Mastering the Art of Entering Ranges in Valorant: A Guide

Are you new to Valorant and looking to improve your skills?

The Range is the perfect place to hone your abilities and test out different strategies.

In this article, we will explore what the Range is, how to access it, and what you can do once you’re there.

From practicing your aim to learning map layouts, the Range offers a variety of options for players to enhance their gameplay.

Stay tuned for tips on setting up the Range for optimal practice and how to make the most of your time there.

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a free-to-play 5v5 first-person shooter tactical game set in a near-future version of Earth. The game includes a training mode, a range that is private for just one player or together as a group, and different maps for competitive or non-competitive one-round matches. The range is a tool for players to practice and test weapons output in both precision and rapid-fire settings. Riot Games developed the game.

What is the Range in Valorant?

The range in Valorant is the training room used by players to practice their skills and warm up. It helps you develop your muscle memory, aim, and reaction time. The shooting range is dangerous so all players are equipped with the special Mainframe Service Assistant-armored Robot Kit (MASARK) to provide medical aid for the player and their allies once every 90 seconds.

We first heard about the range in Valorant as known by a casual Elderflame farmer in the trailer LEC’s commercial Launching EU Summer on Reddit. Before this, it is mentioned that the shooting range is dangerous, and every agent is equipped with a medical device on the Valorant website.

The range in Valorant is located between Barcelona and Paris on the Mediterranean coast, according to Sova’s character introduction.

What is the Purpose of the Range?

The purpose of the range in Valorant is to test your aiming, spraying, and abilities. Different guns in Valorant have different spraying and aiming behaviors. In the range you can experiment and see how each individual gun works. For example, the Vandal is the same whether moving or running. The Guardian, Classic, Frenzy, Ghost, Cypher‘s Noot, Marshall, and all the shotguns (except for Judge) are the same whether running or walking. All rifles except for the Stinger receive full accuracy reset when standing. SMG’s and shotguns do not receive a full accuracy reset when standing.

Guns are an important aspect of tactical shooters like Valorant, not just for killing but also for different agents’ abilities. With some agents, it may sense to spend time practicing with the Grenade Trainer in the range. Finding the agent that matches your playstyle is key because the agents’ abilities can give you a boost in a map or mission. For example, if you have good aim with Colonel Armani when you need to clutch, you will be even better because you are twice as efficient with his abilities. Play with every agent, mastering their weapons, and abilities in the range along with knowing their abilities inside out.

How to Access the Range in Valorant?

You access The Range in Valorant by opening the game and going to the main screen, looking at the top left corner near your Valorant level and clicking the small collection of targets line. The Shooting Range is a subsection of Practice Mode where the player can try different agents or weapons to learn how they work. There are other options on the initial signup screen for How to Train. Click on the Free Play option to go directly to the range. There is music playing but no game sounds when you go to the range. The halls and doors are where the shooter stands and the doors can be closed to minimize the size of the testing area or open to expand it.

From the Main Menu

To enter the range directly from the main menu, open the main menu by clicking the home button at the top left or pressing Escape, then click on the following. The range can be opened from the main menu by clicking on the green cross circle symbol (the fourth symbol on the left at the bottom of the screen). Valorant will immediately load the range.

Skin Inspect Function: During the loading screen, if one would like to see the skin animations for different guns, one can click on the VALORANT symbol at the top to access the Visit VALORANT tab to watch animations of different skins.

From the Practice Mode

Follow these steps to enter the Range in Valorant from the game. The game leading droid informs you that you are playing on the attacking side of the map. After forty seconds of team planning, the doors to the game map will open and the droid will direct you.

  1. When the game begins, click the Start button at top-center on the screen.
  2. Access the drop-down menu at bottom-center on the screen.
  3. Click the Option for Practice Mode.
  4. Walk forward from the start on Icebox until you see the entrance to the practice range. You will see the word Range above a container crate entrance among a number of containers. Enter this open container box with the glowing entrance.

Practice mode follows the 1.18 update and there are currently many puzzles and features one can use within the mode. Among these ranges for practicing with weapons. Previously, you could not enter the range, even though you could walk right up to its entrance. As of the start of Valorant, this training range does not serve a specific purpose since neither the player’s health nor their abilities can be modified while inside. But until Riot Games provides a special entrance for those willing to enter, those just wandering around the game map can do so as well.

What Can You Do in the Range?

You can do ten different activities in the range in Valorantlearn spray patterns, customize gameplay settings to suit you optimally, skill testing, knife training, change agents, manage equipment, buy weapons, training agent skill combinations, test agents.
New and intermediate players can learn spray patterns and do weapon testing on unarmored bots. Intermediate and advanced players can train knife precision, customization of gameplay settings to cater to your preferred experience, and manage agent abilities with different gear on various situations.
Bot fragging**: Intermediate and advanced players can practice scenarios they encounter in a real match. They can practice flicking, one taps, and bursting here. The choice of bots is quite extensive from static pieces to strafing, shooting back, or armored. They reset every 30 seconds which keeps the encounter engaging and helps train.

Intermediate and advanced players should aim to participate in the shooting tasks provided in the range. These tasks consist of both standard firing ranges with multiple types of targets that improve your accuracy and allow you to practice unique movements like strafe-shooting in the bot-frag section.

The range is an excellent tool for discovering individual play style and preferred agents that can be brought out into real games.

Practice Your Aim

Practice your aim in the range to focus on crosshair placement and understanding weapon spray patterns. The weapon is equipped in three ways through the Buy menu. It is frequently simply a matter of completing the same activity repeatedly.

For recoil control, it is important to fire the weapon and counter its movements, aiming in the same place at the wall each time to learn the spray pattern. You should manage your crosshairs as you would in a true game, aiming them at head level and pre-aiming frequently.

Test Out Weapons and Abilities

The range offers an excellent way to see and test all the weapons and agents (characters) abilities. It is difficult to determine the power of a weapon by just looking at the statistics. In the range, you can see and feel how hard each weapon hits the bots and how slowly or quickly they reload. This will help train your muscle memory properly so you can react effectively on the fly.

The same goes for the agents. While you are waiting for money to buy your favorite agent with their preferred kit, playing around in the range can help you get a feel for some of the agents you may not play as often. You can judge their h ve time to kill and judge their time to kill properly as well as try out different playstyles with them by using the environmental obstacles to your advantage.

Learn Map Layouts

  • Open the map
  • Understand sightlines and paths
  • Learn operator hiding positions

Understanding the structure and layout of any map in an FPS game is a key factor in gaining an advantage over the opponent. This usually comes through spending time on those maps. This is especially true if you are operating the sniper. Op operator usage classes require specific knowledge of long ranges on various maps so they can secure kills at the key location.

Once you know where your opponent might be, you can dig them or get a kill that your team needs. The purpose of rotations, how to cut them off, and how to stop them from attacking The goal is simple. Knowing Op-specific save positions for each map is key. When team members are wiped out and you require a critical round instead of engaging as a sniper to attempt to bring the team back, knowing typical hiding spots and angles of attack for the opposing team is often a good place to catch them off guard.

If your weapon is replaced in the case that you are discovered to save your weapon when opponents are many and the outcome of the game is at stake. Reasonably rapid access to one Op operator position requires good angles and fast positioning. You have to adapt rapidly to remain hidden in case you are discovered to avoid a fatal error. As an Op operator, the tracking and mastering of all of the above is a key way to improve your performance in those 1 v. n situations. Unfavorable snipes are often a cornerstone of successful gaming and this means that both in teammates and oppositions are able to watch your back as you safely relocate to a new site.

How to Set Up the Range for Optimal Practice?

This setting depends on whether the aim is to practice efficiency in quick decision-making by immediately engaging multiple targets in unpredictable circumstances (the in-game scenario) or to simply identify the ‘best range training guide’ (the practice scenario).

The range should be set up to practice efficiency in quick decision-making for the in-game scenario. MaximilianJe of Aim Lab suggests setting the distance at 15 – feet which corresponds to the most common distance of an aimed match in the game of Valorant.

Adjusting the Target Dummies

The range can be accessed by toggling the menu in the top right corner of the main menu, then selecting the Range at the bottom of the list of options. According to the Valorant in-game guide, before you start practicing, arrange the dummies you want to practice on based on ranges you will be frequently engaging with in the field. Here are some key figures to remember.

Changing the Map Layout

  • Having clicked the training range beyond the Training button, players can change the default Open Range layout to Standard Range. (click on the settings gear in either version until the map layout option pops up).
  • Changing the map layout is easy in Valorant. Click on the settings gear in either version until the map layout option pops up. A drop-down menu will then become available that allows you to switch from one map layout to another by simply clicking on the one you want to change to.

Adding Bots or Teammates

After generating a Practice Range in Valorant, you can add bots or even teammates for further practice. To add bots or teammates, players must first enable cheats according to the method described by Riot Games. Following this, players can add extra players through the practice range console command maxplayers_setany x where x represents 1 – 5, or up to 6 including yourself. Type the appropriate number instead of x.

Tips for Using the Range Effectively

Here are detailed tips for using the Range effectively in Valorant to practice your aiming and get into the practice of using abilities and weapons strategically.

  1. Warm up to Practice Movement Strategies: For precise, swift movements to clear or peek corners, strafe shoot, and be a harder target for the enemy to hit. Accurate and fast movement strategies can be crucial to your success in a gunfight in the main map.
  2. Boost your Weapons Handling: The Boehm can provide some basic opportunity for target practice at a stop. Notice how your weapon behaves when crouching versus standing during fire.
  3. Become familiar with Weapons Breaking Points: Since some weapons benefit from a user’s biorhythm and the permeance of shooting speed, the Range is one of the battle simulators that enable users to explore their weapons.
  4. Develop some Gain Map Knowledge: Although not a perfect simulator for Range, it does let you know hidden areas on the map and where common entry chokepoints are located.
  5. Develop Recoil Patterns Understanding: Beginners can develop a basic understanding of recoil patterns because they are the same in the Range as they are in the main map. Some pros use the Range to further perfect and better understand recoil patterns.
  6. Duel with Friends as Opponents: Perhaps the most challenging (and fun) strategies come from setting up some custom 1v1 duels with friends to practice actual strategies and ability synergies as a team.
  7. Practice Positional Awareness: Learn which boxes to check while still swinging the corner and moving to avoid being shot from the back.

Focus on One Aspect at a Time

When learning to go into the range in Valorant, or at least when beginning a new routine in the range, start by focusing on one aspect. This can be your shooting skills, your crouch movement and accuracy, or crosshair placement. A crouch movement routine may include learning crouch spikes as demonstrated in How others should play V2. Keep daily track of your average performance in your focus area, and measure how you improve over time. Seeing the improvement will help keep you focused and motivated.

Some days may be better and others may be worse as learning these skills and maintaining them involves inconsistent progress. There will be bad days when you seem to be doing worse than before. This feeling is often mental and not actual performance related. So long as you are committing the time, both your aim and movement skills will only improve.

The following routine is a good practice regimen to focus on something different each day. As teammanship, co-ordination, and gameplay practice are required to properly get into the Range, include them in the practice regimen as well.

Utilize the Different Modes

Playing Against Bots (Warmup). Players can set up matches against bots as practice before the live action. This fine-tunes movement with firearms and agent abilities in a less stressful and focused environment.

Playing Against Friends (Tactical). Someone is passive while the other practices aiming. The passive player(s) move around a range of obstacles to make it difficult for the shooter. The player(s) can provide verbal targets and the aiming player tries to target them.

Various Moving Scenarios (Tactical). A myriad of different exercises are possible from flicking between targets to moving away from robots as accurately as possible. Players should practice all sorts of strategies in the practice area.

Experiment and Have Fun

If you are opting to go into the range in Valorant rather than a quick unrated game, do so knowing that you are there to experiment and have fun. You do not have to go for a high score or perfect play, rather experiment with weapons and aims. Hiko has recommended going intro the range to do experiments such as seeing how many stinger bullets it takes to kill an opponent on different armor and health levels.

If his goal was score maximization he may get frustrated spending time on potentially useless experiments and skip them to increase score. Instead, use this as a time to grow your knowledge and try new things.

TenZ spends a significant amount of time in the range, more than most other pros, to test his mechanics on varying training frequency, weapons, and techniques, and simply to blow off some steam during his daily grind. Given his high level of motivation, he probably feels that the time spent away from his practice and boot camp is the best utilization of his time in terms of improving outside the normal bounds of practice.

How to Leave the Range in Valorant?

Leaving Valorant’s Range is by definition just not entering the special map for practice or play. There are no special commands or instructions to leave the range because there is no special process. Exit to Desktop is the simplest way of leaving the range while still inside the map. When logged into the range map, simply stop doing anything at your PC when it is time to leave. This will cause you to be automatically sent back to the main Valorant map’s lobby.

From the Main Menu

The main menu is the most common place that all game players go to enter Valorant ranges. There is an easy-to-use Practice Range button at the bottom of the game’s main dashboard.

When the peers of those who want to go into the range in Valorant ask how can I go into the range in Valorant?, directing them to the main menu is the most intuitive way to enter that part of the game. Follow the steps below:

Show the main menu in Valorant highlighting the Ranges tab.

    Instructions to the Range in Valorant from the main menu:

  1. Launch Valorant.
  2. Login into the main dashboard.
  3. Select Ranges.
  4. Choose Practicing grounds or Shooting test
  5. Click Play to create a game and enter the range.

This image and graph show the navigation steps to the Range portion of the game. A second way to access Valorant ranges from the main menu is the use of the console. In this case, open the console using the tilde or apostrophe/quote key from the main dashboard. After opening the console, type “map sedan Range and then click return.

From the Practice Mode

To go into the range from Valorant’s Practice Mode start by entering the armory menu. Look for Practise Range present on the top. Clicking it will send you into the range.

The Valorant range provides players with training simulations to help improve their gameplay. In Valorant’s Armory, players can practice using a variety of guns to get a feel for how they are fired and how they behave in different conditions. They can also practice on target dummies situated throughout the range. The Practice Range is a high quality solo space where agents can become familiar with their abilities, test out a variety of guns and gadgets, and practice their specific skills all while viewing their progress in real-time with the shooting range statistics.

The VAL Multi-Tool is available for players to practice. The Multi-Tool called DV1 allows you to train your aim by shooting at bots as fast as the Disruptor can spawn them. The map has spawn points for each part of the range, a practice buying region, an empty island for weapon testing, a custom 1v1 area, and multiple workshop areas throughout the map.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the range in Valorant?

The range in Valorant is a virtual training ground where players can practice their aim, movement, and abilities before heading into matches. It is a crucial tool for improving your skills and understanding the mechanics of the game.

How do I access the range in Valorant?

To access the range in Valorant, click on the “Practice” option on the main menu. Then, click on the “Range” tab and select “Enter Range”. You can also access it directly from the main menu by selecting “Range” under the “Play” tab.

What can I do in the range?

In the range, you can practice shooting with all the available weapons, test out different agent abilities, and work on your movement and aim. There are also training dummies and targets to help you improve your accuracy and reaction time.

Can I customize the range in Valorant?

Yes, you can customize the range in Valorant to suit your preferences. You can change the position of targets, add obstacles, and adjust the size and movement of the bots. You can also activate different challenges and mini-games to make your training more fun and challenging.

Is there a time limit in the range?

No, there is no time limit in the range. You can practice for as long as you want and leave whenever you’re ready. This allows you to take your time and work on specific skills without feeling rushed.

Can I invite friends to the range in Valorant?

Yes, you can invite up to 5 friends to the range in Valorant. This allows you to practice and train together, giving you a more realistic experience and allowing you to work on team strategies and coordination.

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