Unlock the Soundtrack: How to Play Music in Roblox Without a Boombox

Are you a fan of Roblox but wondering why you can’t use a Boombox in the game?

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this restriction and provide alternative ways to play music in Roblox.

From utilizing in-game music features to creating your own music game, we’ve got you covered.

We will discuss the safety concerns of using third-party music players in Roblox and offer tips on how to stay safe while enjoying your favorite tunes in the game.

Let’s dive in!

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online platform and game creation system that enables users to program and play games created by other users. Introduced by the company of the same name in 2006, its users have the ability to program games using its proprietary game engine.

These games are often coded to allow users to add or manipulate sounds to mimic playing music. and share their games with others. As of 2021, Roblox has 106 million active monthly users.

What is a Boombox in Roblox?

A Boombox in Roblox (officially known as an Audio player) is an advanced game product that allows users to play audio from Roblox’s library of sounds in any environment as they move around a game. They can be used in the starting area of a game, while walking around, on vehicles, and they can be shared with all other players nearby.

Boomboxes were originally introduced by Roblox but have since been discontinued. The best alternative option to a Roblox boombox is a music-player vehicle made by a select few developers. The most popular music boombox was the Spiky McSpike Face owned by the Roblox account SimpleGames, but like all Roblox-created boomboxes, it was shut off.

A boombox could be dropped within the game and played via the Toolbox or by finding it directly in the Roblox library. There were many boomboxes from a variety of developers that are no longer supported but may still be in certain games. Most were deleted by the developers after the ability to do so was shut off by Roblox. They still persist in older games but can’t play music.

Why Can’t I Use a Boombox in Roblox?

Players can’t appear to use a boombox in Roblox contemporary to late-2021 because it is disabled, and no devices on the Roblox platform are available at this time. There is no official reason for why boomboxes can no longer be used by players. One likely possibility is that they wanted more user-generated audio content or that boomboxes no longer fit Roblox’s image.

Boomboxes were a popular feature in legacy Roblox. They were a unique item that could play tracks and were frequently sold by users to other players for varying amounts of Robux. This was likely used to support the notification system and music sales with third-party companies, including various artists and record labels even offering their music. Boomboxes could play other music added post-install after the purchase of an “ID” on the Roblox music library requiring a disconnect and relaunch for it to begin playing.

With a boombox, players could play music in Roblox games that lacked a radio, jukebox, or DJ stations. They were an accessible alternative to ensure that players could listen to their favorite tunes while gamer-hopping around Roblox. Boomboxes are not the only interface to play music content, as freelancers and developers may use legitimate software to play music via computer audio tools. However, these options are not meant for common player use.

Boombox is not Available in the Game

In almost all scenarios, the possibility of using a Boombox to play music must be intentionally enabled by developers, so a game that does not have a Boombox item will not be able to play music in this manner. Alternatives exist, such as using one’s mobile device’s speaker or desktop speakers, but are often not as immersive (and of course, result in the player’s mobile device being preoccupied).

Here is a non-exhaustive selection of the most popular games that have disabled Boombox from their gameplay:

  • Natural Disaster Survival by Stickmasterluke Genre: Adventure. Release Date: Originally October 2008. Regular updates.
  • Survive The Disasters! by Vyriss Genre: Adventure. Release Date: Originally January 2010. Regular updates.
  • The Upside Down by McYobi2009 Genre: Adventure. Release Date: Originally May 2019. Regular updates.
  • Freak Show War In The Heights by AnarchoCap at Anarchy LC Genre: Adventure. Release Date: Originally July 25, 2020.

Because of concerns with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, as well as creators imposing a certain level of immersion within the gamespace (people just stand around listening to music, inevitably annoying others), many of the most popular games that used to allow playing music from a Boombox on public servers such as Brookhaven no longer allow it.

Boombox is Disabled by the Game Developer

Occasionally, game developers decide to disable boomboxes in their games. This is done to closely follow the game of creative vision, to reduce the potential for in-game problems or disruptions, or simply to save on game options and resources. This decision is usually announced in patch notes on the developer’s website and is beyond the control of players or Roblox. Other methods of playing music such as via RTrack can still be available in such cases.

Boombox is not Allowed in the Game

There is no official indication by Roblox that the boombox is permanently removed from the game. But according to frequent playing users and user comments on Roblox’s official sites and other forums, the boombox is no longer available for use in Roblox as of at some point in March 2021.

Boomboxes were disabled in the game for similar reasons that they were initially restricted to specific games. Security was one of the reasons, so disabling them would prevent boomboxes from connecting to unauthorized streaming websites or link users to inappropriate material and groups.

But the bigger reason for banning boomboxes in Roblox was the platform’s ongoing Drainedrip troll-music hacking campaign. In late 2020, Roblox experienced a devastating hacking scandal. Users had been upset with the removal of the ability to use their own music with the boombox, so one group of hackers decided to distribute a program called Drainedrip. Some users were intending to play copyrighted songs, but many of them were in on the hack attack. Instead of playing songs through their boomboxes, the intention was to hack into the game code itself and ruin it. Users cheated the system to gain access to a song’s ID by paying a cryptocurrency ransom. Featured games were not immune, and developers could not decide whether or not to program the songs into the experience.

Boomboxes had now become a security threat on Roblox, so the music boombox conduit ended officially. This video by Surge entitled Boombox BANNED in Roblox? How to Play Music in Roblox WITHOUT a Boombox quickly discusses what happened.

How to Play Music in Roblox Without Boombox?

You can Play music in Roblox without a boombox on Roblox’s library of places that have built-in radios. Roblox makes their Boombox item no longer purchasable and has had to placed limits on where and how it can be used in games to prevent games from damaging the experience of music discovery and broadcast by mobile and simulated radio stations by any user anywhere on Roblox.

Playing music in Roblox is done without an item if these conditions are met. You go to a place that has music radios or passenger vehicles with music radios either built in or capable of attaching at a radio slot, you own the rights to play the music (or the place owner or DJ or you are youtubers recording it for sharing purposes) and can set the radios to the desired song or stream music artists who play in by default.

Lisa Gaming Roblox on YouTube shows how to stream Spotify or play any radio to a Boombox car by rooting a phone to play while controlling with another. There is currently no way to do this without a not-in-use Boombox in the game. For those developers wishing to finetune Music on Roblox within and outside the Boombox, Roblox Developer Forum is a good source of the latest updates and features on how to play music in games on Roblox.

Using In-Game Music Features

To play music in Roblox without boombox, create teams, add a Sound, use BackgroundTransparency, create scripts in Lua, use TouchSensors, create and use Remote Functions, use Audio GUI sliders, create functions in Workspace, and summon and control part properties. In-game music features in Roblox Studio refer to any functions in Model, Workspace, Humans, or other sections of Roblox Studio that allow you to play music inside of Roblox.

Some advantages of not using a boombox include reduced memory usage, seamless music additions and subtractions, real-time broadcasting, and better control over when and how your music is played.

Using Third-Party Music Players

Using third-party Roblox music players to listen to music in Roblox is a solution for playing music in Roblox without a boombox. The Roblox Auto Rap Battles music player allows you to manually input the Roblox ID of the song you wish to play, adjust volume, scale, and speed, and stands near the start of the rap stage. Volume control is limited and can basically only be turned on or off, with a keybind to toggle it or the ability to click on the settings and turn the volume off there.

Roblox VeD_DeV music player is located near the VIP studio of Roblox’s official dance floor and is almost identical to the Roblox Auto Rap Battles player. The Roblox VeD_DeV has a speed of 0.9 by default instead of the rap battles’ 1.5 and the addition of the X key to toggle sound. Other primary differences include only playing VeD_DeV tracks, not allowing users to upload music lists nor change the type of loop being played up to a fast clear dance, as at the Roblox official dance floor.

There were third party players such as Jukebox – The Custom Music Player until 2021, which is one of Roblox’s most popular music players with over seventy-five thousand users, However, they no longer function as Roblox API has closed its service to them to attribution problems. Other Roblox music players have failed to keep up with Roblox’s continual coding changes.

Creating Your Own Music Game

If you really like music boombox games in Roblox, you could also try creating your own music game. Make your own music by using software such as Musescore, create your game in Roblox Studio, and embed your music in by using the Sound feature in Roblox Studio. You could create a music matching game where two players face off in the same room, get as creative as you desire with what the game entails.

What are the Alternatives to Boombox in Roblox?

The alternatives to a Boombox in Roblox are mainly Jukeboxes and Musical Instruments. Their Pros and Cons are as follows:

  1. Jukeboxes – Jukeboxes play music in the background of the game and thus have a similar impact to a Boombox. The main difference is they cost virtual Robux money to buy the track/music you wish to play as opposed to Boombox that can take Spotify, YouTube, and other free sources for music. However, you don’t run the risk of being disturbed by other inappropriate tunes.
  2. Musical Instruments – This feature of Roblox is the authentic, free, and complete way of playing music on your own in-game stage. The main disadvantage is if you’re not trying to perform but still want to vibe to some music, then the musical instruments feature won’t get the job done.

Radio Game Pass

Radio Game Pass is a cheaper alternative to the Mobile Boombox of RoenLD Roblox Real Radio. This 80 Robux game pass allows a player to broadcast their favorite radio station into the game for everyone to hear. This only lasts for the duration of the game and the music from the radio station can be directed into player’s vehicles, kiosks or radios.

Audio Game Pass

Audio Game Pass is another official method to play music in Roblox games. This monthly event pass allows players to earn audio items, enabling them to play music. However, as of this recording, they are only available for purchase to selected R$10, R$20, and R$40 entry-level tiers in the RCC – Roblox Creator Challenge. The reward must be claimed in game before the event ends.

Music Game Pass

Music Game Pass is one of the ways to play music in Roblox that is not made with a Boombox. Music game pass is sold by players in games they create and own. This in-game pass is like any other game pass and is granted to a player to have more fun and interesting options during gameplay. Instead of being able to maneuver faster or carry more cargo as with other game passes, a player who purchases the music game pass is allowed to enter a music code that is activated for everyone within a specified range to hear.

The producer of the game defines the area where the pass can be used which can be as broad as everywhere in the game or as narrow as one specific room or vehicle. Price and conditions for use are determined by the game owner/producer but payment is in Robux.

Is it Safe to Use Third-Party Music Players in Roblox?

It is not safe to use third-party music players in Roblox because user-generated music apps or plugins can be dangerous and hard for the system to monitor. Since any music app can request and play music URLs directly within their app, there is no way for Roblox to ensure that the web page to which the link leads is safe for the children using their platform. Malicious artists can take advantage of these third-party systems to trick children or other people into visiting potentially dangerous sites. Always ensure that the apps you are using on Roblox are by brands you trust and are safe for consumption. Staying within Roblox-approved means of playing music is the most controllable and safe for users.

Risks of Using Third-Party Music Players

Third-party music players in Roblox refer to automation systems that either interact with the Roblox game client or take advantage of loopholes in the game’s system to run any audio file requested. These systems act as alternatives to the Boombox feature and have been found unsafe by an overwhelming number of users. They pose the following risks:

  1. Fraudulent activities: The third-party solutions may steal your Roblox accounts by being connected to your gaming profile.
  2. Insurance cover: The third-party solutions may not have Roblox’s security protocols and could be easily hacked by cybercriminals. Meaning they could access your personal information and track your whereabouts, which becomes a clear privacy violation.
  3. Threat of audio security: The third-party sources which provide music must not be trustworthy meaning they could easily upload music embedded with a virus. This can harm your device with their dangerous malware. Roblox as a responsible gaming platform has not allowed third-party music players to come into play. Only their proximity to the gaming operators guarantees the safe gaming experience to the users.

How to Stay Safe while Using Third-Party Music Players?

The primary issues with using third-party music players are malware and terminations/bans that users can run into if they are not careful with them. Malware refers to all software or files that have been designed specifically to damage or disrupt a system, such as a computer or smartphone. Third party services can include software with malware which users must avoid. The Federal Communications Commission’s Small Biz Cyber Planner is a helpful resource for tips on protecting against malware.

Many users have reported facing penalties from Roblox such as account terminations, suspensions, and bans for utilizing boombox alternatives on their platform. To avoid suspicion, users shouldn’t use such players more than 33% of their gameplay time, and avoid using software from singers or rappers. Using software from talented but lesser-known artists is the best option, and there will not be any problems with copyright or content management issues in these cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play Music in Roblox Without Boombox?

Can I play music in Roblox without a boombox?
Yes, there are several in-game methods you can use to play music without a boombox.

How to Play Music in Roblox Without Boombox?

What are the in-game methods to play music without a boombox?
You can use the jukebox, radio, sound objects, or audio objects to play music in Roblox without a boombox.

How to Play Music in Roblox Without Boombox?

How do I use the jukebox to play music in Roblox?
To use the jukebox, you must have a jukebox game pass and place the jukebox in your game. Then, you can add your own music or choose from a library of songs to play.

How to Play Music in Roblox Without Boombox?

What about the radio method?
You can use the radio game pass and place a radio in your game. Then, you can tune it to different stations or add your own audio files to play music.

How to Play Music in Roblox Without Boombox?

Can I use sound objects to play music?
Yes, you can use sound objects to play music in Roblox. You will need to upload your own audio file and use a script to play it in your game.

How to Play Music in Roblox Without Boombox?

What are audio objects and how can I use them to play music?
Audio objects are similar to sound objects but have more advanced features, such as 3D sound positioning. You can use them to play music in your game by uploading an audio file and using a script.

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