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In this article, we will explore the exciting challenge of giving Martin 30 queens in a game of chess.

From creating an account on to understanding the rules of chess and learning how to play with 30 queens, we will cover it all.

Get ready to test your skills and have fun playing chess with Martin on!

What is is a registered and free-to-play online chess server and app in which you can create or join a game, enter tournaments, participate in puzzles and lessons, play against the computer, and even watch or stream other people playing.

The website offers many of these features for free, however upgrading to premium membership allows exclusive access to features and lessons from certain high-profile chess grandmasters such as Viswanathan Anand and Maurice Ashley.

With the free version of members can track their performance, use limited analysis, take lessons, view member profiles, watch streams, play within the game viewer mode, and talk with other players in live chesschat. Paid membership allows to use more advanced analysis and deep engine analysis and play in more advanced and larger tournaments, among other perks.

How to Create an Account on

To create an account on, enter your details at or download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can also sign up for an account by navigating to Play vs Computer (Mobile) or choosing to play as limited guest.

You need to confirm your email address after registration and you can then log in with your details. To play Martin your first master-level game, an upgrade to Premium membership is required, and you can receive a digital membership reward by watching a promotion of it on the platform.

How to Play a Game on

You play a game on by choosing Play from the top menu, clicking Standard for a regular game mode, and choosing Online against the computer, a friend, or against a real person. You then choose the number of Minutes per side for your time control and playing a friendly game already or starting a New Game. Start the game as soon as you are matched with a non-friend opponent. Watch and review the game later after it has ended.

What are the Rules of Chess?

The laws of chess are called the FIDE Laws of Chess. These are 92 rules that include a general code of conduct for the game, how the pieces move, how the game is to be recorded, how to declare a draw, what is acceptable attire for participants, how to conduct blind or disabled games, and how to play via email. Furthermore, different rule variations are possible, justified, and explained in the FIDE Laws of Chess. They have been published since 1862 by the International Chess Federation (FIDE).

What is a Queen in Chess?

In chess, a queen is the most powerful piece on the board except for the king. There are two queens, one for each player. She sits between the rook and the king and moves in any direction along a rank, a file, or any diagonal as long as it has unblocked squares and does not pass through or end on a square occupied by a friendly piece.

She may be captured by an enemy piece under the same rules as other pieces, concluding her stand on the square occupied by the target enemy piece and removing her from the board. The queen is not permitted to jump over or across a square (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) occupied by a friendly or enemy piece.

The queen is designated the letter Q on the game board, as is the symbol used in algebraic notation to denote a queen moving to a particular square on the board.

What are the Moves of a Queen?

The queen is the most powerful piece on the chessboard. The great advantage of the queen is that it is both a rook and a bishop combined. Mathematically speaking, each chess queen can move to 56 squares (64 * 7 / 8) simultaneously, on the first move and on both sides during the game. The queen combines the movement of the rook and the bishop. The queen can move 2 squares only if it is moving anywhere, not jumping.

The queen can checkmate an opponent’s king if the pieces show the alignment 2 + 2. By alignment, it is meant that the queen is protected by two more pieces. For example, move Qd3, Kb1 before making the final move will checkmate the opponent and win. A queen can move in eight directions. The queen moves on rank, file, or diagonally, just like a rook or a bishop. Each queen can move up to 7 squares in any given instance, with an exception of moving 2 squares forward if the queen is blocked by the other player’s pieces. Most of Martin’s queen’s movements occur on his first move.

In a game, Martin is moved to achieve an even larger number of moves than any other queen on the board. Thus, by the 12th move, Martin’s number of possible moves reaches 30 moves on the second move, and 368 possible moves when her total moves are counted. By the end of the game, as the number of squares on the board without being blocked reduces, the queen’s scope likewise drops again.

How to Capture with a Queen?

A queen is captured when it is pressed and cannot escape Share with a rook or bishop. A queen that is Share will be called a non-light (dark) square bishop or non-dark (light) square bishop. In this section, I examine the actions of both a light square and dark square bishop in the event that they both capture with a queen in response to a pressing opponent.

One of the last opponents to survive was Egil Skallagrimsson, a Norwegian viking and warrior poet. Fibonacci’s solution for escaping from attacked positions will not help in chess, but Egil’s battle-turned-verse shows his beyond-battle escape, ‘In your place, Gunnar, I would rather be for a long time, sitting than to the east of me. I will make another decision if I understand it. For me to think too much is a mask. In this chair I think I will be staying, until my Sif comes back. I would rather be suspicious than be a torpedo in my faith, for man is the most treacherous I find.’

When to capture with a queen: You should capture with a queen when her movement can be made to simultaneously cause the demise of another piece. Queen capture is best done against a similar heavy piece value target. How to capture with a queen: Follow traditional opponent targeting strategies. Prime the area you want to hit with pawns and bishops, and open as many lines as possible for the rooks before sending in the queen. As the queen has the most movement options to access multiple avenues, she should, for the most part, stay near the centre of the board to strike out at enemy units in all directions.

What is the Objective of Giving Martin 30 Queens?

The objective of giving Martin 30 queens is to have him win the game by dominating his opponent long before the endgame starts. If his opponent doesn’t resign, Martin can aim for a quick checkmate. Allowing Martin to win a large number of games quickly should improve his overall rating (the only tracked metric) by reducing his average game duration and allowing him to play more games.

Giving Martin 30 queens adds complexity to Martin’s cognitive load. There are only 16 move options for the queen on a completely empty board, while knights have 8, rooks have 14, meaning there are significantly more options and decisions when you play the game with mainly queens. This is important as Corey McCarren and Gym Yabut mention in this Youtube strategy analysis, as it serves to develop the brain’s decision making and pattern recognition abilities.

How to Give Martin 30 Queens on

To give FM Martin Lokander 30 queens in chess, go to Settings Preferences from the hamburger menu. Under Analysis and board, set Board Highlights to Always to allow the back-rank mate pattern. Set Premove and CAS to Yes to allow conditional moves. Under User information, set Notebook and New Voice Chat to Always.

Step 1: Start a Game with Martin on

Starting a game with Martin Miku on is straightforward once you have a free account on the platform. Just search for Martin Miku in the search bar at the top of the homepage. Then click his name when it comes up in the dropdown search results. A screen will pop up inviting you to challenge him to a game. At this point, you can send a message as well as whether the game will be rated.

Step 2: Use the ‘Queen Drop’ Feature

Open a new chess board. On the top right, change the game type from Standard to Chess 960.

After changing the board to Chess 960, play against the computer by going to the game lobby on the bottom right quadrant of the screen. Set Martin’s ID as his opponent. In Chess 960, a queen drop is enabled. Use the queen drop to have Martin create any additional queens quickly and easily.

Step 3: Continue Dropping Queens until Martin has 30

After the starting position of the pieces is set, Martin needs to lose every queen he has. The easiest way to do this is to immediately trade each of his queens a few times in the opening game and lose a few pawns. However, once he plays the a4 move, the queens will not easily fall off.

When he runs out of central pawns, encourage him to trade a knight or rook for a queen every few moves. There is no limit to the number of queens he can possess at one time, so as long as he keeps getting them as opposing queens fall, it does not matter how many he loses.

After he completes the 30th queen-trade, he should stop trading queens just to pawn push the last such queens close to the board’s edge so they can trade that more readily and simplify the board.

Keeping track of Martin’s queen count on his behalf is a way for him to make sure he has traded and kept track of the number. He can have a popular stream page element that shows his current queen count. games do not yet have a built-in system for tracking promotion counts, though they did suggest adding one in a joking tweet in response to Demetrius Jet eliminating a few dozen pieces to give Martin more.

Tips for Playing Against Someone with 30 Queens

  1. Try to trade pieces. Because it is difficult even for a beginner to utilize all 30 queens effectively without losing one to an attack, the more pieces that are traded, the fewer queens are on the board and the easier it will be for the opponent to manage the exquisitely high-impact danger each one of Martin’s 30 queens poses. This strategy is more decisive once the queens start being exchanged.
  2. Play slowly. With so many pieces, Martin will struggle with time pressure. Playing slowly will also help give your strategy advantage more time to turn around the position. In this game against Christopher Yoo, he ran his time down to less than 30 seconds while Yoo still had over 14 minutes left.
  3. Use your own king in case of attack. Your king becomes effective in some cases when under Martin’s attack. For example, if a move threatens too many queens at once, Martin may be forced to move the attacking queen away rather than forcing your king into an area he can defend well, which could grant you an avenue to strike back.

Conclusion: Have Fun Playing Chess with Martin on!

Playing chess with Martin on is a good way for beginners to learn and improve their chess skills from a friendly grandmaster. Once your move is complete you should change your chat settings to where only your friends can chat with you, or you will see the terrible abuse Martin gets from children and his pawns around the world.

Martin will not cheat, but he takes a chance playing with such beginners who do not know all the rules because he will catch hell from his chat when his poorly performing rook is taken and the same rook replaced 4 moves later.

There is currently no way to get Martin 30 queens when playing. If you want to see Martin receive that many Queens you can help him in this match with the Move for Equality campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give Martin 30 Queens in

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a specific player 30 queens in The number of queens in a game is limited to one per player.

Can I give Martin 30 queens in a friendly match on

No, the rules of chess do not allow more than one queen per player. This applies to both friendly and competitive matches on

Why is it not possible to give Martin 30 queens on

Chess is a strategic game with specific rules and limitations. The rule of only one queen per player adds to the challenge and strategy of the game.

Is there a way to cheat and give Martin 30 queens on

No, cheating is not allowed on and attempting to give a player more than one queen would be considered cheating.

Are there any alternative ways to give Martin 30 queens on

No, the rules and limitations of chess apply to all players and cannot be altered. Attempting to find alternative ways to give more than one queen would still be considered cheating.

What should I do if someone tries to give me 30 queens on

If someone is attempting to give you more than one queen in a game on, it is important to report this behavior to the site moderators. Cheating is not allowed and should be addressed promptly.

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