Unlock Exclusive Perks: Learn How to Be Premium in Roblox

Curious about Roblox and what it means to be a premium member? In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Roblox Premium, including how to get it, the benefits it offers, the different types of premium memberships available, and how to upgrade or renew your membership.

Whether you’re new to Roblox or a seasoned player looking to enhance your gaming experience, we’ve got you covered with tips on getting the most out of your premium membership. Let’s dive in!

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a metaverse platform that provides a massively multiplayer online experience, enabling users to both design games and participate in those created by other users. With a focus on creativity and a young user base, Roblox has aspirations to be the metaverse for everyone.

What Does it Mean to be Premium in Roblox?

In Roblox, being Premium (formerly “Builders Club”) means you enjoy a monthly stipend of Robux, get the best value when you buy Robux, have access to your creations’ earnings, receive discounts in the Roblox marketplace, and earn the Premium monthly rewards. Getting Robux for free is difficult, so having a Premium membership is the most cost-effective way to get Robux. Robux stipends that come with plans range from 450 to 2200 Robux per month, which is generally more than they whould cost if bought through the in-game store. The following table shows all benefits of Roblox Premium membership.

  1. Robux Stipend
  2. Robux Price/Buy More Robux
  3. Access to Previous Premium-only Mechanics
  4. Premium Badge in Avatar Super Close-Up
  5. Particle Trailing Movement in UI
  6. Premium Marketplace Discounts
  7. Premium Earning from Creations
  8. Monthly Premium Rewards
  9. Premium Connection Advantage

How to Get Premium in Roblox?

Roblox Premium is a paid monthly membership. To get Premium in Roblox, go to the Roblox website and log-in to your account. Next, click on the Robux section and click on the open Roblox Premium page. Click the Try Now button if you are new to Premium or the Manage Premium link if you just want to buy Premium. From there you can follow the prompts to sign up for Premium membership.

What are the Benefits of Having Premium in Roblox?

The primary benefits of having Premium in Roblox are access to Robux discounts which are ultimately useful for exchanging real money for Robux at a slightly better rate than normal. The rate of discount increases with the length of the term of the membership.

Aside from these B, other features that have historically been available include the ability to spend up to 10% of accumulated Robux to purchase itemst hat are part of Roblox’s catalog. Lower accumulation rates in order to get started with Roblox development more quickly. Replay access to the Builders Club accessory, although the Builders Club no longer exist as a brand, so this may no longer be of any use. Players may still be able to gain a bit more social cred on Roblox, even in online interactions.

Access to Exclusive Items and Features

Roblox Premium members receive exclusive items of Roblox’s choosing. These items can include gear or clothing that can then be sold or traded with other non-subscriber members for Robux. The rate and currency of distribution of premium items are at the discretion of Roblox.

In some cases, Roblox has been known to underestimate demand for premium items and has had to adjust its algorithm for determining how many items are delivered. To the frustration of some admins and users this sometimes means diminishing the rarity of the items. Plus receiving Roblox’s premium items, the premium tier grants the ability to purchase Trading Items from the Avatar Shop.

Ability to Create and Sell Items

When Builders Club was active, those who upgraded to at least the Classico tier for $5.95 per month had the ability to access the roblox trade system. It allowed them to create, buy, and sell collectibles such as hats, gear, and faces. They could sell the collectibles that they had created themselves.

Rather than waiting and negotiating with individual buyers on their own, they were able to give the general public an opportunity to purchase and trade items with a public store listing.

Increased Robux Allowance

To be premium in Roblox, you can use the Roblox Premium program to increase your Robux allowance. At the introductory level of Roblox Premium, members receive 450 Robux monthly, which is equal to the price of Roblox Premium. This means if you are intending to buy Robux or Roblox’s other paid offerings, simply being on Roblox Premium provides these items at a discounted price.

To further increase this allowance, you can increase your subscription tier. The 5-tier structure of Roblox Premium offers monthly allowances of 450, 1000, 2200, 4500, and 10,000 Robux per month for $4.99, $9.99, $19.99, $49.99, and $99.99 per month pricing.

Note that the monthly allowance is granted at the beginning of the month, at the time the membership is renewed. If the membership is canceled, unused Robux allowance moves to the next month.

Priority Server Access

Priority Server Access refers to the ability of premium users to access a VIP server. VIP Server Announcement Roblox recommends that Developers use VIP Servers for games such as PeaceOut. They add that with VIP Servers, players choose whether their server remains private, for friends or followers, or is publicly accessible by sending a URL to a person of their choice. VIP Servers (also referred to as a private server) allow you to host 3 additional construction, home, and dungeon simulator daily servers. Additionally, you can play with your friends with Roblox private server admin commands. VIP server info will now show that it’s public functionality, but it is actually private.

What are the Different Types of Premium Memberships in Roblox?

All premium memberships in Roblox are known as Builders Club (BC) memberships. You do not choose a type of membership. Roblox has simply branded two new premium memberships as Roblox Premium and Robux Premium starting December 2021. Premium includes three memberships, Builder’s Club, Premium, and Premium 2200. Roblox has been transitioning users from the old Builder Club type memberships into the new branded Premium memberships. Roblox Premium and Robux Premium are not different from one another. Roblox Premium is simply the higher tier of the basic Roblox Premium subscription level.

At its introduction, Roblox Premium cost $4.99/month, whereas RbxPremium 2200 costs the $4.99 for the first month and $9.99 for additional months, but provides 2200 Robux every month. There doesn’t seem to be much difference with the basic price level, but Roblox appears to be incentivizing users to go with the $9.99/billed monthly option to get that extra 1200 Robux per month.


Premium in Roblox is a membership that gives users an exclusive set of features. The main features are a daily Robux stipend, additional revenue share from games developed with Roblox Studio, and the ability to trade limited items. To become premium in Roblox, users visit the Roblox website and sign up to start their free three month trial. Users can sign up for an annual or a monthly subscription. At the end of the free trial, users are required to pay $5.95 per month or $57.95 per year.


Turbo is a premium add-on feature that can be used to enhance the gaming experience. If you have forgotten to change any setting while creating a game, you can always activate them through Turbo. Whether you have forgotten to make your game premium, or have forgotten to exclude mobile players, or missed any measurement during game creation, you can activate them easily with Turbo. Activating the Turbo lets you adjust settings while using the game. It can be turned off when the task is complete. Turbo lite is a Marine tier addition, whereas Turbo Gold is an Astronaut tier addition. Astronauts have their games featured on the Games page for all games while Marine games are only shown to Mariner and Astronaut friends of the developer. Marines on Turbo must pay 199 Robux per month while for Astronauts it is included in the subscription.



Outrageous is between Ice Yachting and Clock Tower Climb in terms of rarity and cost. This puts his average rarity at 2% and his average premium at $1800. His properties are all Business, so they usually pay income when they are landed on rather than charging fees.

Outrageous’s collection includes a large number of corporate brands, which while not as appreciated by many Savvy buyers are just as good for the best buyers. Deposit for Outrageous was 1.5 ETH.

How to Upgrade or Renew Your Premium Membership?

You can upgrade your membership to Premium, also referred to as Roblox premium, or renew your existing Premium contract using the following steps.

  1. On Windows 10, go to the Roblox website and log in to your account. Navigate to the Premium page.
  2. Choose between the US $4.99/month and US $9.99/month tiers. Click Upgrade.
  3. Choose your payment method and submit your order.
  4. And there you have it, you have either upgraded OR renewed your Premium membership.

Using Robux

The primary method of achieving premium status in Robox is by purchasing the in-game premium currency, known as Robux. Robux is an in-game currency that allows users to purchase a variety of digital assets for their avatars, as well as gaining exclusive access to games and experiences within Roblox that are not available to all users. As Roblox administrators keep introducing new developer tools to the platform, there are more and more ways that users can spend Robux to improve their gaming experience.

Robux can be bought for real-world money, or can be earned by creating and selling Roblox assets or by becoming a game developer on the platform. An additional feature called Roblox Premium is a monthly or annual membership that is available. Roblox Premium membership offers the following benefits as of June 2022:

  • Robux stipend. Members┬áreceive a Robux bonus for each month they have the Premium subscription. Bonus amounts vary; you have to check the premium page to view the latest offer.
  • Sell items. Allows you to sell items on the platform.
  • Premium benefits. Members have early access to sales.

The amount of Robux you need to buy to achieve Premium Roblox user status depends on how much of the platform’s features and capabilities you wish to access. The products available for purchase using Robux and Roblox Premium vary in price. As mentioned previously, developers can sell items on the marketplace, and they receive a substantial cut of the profits based on the sales. Developers subscribe to Premium earn extra benefits, such as a monthly Robux stipend and priority in server queues.


Using Real Money

To be premium in Roblox, the simplest and most direct method is to pay and exchange ROBUX via the Account page. Roblox allows users to exchange their real money into ROBUX required for purchasing Roblox premium membership and premium in-game items. Users need to create a Roblox account to enable this. Most people who buy Roblox premium use the monthly subscription method where they need to pay $4.99 monthly through Robux. Easy Breezy, as the Roblox promotional video says.

This credit-based system is linked to the parent’s credit card details. Members can use their new monthly ROBUX to purchase premium items in Roblux’s online game store, as well as to buy new avatars, participate in the virtual economy, chat with their friends, and publish goods with premium features.

ROBUX can also be traded with other Roblx buyers or transferred to them, which is particularly helpful if a parent is willing to help their kids buy ROBUX without using a credit card, or if someone wants to help promote their favorite video star who conducts a Roblox activity.

A mom from Romania comments on the platform Quora that my son is 8 and she doesn’t like adding her credit card to the account. She prefers using a site such as RSL Debit Card to purchase Robux which she believes is more secure.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Premium Membership

Tips for getting the most out of your Roblox Premium Membership include joining the Builders Club to add additional benefits, such as a 100-earning leaderboard and discounts on virtual goods. You can grow your premium benefits by working close with other Roblox Premium Members. To aid this, Roblox Premium gives individuals on the same Premium level the ability to create Premium only articles and marketplace products.

Tips for earning fast money is to minimize expenses like subscription fees, reduce the earning gap with income from Roblox premium, and utilize encoder platforms. Premium users can utilizing the RSS Premium Connector by Integromat hacker connector system to track their spending.

If you want to be premium in Roblox, follow these tips and incedentally earn yourself Roblox Premium.

Take Advantage of Exclusive Sales and Discounts

Priceless means being able to purchase cheaper across Roblox. Roblox has several types of sales with two of the most prominent types being Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) and Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) sales. They are annual events that offer players significant discounts, up to 90% off. Many developers offer discounts on virtual currency used to purchase in-game items, so look for those deals. Get this month’s active Roblox promo codes here.

Utilize the Extra Robux to Customize Your Avatar

Because avatars are a major distinction among premium and non-premium players, people who want to appear premium should exploit the funds from their Premium Bonus stipend to customize their avatar. Purchases you make with Robux obtained through the Premium Cashout / Premium Bonus programs are yours to hold. Aim for a completed, premium look once you have saved enough Premium Bonus funds to buy designer products for the sections that can reveal RBX Premium items when paired with Designer items.

Collaborate with Other Premium Members to Create Games

Use Roxlaim as a collaborative tool for creating games and code developed by a team. Learning to code games from scratch has a certain appeal since it provides the game developer with absolute control over the outcome, and coding can be an enjoyable challenge.

However, learning to code is not an easy task, even more so for children. There are many aspects to programming games that are incredibly difficult and frustrating to work with, and crossing the gap from beginner to well-skilled coder requires a lot of practice, which is not the easiest nor most enjoyable thing in the world.

Roxlaim integrates Snap!, which is an easy and fun block-based language used to make games and animations. Using this language, even children can create simple games on Roblox with the help of Roxlaim. Roxlaim allows you to challenge marketers, designers, and programmers to compete to create their own games on Roblox.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Be Premium in Roblox?

1. What is the process to become a Premium member in Roblox?

To become a Premium member in Roblox, you need to have an active account and go to the Premium section on the website or app. From there, you can choose a membership plan and complete the payment process to become a Premium member.

2. What are the benefits of being a Premium member in Roblox?

Premium members in Roblox enjoy various benefits, such as receiving a monthly Robux allowance, access to exclusive avatar items, and the ability to trade items with other players.

3. Can I cancel my Premium membership in Roblox?

Yes, you can cancel your Premium membership at any time. Simply go to the Membership tab in your account settings and select “Cancel Renewal” to stop your membership from auto-renewing.

4. Do I need a credit card to become a Premium member in Roblox?

Yes, a credit card is required to purchase a Premium membership in Roblox. However, you can also use a Roblox Gift Card or a Roblox Card to pay for your membership.

5. How often do I receive my monthly Robux allowance as a Premium member?

As a Premium member, you will receive your monthly Robux allowance on the same date each month. The specific date will depend on when you first became a Premium member.

6. Can I upgrade or downgrade my Premium membership in Roblox?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your Premium membership at any time. Simply go to the Membership tab in your account settings and select the new membership plan you want. Any changes will take effect immediately.

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