Mastering the Game: Creating Bot Vs Bot Matches on is a popular online platform for chess enthusiasts, offering a wide range of features including the ability to play against bots.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating an account on, enabling bots, finding and adding bots, setting up bot vs bot games, watching these games, and analyzing the gameplay.

Join us as we explore the world of bot vs bot chess games on and discover the various tools available for analysis.

Key Takeaways:

  • Creating an account on is the first step towards playing Bot Vs Bot games.
  • Bots can be easily enabled and added on, with various types available for gameplay.
  • Customizing game settings and using analysis tools add to the excitement of Bot Vs Bot games on
  • What is is the name of a for-profit online system that allows registered users to participate in games of chess with people from around the world. Users can choose to play one another in turn-based or live chess. There are also a number of guided lessons, videos, puzzles, and articles on the site that members can access to learn more about how to play chess.

    The site was launched in 2007 by a group of technology experts in the Silicon Valley and their friends and family who wanted to be able to learn more about the game of chess and also play more games. The site is free to join and use, and the membership user-base has grown to over 60 million. Paid premium memberships are also available that grant additional advantages on the site.

    How to Create an Account on

    You create an account on by visiting their site and selecting sign up. From there, you go to the top center of the website home page, put in your email address, create a username and password (or sign up using Google or Facebook), click and gain access.

    Note that although there is a freemium version of, you need an eligible credit card to sign up for a premium trial. Once the trial ends, you will have the option to receive a weekly Chess Digest which will keep you apprised of the chess world or to cancel your membership.

    How to Enable Bots on

    To enable bots on, do the following: Create a game and open the game settings. Select a time control and set Opponent Type to Computer. Check Bot Play if you want a bot or if you want to play against a bot using an AI assistance engine. If you check BugHouse you can even select the bot’s playing style, skill level, image, and speech.

    How to Find and Add Bots on

    To find a bot on, do a search for a specific bot with the term “” attached. You can find specific bots, and view the most recently registered bots when searching the platform’s 1055 total bots at the time of writing. Not all of these will be active however. Here is a guide on how to find and add a bot on

    1. Click on the blue Explore button in the lower left corner of the home screen.
    2. Under the Play heading, click on Playing Vs Computer.
    3. Click on either Battle of the Bots or Browse Bots to find the bot you’d like to follow.
    4. Click on the name of a bot you want to follow.
    5. Click on the blue Follow button on the bot’s profile.

    Note bots cannot be added to friends but can be viewed with the browse feature. Followed bots will show up in the Battle of Bots or Browse Tabs.

    What are the Different Types of Bots Available on

    The different types of bots available on are called Legendary Bots and Automatic Bots. All bots play chess on, have unique personalities and are programmed with different skills. Legendary Bots are high-quality bots that were paid for to be custom-developed, have stronger engines, more unique behavior, and are sandboxed to not improve over time. Automatic bots (autobots for short) run on cloud infrastructure and leverage machine learning to improve their play over time. Users create their own autobots and can match them up against other user-created bots or over-the-board Legendary Bots.

    Building your own auto bot includes selecting hardware prowess, selecting which chess engines to use, and then letting your bot play matches to improve through a machine-learning process. After the training process, the bot can be pitted against other bots and Legendary Bots that have been similarly trained. To generate games quickly, Players use rates and depths to control the style and playing levels of their bots. A rate of play example might be a correspondence game, where blunders and time spent making moves are relatively infrequent, resulting in a long time commitment to complete the game. A depth of 45 to 50 is reasonable for correspondence games and will provide an interesting game to a broad group of players. When the bot has reached the desired depth, the player will share their bot on the bot ladder to schedule matches against other carabiner bots.

    How to Set Up a Bot Vs Bot Game on

    To set up a bot vs bot game on follow these steps. (This process can be followed using only free tools from the website. It is mentioned only for the sake of completeness that there are alternative methods using other online services).

    1. Have unlimited access or be a corporate connector on to have access to the site’s programming interface
    2. Allow third party software to access your account in order to create new bots on
    3. Use a dashboard program with a drag-and-drop interface to create one or more new bots.
    4. Edit the new bot’s settings to restrict play to only other bots versus individuals or bots versus other bots
    5. Create a new analysis board session for your newly created bots and from there navigate to a new game page.
    6. Set your own bot as one of the players in the game setup form and connect the other spot to any other bot you wish to play against.
    7. Start the game and watch. With the premium corporate connector plan you can create an unlimited number of new bots and have them all play and measure their performance. does not reveal how many bots are currently in its system (as of an article from 2021), but estimates the number at tens of thousands.

    What are the Different Settings Available for Bot Vs Bot Games?

    The following are the different settings available for Bot Vs Bot games on

    1. Starting position
    2. Time controls
    3. Ratings and difficulty levels
    4. Settings intended for human-to-bot games which still apply to bot-to-bot games

    Starting positions dictate whether the KIWK bot games start from the beginning (standard `FEN` position) or from some other predefined goal, as might be used for studying mates. Our solution suggests the latter option to ensure you get to the action more quickly.

    Time controls are the same as for regular human games. The two bots are noted to snore during long time controls — so you might decide to accelerate the clocks for more intense action.

    Two bots also have the same settings available that are used for regular bot to human games. See the prior “How to Define Bot Settings for Bot vs Human?” section for details on those settings.

    How to Customize the Game Settings for Bot Vs Bot Games?

    To customize settings for Bot Vs Bot games, choose the options you want on the create a game dialog of the friend’s play screen. Click on (how to customize the game) game settings to expand those customizable buttons.

    1. Time Control: Changing time controls helps bots learn how to adapt to time pressures[8]. Long time controls are good for reducing the computer’s errors. Short time controls put stress on the system as the computer has less time to process potential best moves. Generally, make it just a little bit slower than you think they could handle, at least until you get the hang of playing in different conditions.
    2. Rated: If you want a completely accurate rating of the strength of the engines at a slightly lower time control that the engines are used to.
    3. Vision: This should be kept at 100% because they have fair play security that engages with the computer and lower will designate them for human vs Bot games.
    4. Games: This should be increased to 20 or 25 as this gives the computer time to get away from an opening book that reduces their strength. If you give them fewer games argues the director of computer chess at IECG team up to such then you give him more chances to use his Ram.

    How to Watch Bot Vs Bot Games on

    Watch bot vs. bot games on by searching for live, daily, or none games tagged with CCRL or LCzero. Click on the Notable Games tab at the top and scroll through to locate the game. Using the Analysis Board is a way to follow the image of the games as they happen in real-time. Searching for maximum games (Italian stockfish, Catalan stockfish) offers additional options to watch bot vs. bot games on

    How to Find and Join Bot Vs Bot Games on

    You can find bot vs bot games on by looking at bot profiles to see if they are seeking challenges or to see if they have currently active challenges. To join one of these games, you can see what kind of setup they are using (Standard, Thematic, e.g. Inventor1200 premium) and what level of time constraints they have.

    If you are using the website or browser version of the app, go to the Get Better tab. Open the settings for the level of bot you want to play. Click Challenge Bot. If a bot is available to play they will respond within 30 seconds and your game against the bot will load. If you can’t find a bot challenging another bot to learn more about the private bot battle feature you may need to subscribe to a premium membership.

    What are the Different Options for Watching Bot Vs Bot Games on

    There are three options for watching bot vs bot games to stay regular in this tight and competitive variant. These are:

    1. Viewing Educational Content by Creators
    2. Viewing of Archived Games or Replicas
    3. Bot Battle Tournament Livestreams

    According to these possibilities, different sections of the platform might be accessed.

    1. Viewing Educational Content by Creators: Follow a creator’s page and their feed for live and stored broadcasts. A total of four distinct streams are on and the accounts of Leela Chess and those of the Stockfish team.’s page is the most common and is the main webcast platform used by tournaments and broadcasts on online chess, American Chess, and Indian Chess.

      It also includes webcasts of creator-related bot games like the ones Dr. Apesteguia plays. Except for Dr. Apesteguia, currently only @TheDreamer posts this kind of content on a regular basis. Dr. Apesteguia’s primary media source is Twitch. Streaming is common, particularly when newer models emerge. There have been countless daily updates to the creator’s web pages as well as broadcasts concerning bot activities only. Some stream links featuring the normal version of the game can be found by following the bot link for Stockfish or Leela on Just a few examples include:

      • AxonLive
        • BTCS and LCS on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6 pm Vancouver time
      • Shallow Blue
        • LCS Classic every day at 8 pm CEST on Twitch
      • Thomas Samland
        • Stockfish Classic on YouTube every day starting any time between 5 am to 3 pm UTC
    1. Viewing of Archived Games: By visiting the Bot Battles section of the complete schedule of previous and future matches based on downloads of the arenas and examination of the game results on may be viewed. This is what the main arena page looks like.

    1. Bot Battle Tournament Livestreams: Twitch is where most of the livestreams of the LC0 Leela vs Stockfish and ShallowBlue and bot showdowns happen.

      But the ready links for streamers on the creator’s page are always the best way to keep up on start times, possible guests who are analyzing, etc. As they are designed for English-speaking audiences, developers of the American Chess web pages are concentrating it on a few underrepresented countries including Brazil, Norway, and Russia. Developers using the Bingo Platform such as Dr. Apesteguia has accumulated $15,000 in prize money for improvements.

    How to Analyze Bot Vs Bot Games on

    To analyze bot vs bot games on, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Game Browser by clicking on the three lines at the upper left and selecting Games.
    2. You can filter based on Avg Sentiment on the right side. After clicking on Avg Sentiment, set Sentiment below the chart to either Good or Bad before selecting 3 to 4 as the average sentiment for a bot vs bot game.
    3. Just start losing yourself in the games that the data analysis has surfaced for you.

    What Tools are Available for Analyzing Bot Vs Bot Games on

    These tools are available for analyzing bot versus bot games on

    1. Puzzles: Puzzles tags on can be applied to create a collection and add them to a path that you would like your bot to follow for next games. Create puzzles for tactical servers based on past games and let your bot learn from the different puzzles on
    2. Computer Analysis: Computer analysis lets you keep track of your bot’s ability and progress, showing areas the bot needs to improve on, as well as areas of strength.
    3. Openings Explorer: The openings explorer shows various most commonly played openings in a game along with statistics relevant to it. You could use this to identify potentially successful strategies for your bot in different chess variants.
    4. Videos and Lessons: Watch intuition as the instructor explains how to solve a puzzle. Apply those strategies to bot vs bot games.

    How to Use the Analysis Tools on for Bot Vs Bot Games?

    You can use the analysis tools on for bot vs bot games by following these steps. Play and finish a bot game on the platform first. Go to the advice section under the Live tab of the page to view helpful information from the game as well as analysis of the moves by the in-house scenario bots. The advice section will show assessment graphs to help identify which side may win in bots final position.

    Click on game review to analyze the game with the board and tools. will evaluate and provide strategic notes as shown for a personal analysis. There is no direct playing interface with the analysis tools so it is important to choose to receive the game record from the server after completing the bot vs bot game so you can replay it in the analysis tools.

    Conclusion: The Excitement of Bot Vs Bot Chess Games on

    The excitement of bot vs bot chess games is that the most advanced versions of AlphaZero, as well as best Leela Chess Zero and Stockfish nets, featuring most refined versions of positional judgment and tactical ideas, are available for users to watch. Users can watch how they execute specific openings, how they go about exploiting opening preparation, and so on.

    Additionally, those who use AI for analyzing their games can run different versions of Stockfish or Lczero while they analyze their games.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: How can I set up a bot vs bot game on

    A1: To set up a bot vs bot game on, go to the “Play” tab and select “Computer.” Then, choose the option for “Computer vs Computer” and select the desired bot levels.

    Q2: What are the different bot levels available on

    A2: offers several bot levels for players to choose from, ranging from beginner to grandmaster level. Each level has its own unique playing style and difficulty.

    Q3: Can I customize the bot levels in a bot vs bot game on

    A3: Yes, allows players to customize the bot levels in a bot vs bot game. You can select different levels for each bot and even adjust their play style and preferences.

    Q4: Is it possible to watch a bot vs bot game on

    A4: Absolutely! has a feature that allows players to spectate bot vs bot games. You can choose to watch live games or browse through past games on the site.

    Q5: Are there any limitations to setting up a bot vs bot game on

    A5: The only limitation for setting up a bot vs bot game on is that it can only be played on the website or through the app. It cannot be played on a physical chessboard or through other third-party platforms.

    Q6: Can I use different chess variants for a bot vs bot game on

    A6: Yes, allows players to choose from various chess variants for a bot vs bot game, such as Chess960, Three-Check, and King of the Hill. This adds variety and excitement to the gameplay.

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