Step-by-Step Guide: Creating Your Own Shirt in Roblox

Are you a fan of Roblox and looking to take your customization skills to the next level?

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about creating and customizing your own shirt in Roblox.

From designing your shirt to uploading it to the platform and even selling it to other players, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just getting started, this guide will help you unleash your creativity in the world of Roblox.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a user-generated content online gaming platform built on a Block Party. It allows creators to build worlds, games, and more intricate systems out of colored cubes that you interact with. At its core, it works as you would expect from a platform that lets you inhabit virtual worlds and socialize with other users. It can also be thought of as a Linux version of Minecraft.

Its biggest revenue driver is enabling developers to create and market their own games within or off their platform. It appeals to developers in part because it can be an educational tool and earn them money off of their creations. Besides games, there are a wide range of experience worlds, social games, promotion games, role-playing scenarios, training scenarios, and more. For the first time in Roblox’s history, user-developed experiences attracted more than 10 billion total visits globally in a single month and generated more than $500 million in revenue on a run-rate basis during the month of October 2021

How to Create a Roblox Account?

You can create a Roblox account on their main website. On the website, you fill out a sign-up form with a username, password, etc. There is also an option to directly connect a Roblox account to an online Microsoft or Google account. Roblox recommends not sharing personal information when creating a Roblox account.

You can also start creating a Roblox account by installing the game on either your computer or phone. When logged out and important information like the username and password missing, you should click on the profile icon. There is an option to sign up and tap to get the Roblox account creation form.

You can then choose the age group. For children under 12, there are particular parental controls, while there are additional experimental features developed for users who are age 13 and older. Both steps require a number of personal details and then to create an account, enter a unique username and password.

You will be able to customize your Roblox account settings afterward, including adding a 1 Touchpin security feature ideal for people who share devices with children. The Roblox website allows you to reset your password if you forget it.

What is a Shirt in Roblox?

A shirt in Roblox is an item of virtual clothing that covers the torso of avatars created by users. Unlike those for the lower part of the body, shirts in Roblox’s avatar shop are available in everyone’s inventory and can be used by anyone provided the designer chooses to make their design available. Shirt designs can be placed in different categories, including casual, sports, military, and adventure, as determined by Roblox, or can be displayed in your inventory’s personal clothing category.

How to Make Your Own Shirt in Roblox?

To make your own shirt in Roblox, you can use any RGB image editor to create designs on a 585×559 template which you will then upload and sell on Roblox. There are additional steps you can add to make the shirts look nicer in your catalog.

After you download the shirt file onto Roblox, click on it, click ‘development’, and in the configurations on the right, save the template settings as shirt instead of any. Your design is now a good-looking shirt and ready for purchase. If you’re happy with the after you save it right click the design you want to use in your inventory and click the configure shirt option. You will then be taken to your profile where the shirt is automatically the highlighted item. Now click upload.

The image that you want to place on the shirt should be an RGB, not a CMYK, image file. RGB is the format used on computers and in digital design. A PNG file has the best pixel clarity, excels with a transparent background, and is the best file type for people and logos. JPGs are not sharp and clear and have a hard time with pixelated files, especially ones with notices or signs. However, on digital platforms like Roblox, they are useful for adding background images. JPEGs are typically (but not always) larger than PNG file sizes. However, good image optimization ensures that the overall file size burden on website performance is kept to a minimum. SVGs are important for web design since they can contain raw, vector data that can be rendered directly by the network device while preserving image clarity and sharpness. The sharpness (print quality in digital image) of SVG files is better than PNG. In Roblox, the SVG format does not provide the shading capabilities of the alternative PNG format. Which is better suited to SVG is an image format designed for vector graphics, and Roblox needs them in PNG (because of the pitfalls of the SVG format such as rendering issues and general lack of common compatibility).

Create a Design for Your Shirt

There are two ways you can create a design for your shirt for Roblox. One is to create the design in an existing image editing tool like gimp or Photoshop. You can use a template from the Roblox website, found one made by another author, or create one from scratch. This option has a 20 to 500 KB limit on the file size and needs to be a .png file.

The second way to create a design for your shirt is to use the Develop section of Roblox within games as shown in the previous section numbered .011 Participate in the community to learn how to script. You will need the game to use the tools within which to make the shirt and import it after publication to your Affiliation settings which are public. The benefits of the latter are that anyone can reuse anyone else’s work and Roblox’s tools are interactive and more kid-friendly than gimp or Photoshop.

Download a Shirt Template

The second step to making your shirt in Roblox is to download a shirt template. To access a download of a shirt template, you can either open the store in Roblox then hit the ‘Create’ button, or go to Roblox’s developer documentation page. Save your shirt template onto your computer either by dragging and dropping, saving to your downloads, or saving the file location to access after you finish step three.

Edit the Template in an Image Editing Software

After downloading the template image file, you need to edit it via an image-editing program. Most users choose one of the following because of Roblox’s recommendations for using these two tools or because they are already familiar with them. Editing the shirt template in is as easy as this four-step process. Step 1: Open the file using the program and it will look something similar to what is shown in the screenshot above. The paint tools are on the left and design elements, layers, among others, tabs are on the right. Step 2: Create your design by drawing, adding new layers, or dragging other images to this project file. Step 3: You get the object you made with the correct dimensions when saved as a.png file. It is better than saving as a.jpeg file in order not to lose any quality. Step 4: Go back to Develop page>Edit tab and click Choose File to upload a picture of your design and name it.

Upload Your Shirt Design to Roblox

Roblox Studio is the central hub for many Roblox-related tasks such as developing games and managing your assets. These assets include custom shirts. To upload your new shirt, open the Game Explorer window within Roblox Studio by selecting View from the top menu, then checking the Explorer option. Here you can easily browse to the location of your .png File.

Drag your brand new shirt into the Explorer Window. Then in the dropdown click on Create New and choose Shirt. This will create a new shirt object. Click on the shirt object name, and the properties for this object will appear. Scroll down to the ShirtTemplate section and click on the Choose File button. The image property for this shirt will now be added. From here press Play to test your new shirt (and perhaps make any necessary edits, such as increased blurring, to the image if it looks off).

Preview and Publish Your Shirt

  • Click FileSave to Roblox to upload your design.
  • Your shirt will appear in the clothing tab of your Roblox avatar.

Always make sure to check the exact publishing guidelines on the Roblox website. But as of April 2021, as soon as you click Ok, Publish, your shirt will be visible in your Roblox library wardrobe. On the Roblox website, the Roblox wiki has directions on how you can change your character’s clothing, register designs, make commercial arrangements with others, and more.

Here is the new shirt that was created from elementary school artwork and following the Roblox shirt editing steps:

  1. Ensure that the shirt is the correct resolution for Roblox (equal to or less than 5 MB)
  2. (Optional) Design in your img editing software of choice
  3. Upload the artwork to Roblox by going to the Roblox website and logging in
  4. Begin a new creation process by clicking Shirts from the My Creations tab, then click Submit to Roblox
  5. Select the correct settings, then click Upload
  6. Now preview your shirt and make sure it was inserted properly and looks good
  7. Click save if published correctly

What are the Requirements for Uploading a Shirt in Roblox?

The requirements for uploading a shirt in Roblox are having a Premium or Roblox admin account, building or having a shirt brand built in your game that users are eager to wear, and owning the rights to your shirt. Additionally, your shirt’s description must be under 2000 characters and you should have at least one high-resolution image representing your shirt. Once you have uploaded the shirt, you must list it for sale for either 5 Robux, 10 Robux or Free. (for kids/boys and girls pic shown together)

Must be a Member of the Roblox Builders Club

The term Roblox Builders Club is not really used by the company anymore – probably because of the negative perceptions against the term club. The Roblox Premium membership still offers the same service, but the name was changed to clearly indicate the benefits of choosing the membership level with Roblox’s premium subscription service. Roblox’s Premium membership is required to create clothing, models, and game passes. ALL Premium members are able to create clothing and can sell them for a profit and earn a solid ROI (return on investment) for the amount of work and creativity they put into their design and sale.

Premium is a requirement to sell as well, but it does give you other benefits like Robux increases, limited items and sale discounts. Premium is required to make and sell a shirt in Roblox, but it is not expensive, requiring only $5.99 monthly payment. Or you can get it at reduced pricing for longer commitments. The cost is just the right touch for a young market featuring a large number of kids who have their parent’s credit cards at their disposal. You can review the costs and benefits of Roblox Premium in Roblox’s Help center. Ensure you have self, parents, or guardian approval before making any purchase.

Must Have a Premium Membership

You must have a Ralblox Premium membership to sell items. A Premium membership is required to upload clothes and sell them because players may use their Robux Clothing Creator tool as soon as they use their membership.

The outfits seller’s marketplace guarantees that only teaching members have access to their tools. Selling your own items requires a Roblox Premium membership which requires a Roblox card, Google Pay account, or enables a phone carrier billing system.

Aside from the clothing creator, so long as players abide by the Roblox guidelines, outfits that they have personally designed can be uploaded and put on sale to earn Robux. They are available within the catalog clothing and purchase domain for testing, as well as inside the games themselves.

Must Follow Roblox Community Guidelines

The Roblox Corporation‘s Community Safety page reviews their community and content moderation rules. Users who do not follow them risk being muted, banned, or reported. Make sure to familiarize yourself with all such rules, but here are a few key guidelines you must follow specifically for how to make your own shirt in Roblox:

  1. No nudity in clothing
  2. No swastika symbol in clothing
  3. Clothing must comply with the Legal and copyright guidelines

How to Customize Your Shirt in Roblox?

To customize your shirt in Roblox, you first need to create a shirt design in an external tool such as Photoshop, Paint3D, or GIMP, then upload it using the Create tab. If you prefer to design your shirt directly in Roblox Studio, you create a new shirt using the Explorer tab, add it as a Decal and modify the content as desired. Your design can then be uploaded using the same steps found in the Create Tab as for shirts uploaded from external tools.

After uploading, there are three parts of the shirt you can customize on the Configure Shirt page. The three components are the Shirt Style, the Shirt Transparency, and the Template Color. The Shirt Style and Shirt Transparency are most other personal touches that users can make to modify the look of their shirt while the Template Color represents the Branding of their shirt for when people purchase it later.

Add Decals or Images to Your Shirt

Add decals or clothing images you found to your shirt. A decal in Roblox is an object placed on an existing 3D model.

To add them to your shirt:

  1. Open the Roblox studio and click on the Explorer panel.
  2. Select the model you would like to add the image to by double-clicking on it.
  3. In the properties panel to the right, find the Image property and paste in the image ID.
  4. If you cannot see the custom image maximally increase the size of your viewable screen within the Roblox Studio app.

You can provide an image ID if you have something in mind, or search for a shirt in the Roblox catalog such as this one from User nightman199966.

Change the Color or Pattern of Your Shirt

You can change the color and pattern of your shirt in Roblox by selecting the shirt from the Explorer view, selecting the MeshParts folder, selecting the Mesh, and then paint or apply patterns.

Models of shirts usually need to be made in a 3D modeling program like Blender or Rhino to have an uploaded image in Roblox Studio.

Add Accessories to Your Shirt

To add accessories to your shirt, tap on the Accessories tab from the Main view. Here you have several types of accessories and different designs that can be added to your shirt. Add accessories by tapping the small symbols at the bottom of the shirt editor. Adjust color, transparency, and whether the accessory is a sticker or decal.

After selecting a button on the bottom, it will be placed on the shirt. The Transparency and Color Picker button can help you adjust as needed. To remove an accessory, tap on the accessory and drag it up to the circular Garbage Symbol that appears.

How to Sell Your Shirt on Roblox?

Selling a shirt on Roblox will grant you a part of the earnings every time someone purchases it. To put your shirt up for sale, you will need to be a member of Roblox’s premium membership plan called Roblox Premium (at least according to the website as of my last research in December 2021). First, set the asset type to ‘Shirt’ while designing the asset and set its price to whatever cost you want it to sell for. Once created and uploaded, click ‘Sell this item’, then fill in the necessary information including the price at which you want to sell the shirt, and click ‘Upload’.

Set a Price for Your Shirt

Shirt price is in Robux (R$). The cost of making a shirt in Roblox as of September 2021 is a small R$5 fee to purchase a T-shirt from the Roblox clothing store and either make changes to that purchased T-shirt’s artwork or link to a T-shirt located somewhere outside of Roblox’s domain. This income will go to the user’s account, it can be used to purchase and sell other premium features or be paid out in real money.

You can set a price for your own shirt that is between R$ 5 and R$ 10000. It is easy to price your clothing. Roblox limits clothing to a minimum sell value of R$ 5, and prices must be in full Robux values. Roblox’s Marketplace DevHub offers a formula to maximize Robux earnings. Robux previously cost one penny (USD). But when converted to Robux, you can find some very awkward prices of R$ 7 or R$ 199 and users are not willing to pay that price when they can easily purchase a similar product for an easy number like R$ 5 or R$ 10. According to a Roblox developer, most products sell within the range of R$ 5-R$ 2500. Do some data analysis on prices for similar or related products to see what competitors are charging, and pick an attractive price based on this data analysis.

About making a Roblox shirt, Mark Avens, a well-known Roblox community developer has said that setting the right price depends on what your priority is. If your priority is to just make as much money as possible with a high margin item, and you don’t get a lot of users to buy the t-shirt every day, obviously you’re going to want to set a higher price. He recommended a price of around R$ 5 for beginners as this price will not put off customers.

Choose the Appropriate Category for Your Shirt

There are three types of categories in which shirts can be uploaded to Roblox. These are T-shirts, Shirts (for €5.22 Robux with an initial test fee of €10.45 Robux), and Pants (for €5.22 Robux with an initial test fee of €10.45 Robux). When creating an item shirt, pants, or t-shirt, just check the fitting names for each of the three types to see which your specific item is called in Roblox.

T-shirt (from mesh)
Shows as the archetypal shirt image during Roblox wear selection.

Shows as a modern long-sleeve shirt when worn in Roblox.

Shows a baggy pair of pants when worn in Roblox.

Promote Your Shirt to Other Players

You optionally promote your shirt to other players by using the Roblox clothing advertisement service. As of March 2022, the cost of an ad campaign is a $1 CPM, as in $1 per thousand users that see your ad. Roblox recommends starting with a budget of $50-$100 to get an adequate number of views.

You can track the promotion success by checking feeds with the keyword Roblox Shirt, as well as checking any of the various applicable user-generated Roblox-specific social media sites such as Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Reddit, TikTok and others. Whether or not you are advertising, promoting your clothing brand through social media should be a natural adjunct to visibility focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Make Your Own Shirt in Roblox?

To make your own shirt in Roblox, follow these steps:
1. Log in to your Roblox account and go to the ‘Create’ section.
2. Click on the ‘Shirts’ tab and then click on the ‘Create’ button.
3. Choose a template for your shirt or upload your own design.
4. Use the tools provided to customize your shirt, such as adding text, colors, and patterns.
5. Preview your shirt and make any necessary adjustments.
6. Once you’re satisfied with your design, click on the ‘Save’ button.
7. Your shirt will now be available in your inventory to wear or sell.

Can I use any image for my shirt design?

No, there are certain guidelines for images used in shirt designs on Roblox. The image must be appropriate for all ages and not contain any offensive or copyrighted material. It also cannot contain any personal or sensitive information.

How many shirts can I make on Roblox?

You can create as many shirts as you want on Roblox, but keep in mind that there is a limit of 100 shirts that you can have in your inventory at one time.

Can I edit my shirt after it’s been saved?

Yes, you can edit your shirt at any time by going to the ‘Create’ section and selecting your shirt from the ‘Shirts’ tab. Click on the ‘Edit’ button to make any changes to your design.

How can I make my shirt available for others to buy?

After saving your shirt design, you have the option to make it available for others to purchase. Simply enable the ‘Sell this item’ toggle and set the price for your shirt.

Can I collaborate with others to create a shirt?

Yes, you can collaborate with other players to create a shirt on Roblox. Simply add them as collaborators when creating or editing your shirt design. This allows multiple players to work on the same shirt design.

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