Mastering Chess: A Step-by-Step Guide to Joining a Club on

Are you looking to take your chess game to the next level? Joining a club on could be just what you need.

We will guide you through the process of creating a account, searching for clubs, and joining one.

Discover the benefits of being part of a chess club, from improving your skills to meeting like-minded enthusiasts.

Learn how to interact with club members and the rules and etiquette to follow.

Let’s get started on your chess club journey!

What is is an online website and mobile app where individuals can create accounts and play chess as well as participate in chess clubs, tournaments, lessons, and lectures. There are two types of accounts: a free account, which gives you access to lessons and the ability to play chess with others after a short waiting period, and a paid Premium account that gives you unlimited access to all of’s features. Other features of the site include statistics, articles, videos, puzzles, and a chess playing computer.

Why Join a Club in

These are the reasons for joining a club in

  1. Play games and improve skills: Clubs provide opportunities to play games, participate in events, and actively engage with other players.
  2. Become a better player and make friends: Clubs provide a place for social interaction, to learn from others as well as teach, and to foster a sense of identity and community.
  3. Promote tournaments and events: Use a club to promote local or online events. For clubs looking for some competitive action with other clubs, they can go to the Tournaments page and see if there any tournaments available for clubs.
  4. Promote your school or organization: Form a club to promote your school or organization outside of it. With names, logos, and highly customizable admin options (See: How to create a club in, is a good platform for school and community clubs.

Whatever your reason to join a club, the final tips are to make sure to pick the right club, and make sure to treat your club the right way – positively contributing and making new friends.

How to Create a Account?

To join clubs, the must first have a account. User can create a account by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to on a browser using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  2. On the top-right under Sign Up, name, enter name, email address, password, and click the learn, play, and earn for free button.
  3. Select I already know the rules on the following page, and then click Continue.
  4. Choose the free registration method by either using a Google, Facebook, or Apple account depending on the advice on your device (such as Windows account). Alternately, enter the email address and password created in the earlier step and click the Finish button.
  5. Activate the account by entering the validation code sent to the email address entered in the initial steps. Click the button that appears on the email to finish registration.
  6. If you registered directly with, the account is already validated.
  1. If you used an outside service like Google, enter into your profile and click an option to link a password or similar such notification.
  2. From the homepage – use the top-right drop-down menu slideout – select Settings, then Password & Privacy, and create the password there. You are now ready to create a account.

How to Search for Clubs on

Clubs in can be searched for in the following steps:

  1. Go to the Clubs pane.
  2. Click on the Search button (magnifying glass).
  3. A drop-down window with the heading Search Clubs appears where a user can input club search keywords.
  4. The search can be filtered by the number of members by typing with six prefix options then increasing the number of members, by the rating of the club by typing eight prefix options followed by the rating (e.g. 700-939), by the type of club (Open or Invite-Only), and by the location of the club by typing the two-letter country code.
  5. The search results with the most recently created matching club names are shown on the screen.
  6. The user can click on the desired club to read further about it.

Using the Search Bar

Open the Clubs dropdown by clicking the Clubs link on the homepage. This opens a main search bar. Here is how the main club search bar works:

  1. Home tab (Main search bar): Search all public clubs by requiring a word in the club’s title.
  2. Recommended: Clubs that the algorithm has suggested for you based on previous likes and members.
  3. Chapters: Your local subgroups for the club you are in.
  4. My Clubs: The clubs you are already part of.
  5. Directories: A filter on the main search’s home screen that lets you search categories for particular club types like City, Student, Family, Scholastic, Country (national), Business.

As shown in the image above, after typing in the word you wish to require in the club title, click on the search icon. A list of public chess clubs meeting the search criteria will appear. Select the club you wish to join. Click the Join the club button.

Expert Voices: According to recent Product Manager Chris Torres, you can see if any of your friends are a part of the club on their profiles. The homepage displays information about friends and even about other members you may want to befriend inside the club.

Browsing through Categories

Browsing through categories will typically allow you to browse public clubs more easily and access many different niches suited to your interests. After you click on the Explore Clubs button, before you click on any categories, you can click on Under clubs to see only public clubs. Categories can also give information about the experience levels welcomed to the club, and this information is seen in the ongoing tournaments within a category by finding the description or needing request once inside the club.

How to Join a Club on

To join a club on, you either need an invite from the club’s Admin or you visit the club’s page and click the Join Club link. This is the brief guide as described for an existing user. If you are a new user, steps 1-2 do not apply. Your user profile is already set up. Clubs are for Premium/Gold members only.

  1. Log in or create an account. Log in or create a new account at This may require access to e-mail for account verification.
  2. Upgrade your account. Access the Club tab if you are at least a Gold member. If you are not a Premium member, you will be guided to upgrade your membership.
  3. Find a club. You must search for the club’s name or advertised theme to find the club. may have a browsing feature in the future, but they do not as of this writing.
  4. Join the club. Click the Join Club button on the club’s home page to request entry. If you have an invitation, accept it as you would for a friend request.

Requesting to Join a Club

Players can request to join different clubs on the Clubs Hub page on To request to join a club after signing in, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Community dropdown menu. Select Clubs.
  2. Click the Search clubs button. Find the club you want in the search tab that comes up. In the following Club Directory tab click Access Club.
  3. If the club requires you to join, click the Request button. You should receive an email to your account, letting you know if your request was accepted or declined.

Another way to join a club is to click the Create a Club button and select My Clubs. Here you can enter the club URL into the field to find the club and request to join. Make sure you meet the club’s joining conditions as explained in their club profile.

Waiting for Approval

You may have to wait for club approval before you are officially a member. When you receive club invite notifications, you should pay attention for any additional messages there may be about the club’s status. If you are invited to a club or apply to a club pending world approval, you can find out the status of your invitation by going to your clubs list is selecting Applications on the right side of the page.

What are the Benefits of Joining a Club on

The benefits of joining a club on include the following:

  1. Playing in team matches.
  2. Participating in chess-based conversations in club forums.
  3. Being eligible to join club-only tournaments.
  4. Competing for the club in Club League (team leagues run by
  5. Easy access to play un-rated games or discuss chess with good opponents.

Improving Your Chess Skills

  • Chess Apprenticeship Club: The goal of the Chess Apprenticeship Club is to make the game enjoyable so that students become addicted to playing chess and overcome the weak points of the game.
  • Teaching House: Teaching House is inviting volunteers to join as an active teachers and learners hub with chess as well as other sessions in different subjects such as music, drama, martial arts, coding, languages, etc.
  • Central London Chess Club: The Central London Chess club provides you with a home if you are looking for an opportunity to play older, more experienced players.
  • Trichy-Srirangam Chess Club, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India: It provides opportunities to beginners, intermediate and advanced players of all ages and holds regular tournaments

Subheading under the heading for four of the clubs related to improving your skills.

Meeting Other Chess Enthusiasts

Plus regular clubs, allows for the creation of additional groups of interest. The groups are typically informal and host discussions on virtually any topic that may be of interest to the group’s organizers or other interested members.

The interface and meeting process are virtually identical to those of clubs. Members can find a group of interest either by browsing the complete list or by searching for a group based on a keyword or phrase. The Topics > Groups drop-down menus have all the functions members need to search for clubs. Members simply click Group instead of Club. The screenshot below shows how to find a group of interest based on a keyword.

Participating in Tournaments and Events

Another important way to adopt the role of a participant within the club’s community is by participating in tournaments and other events. If they authorised by super admins to create events, a club and super admin and can create tournament events from their club’s homepage by selecting the Event tab and Then clicking on Create a tournament. Settings can be adjusted until the admin is ready to publish the event by clicking on the Create button. Members can be notified and reminded of the tournament by changing event settings from the Actions menu accessed with the edit button underneath the event.

Clubs play friendly games against other clubs, and so encourages clubs to take part in these games between one another. By learning when these games happen or by arranging one’s own, clubs can attempt to take part in events that are outside their own club by competing against other clubs or even multiple other clubs.

Access to Exclusive Features

When users join a club in, they typically gain access to a variety of exclusive features. These include the ability to create custom tournaments and reoccurring events. When members of the club wish to play together they can make use of a club-wide paired challenge to locate an appropriately matched partner. Members of official USCF clubs on receive a premium membership valued at $29.99 for free.

How to Interact with Club Members on

You can interact with club members on by:

  1. Posting in club forums and discussion boards
  2. Talking in club chat rooms
  3. Examining your game analyses using the club’s database
  4. Following good or featured analyses made by other club members

To post on club forums, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the club on your club page to open the club
  2. Click on the ‘more’ tab
  3. Click on ‘forum’
  4. Choose from the many forum topics or create a post

To talk in a club chat room, follow these steps:

  1. Click on a club on your club page
  2. Click on the ‘chat’ tab
  3. To participate in the main (public) club chat, simply type a message in the text box at the bottom of the screen starting with your message

Attend tournaments, play ‘vote chess’, solve puzzles, take lessons that the club offers, and participate in other ways to interact with club members.

Chatting in the Club Chatroom

Joining a club on is as simple as chatting on the club’s chatroom. Just go to the club’s profile page and look for a text input that says “Enter your chat here“. Type into the box and press enter. If the club is public, and you can join without approval, you should see the club join button in the upper left corner of the chatroom. If you are enjoying the chat community, go ahead and click this join button.

Sending Messages to Club Members

To connect with clubs’ members, there are chatrooms where you can see who is available in the club and talk with them about chess strategy, scheduling games, the club’s mission, or other matters. A list of chatrooms can be seen by tapping on the magnifying glass next to Chatrooms in the Club Home Page or checking the current chatrooms list under chat settings in your preferences tab. Chat with club members who are online and available and use the @ Settings header to adjust your club chat options for more allowed chatrooms instead of the club’s main chatroom. If members of a club are not responsive, they might not be looking at the chat or be under Time Controls or Playing statuses. Look instead at the Club Page for the club’s members list and for the option to see member profiles. There you can assess which members you think would be interested in your message and are more likely to respond. A third approach is to leave a Club Bulletin with your message, as this message can be seen by people who are offline.

Participating in Club Discussions

To view the club Discussions page, click on the three-dot icon in the left sidebar, then click on Discussions. allows participants in a chess club to interact and share knowledge and game analysis. Specifically, posting images and comments regarding tactics or strategies in various film games is a popular feature of the discussions section. To prevent spam or harassment, you must have a regular membership to participate in the discussions.

What are the Rules and Etiquette in Clubs?

The fundamental rules and guidelines for clubs are designed to prevent inappropriate behavior during discussions or tournaments as well as to help moderators keep the group organized. If a user spammed communications boards or failed to follow the guidance of moderators, they might be removed from the group. The guidelines recommend that everything about a group, including the rules, should be explicit, clear, and accessible. They also suggest introducing a mentorship program and hosting regular events to create a sense of belonging. Before joining a group you are interested in, try to learn about the group and its members through its documentation and forum postings.

Following the Club’s Code of Conduct

When trying to join a club on, the first thing to know is that all Clubs have the same Code of Conduct. Here are a few of the key factors in the Clubs Code of Conduct that you must follow in order to join a club. Adherence to the rules there (see is required; regarding membership, that means no cheating, enrolling in projects, or scamming for membership. If you break the Code these rules will not apply for you.

Respecting Other Members

Respecting other members in Groups is an important factor in your membership experience. Disrespectful behavior toward others can result in penalties such as warnings, penalties, or expulsion. A general underlying principle of respect within any community is the idea of the Golden Rule, which states that you should treat others the way you want to be treated. members define Responsible leadership in a club as follows:

  • Being polite and considerate towards club members in all club activities, whether on forums, through messaging, or on the club’s social feeds.
  • Not using foul language or trying to drown out other members by excessive comments or posts.
  • Not harassing members who have disengaged from the club. There may be occasional, legitimate concerns, such as to make sure the former member had received a message about a rule change. In this case, make the contact friendly and respectful. People might have stop playing and moved on with their lives due to family emergencies, hospitalizations, or maybe something wonderful like a promotion.

This responsibility may seem like common sense, but it is something that forms the foundation of a successful organization. Ignoring this responsibility will result in decreased participation and punishments by for both you and, if you are an admin, your club.

Participating in Club Activities

Once you have joined a club, visit the Club page to see if there are any scheduled activities. Click on the Club Calendar link to view upcoming events for the club such as Matches, Tournaments, Simultaneous Exhibitions from the Club page. Visit the headings in the Club to see if they are polling members or need input.

If you thrive in a leadership role, possibly running some events for your club members. Invite club members to participate by emailing or sharing their activity participation links or results in the Club Forum. Replying directly on posts or starting new topics is another way to participate, as well as messaging members directly to collaborate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Join a Club in

What are the benefits of joining a club in

By joining a club in, you can connect with like-minded individuals, improve your skills, and participate in club tournaments and events.

How do I find clubs to join in

You can find clubs by browsing the “Clubs” section on or by using the search bar to look for specific clubs.

Do I need to be a premium member to join a club?

No, you do not need to be a premium member to join a club in However, some clubs may have specific membership requirements.

Can I join more than one club on

Yes, you can join multiple clubs on However, it is recommended to focus on a few clubs to actively participate and engage with other members.

How do I become a member of a club on

To become a member of a club, simply click on the “Join” button on the club’s page. Some clubs may require approval from the club administrator.

Can I create my own club on

Yes, allows users to create their own clubs. Simply go to the “Clubs” section and click on the “Create a Club” button to get started.

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