squares. It takes 20 seconds to brew a basic potion, while it takes 1 minute and 30 seconds for a potion needing multiple ingredients to brew. Each brewing uses up a unit of blaze powder as a fuel source, and produces either one, two, or three potions.

Placing the Brewing Stand

To place a Brewing Stand in Minecraft, right click a valid block with an empty hand on the PC version or with the use button on the console version. Use the movement controls as needed to adjust where you want to position the Brewing Stand, then finally right click the block a final time to place it. You can use any block except transparent blocks or leaves in order to have Brewing Stands stack. Once the Brewing Stand is placed you can interact with it to brew your potions.

If you need a few Brewing Stand blocks and are in Creative Mode, you can use the following commands to get them:

/give <player> minecraft:brewing_stand or /give @p brewing_stand (for PC versions)

/give <player> minecraft:brewing_stand <amount>, or /give @p brewing_stand <amount> (to get a specific amount)

On a mobile device such as a phone or tablet, empty a slot on your hotbar by dragging an item out of the box. With your fingertip, tap the gear icon for Crafting and tap on Brewing Stand if it is in your inventory. Play the block wherever you’d like before setting inventory on default or by dragging regularly, repeating the process by tapping the Brewing Stand to reenter the slot, putting the gotten equipment where you want it.

Adding Ingredients to the Brewing Stand

Adding ingredients to the brewing stand is done by simply right-clicking the GUI interface and applying one to three brewable items, up to three bottles of water or potions, or single exceptions like redstone or gunpowder. All ingredients can be added simultaneously or gradually. Brewing can continue and new ingredients be introduced at any time. However, you are unable to remove ingredients from the brewing stand interface, so the selected items will fill the ingredient slots from bottom to top until a fill/tier reset occurs via the successful completion of the brewing process. Once brewing commences the result will be flagged and no further ingredients can modify the outcome, with the exception of Modifier Ingredients. These can be added while the brewing process continues but have no altering effect even if not all brewing time slots have been filled at the start. For more information on adding ingredients, visit the official Minecraft wiki’s dedicated page on Brewing.

Fueling the Brewing Stand

Fuel is not required, but users must power the brewing stand with Blaze Powder before they can execute the brewing process. To load Blaze Powder, users must place a source of fuel (such as Blaze Powder) in the top-slot of the brewing stand. Users can fuel the brewing stands at any time to allow for brewing to begin as soon as ingredients are loaded. Brewing Stands can be fueled with any type of fuel in which to operate.

What Are the Different Potions That Can Be Brewed?

The different potions that can be brewed in a brewing stand in Minecraft are as follows:

  • Water bottle only
  • Potion of invisibility
  • Every brewing recipe comes from potion of night vision. Look for night vision recipes.
  • Potion of speed
  • Potion of leaping
  • Potion of fire resistance
  • Potion of healing
  • Potion of water breathing
  • Potion of weakness
  • Potion of poison
  • Potion of harming
  • Potion of regeneration
  • Potion of strength
  • Potion of swiftness
  • Potion of slowness
  • Potion of the turtle master
  • Potion of the slow falling

Potions can have none, one, two, or up to three effects; so other variations such as Splash potion of poison or a Lingering potion of healing are possible. Using the Brewing Stand Fuel Calculator from, the fuel cost for brewing all of the below potions was calculated to be 264 seconds, or 4.4 minutes of fuel time in a brewing stand.

  1. Minecraft Water Bottle
  2. Potion of Fire Resistance
  3. Potion of Night Vision
  4. Splash Potion of Healing
  5. Lingering Potion of Weakness
  6. Potion of Swiftness
  7. Potion of Poison
  8. Potion of Harming
  9. Potion of Regeneration
  10. Potion of Strength
  11. Potion of Slowness
  12. Water Bottle
  13. Potion of Invisibility
  14. Lingering Potion of the Leaping
  15. Potion of the Turtle Master
  16. Lingering Potion of Swiftness
  17. Lingering Potion of the Slow Falling

Healing Potions

Healing potions are made by combining a glistering melon with any of the potions and are the most commonly used potions. The following list shows the effect the three stages of healing potions has on players.

  1. Regeneration potions provide the best source of healing possible.
  2. Healing potions II provide extremely good healing properties.
  3. Healing potions provide normal healing properties.

Strength Potions

Strength potions can be particularly useful for combat and to mine blocks that are quicker to break. In both cases, serotonin excess prevents the loss of time that resisting mobs or blocks normal ability. The ingredients for brewing Strength I (3 units) we will need are Blaze Powder (only for brewing stand), Nether Wart, and one of these items: Equus spawn egg/Dragon’s Breath/Splash Mundane Potion or Water Bottle. The ingredients have been given in both tabs, Select the ingredient amounts as shown in the recipe and then click one of them to perform the brewing process.

Invisibility Potions

The invisibility effect makes the player nearly invisible to mobs (including villagers), except for the pieces of armor the player may be wearing. An invisibility potion has a duration time of 3 minutes and 10 seconds of time, in which the invisibility potion does not give off pink particles.

Invisibility Potions are crafted using brewing stands by filling a water bottle with water and placing it in the fuel slot of the brewing stand. Then place Nether Wart in the ingredient slot of the brewing stand. After placing the Nether Wart in the brewing stand it is necessary that the player allows the potion to brew to transform the water bottle into an Awkward Potion. This transformation takes 20s. Add the golden Carrot (for 8 minutes), or Fermented Spider Eye (for 3 minutes) to a brewing stand with the Awkward Potion. Wait 20s.

Add a single piece of Redstone, or a couple of Glowstone Dusts to the brewing stand with the potion to get a level I or II potion of Invisibility, respectively. Wait 20s to complete brewing. Use glass bottles to collect the potion, and finally have an invisibility potion ready to use for up to 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

Poison Potions

The potion of poison in Minecraft, as described in the Brewing Stand article in the official game wiki, is a potion that gives characters poison as a negative effect. Poison is a status effect that inflicts damage for a short duration of 0:045 per half-second, meaning that normal poison effects last for 11 seconds and increased level poison effects last for 22 seconds.

Again, as with all other potions, poison can be mixed with other ingredients to increase the potency and range of the poison status effect.

What Are the Effects of Each Potion?

The effects of each potion that come from the brewing stand are as follows:

  1. Water Bottle – Can be filled with water to make…
  2. Awkward Potion – No effects. Jump-off base for any potion.
  3. Honey Bottle – Snake Oil! No effects as of 1.17. Filling a water bottle will be negative. Honey bottles are squeezable, meaning they act as both a food item and a building block. (Pending further testing)
  4. Magical Mushroom Stew – WHO knows
  5. Thick Potion – No effects by itself. Used to create Lingering and Splash potions. Also required for Potions of Weakness. `Lingering Potion of Harming ` can add two hearts of damage to entities that pass through it and can even extinguish flames.
  6. Milk – Cures…
  7. Fire Resistance Potion – Grants…
  8. Harming Potion – An offensive potion that damages…
  9. Healing Potion – The counterpart…
  10. Invisibility Potion – An optically effective potion that renders the user…
  11. Leaping Potion – Grants the power of…
  12. Long Momentary Potion – A navigational potion that increases…
  13. Nausea Potion – Renders victims temporarily…
  14. Hiding Potion – Renders/shepherds dead plant…(Note that `Potions of Decay` can’t simply be brewed, being found in chests of `Abandoned Mineshafts` or `Desert Pyramids`)
  15. Danny Phantom Potion – (Added by not-so-official web character wiki) Temporarily…
  16. Damage Resistance Potion – Enhances the natural…
  17. Water Breathing Potion – Grants…
  18. Swift Potion – Increases…
  19. Strong Potion – A navigational siren that increases…
  20. Instant Harming Potion – An offensively better potion that inflicts…
  21. Instant Healing Potion – Victims’ hit…
  22. Blindness Potion – Renders enemies visually…
  23. Slow Falling Potion – Grants…
  24. Awkward Lingering Potion – An ineffective potion that potentially puts…
  25. Water Drowning Potion – Afflicting…
  26. Zombie Agent – Afflicting others to…
  27. Regeneration Potion – The opponent used a potion that provides CS-like hit…
  28. Weakness Potion – Poisoning descendants…
  29. Fraction of Lingering Potion – Shows…
  30. Dynamic Potion – Silent…
  31. Primary Treasure Potion – Players can only…

Healing Potions

Healing potions are created by brewing an awkward potion with a glistening melon block and then optionally adding glowstone dust to create a healing ii potion. Used in health potions; fire resistance, invisibility, regeneration, sluggishness, swiftness, and water breathing potions. Health potions restore a fixed number of health points, and the potions are splash potions that can be thrown to heal teammates or damage enemies in a % block radius.

Strength Potions

Strength potions up the damage dealt by the player. They come in two types. Ordinary Strength potions IV (130) do +260% damage, while Strength II potions (373) give +520% damage. This potion has to be brewed with either Blaze Powder or a Brewing Stand. The steps to brew a Blaze Power Strength Potion are as follows:

  1. Take any duration of Nether Wart and make awkward potions.
  2. Add a Blaze Rod (15) to the brewing stand along with the Awkward potion to get the strength potion.
To craft a Strength II Potion of Nether Wart you can do the same steps, instead that you’ll need the blaze powder (130) rather than the rod and you’ll need a duration of at least 22 seconds with the Nether Wart potion.

Invisibility Potions

Invisibility potions can be brewed with golden carrots. A base of an awkward potion can be used for this potion, with fermented spider eye added to turn it into a potion of invisibility. A potion of leaping can also be added in order to achieve a visibility level of 3. This potion requires an awkward potion, and a golden carrot brewed with netherwarts from step 4 of the potion-making process above.

Poison Potions

Though the necessities are small, the burdens are vast, dubbed by the ancient Greek philosopher Herophilian, the death of medicine. Once a crucial aid to rebuffing the viadness from to be an incredible because their drinking waters birthed infestations, small quantities of poisons also serve valuable purposes in society. While one can certainly not mimic the intricacies of medieval poisons in the real world, at the very least you can try them out in Minecraft!

Tips and Tricks for Using the Brewing Stand in Minecraft

Add any combination of the ingredients listed above to the brewing stand to produce useful potions. Here are the following tips and tricks for using the brewing stand in Minecraft:

  1. Minecraft Redstone items can be created with a brewing stand very effectively.
  2. Blaze powder fuel can be used easily with the brewing stand for potion creation.
  3. Various potion ingredients can be combined with the brewing stand to produce useful potions for gameplay.
  4. The game mechanics can be altered with the effects of the produced potions.
  5. Distilling and brewing potions for Dungeons can be key to success during the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Brewing Stand in Minecraft?

A Brewing Stand is a block used for brewing potions in Minecraft. It can be crafted using a blaze rod and three cobblestone blocks.

How do I use a Brewing Stand in Minecraft?

To use a Brewing Stand, simply place it on the ground and right-click on it to open the brewing interface. Then, add your desired ingredients to create a potion.

What ingredients do I need to use a Brewing Stand in Minecraft?

To create a potion using a Brewing Stand, you will need a water bottle, a brewing ingredient such as nether wart, and additional ingredients depending on the type of potion you want to make.

How do I add ingredients to a Brewing Stand in Minecraft?

To add ingredients, click on the brewing stand and place the water bottle in the top slot. Then, place your brewing ingredient in the top slot of the ingredient area and any additional ingredients in the other slots.

What are some tips for using a Brewing Stand in Minecraft?

Some tips for using a Brewing Stand include using different types of ingredients to create different effects, brewing multiple potions at once by adding multiple bottles to the stand, and using redstone to speed up the brewing process.

Can I move a Brewing Stand in Minecraft?

Yes, a Brewing Stand can be moved by breaking it with a pickaxe and picking up the item. However, any potions currently brewing will be lost. It is recommended to wait until the brewing process is complete before moving the stand.

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