Discover the Best Tips for Finding Diamonds in Minecraft

Are you struggling to find diamonds in Minecraft? Look no further!

We will explore the various ways to locate these precious gems, from diamond ore to stronghold chests.

Discover the essential tools you need for mining diamonds efficiently, such as iron pickaxes and enchanted tools. Whether you prefer strip mining or branch mining, we have tips to help you uncover diamonds in the game.

So, let’s dive in and start searching for those elusive diamonds!

What Are Diamonds in Minecraft?

  • Diamonds are valuable and rare minerals found in the game of Minecraft. They are both an adventuring material and upgrade material for diamond tools and armor in Minecraft, which are by far the best tools and armor in the game.
  • You can craft diamond swords, pickaxes, shovels, axes, hoes, helmets, chestplates, leggings, and boots. Their color, appearance, and productive possibilities make them some of the more fascinating aspects of the Minecraft game.
  • They can appear as loot in chests, trading items with villagers, or enchanting tools with enchanted books.

According to the Minecraft Fandom page, diamonds are a mineral that are extracted from ore veins and are made up of carbon atoms. As the hardest naturally-occurring mineral known in existence – hardness is measured via the Mohs scale – diamonds are capable of cutting any material known to man.

When the game was still in its early development in 2009, the creator of Minecraft, Notch, added diamonds to see if he could create a material worth exploring the game for.

Where Can You Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

You can find diamonds in Minecraft at the bottom of the world where the best concentration of diamond ore blocks is found most frequently near the bedrock layers. This includes Y levels 8-12, by the rivers in ravines, and in mineshafts. In total, diamonds have an 0.0846% chance of generating with each chunk (a 16x16x255 block area) of the world naturally.

Diamond clusters consist of 0-10 diamonds and are generated between Y levels 0 and 15. These are the flat levels far above bedrock that are more easily accessible if there is no risk of lava. The best Y axis levels is the top ranges of 8-12 due to the optimal level of sunlight blocking.

Diamond Ore

Diamond ore is the first form that diamonds appear in Minecraft. They are found only very rarely and at a depth between 0 to 15 layers above bedrock. These ores are invisible and do not show up as their diamond icon until either the player is within 50 blocks of their location or they have been uncovered or anything else that removes the stone.

At levels 2 to 7, they have the best chance of spawning from 1.7% to 0.079% and again from 0.106% at 14 levels and 0.1213% at 15 levels of depth. A good indicator of the possibility of diamonds is the presence of obsidian or lava lakes in these depths. At these depths, horizontal branch-mining is a good tactic as it could lead to stumbling upon a vein of diamond and only an iron pickaxe is needed to mine it, which is not hard to obtain.

A vein usually comprises from 1 to 10 diamond ore blocks all of which can break away into the player’s inventory. The process of turning these ore blocks into diamonds requires furnaces that are available early in the game. The player will burn the diamond ores to create diamond gems which are used for tools, armor, and more advanced exploration.


Villages in Minecraft consist of structures such as houses with roofs, doors, and at least one villager. These villages of villagers are created when a world is generated and have a 2% chance per chunk of being generated.

Villages will contain blacksmith’s workshop-style buildings made up of mossy cobblestone and furnaces, in which diamond ore blocks can randomly spawn. Important to note is that diamond blocks do not spawn on the surface of the village, inside the blacksmith chests, or in the nearby hills or caves.

Stronghold Chests

When a player is ready to take on The End, they need to locate a stronghold in the overworld and find the End Portal room. Strongholds are found only in 3 areas in a Minecraft world which are within 1128 blocks of the x=0, z=0 axis, they are within the 3×3 grid centered on the original 3×3 grid of map sections. Strongholds consist of Stone Bricks and are most easily located by finding underground corridors and libraries made from stone. Strongholds contain unique mob spawners that whip up special dungeons in their end portal room, but they also contain a large number of treasures in chests, including Diamonds.

Desert Temples

Desert temples are the best in the non-deep mines and bedrock edition Minecraft. Up to 8 diamonds can be found in a single desert temple. They are spread throughout the desert and can be seen above the ground. Inside and under the temple they consist of three to dense floors that generate a simple maze for the player. Some of the diamonds will be hidden inside the treasure chest located at the center of the lowest portion of the temple. To get here one must find secret pressure levers and navigate through rooms filled with traps.


Mineshafts are wooden structures that spawn underground. They are found near the Ocean or Underground biomes. Mineshafts are a mediocre source of diamonds. All from the ground, you can find only one or two diamond ore blocks – rarer than most residential areas but still not as good as the biomes and structures we will discuss next. Mineshafts are sometimes accompanied by caves which may increase your ore yield, but obtaining the ore is riskier.

These structures range from deep in the ground to near the surface, from spanning a wide area to being limited in size, and from surrounded by many caves to being relatively isolated. So there is no universal way to find them, however, our most effective suggestion is to search in caves below the Ocean or Underground biomes. You will see wooden planks and supports and cobwebs when you are close to proximity to a mineshaft.

Blacksmith Chests

Every village in the game is guaranteed to have a single blacksmith building. Inside the blacksmith buildings is a single blacksmith chest that holds roughly twice as many items as a standard Minecraft container, ranging from 8-10 stacks of a single item category.

The probability of finding Diamonds in blacksmith chests ranges from 0.4% in low-range chests to 4.4% in high-range. The average is 2.4%. Probability increases as the world seed number is increased from lower to high-range.

The world seed determines the layout of Minecraft world generation. The only way to locate Diamonds in blacksmith chests is to explore and search all the buildings in villages until you find a blacksmith and the blacksmith chest. They can be found on the outskirts of Minecraft villages or within the village.

If you can get to a high vantage point, you may even want to search for new villages on the horizon to increase your chances of finding villages with blacksmiths.

Nether Fortress

A nether fortress is a structure that naturally generates in the Nether. The nether biome is one of the most dangerous biomes in Minecraft and is a vast and open area filled with lava, quartz ores, and other harms to players. Nether fortresses themselves are dangerous hallways, staircases, and rooms that are often populated by blazes, wither skeletons, and zombie pigmen.

The loot from Nether fortresses is not as valuable as from other structures like End Cities, but the fortresses can contain chests with valuable iron ore in them. Nether fortresses are the only location where Nether Wart blocks can be found which can then be turned into the only farming item that produces a Nether Wart itself. The Nether is only accessible by jumping into a Nether Portal. These portals are most easily built with 14 Obsidian blocks and can be set up anywhere as long as the structure is entered via a flint and steel.

Ocean Monuments

Ocean monuments are large underwater dungeon structures presumably built by the creators of the underwater world in Minecraft. They contain blocks of Wet Sponges (which can be dried and crafted), fence blocks, and a room near the top called the treasure chamber. In this chamber, there are blocks of Dark Prismarine which glow and may contain some gold blocks, but the main draw is the Diagonally Broken Stone Bricks.

These stone bricks contain a structure in the pattern of a diamond ore block within as part of their design. They can be mined with a pickaxe to obtain a real diamond. Diamonds are not one of the main ores in ocean monuments, but they are one of only two places under the Sea where real diamonds can appear. The inventory of an ocean monument includes 26 diagonal prismarines. It is estimated that there is a 27.3% chance that every listing will be the sought after brick, representing a 0.21% chance of stumbling upon a diamond.

Dark prismarine is a fascinating block which does not exist in the overworld. It was only added to the game in the 1.8 update, which was the official Villager update. When creating their environment, the developers decided to include Dark Prismarine among the loot in ocean monuments if players encountered them.

Igloo Basements

An igloo is a rare structure type found in cold taiga biomes, cold taiga hills biomes, and snowy taiga biomes. Anchoring the structure to solid ground is a secret basement that contains a redstone block, a golden block, a golden apple, and a potion stand.

Igloo basements are among the best sources of diamond ore as they are completely filled with snow blocks, of which there can be up to 30 packed ice blocks. Depending on the total dimensions of the chamber this can yield up to 14 diamond ore. To find an igloo, you can keep your eye out for the igloo blueprint. If you come across one, there is a 17% chance igloos will generate with a basement. Once you are inside, fine snow will descend down into the basement, signaling its presence.

Woodland Mansions

Woodland Mansions are rare, randomly spawned structures in the Overworld of Minecraft made of dark oak wood planks. They are considered the Minecraft game’s largest naturally-occurring starter mansion-type hut and are inhabited by elite Illagers like Vindicators, Evokers, and Vexes. How rare they are in any given map is not precisely known, with estimates ranging from 3,000-70,000 blocks from spawn.

Vindicators, which make up 3% of Illagers residing in woodland mansions, hold a Diamond Axe. So visiting a Woodland Mansion is a less direct and more time-consuming way to obtain diamonds than caves, but with a high degree of certainty and guaranteed mob resistance outside the mansions.

To find a woodland mansion according to the fewest number of steps, one can simply follow this single play path. Find a biome locator map in a creative mode or large biome world to locate a mansion in a dark forest biome (sometimes referred to as a roofed forest biome). Get there by walking for players who wish to maintain their current focus and not start exploring in random areas. Collecting diamonds while trekking and smelting the right amounts of Iron and Gold to make diamond gear is recommended.

How to find a woodland mansion in Minecraft in 5 steps:

  1. Enter the text /locate mansion into the game’s chat screen.
  2. Start moving towards the mentioned coordinates provided by the game.
  3. Use a compass to determine the proper directions if one is lost and the coordinates failed to lead to the mansion.
  4. Drop a banner, torch, or strategically picked up plants to mark the path one has already been on and make it simpler to return to the mansion if one is temporarily leaving it for collecting supplies.
  5. Collect diamonds and fight mob enemies until a woodland mansion is found.

What Tools Do You Need to Mine Diamonds?

You need picks made of certain materials to obtain diamonds in Minecraft. Here is a reference list of items (in ascending order of rarity) that you can use:

  • Wooden pickaxe – 1 Diamond
  • Gold pickaxe – 1 Diamond
  • Stone pickaxe – 1 Diamond
  • Iron pickaxe – 1 Diamond
  • Diamond pickaxe – 1 Diamond

You can easily make any of these pickaxes using materials you should be able to easily gather. The diamond pickaxe itself is the most efficient tool for diamond mining and has 1562 durability points. Just make sure you are not in too much of a hurry to build your Nether Portal as then your pickaxe will wear out and leave you unable to mine your first block of obsidian to create a Nether Portal if it is your main source of diamond.

Iron Pickaxe

In Minecraft, the basic iron pickaxe plays an essential role in your diamond search as it is the strongest pickaxe that can drill all 2563 block types. You need to mine diamond ore blocks to find and collect diamonds. For starters, find iron ore blocks. You have a 100% chance to pick up an iron ingot by mining any iron ore block. After having collected approximately 32 iron ingots by mining iron ores, smelt these ingots in a furnace to make iron ingots.

Once you have made this sufficient quantity, construct your iron pickaxe by placing the materials in the following configuration in a 3×3 crafting grid.

Minecraft Wiki shows crafting recipes as follows, but provides ideas for using the pickaxe in other categories.
OS: places a stick in the middle with iron bars in the two blocks behind it.
Classic: making a stone pickaxe with a diamond in the top-center block.

For inspiration on how to use this item in your Minecraft game, let’s take a look at some of the things artists on the platform have built. Diamonds can only be found between levels 16 and 5, with the greatest chances at levels 5 to 12. Utilize the F3 key for indicators that will show the elevation you are currently at. In the end, to find diamonds, keep digging through layers 12 to 5. Locate an area to start your mining procedure and begin excavating the tunnel by creating an elevator system. Such as in multi-level mining going up and down the layers hunting for diamonds, or following simple y-coordinate level 12 mining.

Diamond Pickaxe

To craft a Diamond Pickaxe, you need 3 diamonds, 2 sticks, and the standard 3×3 crafting grid. A Diamond Pickaxe is used to mine obsidian, netherite blocks, and iron{“type” item “quantity”100 “item”ore”} at level 3. They can mine any breakable block, have the highest durability of any pickaxe, and are the fastest tools for mining ore and stone. This is why many players prefer Diamond Pickaxes over Diamond Axes.

Enchanted Tools

You can increase the odds of finding diamonds in Minecraft by using enchanted tools. There are three different types of enchanted tools that can be used to locate diamonds. The familiar pickaxe has the advantage that it is much quicker and is not damaged (lacking the need for occasional replacing premised on where it appears in the mining progress, as noted by Avomance) compared to the other two methods, which involve conversion of energy.

When you dig with an enchanted pickaxe, the area around you is increased with further materials and places to explore. If you are using one of the diamond locator approaches and want to consume less power, only use the tool when you are in the area where you believe the diamonds are, not while exploring wider regions. In the shallower levels (under 12), this is suggested, as diamonds are close.

The following enchanted diamond locator tools enhance the chances of finding diamonds at deeper layer zones. Minecraft’s black magic. Enchantments for three item tiers of tools support finding diamonds with a central philosophy of hitting ore blocks faster and covering more ground. By this means, mining time is reduced and the likelihood of turning up diamonds in a play session is correspondingly higher.

The three item tiers of enchanted tools are the Golden Pickaxe, the Diamond Pickaxe, and the Netherite Pickaxe. The Golden Pickaxe may be enchanted on an enchantment table with up to 30 experience levels for Efficiency 5 and Fortune 3 which increases the speed of attack by 62% and raises the average drop rate from killing ore blocks by 120%. This means that the average diamond drop rate from digging with the Golden Pickaxe while combining enchantments is raised from 1 per 6 blocks to 1 per 3 blocks or less while protected against drop rates. However, because the item tier already has a bonus added, enchantment values never go above 60, with both enchantments at III, V respectively.

The Diamond Pickaxe can be enchanted on an enchantment table with up to 30 experience levels for Efficiency 5 and Fortune 3, though this will not increase the amount or speed of diamond ore drops as the item tier does not have the kind of a larger bonus (the effects are the same as noted above). The best enchantments for the Diamond Pickaxe are instead with Netherite, as they are the most durable item tier which wears out 3.25 times slower than diamond. With only this advantage it permits mining for a longer period, which increases the probability of coming into contact with diamonds (CLASSICALCODER). The Netherite Pickaxe can be enchanted on an enchantment table for up to 30 experience levels to get the advantages of Efficiency 5, to increase block attacks to 78%, and Unbreaking 3, raising the average block attacks before item destruction of 251x. As with the previous item tiers, Minecraft has a cap of 60 on enchantment levels, permitting only III, V, IV for Effiency, Fortune, Unbreaking respectively (CLASSICALCODER).

How to Efficiently Mine for Diamonds in Minecraft?

To maximize your chances of finding diamonds in Minecraft, strip mining at levels 12-13 (two blocks higher than the bottom) or caving in levels 12-15 is the most efficient. At these elevations, diamonds are surrounded by other valuable ores and are located in the uppermost bedrock for the best Relative Ore Levels in cave systems and strip mines. Expanding mines through the TNT mining method is more reliable and provides significant resources of the major fruit.

Exploring farther from spawn and resource hubs in caverns, abandoned mine shafts, and the nether is also equally likely to find diamonds. Because diamonds in Minecraft are rarer resources that have been numerically designed to be challenging to obtain, players may notice normal patterns, returns on investment, or probability theory. They may explore particular cave systems and repeatedly find diamonds, while not finding any for a long time elsewhere.

Dig Straight Down

Despite Notch’s advice to the contrary, digging directly downwards is an efficient method of finding diamonds in Minecraft. However, because there may be dangers hidden beneath the surface such as lava lakes, cave systems, or mobs, this approach offers the potential for player death.

But when shotblocker9 ran the numbers, he found this method to be one of the cheapest in terms of time and resource management even if you run into the types of dangers that Notch warns about. Blocks you need to mine in this direction: 1015 Air Only, 334 Lava, 725 Stone, 456 Coal, 125 Iron, and 0 Diamonds. So vertically stacking ladders means you can skip this direction if the cost of the path is not worth it for your venture.

Minecraft Redstone Professor’s automated AFK tunnel bore machine can dig down with minimal user involvement and improve resources per second. Automated machines can be very versatile, leaving the player free to do other things while it continues to mine. Diamond Also assists players in reducing the amount of time needed to find diamonds, while providing greater mobility and player safety.

Strip Mining

Strip Mining is a digging system that in large part resembles branch mining. Strip mining is the method by which someone digs a great deal of the material (usually to find ores). This is usually done by a pit, and nearly all material is excavated, then preserved in horizontal layers as the pit workspace goes on. In Minecraft, it allows for effective ore locations.

Strip mining is ideal on Y coordinate levels 11 or 9 in Minecraft. Here are more instructions from YouTuber OMGcraft.

Branch Mining

Branch mining, the most efficient type of mining to find diamonds, is simply dig your tunnels on the same layer of y=11 as described above. However, instead of simply mining horizontally in a single direction from your starting shaft for an arbitrary distance, it is better to use a grid pattern of alternating parallel and perpendicular tunnels. Making a grid with tunnels spaced every 3 blocks is optimal.

Best Branch Mining Tunnel Design
For the fastest and most efficient branch mining tunnels, use a design like this one. Starting at your shaft where you will do the majority of your mining from, clear a long 2-wide path to one side. Leave a single block of space at the end of this path (pause at the end and then turn 90° to start digging your next path). Follow this same process with a new row starting from the end of the first so you have an alternating grid of rows of 2-wide paths that are 3 long and attached to the original shaft. Use your original shaft as much as possible for mining and traveling between different zones on your grid layout.

You can be more efficient, but calculated at a manageable speed for clearing distances, if you make the same sort of grid but with larger life-like pathways to mine. These 2 wide rows, just like in the grid pattern, were placed to have a 2 spaced gap between a parallel path for other miners to take back with them.


TNT (or Trinitrotoluene) can be used to clear out large and complex areas that are unnecessary or hard to mine. But using TNT will not yield more diamonds, so don’t go mad on it.

Diamond ore in Minecraft can only be found on layer twelve or lower. Players can use TNT during the mining process to get around large rock formations to more easily explore the underground. If you go crazy with TNT and end up destroying diamond ore blocks, you may use the silk touch enchant on a diamond or netherite pickaxe to recover the mined diamond ores. Obsidian is the second-strongest block and explosions needed to break it will not destroy diamond ore, but may expose new veins.

What Are Some Tips for Finding Diamonds in Minecraft?

These are some tips for finding diamonds in Minecraft:

  • creatively scout systems and mine setups to find the best location to most quickly, efficiently, or safely unearth diamonds. Simply mining according to a predictable pattern from one axis may just be the best thing to do according to player experience.
  • use tunnel mining when strip mining is not working.
  • look in different environmental conditions not typically associated with diamond spawning such as with sand or gravel.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

    What is the best way to find diamonds in Minecraft?
    The most efficient way to find diamonds in Minecraft is by mining at a lower level, preferably between layers 5-12.

    How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

    How do I know which level I am on in Minecraft?
    You can check your current level by pressing F3 on your keyboard and looking at the “y” coordinate.

    How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

    Is there a specific biome where diamonds are more likely to be found?
    Diamonds can be found in any biome in Minecraft, but they are most commonly found in the Overworld at lower levels.

    How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

    Are there any tools or techniques that can help me find diamonds faster?
    Using a diamond or enchanted pickaxe with the Fortune enchantment can increase your chances of finding multiple diamonds in one ore block.

    How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

    Can diamonds be found in chests or other structures in Minecraft?
    Yes, diamonds can sometimes be found in chests in structures such as temples, mineshafts, and strongholds.

    How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

    Are there any other items or blocks that can indicate the presence of diamonds nearby?
    Redstone ore, lava pools, and caves are often found near diamond ore, so mining in these areas may lead you to diamonds.

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